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Summary of the BS General Council Meeting held on Sunday 23 September 2018 at the BS Office, Northampton with the following decisions being ratified:


  • The GC attended a BS Development Workshop facilitated by Jonathan Bowyer of Fiona Reed Associates the day prior to the GC Meeting. All Councillors agreed that the day had been extremely useful and well presented. The Chairman said that while there were a lot of ideas which came forward that we may have heard before, the real benefit was the day gave direction and structure to put these ideas into action.
  • The work from the Development Workshop will be split across the GC. Sub-groups were agreed to take on the suggestions. Communication between sub-group members to be via telephone conference calls.
  • The sub-groups are:
    • Membership sub group which will look at the ideas covering “Increase New Members Nationally”; “Increase New Members Internationally”; “Retain Existing Members” “Establish Education Section for Members” “Updated Power Point Presentation for Area Societies” “New Power Point Presentation for outside groups” “Website redesign.
    • Show Structure sub group which will look at the ideas covering “Review the Show Structure”; “Increase the number of Judges”; “Increase the number of Exhibitors” “Provide Training for Show Administrators” “Judges Bible”.
    • Pathway sub group which will look at the ideas covering “Establishing a Pathway from Breeder to Exhibitor” and “Inform everyone who buys a budgie that they know about the BS”.
  • The Society is to set up a PayPal account to make payment from overseas members easier to administrate.
  • The provision of a digital version of The Budgerigar to be investigated and the Society web site updated to accommodate this, including a Members Only section.
  • It was agreed that Data would be a big priority to support many of the ideas tabled at the Development Workshop. The new position of Data Officer is to be introduced to remove some of the anecdotal evidence used in the past to make decisions.
  • A report was given on the forthcoming BS Club Show – entries increased to 2,122. However, the ongoing Newcastle Disease restrictions had cost around 100 entries from overseas exhibitors and had contributed to the decrease in exhibitors from 162 to 154. The Trade Stands had increased due to the free offer. The Auction of Promises to have fewer Birds. 50% of the auction price to be handed back to the donor.
  • DEFRA had been consulted and they advised that the exhibitor’s declaration that the birds they are showing have been in the UK for the previous 21 days still stands.
  • The BS Bio-Security guidelines were discussed, in respect to cleaning the top slope of each cage at the Club Show. It was agreed that it should be the exhibitor and that a supervised area would be set aside for this to happen.
  • John Cosby is to stand in as Club Show Secretary in 2019 as Ronnie Simpson will be BS President and will be judging the Club Show.
  • The new Presidential Chain was on display for the GC to see. The Chairman will present the new Chain to the President at the Club Show. The Chain to be taken off the President at the end of the Show to allow the President’s names from the year 2000 to be engraved on the new Chain before the current President’s name is added. An engraved plate to be placed on the front of the box which holds the chain.
  • The old Presidential Chain to be framed and placed on the wall in the Ashby Suite at the BS Office at Spring Gardens.
  • The Spring Event 2018 had been very well received by the 200 members who had attended during the weekend at Scotch Corner. The attendances at all events; the Dinner, Lectures and AGM were impressive. Adrian Richards was a star and the Club Show Committee has appointed him as their Social Secretary to follow Pete Hutchinson.
  • The Convention 2020 Sub Committee will consist of M Roberts, G Al-Nasser, J Cosby, G Findlay, B Hutt and T Terheege. The Convention will be in the same hotel as 2015 in Stoke-on-Trent, have lectures, a show and the WBO meeting. Speakers (3 International and 2 UK based) and Judges have been selected plus a Saturday Dinner with entertainment. The Show will be Gold Patronage with free entry. A Sales Bird session will be held on the Friday night followed by a Quiz Night. On the Sunday it is planned to have a Question Time session.
  • The Chairman advised that he would welcome ideas and venue suggestions for the 2025 100th Anniversary Convention.
  • The Society’s Solicitor to clarify if changes to the Show Cage Specification should be treated as an actual rule change needing a two thirds majority or a simple majority or if the Show Cage Specification can be treated as a Guideline and be altered without reference to the membership.
  • To cover matters, depending on the Solicitor’s advice the General Council to prepare to re-submit the Ronnie Simpson proposal on a plastic show cage to the membership in March 2019.
  • The Society to look into offering an option of Online voting on Ballots.
  • VDS Options – the Administrator advised that Belgica de Weerd have offered the Society two sample packs for £25. To be advertised on the web site and The Budgerigar.
  • A discussion took place on the merits of the quality of rings being supplied which included the legibility of rings, the number of rings having to be cut off birds, quality of plastic rings and the quality of Hughes rings compared to the new rings from Avian ID.
  • Avian ID state they will supply the rings on time and asked for members to be encourage to order early.
  • GDPR expert at Burnetts, Solicitors has been consulted. The Society now has an overall Privacy Policy which is a 9 page A4 document and will be available for anyone to view on the BS web site. Additionally there is a Privacy Notice for Members which was published in “The Budgerigar” and will be issued to all new members as they join. There is also a Privacy Notice for Exhibitors which can be used by individual clubs and a Privacy Notice for Employees, Workers and Contractors – to be issued on request.
  • The classification numbers for the Junior section to run consecutively with the Novice section to replace the Beginner section numbers, as this section is being removed with effect from 2019.
  • Colour Budgerigar classes to be extended to provide Young Bird classes now that the Society is issuing smaller rings for this variety.
  • Separate classes to be added to the Colour Budgerigar Classification for Pairs and Teams with no point CC’s being awarded.
  • A new directive, effective from the 2019 show season – if Colour Budgerigars are exhibited in normal classes they shall be disqualified.
  • It was agreed that when a society, due to a judge being unable to attend on the day, appoints a judge who has already entered and staged his birds he should remove all his birds, including those of his partner if he is in partnership.
  • Ring colour changes – WBO and COM are changing the Pastel Green shade to Dark Green with effect from 2020 and the Orange colour to Dark Brown with effect from 2022.This is because of poor readability. The BS will also adopt this change.
  • Correspondence received from J Moore & P Reaney (Show Cage), B Taylor and P Tiller (Annual Accounts) and B Taylor (Affiliated Society Accounts) P Wishart and Lord Gardiner (Animal Activities Licensing), G Al-Nasser (Yellowface Albinos), D Guppy, S Holland, R Payne (Judging Procedure), J Bird (Showing Bought Birds) T Sayers (Rule Breaking)
  • Date of next meetings
    • GC Meeting – Sunday 10 February, 2019.
    • GC Meeting – Saturday 27 April, 2019
    • AGM – Sunday 28 April, 2019 – this will be held in the Bristol area.




Grant Findlay

We are sorry to inform you that Grant was taken to hospital in the early hours of this morning. We would like to wish him a speedy recovery and would ask for all enquiries to be directed to the B.S. Vice Chairman Ghalib Al-Nasser 01787 282332.





Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 27th April 2018 at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Scotch Corner, Nr. Darlington with the following decisions being ratified:

  • Both Maurice Roberts & Ghalib Al-Nasser were re-elected unopposed as Chairman & Vice Chairman to serve the new 3 year term.
  • All other officers, delegates and committees were elected to serve for the new 3 year term (see AGM Notes below).
  • The new Council discussed the Way Ahead and letters tabled from V. Hickling, B. Taylor & S. Holland. Among the items to be discussed: one item meeting annually, grow the hobby, revamp the website, area societies, mentoring, ideas section in The Budgerigar, engaging with membership. This will be done with the help of an outside training company with the aim to come up with a plan for the next 3 years and also a longer term plan for the progression of the Society.
  • It was agreed to stick with our current VDS with Edinburgh University but to also explore other leading companies in the country.
  • Postage of rings to be increased by 5p to meet with the Royal Mail increases that came into effect recently.
  • 2018 Club Show Judges on 29th/30th September are: Jeff Attwood, Wayne Bloxham, Gavin Carter, Dave Critchlow, Peter Hutchinson, Robbie Keeber, Ron Payne, Chris Snell, Dave Sturzaker, Adrian Terheege, Trevor Terheege, Graham Turner, Dave Wall, Mick Widdowson & Malcolm Taylor (South Africa).
  • As an incentive to increase the number of exhibitors and entries at this year’s club show is to offer Free Entries for Benched Birds excluding Sales. Exhibitors will pay for their entry in the normal manner but will be refunded for every bird benched.
  • Another incentive at this year’s club show is to offer free Trade Stand space based on one 6 feet table to our existing and any new traders based on a first come first served basis.
  • At the Club Show the Dominant Pied classes will be split into Green & Blue with separate challenge certificates and two extra classes (4 in total) will be available for the Colour Budgerigar in the schedule.
  • Dr. Marcellus Burkle had unfortunately called off his visit to the Spring Event as a speaker only few days before the event due to family emergency. The Society was grateful to R & M Miller and H Hockaday who extended their presentations to fill the vacancy at short notice.
  • Show entry at the Spring Event was 243 from 24 exhibitors and was won by Ady Lovack with his Club Show winning Normal Light Green Cock.
  • The Chairman tabled his comprehensive Annual Report highlighting the Society’s work over the past 12 months.
  • Current membership stood at 2157 of which 96 were overseas. This is an increase of 63 members at this time last year. New members continue to be attracted by the special offer of two years membership for the price of one. 231 new members took the offer of the “Two for One” since the launch on 1st October 2017.
  • The society reported the closure of our main ring manufacturer A.C. Hughes who we have been dealing with since 1929. Avian ID has bought the business and they will carry on supplying the metal rings as well as the plastic rings for the Colour Budgerigar. The only difference with their rings is the wall thickness which is slightly thicker.
  • It was agreed to reduce the number needed to receive Gold specialist & rare variety patronage from the current 400 benched to 300 correctly benched birds.
  • Correspondence received from K. Batey (Rule changes), T. Lewis (Two year breeder classes), Hastings BS (General Data Protection Regulations), K. Leedham (Club Show), D. Thompson (National Championship), M. Chase (The Dome decor), S. McGrath (club show sponsorship).

At the AGM held at Scotch Corner on 29th April:

  • Both the President Ken Whiting & Chairman Maurice Roberts thanked the 99 members who were in attendance and remarked on how successful the Spring Event had been and thanked the Northern BS for their participation in organising this event.
  • The Society Audited Accounts were approved showing a healthy profit.
  • Peter Hutchinson was inaugurated as the new President of the Society.
  • Phil Reaney was elected the new Vice President with Ronnie Simpson moving up to the President Elect.
  • Maurice Roberts was awarded the Walter E. Higham Silver Bird for meritorious services to the Budgerigar Fancy
  • 18 members were confirmed as Honorary Life Members under the 40 years continuous membership (Rule 4.d.) namely Alan Adams, Dennis Cairns, Denis Dawson, Andrew Fothergill, Brain Fawcett, Robert Francis, Peter Haywood, Stephen Hough, Mrs Toni Norman, Peter Munro, Keith Miller, David Roberts, Fred Sanders, Kenneth Stephens, Vince Scott, Frank Thomas, Robert Travnicek, John Woffendin,.
  • 526 (300 more than last year) ballot papers were returned and all 4 Resolutions submitted by the General Council gained the required 2/3 majority of the vote cast to pass while the remaining 17 Resolutions put forward by members failed to gain the required 2/3 majority of the vote cast to pass.
  • 552 members had cast their votes to elect the new General Council to serve for the next 3 years. There were 12 current members of the General Council who stood for election with 6 new members standing for the first time of which 3 were successful and join 11 existing Councillors to form the 14 person Council. The new Council consists of Mat Ackers, Ghalib Al-Nasser, Janice Al-Nasser, Michael Chapman, John Cosby, Bob Francis, Steve Holland, Beverley Hutt, Richard Miller, Jim Muir, Maurice Roberts, Ronnie Simpson, Trevor Terheege and Terry Tuxford. Those who were unsuccessful were James Folly, Terry Jukes, Brian Taylor & Graham Turner.
  • The Chairman advised that the new General Council had met on Friday and elected their Officers and Committees as follows: Chairman – Maurice Roberts; Vice Chairman – Ghalib Al-Nasser; Judges Panel Officer – Trevor Terheege; Publicity Team – Mat Ackers, Ghalib Al-Nasser, Grant Findlay & Terry Tuxford; NCA Delegates – Ghalib Al-Nasser, John Cosby & Beverley Hutt. Reserve Trevor Terheege; WBO Delegate – Grant Findlay. Reserve Maurice Roberts; GC Board – Maurice Roberts, Ghalib Al-Nasser, Michael Chapman, Beverley Hutt & Richard Miller. Reserve Ronnie Simpson; Club Show Committee – GC nominated members – Ghalib Al-Nasser, Janice Al-Nasser, John Cosby, Richard Miller and Trevor Terheege and nominated members from membership – Ian Ainley, John Cooke, Grant Findlay, Dave Hislop, Beverley Hutt, Geoff Moore, Ron Pearce, Ronnie Simpson and Pete Smith; Show Cage Inspector – Gren Norris; Assistant Show Cage Inspector – Ronnie Simpson; Disciplinary Panel – Janice Al-Nasser, Jeff Attwood, Lyn Bancroft, Ian Clarke, John Cosby, Bob Francis, Steve Holland, Bill Hough, Neil Johnson, Terry Jukes, Jim Muir, Pat Norris, Norma Philips, Adrian Terheege & Graham Turner.
  • Subscription rates will remain the same for the 4th year running for all levels of membership in 2019 based on the adult rate of £27.50.
  • Taylorcocks Partnership Limited (formerly known as Osbornes Tax and Advisory Limited) were appointed as the Society’s Auditors.
  • Next AGM will be held in the Bristol area on Sunday 28th April 2019 as part of a trial taking the AGM around the Areas.


Dates of Next Meetings

GC Meetings – Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd September 2018

Saturday16th February 2019

Saturday 27th April 2019

AGM            –  Sunday 28th April 2019 (Bristol Area)






Following the revision of Rules which were placed before the membership in the March/April, 2018 issue of “The Budgerigar” 527 members cast their vote either via the Postal Ballot or at the AGM held on Sunday 29th April, 2018.

