General Council

Matthew Ackers

Wigan, Lancashire

Joined Budgerigar Society 2009

Elected to the General Council in 2018

BS Promotion Administrator

BS Publicity Officer

07910 274292

It is a privilege to serve the membership in my current role as Promotion Administrator and it is an honour to know that members are right behind us in what Robert Hughes and I have achieved so far. I am convinced that I can place as much effort and drive into the General Council as I currently do as Promotion Administrator.

The Budgerigar Society and the fancy as a whole are two things which I feel equally passionate about and the future of the hobby is an important one. We are entering a time where new ideas, forward thinking, outward promotion and keeping pace with modern life are essential.

I feel my work experience, age, current BS role and passion can be used to continue to carry the BS into the 21 century and to continue to grow, learning lessons from the past successes to carry forward new ones.

Ghalib Al-Nasser

Pentlow, Essex

Joined Budgerigar Society 1971

Elected to the General Council 1989

BS Vice Chairman

BS Chairman Club Show Committee

BS Publicity Officer

BS Representative to the NCA

London & Southern Counties BS Chairman, Shows Organiser, Editor& Publicity Officer

Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies Chairman, Sec & Publicity Officer

01787 282332


To be part of the General Council comes commitment to work and take an active part in the development and progression of this great Society; my biographical notes give an indication of that commitment as it’s not fancy words that get the work done.

I have always been a very active fancier at all levels, serving my Area Society in many capacities since 1984 (10 years retirement in between). At national level, I contribute tirelessly to the progress of the specialist societies. At local level I am in contact with the grass roots of the hobby, encouraging newcomers to make the right steps in their early days. On the show side I am show organiser/manager of many shows including the national Specialist & Rare Variety show since 1988.

My aim is to continue to promote the hobby, and the Budgerigar Society, at every opportunity to as wide an audience as possible.

Janice Al-Nasser

Pentlow, Essex

Joined Budgerigar Society 1983

Elected to General Council 1994

BS Club Show Committee Member

London & Southern Counties BS Shows Patronage Secretary

Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies Treasurer

01787 282332


The Budgerigar Society has been a major part of my life for many years. I enjoy taking an active part in all aspects and levels of the hobby as I believe the more you give, the more you gain.

I feel it is up to every one of us to encourage and assist newcomers to the hobby, to take on roles at local grass roots level and listen to ideas and aspirations of others within the fancy. The way to progress this is by being an integral part of the Budgerigar Society General Council. I am always prepared to help, not only as a BS Councillor, at shows and events all round the country, specialist societies, area societies and local clubs etc.

I aim to continue to work for the good of the fancy as a whole, and to do my utmost to promote the hobby at every opportunity.

Michael Chapman

Rushden, Northamptonshire

Joined Budgerigar Society 1989

Elected to General Council 2012 & previously served between 2006-2010.

BS General Council Board member

Lincs East Anglia BS Chairman & Show Secretary

01406 330367


I have been around exhibition cage birds all my life, not just the 29 years of being a member of the Budgerigar Society and as such I feel that I have a lot to give back to this great hobby of ours.

For more than the past 20 years I have been involved with my local societies and area society filling various posts. Currently I am Chairman & Show Secretary of the Lincolnshire & East Anglia BS and Vice Chairman & Show Secretary of my local club Peterborough & South Lincs BS. Previously I was BS Patronage Administrator and a Past President of the Variegated Budgerigar Club.

My main aim for the coming three years would be to carry on trying to help the grass roots of our hobby by listening to their views and voting on issues with their views always in my mind.

John Cosby

Sandbach, Cheshire

Joined Budgerigar Society 1991

Elected to General Council 2009

BS Club Show Patronage Secretary

BS Representative to NCA

Lancs Cheshire & North Wales BS Chairman, Show Secretary & Patronage Secretary

Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies Editor

01270 526306


Having worked tirelessly for the last nine years as a General Council member, working to ensure all members are consulted on every issue brought before the council, I want to continue this work in the future. I feel it is important that every member has a voice on council through the representatives and I believe I will continue to represent the hobby at the “grass roots level”.

