2016 The Duchy Open BS Bronze Championship

Society: The Duchy Open BS

Show: Bronze Championship

Date: 16/10/2016

Benched: 220

Best in Show: A Piper PC607/72/14

Best Young Bird in Show: A Piper PC607/51/16

Best Any Age in Show: A Piper PC607/72/14

Best Champion Young Bird: A Piper PC607/51/16

Best Intermediate Young Bird: M Gulley G3720/42/16

Best Novice Young Bird: D Whitehead W6003/14/16

Best Beginner Young Bird: H Knapman K2113/36/16

Best Junior Young Bird: B Stevens S7066/14/16

YB Light Green A Piper PC607 69 16
AA Dark or Olive Green D Whitehead W6100 47 15
AA Skyblue A Piper PC607 78 14
AA Cobalt, Mauve or Violet A Piper PC607 5 14
AA Grey Green A Piper PC607 82 15
AA Grey A Piper PC607 72 14
YB Opaline Green B Reese R3563 32 16
AA Opaline Blue V Wills VW1 89 15
AA Cinnamon Green M George VW1 31 15 (V Wills)
YB Cinnamon Blue A Piper PC607 61 16
YB Opaline Cinnamon D Whitehead W6003 14 16
AA Lutino A Piper C3564 46 14 (S Cox)
AA Albino A Piper PC607 60 16
AA Yellow-wing N/A
AA White-wing M Roberts R1 13 13
AA Crest or Tuft M Roberts R2509 74 13
AA SF Spangle Green A Piper PC607 139 15
YB SF Spangle Blue A Piper PC607 51 16
AA DF Spangle B Reese R3563 35 15
AA Dominant Pied V Wills VW1 61 15
AA Recessive Pied B Stevens PS1 29 12 (P&N Stannard)
YB Yellow Face B Reese R3563 13 16
AA Rare Variety N/A
AA Clearbody E Swann S4373 14 14
AA Any Other Colour N/A
AA Team V Wills
AA Pairs H Knapman
AA Colour Budgerigar M Roberts



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