The Society thanks those members who proposed and seconded the Rule Changes and also every one of the 527 members who voted.

The results were declared at the AGM by the Society Administrator as follows, based on the rule that a 2/3rds majority is required to be successful (full details of each resolution are printed in the March/April “Budgerigar”:-


RESOLUTION 1 -Definition of a Full Class –

For 458 Against 47 – Passed*.

RESOLUTION 2 – Voluntary fast tracking between Status Sections –

For 380 Against 115 – Passed*.

RESOLUTION 3 – amendment of existing rule re the Equalities Act –

For 489 Against 13 – Passed*.

RESOLUTION 4 – Removing the Beginner Status Section –

For 337 Against 163 – Passed**.

RESOLUTION 5 – Team Class restrictions –

For 236 Against 241 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 6 – Owner Bred Classes –

For 184 Against 318 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 7 – Ring Issue date change to 1st November –

For 327 Against 175 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 8 – Election of Chair & Vice Chair for a two year period –

For 152 Against 322 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 9 – The Society Chair only to have a casting vote –

For 196 Against 280 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 10 – GC to be elected every second year –

For 159 Against 318 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 11 – members to put forward rule changes annually –

For 190 Against 293 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 12 – Special Business to be passed by a simple majority –

For 252 Against 237 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 13 – Judges meeting held end of show season annually –

For 152 Against 298 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 14 – Election address increase to 800 words –

For 155 Against 314 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 15 – GC to be elected on first past post basis –

For 169 Against 299 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 16 – GC decisions to be made by two thirds majority –

For 121 Against 352 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 17 – change show season to run from 3rd weekend July –

For 75 Against 403 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 18 – remove the Junior & Beginner status sections –

For 64 Against 418 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 19 – Promotion & Relegation within status sections –

For 77 Against 390 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 20 – European style Show Cage (Simpson) –

For 321 Against 165 – Failed.

RESOLUTION 21 – European style Show & Team Cage (Reaney) –

For 198 Against 271 – Failed.


  • * effective immediately            ** effective from 2019




The result of the General Council Ballot has been received from the Official Scrutineer.
Congratulations to the successful candidates and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful.
I thank the 552 members who took the time and trouble to vote. 50% of those standing for the first time have been successful and I welcome them to the General Council to serve the membership.
While the vote was extremely tight I thank every candidate for standing and would like to place on record my sincere thanks, on behalf of the Society, to Terry Jukes for his service on Council over the past 9 years.

Maurice Roberts
The Budgerigar Society
16 April, 2018

FINAL BS 16 April 18 General Council : after 552 ballot papers

Mat Ackers ​361
John Cosby ​336
Michael Chapman​ 275
Ghalib Al-Nasser​ 286
Janice Al-Nasser ​281
James Folly ​271
Terry Tuxford​ 281
Steve Holland ​299
Terry Jukes ​273
Brian Taylor ​240
Trevor Terheege ​297
Richard Miller ​256
Jim Muir​ 241
Beverley Hutt ​416
Bob Francis ​235
Maurice Roberts​ 288
Ronnie Simpson​ 380
Graham Turner​​ 279

The successful candidates are therefore :-

The first candidates with the highest number of votes from within the boundaries of each of the ten area societies

Beverley Hutt – South Midlands
Ronnie Simpson – Yorkshire
Mat Ackers – Lancs Cheshire
Steve Holland – Midland
Maurice Roberts – Western Counties
Ghalib Al-Nasser – London Southern
Michael Chapman – Lincs East Anglia
Richard Miller – Northern BS
Jim Muir – Scottish BS
Bob Francis – Welsh BS

The remaining four highest votes are also elected

John Cosby
Trevor Terheege
Janice Al-Nasser
Terry Tuxford

The unsuccessful candidates are :-

Graham Turner
Terry Jukes
James Folly
Brian Taylor


Animal Activities Licensing

You may be aware of legislation about to go through Parliament to come into force on 5th Oct 2018 whereby hobbyist bird keepers if deemed “commercial” by their local authority will be required to be licensed later this year.

The National Council Aviculture (NCA) have been liaising with SUN and other like minded groups to alert members of the need to write to their MP’s seeking their help.

We urge all members to use the below letter to write to your MP. Time is of the essence as we are advised that this matter will be discussed in Parliament on 05 April, 2018. The more letters from across the country the better. The address to write to your MP is House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

This subject is also being covered by “Cage & Aviary Birds” in this weeks issue.


Grant D Findlay

Society Administrator

The Budgerigar Society

PS – If you don’t know the name of your MP this can be obtained from the website



I am writing to you in my capacity as a hobbyist: I am a keen birdkeeper, one of a countrywide community of enthusiasts whose passion is the keeping, breeding and (in many cases) exhibiting of our favourite bird breeds and species.

I would like to tell you how worried I am about the consequences of the amendments to the Animal Welfare Bill that DEFRA has suddenly announced will become law on October 5th 2018. My worry is with the proposed new Animal Activities Licence (AAL). DEFRA says this must apply to all “animal activities” that are deemed “commercial” – which could easily include straightforward hobbyist birdkeeping.

The AAL is to be administered by inspectors from local authorities, who will follow DEFRA guidelines, soon to be published – a minimum 80 pages of them. These inspectors will decide, for example, whether a birdkeeper is “aiming to make a profit” by selling the surplus birds s/he has bred. If yes, that birdkeeper is “commercial”, must pay for a fixed-term licence, be subject to repeated local authority inspections, and fall foul of a huge new burden of red tape: all totally unnecessary.

For centuries, it’s been common practice in our hobby for birdkeepers to sell to fellow hobbyists the surplus birds they’ve bred. And in a good breeding season, a canary keeper might breed lots and sell a good few. Across all the bird species and varieties, that is how hobbyists’ stock is healthily shared out, and how birdkeepers gain new challenges and interests. In selling, the aim, of course, is to recoup some of the costs of feed, housing, etc – to try and help your hobby pay for itself. That is not the same as “aiming to make a profit”.

Countless bird clubs and societies organise sales of surplus stock every year: all under licence, all subject to stringent animal-welfare and biosecurity regulations. They hope to defray their club running costs: that is not the same as “aiming to make a profit”.

Some of the DEFRA guidelines do acknowledge that the above activities could be deemed “out of scope” of AAL. But it’s all down to those local authority inspectors – and if an individual inspector were to be prejudiced against birdkeeping then AAL would offer huge power of oppression against the practice of a peaceful, creative hobby. (How on earth local authorities are expected to cope with this unlimited extra workload is another matter.)

Please be clear that I’m NOT anti-licensing when it comes to the commercial trade. But the background to AAL makes plain that it was designed to clarify the law on things like petshops, commercial dog-breeding, riding schools and animal boarding. The suddenly announced extension to EVERY “animal activity” threatens to shove all manner of hobbyist breeders into the “commercial” camp. To do this, DEFRA has bypassed until a very late stage, our representatives from the hobbyist sector, such as the Sustainable Users Network (SUN), whose sole aim is to help with expert advice that will make new legislation workable, just and (of course) beneficial to animal welfare.

