General Council Meeting Feb 2019 – Summarised Report

Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 9th February 2019 at The Budgerigar Society Office, Northampton with the following decisions being ratified:


  • The following judges were admitted to the Main Panel of Judges as of 1st February; Vincent Avo, Richard Carson, Andrew Edden and Richard Hooper.
  • Four members have joined the Subsidiary Judges Panel namely Joseph McGovern, Laura O’Reilly, Stephen Rich and Brian Taylor. Appeal received from one judge to remain on the Main Judges Panel was accepted due to new house build.
  • Ray Fox, Colin Lamb, Jim Rogerson, Ray Rogerson, Mervyn Viner and Gary Wilson were admitted to the Retired Judges Panel.
  • A blank Judges Return Form will be added to the society’s website but the completed form still needs to be sent to the Society Administrator.
  • An Open Meeting will be arranged on Sunday, 28th April after the AGM at The Trust Hall, Stoke Gifford Trust, Bristol with speakers Ronnie Simpson (Judging Procedure), Ghalib Al-Nasser (Colour Budgerigar), Trevor Terheege (Long Tail/Flight and extreme features) followed by an Open Forum with the day’s speakers. This will be chaired by Maurice Roberts, Society Chairman. Live birds will be present at the meeting.
  • The Open Meeting to be organised annually in conjunction with the AGM.
  • The old Presidential Chain of Office was on display in a sealed framed cabinet as well as The Midland BA chain. Both will be on display in the Northampton Office and thanks were extended to Bruce Greenway for doing a super job on the frames.
  • The speakers confirmed for the Convention 2020 (5th-7th June) are Christian Back (Germany), Dr. Marcellus Burkle (Germany), Rene Heylen (Belgium), Frank, Carol & Joe McGovern and Trevor Terheege. Judges confirmed are David Ingoe (New Zealand), Phil Reaney (President) and Ronnie Simpson.
  • At the Convention 2020, the WBO will be invited to host their annual meeting on the Friday and the show is to be called “The B.S. Convention Show incorporating the WBO World Championship Show. The show to have Gold patronage with any age classes and 2019 Owner Bred Young Birds.
  • Ideas for suitable venues to hold the 100th Anniversary BS Convention in 2025 will be welcomed.
  • Dave Hislop will stay as Club Show Manager for further 4 years and will select and work with his successor(s) during this time frame. John Cosby will act as show secretary for the club show this year as Ronnie Simpson will be judging.
  • The Society Administrator, Grant Findlay, informed that current membership stands at 2,072 which are made up of 1,928 UK members and 144 overseas members. This is an increase in 103 compared with the same time last year.
  • End of 2018 year membership stood at 2,341 made up of 2,186 UK members and 155 overseas.
  • The Promotional Administrator, Mat Ackers, was thanked for his efforts in enrolling 55 new members during 2018 including 40 from overseas. Country Wide is still the major sponsor of the society and both BirdPro and The Birdcare Company have renewed their sponsorship for 2019. Negotiations with other sponsors are in hand.
  • Patronage Administrator, Ronnie Simpson, reported that 13 champions, 1 intermediate and 1 novice have applied for the Premier Exhibitor title. The closing date will be extended to the date of the AGM for this year only due to the newness of the scheme. The names will be published in The Budgerigar and the website and newly designed certificates will be issued to those who qualify for the title.
  • Competitive Leagues Tables will be published in the March issue of The Budgerigar as well as added to the society’s website.
  • 52 Colour Champions and 4 Grand Colour Champions were registered during 2018.
  • Both the national shows in Northern Ireland and Eire will receive Silver Patronage again on the condition that they will send patronage returns.
  • New updated revised classification was approved with further additions to classes for pairs and teams in the Colour Budgerigar section plus renumbering of classes. The Yellowface Albino will now be exhibited in the last colour group (Any Other Colour) instead of the Yellowface group.
  • Adverse comments and attacks on Social Media against members (V. Hickling, M. Freakley, S. Devaney, Midland BA & G. Al-Nasser) were discussed. The Society to write to all individuals involved on both sides informing them of the complaints received by the BS and legal advice over the matter will be sought.
  • The BS Board to review the current Disciplinary Rules and legal advice will be sought on any changes to the Rules.
  • Correspondence received from D. Cairns (Judges Return Form), B. Greenway (Judges Meetings & Rules), S. Holland (Sympathy for the Bowkers loss, Reduction in sections & Rings), M. Chase (Promotional Van), LABS (Yellowface Albino), R. Francis (Classification numbering), R. Allen (Birds wearing non-B.S. rings), M. Askew (re-naming the Colour Budgerigar), M. Freakley (Club Show archives), R. Ellis (Show cage refurbishment kit), Western Counties B&FBS (free show advert).
  • Further amendments to all show promoting societies show rules to add “Juniors in attendance at shows during show preparation and judging shall be accompanied by an adult family member or guardian and the Show Manager informed of their attendance”.
  • The society has been satisfied with the Ring Manufacturer this year as there has been minimal delivery issues.
  • Samples of rings for 2020 and 2021 will be looked at by a sub-group for wall thickness, surface finish and other specifications and a contract of supply between the society and Avian ID drawn up.
  • NCA minutes of 15th December 2018 were tabled for information only.
  • WBO minutes of 27th July 2018 in Bloemfontein, South Africa were tabled. The research project on feather problems is in progress.
  • The Council to adopt the new WBO colour standard for the Melanistic Spangle.
  • All proposals from the Membership sub-group were approved for action which includes: Recruitment campaign, Educational section with videos, Updated presentations, Web site redesign, Back issues of The Budgerigar in flip format to be available on the new web site running 12 months in arrears.
    • All proposals from the Show Structure sub-group were approved for action which includes: Update of Grand and Supreme Champion Bird points, free advert in the Budgerigar for Area Society main shows, exhibiting points gained by Juniors and Novices to count towards free membership, an article to be written to encourage new judges, training of Show Administrators and a Judges Handbook.
    • All proposals from the Pathway sub-group were approved for action which includes: Update Introduction booklet to include Colour Budgerigars, explore pet blogs and free advertising and develop a “BS Kite Mark” for use on approved products.
  • A BS PayPal account is now open and will be ready to use when the website shop has been upgraded.
  • .An exhibitor, Gareth Morgan, was found guilty for exhibiting a bird at the club show with a cut tail. He was given a one-year suspension of membership from the society but the sentence was suspended for a period of one year taking into consideration that he is a beginner and it was his first offence.
  • Club Show judges officiating at this year’s show on 21st / 22nd September are Ronnie Simpson (President); Ian Ainley; Scott Ainley; Roger Carr; Phil Dye; Robert Ellis; Mick Freakley; Dave Guppy; Linda Jukes; Terry Jukes; Richard Khur (Germany); Terry Tuxford; Garry Warren; Sam Wildes and Gwyn Williams.


Dates of Next Meetings


  • GC Meeting – Saturday 27th April 2019 (Trust Hall, Stoke Gifford Trust, 137 North Road, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34 8PE).
  • AGM   Sunday 28th April 2019 commencing 11.00 am (at the above venue)
  • Autumn 2019 – date and venue to be advised.


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