General Council Meeting report 12th October 2017


Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 12th October 2017 at Bugbrooke Sports & Community Centre, Bugbrooke, Northants with the following decisions being ratified:


  • The Chairman reported that David Woan resigned from the General Council in September.
  • Club Show Chairman, Ghalib Al-Nasser, reported on the success of the show despite a drop in entry by 8% at 2,064 from 162 exhibitors of which 1,695 were benched which included 1,437 competitive entries. Visitors from 12 overseas countries attended the show including a coach of 20 fanciers from the Czech Republic. All results and the 4 major winners’ photos were placed on the BS website over the show weekend.
  • Premier Champion – Only 10 letters from members and one from a society received by the closing date despite the article that appeared in the May issue of The Budgerigar. The letters gave evidence of misinterpretation of the scheme where it is intended to be only a title, based on results achieved in the previous year, and on a voluntarily basis. It was agreed unanimously that the scheme will become operative as from the 2018 show season and it will include all the 5 status’. An article to appear in The Budgerigar next year.
  • Rule Changes – The General Council as well as members are putting forward a number of rule changes, details of which will be published in the March issue of The Budgerigar.
  • Rings – samples of the metal and plastic 2018 rings were on display showing slight difference in the red shade; metal rings have white infill while the plastic rings have black laser print.
  • Plastic rings from a new supplier can be ordered for Colour Budgerigars with 3.9 mm internal diameter for 2018 onwards.
  • To overcome the illegibility problem by judges with the 2016 plastic rings for birds that have won challenge certificates, it was agreed that members who exhibit birds with illegible rings will supply the show secretary with ring details at the time of placing their entry.
  • Area Society presentations – good feedback received from this presentation at three area societies. It was suggested printing the next Membership List in alphabetical order by Area Society as currently done with the Judges Panel.
  • To help new members obtain details of their local clubs, a map of the UK showing the 10 area societies to be added to the website with details of clubs within each area society and the contact details.
  • Spring Event –The allocation of 50 rooms to BS members at the Holiday Inn, Darlington, are getting booked quickly so members are encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment. Full programme appeared in the July issue of The Budgerigar.
  • WBO – the Council agreed unanimously to the minor tidying up exercise to amend the WBO Constitution and are nominating Rienhard Molkentin from South Africa for the Gould Award.
  • Annual appraisals of the three employees were conducted satisfactorily with targets set for the year.
  • A good take up of the new membership drive (pay for 2018 and have 2019 free) that commenced from 1st October 2017 with 66 new members enrolled. It was reported that nearly 50% of those new members had been members in the past and are returning to the hobby making use of the new scheme. Membership stood at 2147.
  • Promotional Administrator making good progress with attendance at the various events and enrolling new members and good interaction with members and newcomers on social media.
  • Patronage Administrator reported on the state of patronage shows so far and which shows have been promoted or relegated next year to a higher/lower patronage level.
  • It was agreed that it will be an automatic upgrade of Society’s patronage by one patronage level when celebrating a special anniversary like 25th, 50th, 75th or 100th anniversary but societies must apply in writing to the Patronage Administrator by 28th February. Societies who receive gold patronage will be upgraded to a pre-graded 5 points CCs. All rosettes will be block printed with the anniversary year.
  • Colour Budgerigars to receive points challenge certificates as from 2018 show season as per other colours criteria at the various types of patronage shows and will be eligible to be registered as Colour Champions. However, they will not go forward for major specials.
  • An article to appear in The Budgerigar to encourage judges to write the correct colour description on challenge certificates. The collective words “Dilute” and “Clearwing” for example are not acceptable on the Certificate and neither are all “collective nouns”. Abbreviations such as “DF” for Double Factor and “YF” for Yellow Face are also not acceptable.
  • Correspondence received from Hospital & Medical Care association (offer of medical care), D. Thompson (promotion of the society), R. Postlewhaite (judges competition), Midland BA (President’s chain), R. Melling (procedure for judging long tail birds), J. Spencer (Easley Clearbody) and P. Reaney (Lutino, Albino & Clearwing standards).
  • A Judges Folder to be issued to judges in the future containing articles/guidelines of importance such as the Colour Budgerigar, Long Flight/Tail, Criticism of fellow judges etc.


Dates of Next Meetings

GC Meetings – Saturday17th February 2018

Friday 27th April 2018

AGM            –  Sunday 29th April 2018 (Scotch Corner to coincide with the Spring Event)

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