2015 Budgerigar Society World Championship Show

Date: 26&27/9/2015

Benched: 1399 + 261 Sales


Main Results Sheet – Click Here

Major Winners 

Images by M. Freakley ©

Best in Show











Best In Show

S & J Gillian

 Best Yb










Best Young Bird

Geoff Corser

 Opsex AA










Best Opposite Sex Any Age

Fisher & Sheperdson

Opsex YB











Best Opposite Sex Young Bird

R & M Miller


Challenge Certificate Winners

Images by M. Freakley ©



tpLight Green

T Price P866 6 14












Dark Factor Green

G & A Moore M4684 22 12


A & G Adams ADAM5 39 13












Dark Factor Blue

S & J Gillan SJG1 38 14












Grey Green

J Davis D3407 23 14













C & M Snell SNE11 217 13

z14Opaline Light, Dark or Olive Green

J & D Lindsay L2448 111 12












Opaline Grey Green

Shepherdson & Fisher SHEP6 54 14

z18Opaline Skyblue, Cobalt, Mauve & Violet

E Littlehales L2354 23 14

z20Opaline Grey

F, C & J McGovern JOMC7 4 14

z22Cinnamon Green

Shepherdson & Fisher SHEP6 27 14

z24Cinnamon Blue

R Heylen HMN1 340 14

z26Opaline Cinnamon Green

Shepherdson & Fisher SHEP6 16 14

z28Opaline Cinnamon Blue

D Page PE269 36 13


G Wincomb W6176 7 14













Freakley & Ainley FA1 143 14


D Guppy DD2 63 14













T Kinninmonth-Wicks PE370 42 15(D Parry)












Crest or Tuft

A Miller AM1 10 14

z40Spangle Green

S & B Squires S6888 150 14












Spangle Blue

Image by Terry Price

T Price P866 62 14
AA z44Double Factor Spangle J & C Huxley JCH7 52 13
AA z46Dominant Pied J Nevin N1449 67 12












Recessive Pied

A & C Lockwood CAZ1 10 13
AA z50Yellow Face R & M Miller MIL1 108 11












Rare Variety

R Day D3640 96 13
AA z54Clearbody D Norman N1717 51 14












Any Other Colour

Shepherdson & Fisher SHEP6 4 15
AA Pair D Jukes
AA Team R Heylen
AA Novice AA COM P Ward W6122 4 13
AA z65Beginner AA COM N Holt JTR 60 15(J & T Ross)
AA Junior AA COM T Kinninmonth-Wicks R3985 43 13(C Richards)
YB z2Light Green P White W3766 21 15












Dark Factor Green

J & D Faram FC557 13 15
YB z6SkyBlue D Page PE269 30 15












Dark Factor Blue

G Corser LC508 54 15












Grey Green

F, C & J McGovern FCJM1 86 15













R & M Miller MIL1 178 15
YB z15Opaline Light, Dark or Olive Green J & D Faram FC557 32 15











Opaline Grey Green

C & M Snell SNE11 15 15
YB z19Opaline Skyblue, Cobalt, Mauve & Violet S & B Squires S6888 44 15
YB z21Opaline Grey R Warrender MW500 5 15

z23Cinnamon Green

K Humphries KH1 80 15

z25Cinnamon Blue

R Heylen HMN1 193 15












Opaline Cinnamon Green

T & A Luke TL1 81 15
YB z29Opaline Cinnamon Blue D Page PE269 51 15
YB z31Lutino J Sawyer S7038 6 15













Freakley & Ainley FA1 81 15













Image by Bill Walker

M & D Walker MDW1 11 15


D Guppy DD2 15 15

z39Crest or Tuft

M Anzara A796 36 15

z41Spangle Green

A & D Woan WOAN1 113 15
YB z43Spangle Blue J & C Huxley JCH7 48 15
YB z45Double Factor Spangle Widdowson & Wilson W3553 21 15
YB z47Dominant Pied G Turner GNT1 9 15
YB z49Recessive Pied A & C Lockwood CAZ1 29 15












Yellow Face

R & M Miller MIL1 149 15












Rare Variety

D Mullee M5033 41 15
YB z55Clearbody M & M Chapman VMC1 10 15












Any Other Colour

Shepherdson & Fisher SHEP6 26 15
YB Novice YB COM D & C White W6177 29 15
YB Beginner YB COM J & D Faram FC557 3 15
YB z68Junior YB COM C Wood W6271 15 15


Section Winners

Images by M. Freakley ©

Champion Any Age
R Heylen
Champion Young Bird
G Corser
Intermediate Any Age
J & C Huxley
Intermediate Young Bird
S & B Squires
Novice Any Age
S & J Gilian
Novice Young Bird
D & C White
Beginner Any Age
N Holt
Beginner Young Bird
J Sawyer
Junior Any Age
T Kininmonth
Junior Young Bird
Callum Wood



reported by Ghalib Al-Nasser, B.S. Club Show Committee Chairman & Publicity Officer


The show committee were extremely pleased with the increase in entry by 13% from last year and that could be attributed largely to the return to the earlier September show date of week 39. The show had a total entry of 2148 encompassing 9 pairs, 12 teams and for the first time 45 Colour Budgerigars were present. The benched figure also increased to a total of 1660 together with an increase in the number of exhibitors to 164. All this is positive for the show committee to stage this wonderful event for its members. The array of 98 trophies to be presented, the super Fanciers Raffle and the Auction of Promises are just contributors to that great atmosphere; further enhanced by the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening and the many trade stands present.