DEFRA says it wants to reduce regulatory cover, but its AAL looks set to increase red tape massively! Please represent me by helping to get AAL properly re-drafted – most especially with a much clearer delineation between the commercial and private sector – even if means a six-month delay in implementation (to April 2019) rather than just waved through in the next couple of months. Please apply pressure to refer the botched AAL consultation and derisory Impact Assessment to the Better Regulation Executive, and for referral to the Parliamentary Regulatory Committee. Please don’t let our large constituency of peaceful and legitimate hobbyists be needlessly penalised.






The Society has been made aware that a small number of members have received two National Ballot voting Forms with the March/April issue of “The Budgerigar”.

Unfortunately this has happened at our printers who manually insert the voting forms into the magazines.


Members affected should therefore only use one of the National Ballot voting forms when voting.

The independent appointed scrutineer has been made aware of this situation. To ensure the legality of the ballot the scrutineer will check all the returns very carefully.

Members have been sent one small official envelope for the return of the voting papers. Any voting papers returned in any envelope apart from the official envelope will be subject to extra checking.

This situation does not affect the Rule Change Voting Paper.

Maurice Roberts
BS Chairman
19 March 2018




Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 17th February 2018 at The Budgerigar Society Office with the following decisions being ratified:


  • The Chairman took the opportunity at the start of the meeting to congratulate the Welsh BS and Western Counties B & FBS on their 80th and 90th Anniversaries respectively. He hoped both societies would have a fantastic year.
  • The following judges were admitted to the Main Panel of Judges as of 1st February; Graham Barton, Richard Bowker, Simon Devaney, Simon Gage, Mark Gulley, Alan Melvin, Kirk Morrison & John Newell. Joseph Benzie has re-joined the Main Panel of Judges and Patrick Randall (Exeter) joined the Subsidiary Judges Panel. Appeals received from 4 judges to remain on the Main Judges Panel were accepted due to house move or illness.
  • Nick Flavell, Eric Peake & Jim Shepherd were admitted to the Retired Judges Panel.
  • More information was supplied about the Spring Event and Terry Tuxford was congratulated on the article that he prepared for the March issue of The Budgerigar.
  • There will be 21 Rule Changes put forward to the membership within the March issue of The Budgerigar to vote on; 4 are submitted by the General Council and 17 by members.
  • Ring Orders – the Society experienced huge problems with ring deliveries by A.C. Hughes, the ring manufacturer, with some orders made in the days before the deadline date of 22 November not being posted on 22 December resulting in over 140 members not receiving their rings until early January. Although it was the first time this problem occurred, as a gesture of goodwill the Society will refund those members who were affected. The society will pursue the matter further with the ring manufacturer.
  • The Society will contact other British metal ring manufacturers to obtain samples and quotes to discuss at its next meeting.
  • The new President’s Chain of Office should be ready by the next AGM in April to be presented to the new President.
  • The work on the new gas central heating system for the Northampton office should commence in late February.
  • The new 2 year subscription offer, launched on 1st October 2017, has been well received resulting in 178 (163 UK and 15 overseas) new members. Membership was 2,371 at end of 2017, an increase on 2016 membership.
  • The Promotional Administrator was congratulated for negotiating with Bird Pro company to sponsor the Society rosettes, including the Club Show, for the next 2 years. Garden Feathers also agreed to continue with their sponsorship of the cage labels as well as The Birdcare Company continuing with their sponsorship. Country Wide Seed will continue as the Society’s major sponsor and were delighted with a further uplift of seed sales during 2017.
  • The Patronage Administrator submitted a newly designed A5 certificate which was approved by the Council to commemorate the winners of the individual colour groups, including pair, team & colour budgerigar, throughout the year and a further A4 certificate for the overall league winner. The certificates to be sent to the 2017 winners and be available from now on.
  • 52 Colour Champions were registered during 2017 but no Grand Colour Champion was registered.
  • A letter submitted by A. Terheege and agreed by Council requesting that two extra challenge certificates be awarded at the Specialist & Rare variety shows for the Olive, Mauve or Violet and for Lacewing to commence from the 2018 show season.
  • The new Council to review the patronage package in the future about awarding Gold patronage to shows in remote areas, minimum benched figures at specialist & rare variety shows, allocation of points for CCs and other related topics.
  • As a gesture of goodwill the Budgerigar Society will award an open silver championship patronage with nil CC value to both the national show in Northern Ireland and the Exhibition Budgerigar Society (Ireland).
  • Club Show judges officiating at this year’s show on 29th & 30th September are Pete Hutchinson (President), Jeff Attwood, Wayne Bloxham, Gavin Carter, Dave Critchlow, Robbie Keeber, Ron Payne, Chris Snell, Dave Sturzaker, Adrian Terheege, Trevor Terheege, Graham Turner, Dave Wall, Mick Widdowson and Malcolm Taylor (South Africa).
  • The Saturday Gala Dinner will be staged at a new venue (Wheatley Golf Club, Doncaster) with transportation laid on for residents at the Holiday Inn Hotel.
  • Correspondence received from E. Beales (loss of birds), M. Chase (Club Show decor & website) and Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies (associate membership).
  • NCA minutes of 11th October 2017 were tabled for information only.
  • WBO Minutes of 11th November 2017 in Budapest, Hungary were tabled with a comprehensive report given by the Society’s delegate informing the meeting about the new research project in Feather problems to be conducting by a university in Portugal, awarding the WBO Gould Award to Roger Carr, the new crested mutation the Hagoromo and for the B.S. to host the WBO meetings in both 2020 and 2025.
  • A ballot for the election of the new General Council will be conducted this year with 18 members submitting their names for election; 12 from the current council and 6 new candidates. G Findlay is retiring from Council after 26 years service, but will still attend Council meetings in the Administrator role.
  • A new statement will be added to the Bio-security guidelines to read “There should be no trading or exchanging of birds in the areas and car parks surrounding the show hall”.
  • The Society Administrator to investigate a Colchester based veterinary company with regards to the veterinary service.
  • DEFRA bio-security guidelines will re-iterated in the “Budgerigar” and BS Website as some cases of Bird Flu have been reported recently, mainly in the south of England.
  • Colour Budgerigars to receive points challenge certificates as from 2018 show season as per other colour criteria at the various types of patronage shows and will be eligible to be registered as Colour Champions as long as they are rung with B.S. rings. However, they will not go forward for major specials.


Dates of Next Meetings


GC Meeting –  Friday 27th April 2018 (Scotch Corner)

AGM            –  Sunday 29th April 2018 commencing11am(Scotch Corner to coincide with the Spring Event)





BS & AREA SOCIETY 2018 RINGS – Letter from A C Hughes ltd












Further update – the ring makers (A C Hughes Ltd) are making progress with the outstanding ring orders. Today (Thursday 25 January, 2018) they are making the rings that were processed by the BS on 10 January, 2018.
If you have an outstanding order and require an update on the expected delivery then please contact the BS Administrator on 01828 633030 who will assist with your enquiry.
Once again many thanks to the members affected for your understanding and patience on this matter.






