Show Results 2015

* 2 Day Show Results 
30/05/2015 SBS S&RV Area S&RV  Results
06/06/2015 BS Convention Convention Stoke Results
13/06/2015 SMBS S&RV Area S&RV Harston  Results
  14/06/2015 WBS S&RV Area S&RV Morriston  Results
21/06/2015 Western Counties B&FBS Area S&RV Pool Results
*27/06/2015 Specialist & Rare Variety Open Show BS S&RVOS Bugbrooke Results
04/07/2015 Leicestershire BS Silver Championship Markfield  Results
05/07/2015 West Norfolk BC Silver Championship Watlington  Results
05/07/2015 Hull BS Silver Championship Hull  Results
05/07/2015 Dorset & District BS Silver Championship Bournemouth Results
05/07/2015 Northern BS S&RV Area S&RV Bowburn  Results
05/07/2015 Central Lancs & Leyland BS Silver Championship Parbold  Results
11/07/2015 Worcestershire BS Gold Championship Worcester  Results
12/07/2015 Bedfordshire BS Silver Championship Caddington  Results
12/07/2015 Teesside BS Silver Championship Middlesborough  Results
12/07/2015 LCNWBS S&RV Area S&RV Warrington  Results
12/07/2015 Doncaster BS Silver Championship Doncaster  Results
12/07/2015 Elgin BS Bronze Championship Keith  Results
18/07/2015 Heads Of The Valley BS Silver Championship Tredegar  Results
18/07/2015 Land O’Burns BS Silver Championship Hurlford  Results
19/07/2015 Clwyd BS Silver Championship Connahs Quay  Results
19/07/2015 Darlington & Spennymoor BS Silver Championship Newton Aycliffe Results
19/07/2015 London & Southern Counties BS Area S&RV Smallfield  Results
20/07/2015 Melton Mowbray BS Silver Championship Asfordby  Results
25/07/2105 North Ayrshire BS Silver Championship Kilwinning  Results
26/07/2015 Ipswich BS Silver Championship Great Blakenham Results
26/07/2015 Tayside BS Silver Championship Wellbank  Results
26/07/2015 Torbay B&FBS Silver Championship Rattery Results
26/07/2015 Notts & Derby BA Silver Championship Nottingham  Results
26/07/2015 Preston BS Silver Championship Southport  Results
26/07/2015 Yorkshire BS Area Championship Doncaster  Results
01/08/2015 N.W.L.B.S. Silver Championship Markfield  Results
01/08/2015 Edinburgh BS Silver Championship Broxburn  Results
02/08/2015 Castleford BS Silver Championship Castleford  Results
02/08/2015 Southend B&FBS Silver Championship Hawkwell  Results
02/08/2015 Bristol BS Gold Championship Bristol  Results
08/08/2015 Birmingham BS Silver Championship Solihull  Results
09/08/2015 LEABS Area Championship Holbeach  Results
09/08/2015 SBS Area Championship Lanark  Results
09/08/2015 Leeds BS Silver Championship Horsforth  Results
09/08/2015 South Hampshire BS Gold Championship Romsey  Results
09/08/2015 LCNWBS Area Championship  Results
09/08/2015 West Wales BS Bronze Championship Swansea  Results
16/08/2015 Northamptonshire BS Silver Championship Bugbrooke  Results
16/08/2015 Kingdom Of Fife Silver Championship Kirkcaldy  Results
16/08/2015 South West Lancs BS Silver Championship Warrington  Results
16/08/2015 North East National Gold Championship Sunderland  Results
16/08/2015 Sheffield BS Silver Championship Sheffield  Results
16/08/2015 Hastings BS Silver Championship Northiam  Results
16/08/2015 Norwich & Norfolk BS Silver Championship Norwich  Results
16/08/2015 Cornwall BS Gold Championship Pool  Results
22/08/2015 The Sussex BS Southern Classic Silver Championship Dial Post  Results
23/08/2015 WBS Area Championship Newport  Results
23/08/2015 York & District BS Silver Championship Askham Bryan  Results
23/08/2015 Cambridgeshire BS Silver Championship Bar Hill  Results
23/08/2015 Northern BS Area Championship Bowburn  Results
23/08/2015 Aberdeen BS Silver Championship Aberdeen  Results
29/08/2015 Trent Valley BS Gold Championship Swadlincote  Results
29/08/2015 Dumbartonshire BS Silver Championship Dumbarton  Results
30/08/2015 Cleethorpes B&FBS Silver Championship Cleethorpes  Results
30/08/2015 Peterborough & SLBS Silver Championship Gedney Hill  Results
30/08/2015 South Cheshire BS Gold Championship Nantwich  Results
30/08/2015 Somerset BS Gold Championship Bridgwater  Results
05/09/2015 M B A Area Championship Solihull  Results
05/09/2015 Newcastle & Gateshead BS Gold Championship Wallsend  Results
05/09/2015 Lanarkshire Central BS Silver Championship Wishaw  Results
06/09/2015 Scottish Northern Silver Championship Keith  Results
06/09/2015 Mid Essex BS Bronze Championship Bicknacre  Results
06/09/2015 Gwynedd BS Silver Championship LLandudno  Results
06/09/2015 Swindon BS Gold Championship Swindon  Results
12/09/2015 North Staffs BS Silver Championship Stoke On Trent  Results
13/09/2015 Croydon & South Eastern

Combined Show

Silver Championship Smallfield  Results
13/09/2015 Plymouth B&FBS Silver Championship Plymouth  Results
13/09/2015 Forth Valley BS Silver Championship  Results
20/09/2015 Dumfries & Gallopway BS & CBA Gold Championship Dumfries  Results
* 26/09/2015 The Budgerigar Society World Championship Doncaster  Results
04/10/2015 Ollerton & Bevercotes CBS Bronze Championship Ollerton  Results
11/10/2015 London & Southern Counties BS Area Championship Smallfield  Results
11/10/2015 Newquay CBS Bronze Championship Pool  Results
11/10/2015 The National National Championship Stafford  Results
17/10/2015 Gainsborough CBS Bronze Championship Gainsborough  Results
18/10/2015 Wigtownshire CABS Bronze Championship Stranaer  Results
18/10/2015 Western Counties B&FBS Area Championship Exeter  Results
24/10/2015 Halesowen & Dist CBS Bronze Championship Bromsgrove  Results
25/10/2015 Kernow AS Bronze Championship  Results
25/10/2015 Great Yarmouth, G & L CBS Bronze Championship Spixworth  Results
25/10/2015 South Midlands BS Area Championship Bar Hill  Results
31/10/2015 Bury St Edmunds CBC Bronze Championship Barrow  Results
08/11/2015 West Cornwall BS Bronze Championship Camborne  Results
08/11/2015 Lliw Valley BS Bronze Championship Swansea  Results
08/11/2015 North Walsham Bronze Championship North Walsham  Results
 22/11/2015 Norwich Bird Breeders Bronze Championship Felmingham  Results
29/11/2015 High Wycombe CBS Bronze Championship Hazlemere  Results

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