General Council meeting report April 2019

Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 27th April 2019 at the Trust Hall, Stoke Gifford, Bristol with the following decisions being ratified:

• Various minutes from Sub-Committee groups were tabled for discussion and approval.
• Pricing of rings to be increase as from 2020 by £0.05 per ring to reflect price increases of raw materials and other costs from the ring makers. Postal charges for ring orders to increase by £0.10 per order due to postal increases.
• A sub-group consisting of Steve Holland, Jim Muir & Trevor Terheege to meet with the metal Ring Maker to look at future ring specification, terms & conditions, contract and any problems that are related to rings.
• Members are asked to deal direct with the Society Administrator regarding any faulty rings so that the matter can be taken up with the Ring Maker rather than for members to resort to social media with their complaints which will not resolve the problem. Ideally send the Society Administrator a sample of any faulty ring in the post with an explanatory letter.
• Overseas postal surcharge to be increased by £1 to reflect increased postal charges.
• The society will review its Disciplinary Rules on the advice of an independent solicitor and will put forward Rule Changes to members next year.
• The Club Show made a loss of £3,900 last year due to the new concept of free trade stands and free entry on benched birds. The committee have decided to revert back to the original concept of charging for both.
• The Auction of Promises at the Club Show will be dropped as from this year’s show and replaced by a bird raffle with up to six quality birds.
• With the removal of the Beginner section a few trophies will be designated to the Novice section with the approval of the initial donor after this years show.
• Guest speakers at this year’s Club Show seminar will be Tom & Andrew Luke.
• After lengthy debate it was agreed that the Club Show will remain on week 39 (late September/early October.
• All exhibitors at the Club Show will be entitled to a reduced entrance fee for both days if this was paid for at the time they enter their birds.
• It was agreed to employ a company to re-design the society’s website.
• Novices & Juniors are provided with an incentive of one year free membership to be trialled for 1 year to gain 18 points over the show season at different types of shows. To qualify for the points the exhibitor must bench 5 birds (excluding Sales) at each show. The points are BS Club Show (6 points), Area (4 points), Silver/Gold (2 points) and Bronze (1 point).
• Best Practice for Patronage Secretary was added to the current Best Practice for Show Manager, Show Secretary & Chief Steward as well as Subsidiary Judge.
• Extra classes for Colour Budgerigar Pair & Team will be provided in the Minimum Mandatory Classification as from this year.
• The Council approved a design of a logo to be used for the general public to be used on seed and cages and other products.
• Kevin Eatwell informed the Council that Edinburgh University were no longer in a position to carry out the work for the society’s Veterinary Diagnostic Scheme. Members who joined this scheme for 2019 are asked to contact the Society Administrator for a full refund if they wish to.
• The Chairman tabled his comprehensive Annual Report highlighting the Society’s work over the past 12 months.
• Current membership stood at 2,202 which is made up of 2,057 UK and 145 overseas members.
• Mat Ackers was congratulated on his work and negotiation re website design.
• Ronnie Simpson was congratulated on his initiative in creating the Super League Top Ten winners and the Premier Exhibitor section with newly designed certificates for each.
• 122 societies have applied for B.S. patronage this year.
• NCA Minutes and annual account was tabled for information.
• Correspondence received from J. Faram (bio-security).T Sayers (members living under same roof showing in different status).
At the AGM held at Stoke Gifford, Bristol on 28th April:

• The President Peter Hutchinson was unable to attend the AGM due to long standing illness and his letter to the AGM was read out by the Society Administrator.
• The Chairman thanked the 43 members for attending the AGM and members of Bristol BS and in particular Bob Allen for organising the GC and AGM meetings and providing the catering.
• The Society Audited Accounts were approved showing a healthy profit.
• Ronnie Simpson was inaugurated as the new President of the Society.
• Chris Snell was elected the new Vice President with Phil Reaney moving up to the President Elect.
• John Cosby was awarded the Walter E. Higham Silver Bird for meritorious services to the Budgerigar Fancy.
12 members were confirmed as Honorary Life Members under the 40 years continuous membership (Rule 4.d.) namely Terence Baker, Mike Berry, Sheila Cook, Mike Cook, Kenneth Croft, Philip Chatterton, Arnold Dixon, Andrew Dicker, Derrick Fisher, Dave Guppy, Gordon Grieff and Bob McCabe.
• Subscription rates will increase, which is the first increase in 5 years, by £1 based on the adult rate of £28.50. The joining fee to remain the same at £7.50.
• Taylorcocks Partnership Limited were appointed as the Society’s Auditors.
• Next AGM will be held in the Lincoln area on Sunday 10th May 2020 as part of a trial taking the AGM around the Areas.

An open meeting then followed after lunch with Guest Speakers Ronnie Simpson (Judges Paper Work & Procedure), Ghalib Al-Nasser (Colour Budgerigars) and Trevor Terheege (Long Flights/Tails and Extreme Features).

Dates of Next Meetings

GC Meetings -​Sunday 2nd November 2019
​ ​Saturday 8th February 2020
​Saturday 9th May 2020​
AGM ​ -​Sunday 10th May 2020 (Lincoln area)

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