It was a great team effort and once again I take my hat off and say THANK YOU AND WELL DONE to the Club Show Committee and its hard working stewards and helpers for putting this magnificent show for our society and the fancy as a whole. A great team indeed, led by Dave Hislop; well done. There was a great atmosphere about the show which was enjoyed by all who turned up from our island and from across the waters. The Club Show Committee were very pleased to see fanciers from Australia, Belgium, Eire, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, also not forgetting our friends from Northern Ireland attending this international event.


We extend our congratulations to all the winners but especially to the novice partnership of mother & son Sandra & James Gillan who won the supreme award with an adult Cobalt cock. Ironically back in 1992, another novice partnership, Mike & Kate Richmond, won BIS with a young Cobalt cock and to my surprise they were present at the show after such a long absence.


This year’s show was judged by the Society’s President Beverley Hutt and she was supported by Bob Allen, Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser, Ken Brockwell, Robert Campbell, John Cosby, John Lees, Gren & Pat Norris, John Punchard, Adrian Richards, Garry Warren, Don Rowell and our overseas judge from Texas, U.S.A. Dewayne Weldon. They had some super birds placed in front of them to judge.


The supreme winner was a magnificent cobalt cock with good frontal rise and depth of mask and staged in good condition and was the winner of the best any age in show for the novice mother & son partnership of Sandra & James Gillan. This bird initially won the best any age in show award on a 10:3:2 vote then went on to beat the best young bird in show, another quality cobalt cock of good length and width benched by Geoff Corser, for best in show on 14:1 vote. The young bird award was a close win on an 8:7 vote. The best opposite sex any age award, on a 4:3 vote, went to David Fisher & Gary Shepherdson with a cinnamon grey hen of good size that stood well and showed herself to the best advantage. The award for best young bird opposite sex went to a lovely grey green hen of good head quality and blow for Richard & Michael Miller on a 5:2 vote. The final award for best opposite sex in show went to the adult cinnamon hen on a 12:3 vote.


The champion section was as strong as ever taking 53% of the entry from the 5 sections and 50% of the number of exhibitors, and claiming 42 out of the 56 challenge certificates on offer.


Heading an entry of 461 in the champion any age section was a large feathered cinnamon grey cock with good width of head benched by Rene Heylen from Belgium. This bird was staged in good condition for the amount of feathering that it had. The cinnamon grey hen of Fisher & Shepherdson that won best opposite sex in show was second best. Chris & Mary Snell benched a grey cock in third place that had good stance benched in good feather condition and was steady on the perch.


Geoff Corser headed the strong champion young bird section with an entry of 453 with his cobalt cock that won him the best young bird in show award. This bird was staged in immaculate condition and showed to perfection. The Fisher & Shepherdson Partnership had a super quality white grey cock in second place that previously had 7 votes for the best young bird in show. It possessed wonderful blow and was a great showman. A powerful grey cock from the Miller’s stud was third with good width across the shoulders.


Jim & Carol Huxley headed the 134 entry in the intermediate any age section with a dominant pied grey cock of good size and pied marking that stood well while being judged. Terence Price was second with a large stylish spangle grey cock of good width of head and shoulder. Another large spangle light green cock from Steve & Bill Squires was third with good spangle marking and wide shoulders.


Steve & Bill Squires came to the fore with a long quality well spotted skyblue cock to beat the 126 entry in the intermediate young bird section. Terence Price was second again with a grey green hen with good width of head. Jim & Carol Huxley were third with a well spotted grey cock.


Heading the novice any age section with an entry of 77 was the supreme best in show winner of Sandra & James Gillan. Peter Ward benched a cinnamon grey green cock of good width and depth of mask in second place. This was followed in third place by a long opaline cinnamon grey green cock with good blow from the partnership of Ian Heptinstall & Joseph Wheeler.


David & Chris White headed the 73 entries in the novice young bird section with a cinnamon grey hen that was staged in good condition with good width of head. A grey cock from the Heptinstall & Wheeler Partnership was second with good head quality. Mitch Newsome was third with an opaline grey hen staged in good condition.


Neil Holt headed the beginner any age section of 145 with a stylish cobalt cock of good width of head and staged in good condition. John Sawyer was second with a quality light green cock of good length but not in the same condition as the winner. A nice spangle grey cock benched by Martyn Campbell was third best.


John Sawyer headed the 147 beginner young birds with a super steady lutino hen of good condition and colour that won the challenge certificate before. Jody & Darryl Faram were second with a stylish grey green cock but not in perfect show condition. A light green cock of good colour bred by John Kilkenny was third.