Further update – the ring makers (A C Hughes Ltd) are still working their way through the backlog of orders. Today (Wednesday 17 January, 2018) they are making the rings that were processed by the BS on 08 & 11 December, 2017.
A reminder that there is no delay with the Plastic ring maker and orders can be made for plastic rings via the BS website, on the normal order form and post to the BS Office or by phoning the BS Office on 01828 633030 (from Tuesday 23 January onwards).
Once again many thanks to the members concerned for your patience and understanding.





There is still a considerable backlog of orders to be made and posted by the metal ring makers A C Hughes. Today (Friday 12 January, 2018) they are dealing with orders processed by the Society on 30 November, 2017.

If members are desperate for rings an alternative would be to order Plastic rings. These rings are perfectly acceptable on the show bench and there is no backlog with the plastic ring maker (Roxan ID) the turnaround is usually 2 to 3 days.

These can be ordered via the BS website or by using a ring order form and send this to the BS Office. Alternatively, in the circumstances, the Office will take orders over the phone on 01828 633030 and if there is no one to answer the phone please leave your details (BS ring number, card payment details and number of rings required).

The Society thanks the members involved for their patience and understanding of this unfortunate situation which is beyond the Society’s control.





The Society is providing a further update for those members who are still waiting for their 2018 ring order. The ring maker A C Hughes has accepted that this unfortunate situation is entirely down to them.

They have promised that all orders which were processed by the Society by the deadline date of 22 November, 2017 will be posted either today (Thursday 04 January, 2018) or tomorrow (Friday 05 January).

These will be sent by first class post and members should receive them by early next week at the latest.

The Society thanks members for their patience during this frustrating time.




BS RINGS – 2018

The Budgerigar Society apologises to those members who are still waiting for their supply of 2018 rings. All ring orders received by the Society up to and including the deadline date of 22 November, 2017 were processed and forwarded to the ring makers by that date.

The Society is now dealing with three separate ring makers for the supply of members rings, namely A C Hughes who supply the metal rings, Roxan I D who supply the plastic rings and Avian ID suppliers of the smaller plastic rings for Colour Budgerigars.

The Colour Budgerigar rings have not been a problem and we thank Avian ID for their efforts.

It would appear that the Plastic rings supplied by Roxan I D were not placed into the postal system until 27 December despite the Society Administrator being advised on 3 separate occasions that they were all dispatched on the agreed date of 22 December, 2017.

The Society has today (Friday 29 December, 2017) been advised by A C Hughes that some of the metal rings ordered by 22 November have not been dispatched. Again this was not communicated to the Society Administrator. All orders keyed up to 19 November and 75% of those keyed on 20 November have been posted, however those keyed after that date up to 22 November (some 142 orders) will not be posted until 04 January, 2018.

The Society is extremely sorry for this situation which has occurred and which is beyond its’ control. The General Council will obviously discuss this serious matter at their next meeting.




Members who wish to join the Budgerigar Society Judges Training Scheme in 2018 should apply before 31st January, 2018.

This Scheme is for members who have completed 9 years membership of the Society, of which three continuous years must immediately precede the application; have completed three full show seasons at Intermediate status; be over 21 years of age and be a current breeder and exhibitor of budgies at BS Championship Patronage shows.

Those interested should apply in writing to the BS Administrator (6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8BP) enclosing a fee of £27.50 which covers registration over the 2 year training scheme.





By Ghalib Al-Nasser, Club Show Committee Chairman

It is not long now to the big event when The Budgerigar Society will be holding the Show of Shows on the weekend of 30th September / 1st October 2017 at the The Dome, Doncaster, DN4 7PD. Since the move to the current show date the show has gone from strength to strength with an increase in entry of 13% in 2015 from 2014 entry and a further increase of 6% last year. The Show Committee is hoping for a further increase in both entries and number of exhibitors from 174 last year. All members of the Society have received their schedules with the July / August issue of The Budgerigar. The classification and entry form can also be downloaded from the Society’s website The closing date for entries is Tuesday 19th September but it would help if you got your entries in early to Ronnie Simpson our Show Secretary.

The show will open to the public from 2.45pm until 6.30pm on Saturday and 9.00am until 3.30pm on Sunday; judging commences at 9.45am on Saturday. Admission to the show is £6 on Saturday and £7 on Sunday. Catalogues cost £4 (£6 by post). To save queuing on both days members are encouraged to pre-purchase their entry wrist bands from the Society Administrator Grant Findlay (£6 Saturday and £7 Sunday).

This year’s show will be judged by Roy Aplin, Andy Brown, Geoff Corser, Harry Hockaday, Richard Miller, Geoff Moore, Allan Michael, Ron Pearce, Doug Pringle, Phil Reaney, John Rogers, Geoff Tuplin and our overseas guest judge from Germany, Frank Nietgen. Our president Ken Whiting, who is not a judge, has nominated Geoff Moore to be his judge for the major specials.


Part of the show’s attraction is the successful Saturday morning seminar. Apart from the listening to a quality speaker, members attending can also view the judging of the major awards. The seminar commences at 9.45 a.m. This year the seminar organiser, Ron Pearce, has engaged Dr. Florian Böck as the guest speaker.

Florian is a successful breeder and exhibitor from Augsburg, Germany. He has won many major awards at top shows in his country over the past few years. His presentation will be on how to build a successful stud in Europe and promises to be very informative and interesting. Tickets are £10.00 each, which covers light refreshments and Saturday entry to the show. Members are encouraged to purchase these tickets in advance from the Society Administrator.

Incentives for Exhibitors

Last year’s new incentive of unique teaspoons proved to be popular with those exhibitors who received them and so this is being repeated again this year for all exhibitors who bench 8 cages or more (excluding sales). The spoons depict the colour of the ring and the year of issue (blue for 2017) and are only available at the Club Show; they will soon become collectors’ items.

Also, benching 15 cages or more (excluding sales) qualifies the exhibitor to a £7.50 voucher, which can be spent on any BS product or go towards their subscription; they will also get free entry to the show on Sunday. This package is worth £14.50.


Country Wide Seed is the Society’s major sponsor together with other fanciers including Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser, Dave Hislop, Ronnie Pearce and Ronnie Simpson who provide financial sponsorship. Garden Feathers are sponsoring the show with the cage labels. A new sponsor to the Club Show this year is Moor Pets of Bodmin who have kindly sponsored the entry wristbands.

We are also very grateful to our member William H. Martin for sponsoring the show again as he did last year with the sum of £100. This amount will be distributed equally between the 5 sections with £20 towards the most benched birds (not sales birds) in each section.

Auction of Promises

One of the highlights of the show weekend is the Auction of Promises which takes place on Sunday at 12.30 p.m. The task falls upon Geoff Capes and Michael Miller to auction a wide variety of excellent birds from top UK studs, birdroom items and many other fantastic donations.  Over recent years many exceptional birds have been offered for auction and other items such as works of art and a budgerigar inspired car number plate.

