General Council Meeting Summary September 2018

The Budgerigar Society


Summary of the BS General Council Meeting held on Sunday 23 September 2018 at the BS Office, Northampton with the following decisions being ratified:


  • The GC attended a BS Development Workshop facilitated by Jonathan Bowyer of Fiona Reed Associates the day prior to the GC Meeting. All Councillors agreed that the day had been extremely useful and well presented. The Chairman said that while there were a lot of ideas which came forward that we may have heard before, the real benefit was the day gave direction and structure to put these ideas into action.
  • The work from the Development Workshop will be split across the GC. Sub-groups were agreed to take on the suggestions. Communication between sub-group members to be via telephone conference calls.
  • The sub-groups are:
    • Membership sub group which will look at the ideas covering “Increase New Members Nationally”; “Increase New Members Internationally”; “Retain Existing Members” “Establish Education Section for Members” “Updated Power Point Presentation for Area Societies” “New Power Point Presentation for outside groups” “Website redesign.
    • Show Structure sub group which will look at the ideas covering “Review the Show Structure”; “Increase the number of Judges”; “Increase the number of Exhibitors” “Provide Training for Show Administrators” “Judges Bible”.
    • Pathway sub group which will look at the ideas covering “Establishing a Pathway from Breeder to Exhibitor” and “Inform everyone who buys a budgie that they know about the BS”.
  • The Society is to set up a PayPal account to make payment from overseas members easier to administrate.
  • The provision of a digital version of The Budgerigar to be investigated and the Society web site updated to accommodate this, including a Members Only section.
  • It was agreed that Data would be a big priority to support many of the ideas tabled at the Development Workshop. The new position of Data Officer is to be introduced to remove some of the anecdotal evidence used in the past to make decisions.
  • A report was given on the forthcoming BS Club Show – entries increased to 2,122. However, the ongoing Newcastle Disease restrictions had cost around 100 entries from overseas exhibitors and had contributed to the decrease in exhibitors from 162 to 154. The Trade Stands had increased due to the free offer. The Auction of Promises to have fewer Birds. 50% of the auction price to be handed back to the donor.
  • DEFRA had been consulted and they advised that the exhibitor’s declaration that the birds they are showing have been in the UK for the previous 21 days still stands.
  • The BS Bio-Security guidelines were discussed, in respect to cleaning the top slope of each cage at the Club Show. It was agreed that it should be the exhibitor and that a supervised area would be set aside for this to happen.
  • John Cosby is to stand in as Club Show Secretary in 2019 as Ronnie Simpson will be BS President and will be judging the Club Show.
  • The new Presidential Chain was on display for the GC to see. The Chairman will present the new Chain to the President at the Club Show. The Chain to be taken off the President at the end of the Show to allow the President’s names from the year 2000 to be engraved on the new Chain before the current President’s name is added. An engraved plate to be placed on the front of the box which holds the chain.
  • The old Presidential Chain to be framed and placed on the wall in the Ashby Suite at the BS Office at Spring Gardens.
  • The Spring Event 2018 had been very well received by the 200 members who had attended during the weekend at Scotch Corner. The attendances at all events; the Dinner, Lectures and AGM were impressive. Adrian Richards was a star and the Club Show Committee has appointed him as their Social Secretary to follow Pete Hutchinson.
  • The Convention 2020 Sub Committee will consist of M Roberts, G Al-Nasser, J Cosby, G Findlay, B Hutt and T Terheege. The Convention will be in the same hotel as 2015 in Stoke-on-Trent, have lectures, a show and the WBO meeting. Speakers (3 International and 2 UK based) and Judges have been selected plus a Saturday Dinner with entertainment. The Show will be Gold Patronage with free entry. A Sales Bird session will be held on the Friday night followed by a Quiz Night. On the Sunday it is planned to have a Question Time session.
  • The Chairman advised that he would welcome ideas and venue suggestions for the 2025 100th Anniversary Convention.
  • The Society’s Solicitor to clarify if changes to the Show Cage Specification should be treated as an actual rule change needing a two thirds majority or a simple majority or if the Show Cage Specification can be treated as a Guideline and be altered without reference to the membership.
  • To cover matters, depending on the Solicitor’s advice the General Council to prepare to re-submit the Ronnie Simpson proposal on a plastic show cage to the membership in March 2019.
  • The Society to look into offering an option of Online voting on Ballots.
  • VDS Options – the Administrator advised that Belgica de Weerd have offered the Society two sample packs for £25. To be advertised on the web site and The Budgerigar.
  • A discussion took place on the merits of the quality of rings being supplied which included the legibility of rings, the number of rings having to be cut off birds, quality of plastic rings and the quality of Hughes rings compared to the new rings from Avian ID.
  • Avian ID state they will supply the rings on time and asked for members to be encourage to order early.
  • GDPR expert at Burnetts, Solicitors has been consulted. The Society now has an overall Privacy Policy which is a 9 page A4 document and will be available for anyone to view on the BS web site. Additionally there is a Privacy Notice for Members which was published in “The Budgerigar” and will be issued to all new members as they join. There is also a Privacy Notice for Exhibitors which can be used by individual clubs and a Privacy Notice for Employees, Workers and Contractors – to be issued on request.
  • The classification numbers for the Junior section to run consecutively with the Novice section to replace the Beginner section numbers, as this section is being removed with effect from 2019.
  • Colour Budgerigar classes to be extended to provide Young Bird classes now that the Society is issuing smaller rings for this variety.
  • Separate classes to be added to the Colour Budgerigar Classification for Pairs and Teams with no point CC’s being awarded.
  • A new directive, effective from the 2019 show season – if Colour Budgerigars are exhibited in normal classes they shall be disqualified.
  • It was agreed that when a society, due to a judge being unable to attend on the day, appoints a judge who has already entered and staged his birds he should remove all his birds, including those of his partner if he is in partnership.
  • Ring colour changes – WBO and COM are changing the Pastel Green shade to Dark Green with effect from 2020 and the Orange colour to Dark Brown with effect from 2022.This is because of poor readability. The BS will also adopt this change.
  • Correspondence received from J Moore & P Reaney (Show Cage), B Taylor and P Tiller (Annual Accounts) and B Taylor (Affiliated Society Accounts) P Wishart and Lord Gardiner (Animal Activities Licensing), G Al-Nasser (Yellowface Albinos), D Guppy, S Holland, R Payne (Judging Procedure), J Bird (Showing Bought Birds) T Sayers (Rule Breaking)
  • Date of next meetings
    • GC Meeting – Sunday 10 February, 2019.
    • GC Meeting – Saturday 27 April, 2019
    • AGM – Sunday 28 April, 2019 – this will be held in the Bristol area.


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