General Council Meeting Report 27th April 2018


Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 27th April 2018 at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Scotch Corner, Nr. Darlington with the following decisions being ratified:

  • Both Maurice Roberts & Ghalib Al-Nasser were re-elected unopposed as Chairman & Vice Chairman to serve the new 3 year term.
  • All other officers, delegates and committees were elected to serve for the new 3 year term (see AGM Notes below).
  • The new Council discussed the Way Ahead and letters tabled from V. Hickling, B. Taylor & S. Holland. Among the items to be discussed: one item meeting annually, grow the hobby, revamp the website, area societies, mentoring, ideas section in The Budgerigar, engaging with membership. This will be done with the help of an outside training company with the aim to come up with a plan for the next 3 years and also a longer term plan for the progression of the Society.
  • It was agreed to stick with our current VDS with Edinburgh University but to also explore other leading companies in the country.
  • Postage of rings to be increased by 5p to meet with the Royal Mail increases that came into effect recently.
  • 2018 Club Show Judges on 29th/30th September are: Jeff Attwood, Wayne Bloxham, Gavin Carter, Dave Critchlow, Peter Hutchinson, Robbie Keeber, Ron Payne, Chris Snell, Dave Sturzaker, Adrian Terheege, Trevor Terheege, Graham Turner, Dave Wall, Mick Widdowson & Malcolm Taylor (South Africa).
  • As an incentive to increase the number of exhibitors and entries at this year’s club show is to offer Free Entries for Benched Birds excluding Sales. Exhibitors will pay for their entry in the normal manner but will be refunded for every bird benched.
  • Another incentive at this year’s club show is to offer free Trade Stand space based on one 6 feet table to our existing and any new traders based on a first come first served basis.
  • At the Club Show the Dominant Pied classes will be split into Green & Blue with separate challenge certificates and two extra classes (4 in total) will be available for the Colour Budgerigar in the schedule.
  • Dr. Marcellus Burkle had unfortunately called off his visit to the Spring Event as a speaker only few days before the event due to family emergency. The Society was grateful to R & M Miller and H Hockaday who extended their presentations to fill the vacancy at short notice.
  • Show entry at the Spring Event was 243 from 24 exhibitors and was won by Ady Lovack with his Club Show winning Normal Light Green Cock.
  • The Chairman tabled his comprehensive Annual Report highlighting the Society’s work over the past 12 months.
  • Current membership stood at 2157 of which 96 were overseas. This is an increase of 63 members at this time last year. New members continue to be attracted by the special offer of two years membership for the price of one. 231 new members took the offer of the “Two for One” since the launch on 1st October 2017.
  • The society reported the closure of our main ring manufacturer A.C. Hughes who we have been dealing with since 1929. Avian ID has bought the business and they will carry on supplying the metal rings as well as the plastic rings for the Colour Budgerigar. The only difference with their rings is the wall thickness which is slightly thicker.
  • It was agreed to reduce the number needed to receive Gold specialist & rare variety patronage from the current 400 benched to 300 correctly benched birds.
  • Correspondence received from K. Batey (Rule changes), T. Lewis (Two year breeder classes), Hastings BS (General Data Protection Regulations), K. Leedham (Club Show), D. Thompson (National Championship), M. Chase (The Dome decor), S. McGrath (club show sponsorship).

At the AGM held at Scotch Corner on 29th April:

  • Both the President Ken Whiting & Chairman Maurice Roberts thanked the 99 members who were in attendance and remarked on how successful the Spring Event had been and thanked the Northern BS for their participation in organising this event.
  • The Society Audited Accounts were approved showing a healthy profit.
  • Peter Hutchinson was inaugurated as the new President of the Society.
  • Phil Reaney was elected the new Vice President with Ronnie Simpson moving up to the President Elect.
  • Maurice Roberts was awarded the Walter E. Higham Silver Bird for meritorious services to the Budgerigar Fancy
  • 18 members were confirmed as Honorary Life Members under the 40 years continuous membership (Rule 4.d.) namely Alan Adams, Dennis Cairns, Denis Dawson, Andrew Fothergill, Brain Fawcett, Robert Francis, Peter Haywood, Stephen Hough, Mrs Toni Norman, Peter Munro, Keith Miller, David Roberts, Fred Sanders, Kenneth Stephens, Vince Scott, Frank Thomas, Robert Travnicek, John Woffendin,.
  • 526 (300 more than last year) ballot papers were returned and all 4 Resolutions submitted by the General Council gained the required 2/3 majority of the vote cast to pass while the remaining 17 Resolutions put forward by members failed to gain the required 2/3 majority of the vote cast to pass.
  • 552 members had cast their votes to elect the new General Council to serve for the next 3 years. There were 12 current members of the General Council who stood for election with 6 new members standing for the first time of which 3 were successful and join 11 existing Councillors to form the 14 person Council. The new Council consists of Mat Ackers, Ghalib Al-Nasser, Janice Al-Nasser, Michael Chapman, John Cosby, Bob Francis, Steve Holland, Beverley Hutt, Richard Miller, Jim Muir, Maurice Roberts, Ronnie Simpson, Trevor Terheege and Terry Tuxford. Those who were unsuccessful were James Folly, Terry Jukes, Brian Taylor & Graham Turner.
  • The Chairman advised that the new General Council had met on Friday and elected their Officers and Committees as follows: Chairman – Maurice Roberts; Vice Chairman – Ghalib Al-Nasser; Judges Panel Officer – Trevor Terheege; Publicity Team – Mat Ackers, Ghalib Al-Nasser, Grant Findlay & Terry Tuxford; NCA Delegates – Ghalib Al-Nasser, John Cosby & Beverley Hutt. Reserve Trevor Terheege; WBO Delegate – Grant Findlay. Reserve Maurice Roberts; GC Board – Maurice Roberts, Ghalib Al-Nasser, Michael Chapman, Beverley Hutt & Richard Miller. Reserve Ronnie Simpson; Club Show Committee – GC nominated members – Ghalib Al-Nasser, Janice Al-Nasser, John Cosby, Richard Miller and Trevor Terheege and nominated members from membership – Ian Ainley, John Cooke, Grant Findlay, Dave Hislop, Beverley Hutt, Geoff Moore, Ron Pearce, Ronnie Simpson and Pete Smith; Show Cage Inspector – Gren Norris; Assistant Show Cage Inspector – Ronnie Simpson; Disciplinary Panel – Janice Al-Nasser, Jeff Attwood, Lyn Bancroft, Ian Clarke, John Cosby, Bob Francis, Steve Holland, Bill Hough, Neil Johnson, Terry Jukes, Jim Muir, Pat Norris, Norma Philips, Adrian Terheege & Graham Turner.
  • Subscription rates will remain the same for the 4th year running for all levels of membership in 2019 based on the adult rate of £27.50.
  • Taylorcocks Partnership Limited (formerly known as Osbornes Tax and Advisory Limited) were appointed as the Society’s Auditors.
  • Next AGM will be held in the Bristol area on Sunday 28th April 2019 as part of a trial taking the AGM around the Areas.


Dates of Next Meetings

GC Meetings – Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd September 2018

Saturday16th February 2019

Saturday 27th April 2019

AGM            –  Sunday 28th April 2019 (Bristol Area)



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