We need to continue to provide advice, support and guidance to all keepers of Budgerigars, be they pet breeders or exhibition breeders. This will ensure that the hobby continues to grow, reaching into the community and local clubs and making a difference where it really matters.

Let me be your voice, putting forward your concerns, raising your questions and bringing you the answers you want to hear.

Bob Francis

Neath, West Glamorgan

Joined Budgerigar Society 1978

Elected to General Council 1985

Welsh BS Secretary, Treasurer & Subscription Secretary.

01639 770296


I have been in the hobby for 48 years. In that time I have been a continuous member of the Budgerigar Society General Council for the last 33 years and would like to continue.

I am an HLM, Panel Judge and Past President of the Society. I have been a member on all BS Committees except the Show Committee. I am currently Secretary/Treasurer of the Welsh Budgerigar Society (last 25 years) but have held all positions except Chairman over 39 years.

I can always be found helping out around the shows, and through being Secretary of the Welsh BS I get lots of phone calls/emails asking for advice from members, new starters and members of the general public who have got my address from both the Welsh BS and my personal website, and I am always willing and available to give that advice.

Beverley Hutt

Waterbeach, Cambridge

Joined Budgerigar Society 1974

Elected to the General Council 2012

BS representative to NCA

BS Club Show Trophy Officer

South Midlands BS General Secretary & Show Secretary

01223 515670


I have had the privilege of serving on the General Council for the past 6 years at times this has been challenging and rewarding. I class myself as a grass roots fancier and over my years within the fancy at whatever level I have always endeavoured to promote the fancy. I have always been a fancier who has been prepared to support and work for the Budgerigar fancy whether it be club level or at Council.

I am able to listen to what is being said and hope I can bring the feelings of the general fancy to Council. The Budgerigar Society is a business and generating income for the Society is important, for instance making rings, these would then not only be for our own use, but other bird groups.

Richard Miller

Carlisle, Cumbria

Joined Budgerigar Society 1994

Elected to General Council 2012

BS Club Show Assistant Show Manager

01228 576037


I feel privileged to have served on the General Council. During the previous terms to which I have been party to, I played an active role in some of the key changes in how the Society promotes itself and the hobby as a whole. These include the idea of appointing a Promotion Administrator, the conception of the Budgerigar Society Facebook/Twitter accounts and being an advocate for the Society embracing transparency.

I am committed to doing all that I can to assist the Society during its continued development. However, in order to keep pace with the modern era, we must revalue what the BS stands for and how it serves the membership. Do we carry on as we have before? Or, do we start with a blank sheet of paper and design a Society that is compatible with the needs of our members both in the UK and abroad.

James Muir

Larkhall, Lanarkshire

Joined Budgerigar Society 1992

Elected to the General Council in 2018

Scottish BS Treasurer

01698 793384


I am currently the Scottish Budgerigar Society Treasurer and also hold positions of Secretary & Show Secretary for Lanarkshire Central Budgerigar Society.

I am standing for election to the Budgerigar Society General Council as I believe that all members of the Society should be represented by strong representatives willing to listen to their ideas and concerns and act on their behalf.

As we are all aware the hobby has steadily declined over the years and if membership is to be maintained and progressively increased then it is the duty of the Society and it General Council to thoroughly assess all avenues and opportunities which may help to promote the hobby, and in doing so embrace any changes that encourages progress.

I believe I possess the attributes and ethics to become a valued member of the General Council working on your behalf to help mould our Society for the future.

Maurice Roberts

Redruth, Cornwall

Joined Budgerigar Society 1973

Elected to General Council 1998

BS Chairman

Reserve WBO BS Representative

01209 718188


I have been honoured and privileged to serve on the Council for 19 years, 5 as Chairman. I consider that I am a custodian of this wonderful small livestock Society, maintaining the great work of our forefathers, as well as progressing and modernising the Society to the new challenges of the 21st Century.