The Club Show Committee is extremely grateful to the fanciers who have donated birds and items for the Auction of Promises – birds from Joseph Alix (France), Wayne Bloxham, Geoff Capes, John Pierre Debray (France), Bertram Duprey (France), Bill & Malcolm Hough, the Leedham Family, Ady Lovack (includes show cage), Richard and Michael Miller and Sam and Nigel Wildes. Other items donated are a Roy Aplin Original Pencil Sketch (to be signed by all the judges), a Budgerigar Society historic car badge, Guillaume Froger (France) (25kg Box French Red Millet Sprays), DTV Plastic Products Package, BS Standard Show Cage from David Rafis, SAM1 Bird Products package, a SupaPets Supablend Airtight Seed Bin, Allan and Nikki Michael have donated a Boxed Bottle of Moet and Chandon Champagne and David Turner with £50 donation. There is still time to donate a bird, items or financial support. Members wishing to do so should contact the Society Administrator on 01828 633030.

The Fanciers Raffle

The Fanciers Raffle, organised by Ian Ainley, has been very successful in the past three years and once again, Ian has sourced another two fantastic prizes. The top prize is a quality cock bird donated by Alex and Dave Woan, who won best in show at last year’s Club Show and a quality hen donated by Geoff Tuplin, who won the best opposite sex award. This makes the prize a sought after pair of outcrosses.

The second prize consists of a Fanciers Aviary Hamper including items donated by Aviary Hygiene, The Birdcare Company, The Budgerigar Society, The Exhibition Budgerigar Forum, Just Supplements, Ian, Julie and Scott Ainley and Geoff and Julia Tuplin. Tickets will be £2 and sold by Julie and Julia throughout the weekend. The draw will take place after the Trophy Presentation. Please support this important fund raiser.

Society Raffle

There is a new format to this year’s BS Raffle. Ticket books were sent to all paid up members of the Society with the last issue of The Budgerigar and rather than the usual cash prizes the first prize has been kindly donated by BS member Alan Moreton. This is a three night stay at Tidal Waters Holiday Apartment in Looe, Cornwall. This beautiful ground floor apartment comes fully furnished and comprises of 1 double bedroom, a twin bedroom and a sofa bed for maximum occupancy of 6 people. Upon arrival the winner will find fresh cream teas for all the guests as well as some basic essentials such as tea, coffee, milk, eggs and bread, all free of charge. The location is within short reach of the town centre and the beach. The apartment is available from November 2017 to March 2018. The other two prizes are a £75 Marks and Spencer voucher and a £50 Tesco voucher.

More tickets can be obtained from the Society Administrator, Grant Findlay (01828 633030) or during the weekend of the show from Rod and Sue Clarke and their team of helpers.

Bird Sales Tables and Sales Birds Section

The Bird Sales Tables are for any members or clubs who wish to sell surplus birds. The area provided is in The Dome entrance and separate from the Club Show Sales Birds. Space is limited and will be allocated prior to the show on a first come, first served basis. Sales birds cannot be brought into The Dome until Saturday afternoon. Anyone interested should contact the Society Administrator on 01828 633030.

The Sales Birds are one of the highlights of the show and is open on Saturday from 2.45pm until 5.30 p.m. and on Sunday from 9.30am until 3.00 p.m. There will be many quality birds available from well-known exhibition budgerigar breeders and the conditions of sale dictate that all birds must be the property of the seller for at least 28 days and close rung with official BS rings. Sellers are encouraged to use the second cage label supplied to add further information about the birds they are selling.

Classification and Layout

The Club Show Committee has decided to increase the classification by a further two classes to 74 per section to keep continuity so that all odd numbers are for cocks and even numbers for hens. The two extra classes are in the Crest and Recessive Pied varieties.

The Show Committee has decided to stage the birds differently so all the any age sections will be on the left hand side of the B.S. Stand and all the young bird sections on the right hand side. This will make things easier for both stewards and visitors for both staging and viewing.

Gala Dinner

What is the best thing to do on the Saturday evening? – Attend the Gala Dinner at the Holiday Inn, of course. The atmosphere will be brilliant, with members celebrating the winners, the Judges receiving their mementoes and our President Ken Whiting and the MC Pete Hutchinson promising to be on good form. Added to this we have entertainment by singer/comedian Chris Britten.

The cost of the Gala Dinner is £25, which includes a 3-course meal and the entertainment. Tickets are available from Pete Hutchinson (125 Moss Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 7XE). The booking form is on the back cover of the Club Show Schedule. Please enclose a sae and make cheques payable to The Budgerigar Society.


For all greywing enthusiasts there is a financial reward. For the third year Dr. Bob Travnicek, our American friend, who comes regularly to the Club Show, has donated the sum of £200 for the greywing variety. This is a great incentive for all greywing breeders and this donation is to be divided equally between the exhibitor who benches the highest number of greywings (excluding sales and shared in the event of a tie) and to the Best Greywing in Show.

Pairs, Teams and Colour Budgerigars

This section creates interest among fanciers and although small in entry still has its own appeal. Each group has its own challenge certificate, which carries no points. Certainly the Colour Budgerigars, smaller versions of the exhibition budgerigar, are popular among newcomers to the hobby.

Visitor Experience – Where History is Made

Since the introduction of the banners showing Club Show Best in Show winners since 2005 and Society Club Show Greats; fanciers who are no longer with us, this has always been a talking point when fanciers reminisce with one another and share memories of these past legends and make comparisons between previous Best in Show winners. This year there will be an additional great who passed away in 2016 and a Best in Show banner added to the collection. The great is Eddie Geary, former Society president and chairman and past chairman of the Show Committee. The BIS banner to be added will be last year’s winner, the spangle green cock of Alex and Dave Woan.

Foreign Finch Show

The Foreign Bird Show has been an integral part of the Club Show for several years and once again the Foreign Finch Alliance is running the show with judges Dave Wanless (Australian finches and seedeaters) and Nick Hall (zebra finches). For further information please contact Gary Wincomb or Lisa Barnsdale (01522 546692).

Trade Stands

This part of the show is where fanciers can take advantage of the huge range of goods available to them. We say goodbye to Fred Wright who organised the Trade Stands for several years and thank him for his services and welcome Shaun Smith, our new Trade Stand Coordinator. Shaun can be contacted on 07971 474862 or email

Our major sponsor, Country Wide Seed will be at the show with its stand in the main hall and a large vehicle at the main door from which they will sell seed etc. Anyone wishing to pre-order should contact Steve Jones at Country Wide (01275 463496) prior to the show.

For any further information please contact the Show Manager, Dave Hislop by email on or Grant Findlay at the BS Office at 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Perthshire, PH11 8BP on 01828 633030.

Please come to the show, meet old friends and make new ones. See some super birds and most of all have fun.





New Sponsor – Moor Pets

The Budgerigar Society is delighted to announce that Moor Pets of Bodmin have kindly sponsored the entry Wristbands for the forthcoming BS Club Show. The wristband will read “sponsored by 01208 75900”.

