2016 Kingdom of Fife BS Silver Championship

Society: Kingdom of Fife BS

Show: Silver Championship

Date: 21/8/2016

Benched: 386

Best in Show: R Nawarauckas RN1/43/14

Best Young Bird in Show: J & T Ross JTR1/34/16

Best Any Age in Show: R Nawarauckas RN1/43/14

Best Champion Young Bird: J & T Ross JTR1/34/16

Best Intermediate Young Bird: T Griffiths G3526/11/16

Best Novice Young Bird: J Scammell S6915/13/16

Best Beginner Young Bird: N Holt H6010/51/16

Best Junior Young Bird: N/A

AA Light Green J Scammell S6915 114 15
AA Dark or Olive Green N Holt H6010 70 16
AA Skyblue D Burnett B5050 50 15
YB Cobalt, Mauve or Violet J & T Ross JTR1 33 16
AA Grey Green N Fawcett FC556 37 13
AA Grey R Nawarauckas RN1 43 14
YB Opaline Green N Holt H6010 51 16
AA Opaline Blue J Newell B7435 41 15 ( G Black)
YB Cinnamon Green J Newell N1708 167 16
AA Cinnamon Blue J Newell N1708 108 15
AA Opaline Cinnamon R Nawarauckas RN1 77 15
AA Lutino S & C McFadyen C6036 102 15 ( W Crake)
AA Albino J Griffiths G3526 6 13
AA Yellow-wing W Orr WORR1 41 13
AA White-wing J Newall N1708 48 15
AA Crest or Tuft N/A
AA SF Spangle Green N Fawcett B5050 8 14 ( D Bernett)
AA SF Spangle Blue J Newall N1708 58 15
YB DF Spangle D Burnett B5050 78 16
AA Dominant Pied J Scammell S6915 122 15
YB Recessive Pied N Holt H6010 53 16
AA Yellow Face J Scammell S6915 51 15
AA Rare Variety N/E
AA Clearbody C Bruton H4025 52 15 ( J Hutchinson)
AA Any Other Colour W Miller M3684 19 15
AA Team N/E
AA Pairs J Newall
AA Colour Budgerigars N/E



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