Having kept budgies for 49 years, a vote for me is a vote for a “safe pair of hands” with a common sense approach and a true fancier with the interests of true fanciers at heart. I would like to thank you for your previous support.

When making your choices, please consider giving me a vote, to give the Society stability and continuity. If successful I will be working towards our centenary year 2025, trying to make it the best year in our history.

In anticipation I would like to thank you for your vote.

Ronald Simpson

Leeds, Yorkshire

Joined Budgerigar Society 1975

Elected to General Council 2015 (previous service ended in 2006)

BS Vice President

BS Patronage Administrator

BS Club Show, Show Secretary

BS Reserve Show Cage Inspector

Yorkshire BS Vice Chairman & Auditor

07484 326984


Since starting up with Budgerigars they have become part of my life and I have been involved with the hobby without personal gain since that day.

I have been involved with BS, Area and Local shows since 1976. I was one of the two 3R’s who helped computerise the shows and currently my Access program is used by many societies throughout the UK, supplied and maintained freely.

Last year I took on the demanding role of BS Patronage Administrator, one of the jobs you need to do to see the involvement required all year round. Trying to promote showing I have produced and publicised the results gained at all Patronage shows which has encouraged lots of interest.

Now the job is to modernise the hobby hoping to bring back the interest in breeding, showing and socialising to our great hobby.

Trevor Terheege

Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Joined Budgerigar Society 1993

Elected General Council 2015

BS Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator

BS Representative to NCA

Midland Budgerigar Association Vice Chairman & Publicity Editor

01455 212953


I first joined the Budgerigar Society as a Junior in the late 1950’s and moved to Beginner in 1966. I was a keen exhibitor during the 1960’s but left the fancy in 1971. I started again in 1993.

I have just completed 3 years on the BS General Council and have a 100% attendance record. My aim on the General Council is to represent the views of the membership. During my term I have assisted on the Judges Training Scheme and was a member of a sub-committee.

I am currently Chairman and Show Secretary of Trent Valley BS. I am also the Vice Chairman and Publicity Editor of the Midland Budgerigar Association and have served as Show Secretary and President.

I have given many talks around the country and abroad which helps me gain a broad spectrum of views from fanciers and in addition I‘m a main panel judge.

Graham Turner

York, Yorkshire

Joined Budgerigar Society 2006 (previous member in 1961)

Yorkshire BS General Council member

Joined the General Council 2020

‪07719 768025‬


I have been a member of the Budgerigar Society at various times since joining in 1961 as a juvenile and progressing through the sections to the Champion section and qualifying as a main panel judge in 2014, winning the Trainee judge of the year with the honour of being invited to judge the Club Show this year.

During this time the membership has dramatically declined for various reasons, should I be elected to the General Council my aim would be to try through various initiatives to increase and retain new members.

I feel the members require a more open and transparent relationship with the GC and to this end I would like the full minutes together with the voting patterns of the GC members recorded and published. I would like to improve and speed up the decision making process as often it currently takes far too long to implement change.

Terry Tuxford

Basingstoke, Hants

Joined Budgerigar Society 1980

Elected to General Council 2015

BS Editor

BS Club Show Catalogue Advertising Manager

BS Publicity Officer

01256 328898


Joining the BS in 1980, budgerigars became my only hobby. In the past I have undertaken most of the key roles in a local society however, I currently focus on my Budgerigar Society responsibilities – in 2017 I sold £2985 Club Show advertising. I was editor of Budgerigar World from 1990 until they ceased trading in 2009 and then BS Editor from 2013. I joined the General Council in 2015. My wife Yvonne joined the BS in 1990 and I was Trainee Judge of the year in 1993.

I have a forward looking and “thinking outside of the box” style which is aided by a business background at senior level, good academic qualifications and wide experience of the hobby; both home and abroad. Tempered by common sense, I find it easy to take a neutral stance and assess the benefits to the hobby, whether they suit me personally or not.

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