We are pleased to welcome BS Member and Proprietor of Moor Pets, Mike Berry, as a Sponsor and we look forward to working with him on future projects.



BS RAFFLE – enclosed with the July/August issue of “The Budgerigar” will be one book of Club Show Raffle tickets. The Club Show Committee are extremely grateful to BS member Alan Moreton who has donated the first prize of a 3 night stay at Tidal Waters Holiday Apartment in Looe, Cornwall.

This beautiful ground floor apartment comes fully furnished. It comprises of 1 double bedroom, a twin bedroom and a sofa bed for a maximum occupancy of 6 people. There is an outside patio area that overlooks the beautiful river.

Upon arrival the winner will find fresh cream teas for all guests  as well as some basic essentials such as tea, coffee, milk, eggs and bread, all free of charge.

The location is within a 5 minute walking distance of the town centre and 10 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from the railway station. The apartment is available from November 2017 to March, 2018 subject to availability and not valid over public holidays.

Alan has also offered a 10% discount for bookings by BS members throughout the year and can be contacted on 01503 262096 or 07967 410048.

Further prizes on offer are a Marks & Spencer £75 Gift Voucher and a Tesco £50 Gift Voucher.

If members wish further books of raffle tickets these can be obtained from the Society Administrator on 01828 633030 and tickets will be on sale over the Club Show weekend.




Notice To All Budgerigar Society Members

Members are reminded that only BS Standard Show Cages may be accepted on the show bench at shows held under BS Rules – both patronage and non-patronage.

There has been a recent incident at a Young Stock Show, held under BS rules, of a European standard show cage being used, with a BS logo attached. This was correctly disqualified by the judge.

An example of the BS cage on the left and the European cage on the right which has thinner sides and top.







The doors of both cages with the BS cage on the left and the European cage on the right showing the different door hinges and pull.









Plastic Show Cage Reminder

The BS approved, new Plastic Show Cage is now acceptable on the show bench. The cage complies with all internal and external dimensions and gives a similar appearance to a wooden cage when viewed from the front.

Challenge Certificates

Members are also reminded that the recently approved rule change regarding the awarding of CC’s, is effective from this show season. The new rule allows the CC to be awarded when there are 2 birds (even from the one exhibitor) correctly benched in the colour. The previous criteria of, 2 exhibitors or 7 birds benched from one exhibitor to qualify for the CC to be awarded, has been removed with immediate effect.

For clarification the Pairs, Teams and Colour Budgerigar Challenge Certificates are given nil points, however there must also be two correctly benched cages in these classes for the CC to be awarded.

Show Cage Drinker 

Members are reminded that, from the commencement of the 2017 show season, only the pale blue mini flomatic drinker marked “The Budgerigar Society” or “Christino” purchased from the Budgerigar Society will be allowed on show cages. Therefore the white finger drawers are no longer allowed. The drinker should be positioned between the third and fourth wires from the left and rest on the middle bar on a standard show cage. The team show cage requires two drinkers, one placed as above and the other in the same position on the right hand side and resting on the middle bar.

The flomatic drinkers are available from the BS Office priced at £6.00 for 10 plus £2.30 post & packing.






Societies holding a Bird Gathering/Show are reminded that they must notify DEFRA/Animal Plant Health Agency. This should be done via email (at least 7 days before the bird gathering/show) to the email address below.

The email address has changed from last year and there is now separate email addresses for shows in England, Scotland and Wales.

The information required is the Name of the Organisation; Main Contact Name, Address, Phone Number & email address; Date of the Show; Location of the Show (address and postcode); type and approx. number of birds expected at the show, Purpose of the gathering eg. Show,Sale.

This is required so that DEFRA has this information in case of an outbreak of any illness that could affect birds (such as bird flu) in that immediate area.


Email address for ENGLAND:-



mark in the heading the words Bird Gatherings.  


This will ensure that your email is directed to the team dealing with this matter and they then advise the Local Council of the bird gathering. Your email address will be used to give approval for the event to be held.

We would remind Clubs and Societies that DEFRA have now removed the need for a “risk assessment carried out by a vet” to hold a bird gathering/show.

Clubs/Societies and Members are reminded that robust Bio-Security must be evident at all bird gatherings. The Bio-security guidelines as laid down by the Budgerigar Society must therefore be fully complied with at all shows.






Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 22nd April 2017 at the Budgerigar Society Office with the following decisions being ratified:

  • The Society to instigate a 2 year membership deal for newcomers whereby they will pay for one year and have a second year free with a joining fee of £7.50.
  • It was agreed to recommend to the AGM to keep the same level of subscription rate for all levels of subscription based on the adult fee of £27.50 (no increase in 3 years).
  • It was agreed to keep the same price of rings for 2018 and the same cost of postage.
  • The amount received from Country Wide Seed from the bulk seed orders placed via the Society has shown a welcome increase from £4110 to £5355 for 2016.
  • The Veterinary Diagnostic scheme charges to increase from £10 to £20 per member/partnership as from next year. Those not paying at the time of paying subscriptions will increase from £30 to £50.
  • The allowance to the area societies to increase from £150 to £200 per annum.
  • 2017 Club Show judges on the 30th September/1st October are R. Aplin, A. Brown, G. Corser, H. Hockaday, R. Miller, G. Moore, A. Michael, F. Nietgen (Germany), R. Pearce, D. Pringle, P. Reaney, J. Rogers & G. Tuplin.
  • Two extra classes to be added in the classification for the crest and recessive pied to keep uniformity for all odd classes are for cocks and all even classes are for hens.
  • Bev Hutt elected to be the new Trophy Officer and Shaun Smith the new Trade Stand Organiser with Fred Wright to continue to act as the Show Treasurer.
  • The successful Fanciers Raffle last year will be repeated again with last year winners Alec & Dave Woan donating a cock bird and Geoff Tuplin donating a hen bird to make a pair for the first prize. Florian Böck from Germany will be the speaker at the seminar. Cash awards to be increased as well.
  • Up to £10,000 is allocated towards research for feather related problems including French Moult.
  • The Spring Event to be held on 27th – 29th April 2018 in Scotch Corner is progressing very well. Judges booked, one from each of the 4 home countries of the UK, are Sammy Adams, Robert Ellis, Brian Reese & Di Wall. Speakers booked are Richard & Michael Miller, Harry Hockaday & Dr. Marcellus Burkle (a German vet) on the Saturday and Jeff Attwood, Phil Reaney (to be confirmed) & Ghalib Al-Nasser on Sunday.
  • Website home page has been modified and the menus simplified.
  • Status definitions and the criteria to move up status were re-defined and will be put forward to the membership for discussion.
  • A Premier Champion title with set criteria was agreed upon and will be operative as from 2018.
  • 55 new members have enrolled this year so far thanks to the efforts of Mat Ackers attending events with the Society stand, our website, and from Cage & Aviary Birds after the appearance of our monthly advert. Membership at 21st April was 2,120.
  • New gas central heating to be installed to the property at Northampton.
  • New President’s Chain of Office to be purchased with 50 links added and names of past presidents starting from 2000 to be added.
  • Correspondence received and discussed from A. J. Wilson & T. Rowland re-Rules and from P. Hutchinson re-magazine..
  • 121 societies have been allocated patronage. The Exhibition Budgerigar Society (Ireland) to be awarded a special overseas rosette patronage.
  • It was agreed to give pre-grade challenge certificates with a minimum value of 3 points to gold patronage commencing from the 2018 show season. This excludes the pairs, teams & colour budgerigars who receive nil points.