There was an increase in the junior exhibitors from 7 last year to 11 this year competing and that is a positive sign for our hobby. Heading the 69 entries in the any age section was Tia Kinninmonth-Wicks with her grey yellow cock of good length and large spots. Olivia Edwards was second with a long spangle green cock followed by Amy Catterall’s dominant pied blue hen.


Callum Wood headed the 44 young bird section with a typy grey cock staged in excellent condition. Jordan Butcher was second with a long double factor spangle yellow hen. In third place was Mackenzie Hubbuck with a good size opaline cinnamon grey hen.


The entries in the pair class increased from 4 to 9 this year and the class was won by Dean Jukes. There were 6 entries in the team class of four which was won by Rene Heylen and 6 entries in the team class of six which was won by Chris & Mary Snell and the best team overall was that of Rene Heylen.


For the first time two classes for colour budgerigars were provided and this attracted a good entry of 45 birds from 5 exhibitors. Martyn Pate won both classes with a cobalt hen and yellow-wing dark green cock.


Best of colour any age: T. Price, light green, spangle blue; G & A Moore, dark green; A & G Adams, skyblue; S & J Gillan, cobalt; J. D. Davis, grey green; C & M Snell, grey; J & D Lindsay, opaline green; Fisher & Shepherdson, opaline grey green, cinnamon green, opaline cinnamon green, any other colour; E. Littlehales, opaline blue; F, C & J McGovern, opaline grey; R. Heylen, cinnamon blue; D. Page, opaline cinnamon blue; G. R. Wincomb, lutino; Freakley & Ainley, albino; D. Guppy, yellow-wing; T. Kinninmonth-Wicks, whitewing; A. Miller, crest; S & B Squires, spangle green; J & C Huxley, double factor spangle; J. Nevin, dominant pied; A & C Lockwood, recessive pied; R & M Miller, yellowface; R. Day, rare variety; D. Norman, clearbody. Certificates of Merit: P. Ward, novice; N. Holt, beginner, T. Kinninmonth-Wicks, junior.


Best of colour young bird: P. D. White, light green; J & D Faram, dark green, opaline green; D. Page, skyblue, opaline cinnamon blue; G. Corser, cobalt; F, C & J McGovern, grey green; R & M Miller, grey, yellowface; C & M Snell, opaline grey green; S & B Squires, opaline blue; R. Warrender, opaline grey; K. Humphries, cinnamon green; R. Heylen, cinnamon blue; T & A Luke, opaline cinnamon green; J. Sawyer, lutino; Freakley & Ainley, albino; M & D Walker, yellow-wing; D. Guppy, whitewing; M. Anzara, crest; A & D Woan, spangle green; J & C Huxley, spangle blue; Widdowson & Wilson, double factor spangle; G. N. Turner, dominant pied; A & C Lockwood, recessive pied; D. A. Mullee, rare variety; M & M Chapman, clearbody; Fisher & Shepherdson, any other colour. Certificates of Merit: D & C White, novice; J & D Faram, beginner, C. Wood, junior.


Budgerigar Society Judges Training Scheme – Final Test 2015


Every year at the Budgerigar Society Club Show, on Saturday morning, while the 15 judges are making decisions on the classes, BOC, major and section specials there is another group of judges who are going through an equally if not more stressful time. This year was no exception as the two subsidiary judges who, having completed their 9 judges training assessments over a 3-year period, took the practical, oral and written test. Of course, it depended on the outcome whether they would be upgraded to the society’s Main Panel of Judges or not.


Despite their nerves in taking exams their assessors; Ghalib Al-Nasser (Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator), Michael Chapman, Grant Findlay, Donald McCallum and Dave Woan did everything in their power to ensure that the candidates were put at ease.


Eventually the two candidates Terry Sadler and Sam Wildes successfully completed their tasks and will now be added to The Budgerigar Society’s Main Panel of Judges as from 1st February 2016. They will, of course, look forward to an invitation to judge the Club Show one day in the future.

 1 sam










Left – Terry Sadler

Right – Sam Wildes


The Society’s President Beverley Hutt presented them with their Judges Certificate and Badge at the Saturday lunch with all the other judges. Sam Wildes was more pleased when he was declared top Trainee Judge of the Year and received the Arthur Dexter Memorial Trophy during the Trophy Presentation on Sunday afternoon. He now can look forward to 2019 when he will be invited to judge the Club Show in his own right as Trainee Judge of the Year.


If you are inspired to become a judge then why not apply in writing to the B.S. Office prior to 31st January but follow the entrance qualification as laid down in the 2013 Society Rules page 11, B.1 (a)-(f) bearing in mind the new changes that are coming into effect as from 2016. Should you need further information then do not hesitate to contact the B.S. Office.


Ghalib Al-Nasser

Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator

 General photos from the weekend

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The Society would like to thank everyone who played their part in what was another hugely successful World Championship Show.  See you all again next year !

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