2016 Association of Norwich Bird Breeders Bronze Championship

Society: Association of Norwich Bird Breeders

Show: Bronze Championship

Date: 25/9/2016

Benched: 206

Best in Show: D Tutty DT100/196/91

Best Young Bird in Show: D Tutty DT100/91/16

Best Any Age in Show: D Tutty DT100/196/91

Best Champion Young Bird: D Tutty DT100/91/16

Best Intermediate Young Bird: S & J Gillan SJG1/22/16

Best Novice Young Bird: D & A Cooper C5979/17/16

Best Beginner Young Bird: K Barnes B7417/7/16

Best Junior Young Bird: M McCarthy M6068/5/16

YB Light Green D Tutty DT100 9 16
YB Dark or Olive Green K Barnes B7417 7 16
AA Skyblue S & J Gillan SJG1 37 14
AA Cobalt, Mauve or Violet K Shillings S5715 111 14
YB Grey Green D Tutty DT100 91 16
AA Grey S & J Gillan SJG1 61 14
AA Opaline Green D & A Cooper W5219 23 13 ( W Walker)
AA Opaline Blue D Collins C6016 10 14
AA Cinnamon Green D Tutty DT100 144 14
AA Cinnamon Blue D Tutty DT100 196 91
AA Opaline Cinnamon P & T Dye D4013 79 15
AA Lutino P & T Dye SCJW1 13 15( Mc Govern)
AA Albino J Mitchell JIM5 80 14
YB Yellow-wing D & L Rafis R3697 7 16
AA White-wing N/A
AA Crest or Tuft N/A
AA SF Spangle Green K Shillings JG1 40 14 ( J Grubb)
AA SF Spangle Blue J Mitchell L3088 91 15 (D Leadbetter)
AA DF Spangle S & J Gillan SJG1 161 12
AA Dominant Pied S & J Gillan SJG1 88 12
AA Recessive Pied Humby,Whittaker-Wright C5199 43 15 ( J Colley)
AA Yellow Face K Shillings S5715 5 15
AA Rare Variety N/A
AA Clearbody J Mitchell T2585 8 13 ( G Tillson)
AA Any Other Colour P & T Dye D4013 26 15
AA Team Barton & Mann
AA Pairs D & A Cooper
AA Colour Budgerigar N/A



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