At the AGM:

  • A minute’s silence was observed in respect of those members who passed away since the last AGM with particular reference to Eddie Geary (Past President & Chairman of the Society), Derek Dobson & Donald McCallum (former General Councillors), Allan Fairgrieve (Society Sponsor), Roy Stringer and most recently Mrs Margaret Bowman (wife of Past President).
  • The Society Audited Accounts were approved showing a healthy profit.
  • Ken Whiting was inaugurated as the new President of the Society.
  • Ronnie Simpson was elected the new Vice President with Peter Hutchinson moving up to the President Elect.
  • Gren Norris was awarded the Walter E. Higham Silver Bird for meritorious services to the Budgerigar Fancy.
  • 18 members were confirmed as Honorary Life Members under the 40 years continuous membership (Rule 4.d.) namely Alan Bainbridge, Dennis Bush, Stewart Beach, William Bisset, Mick Bland, John Bland, Edward Grove, Bill Hough, Malcolm Hough, Thomas Lewis, Leslie Nicholson, Ron Pearce, Colin Pontin, Gerald Rutter, Leslie Turley, Derrick Watson, Gary Wilson & Dave Woan.
  • 226 ballot papers were returned and all Resolutions 1 to 20 gained the required 2/3 majority of the vote cast to pass.
  • Subscription rates will remain the same for all levels of membership in 2018 based on the adult rate of £27.50.
  • The Society is to provide an incentive for new members paying a single year’s membership fee plus joining fee of £7.50 would get a two year membership. This new incentive is to encourage continuation of membership after joining and will commence on 01 October, 2017.


Date of Next Meetings

GC Meetings – Thursday 12th October 2017

                       Saturday17th February 2018

                        Friday 27th April 2018           

AGM            –  Sunday 29th April 2018 (Scotch Corner to coincide with the Spring Event)


Ken Whiting (new President) with Eric Peake (outgoing President)
Gren Norris receives the Silver Bird award from the new President Ken Whiting
B.S. Seniors at the AGM; Ghalib Al-Nasser (Vice Chairman), Peter Hutchinson (President Elect), Ken Whiting (President), Ronnie Simpson (Vice President) & Maurice Roberts (Chairman)


The Budgerigar Society Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 23 April, 2017 and starts at 11.00 am.
VENUE – Bugbrooke Sports & Community Centre, Camp Close, Bugbrooke, Northampton, NN7 3RW.
This venue is a few miles off junctions 15A/16 of the M1, A5 & A45). There is plenty parking at the Centre.




Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 18th February 2017 at the Budgerigar Society Office with the following decisions being ratified:

  • A minute’s silence was observed in memory of the recent loss of Past President’s wife, Margaret Bowman, together with other members who had passed away since our last meeting.
  • It was agreed to further investigate the purchase of a new Society’s Presidential Chain now as the quotes obtained to add 27 links to the current chain till 2025 proved too expensive.
  • The Society has booked the Best Western Stoke-on-Trent Moat House Hotel for its Convention 2020, this is the same venue as the 2015 Convention.
  • Investigation into a Budgie Breeding App for our members showed that it is aimed more for pet breeders and a certain fee would be needed to operate it. It was agreed not to pursue this project.
  • Annual appraisals to be conducted on the three salaried staff and for the posts to be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • The Premier Champion concept was discussed more fully with criteria agreed upon and for a full document to be put to the members in the magazine before submitting it as a proposed Rule change to vote on in the 2018 Rule Change Year, if the concept constitutes a Rule change.
  • New additions were made to both the Main & Subsidiary Judges Panels and some were removed or added to the Retired Panel.
  • It was agreed for G. Findlay, R. Millar & R. Simpson to meet with 3 members of the Northern BS to finalise the format, speakers & judges for the Spring Event at the Holiday Inn, Scotch Corner, Darlington, over the weekend of 28/29 April, 2018 with the BS AGM to be held on the Sunday at the same venue.
  • Welsh BS were the first to view the new power point presentation highlighting the B.S. structure and its activities. Councillors were encouraged to carry out these presentations at Area Societies and report back with feedback by Feb 2018.
  • 20 Rule Changes will be put forward to members, via a postal ballot, and the results will be announced at the forthcoming AGM. This is mainly a tidying up exercise to correct anomalies in the current rules.
  • Correspondence received from M. Chase re-Council election, Public Address by councillors and special Notice in a special edition of The Budgerigar. Kinani Team re-App for pet lovers (Council agreed not to proceed), from C. Greatorex re-disillusionment with the current size of the modern budgerigar which led him not to renew his membership; from Mid Essex BS re-clashing date of the September Council meeting with their show (Council agreed to change this date) and from Dr R. Travnicek requesting separate classes at championship shows for Greywings (Council agreed to review in 2019 after Dr Travnicek’s welcome Sponsorship of the Greywing section at the Club Show had ended).
  • The Society Administrator reported that membership at the end of 2016 stood at 2,243 (drop of 8% from 2015). The Society finances are sound and healthy.
  • Judges will be asked to be more vigilant with overseas rings with birds shown in young bird classes as the overseas rings, unlike BS rings, do not have the flat part with the year on it and should not be shown in Young Bird classes at BS Patronage shows.
  • Structural repairs were carried out on the BS property and a Fire Alarm system has been installed with gas central heating to be installed this year.
  • Country Wide Seed is to continue with its welcome sponsorship of the Society.
  • The website sub-group hope to explore the viability and costing of having short videos on the BS website giving a full review to newcomers of what is available from our hobby.    
  • The new Patronage Administrator, Ronnie Simpson, reported on the stock that he holds of cage labels with the old sponsors details on them. It was agreed that clubs can use these for Members Shows etc. These can be obtained from him on request. His investigation showed that 866 members exhibited during the year representing approx 40% of the membership.
  • The Patronage Administrator is streamlining the Show Patronage paperwork and hopes to reduce this for the forthcoming show season.
  • WBO – Grant Findlay was congratulated on being appointed Vice Chairman. Among the items discussed at the latest meeting were Research and the standard relating to the head description of the budgerigar. Both matters would be discussed further.
  • Council is discussing potential improvements for promotion from the various Status.
  • Avian Flu – the restriction date has been extended and members are reminded that robust bio-security must be present at all shows and bird gatherings. 


Dates of Next Meetings

GC Meetings – Saturday 22nd April 2017                  

AGM – Sunday 23rd April 2017 (Bugbrooke)

Thursday 26th October 2017

Saturday 17th February 2018

Friday 27th April 2018 (Scotch Corner)

Sunday 29th April 2018 (AGM – Scotch Corner)



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