General Council Meeting 17th February 2018

Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 17th February 2018 at The Budgerigar Society Office with the following decisions being ratified:


  • The Chairman took the opportunity at the start of the meeting to congratulate the Welsh BS and Western Counties B & FBS on their 80th and 90th Anniversaries respectively. He hoped both societies would have a fantastic year.
  • The following judges were admitted to the Main Panel of Judges as of 1st February; Graham Barton, Richard Bowker, Simon Devaney, Simon Gage, Mark Gulley, Alan Melvin, Kirk Morrison & John Newell. Joseph Benzie has re-joined the Main Panel of Judges and Patrick Randall (Exeter) joined the Subsidiary Judges Panel. Appeals received from 4 judges to remain on the Main Judges Panel were accepted due to house move or illness.
  • Nick Flavell, Eric Peake & Jim Shepherd were admitted to the Retired Judges Panel.
  • More information was supplied about the Spring Event and Terry Tuxford was congratulated on the article that he prepared for the March issue of The Budgerigar.
  • There will be 21 Rule Changes put forward to the membership within the March issue of The Budgerigar to vote on; 4 are submitted by the General Council and 17 by members.
  • Ring Orders – the Society experienced huge problems with ring deliveries by A.C. Hughes, the ring manufacturer, with some orders made in the days before the deadline date of 22 November not being posted on 22 December resulting in over 140 members not receiving their rings until early January. Although it was the first time this problem occurred, as a gesture of goodwill the Society will refund those members who were affected. The society will pursue the matter further with the ring manufacturer.
  • The Society will contact other British metal ring manufacturers to obtain samples and quotes to discuss at its next meeting.
  • The new President’s Chain of Office should be ready by the next AGM in April to be presented to the new President.
  • The work on the new gas central heating system for the Northampton office should commence in late February.
  • The new 2 year subscription offer, launched on 1st October 2017, has been well received resulting in 178 (163 UK and 15 overseas) new members. Membership was 2,371 at end of 2017, an increase on 2016 membership.
  • The Promotional Administrator was congratulated for negotiating with Bird Pro company to sponsor the Society rosettes, including the Club Show, for the next 2 years. Garden Feathers also agreed to continue with their sponsorship of the cage labels as well as The Birdcare Company continuing with their sponsorship. Country Wide Seed will continue as the Society’s major sponsor and were delighted with a further uplift of seed sales during 2017.
  • The Patronage Administrator submitted a newly designed A5 certificate which was approved by the Council to commemorate the winners of the individual colour groups, including pair, team & colour budgerigar, throughout the year and a further A4 certificate for the overall league winner. The certificates to be sent to the 2017 winners and be available from now on.
  • 52 Colour Champions were registered during 2017 but no Grand Colour Champion was registered.
  • A letter submitted by A. Terheege and agreed by Council requesting that two extra challenge certificates be awarded at the Specialist & Rare variety shows for the Olive, Mauve or Violet and for Lacewing to commence from the 2018 show season.
  • The new Council to review the patronage package in the future about awarding Gold patronage to shows in remote areas, minimum benched figures at specialist & rare variety shows, allocation of points for CCs and other related topics.
  • As a gesture of goodwill the Budgerigar Society will award an open silver championship patronage with nil CC value to both the national show in Northern Ireland and the Exhibition Budgerigar Society (Ireland).
  • Club Show judges officiating at this year’s show on 29th & 30th September are Pete Hutchinson (President), Jeff Attwood, Wayne Bloxham, Gavin Carter, Dave Critchlow, Robbie Keeber, Ron Payne, Chris Snell, Dave Sturzaker, Adrian Terheege, Trevor Terheege, Graham Turner, Dave Wall, Mick Widdowson and Malcolm Taylor (South Africa).
  • The Saturday Gala Dinner will be staged at a new venue (Wheatley Golf Club, Doncaster) with transportation laid on for residents at the Holiday Inn Hotel.
  • Correspondence received from E. Beales (loss of birds), M. Chase (Club Show decor & website) and Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies (associate membership).
  • NCA minutes of 11th October 2017 were tabled for information only.
  • WBO Minutes of 11th November 2017 in Budapest, Hungary were tabled with a comprehensive report given by the Society’s delegate informing the meeting about the new research project in Feather problems to be conducting by a university in Portugal, awarding the WBO Gould Award to Roger Carr, the new crested mutation the Hagoromo and for the B.S. to host the WBO meetings in both 2020 and 2025.
  • A ballot for the election of the new General Council will be conducted this year with 18 members submitting their names for election; 12 from the current council and 6 new candidates. G Findlay is retiring from Council after 26 years service, but will still attend Council meetings in the Administrator role.
  • A new statement will be added to the Bio-security guidelines to read “There should be no trading or exchanging of birds in the areas and car parks surrounding the show hall”.
  • The Society Administrator to investigate a Colchester based veterinary company with regards to the veterinary service.
  • DEFRA bio-security guidelines will re-iterated in the “Budgerigar” and BS Website as some cases of Bird Flu have been reported recently, mainly in the south of England.
  • Colour Budgerigars to receive points challenge certificates as from 2018 show season as per other colour criteria at the various types of patronage shows and will be eligible to be registered as Colour Champions as long as they are rung with B.S. rings. However, they will not go forward for major specials.


Dates of Next Meetings


GC Meeting –  Friday 27th April 2018 (Scotch Corner)

AGM            –  Sunday 29th April 2018 commencing11am(Scotch Corner to coincide with the Spring Event)


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