General Council Meeting 16th October 2014


Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 16th October 2014 at the Budgerigar Society Offices with the following decisions being ratified:

•The overhaul of the homepage of the BS website is entering its final stages with a set live date early November.

•Plastic show cage floor covers is under investigation with further samples to be sought.

•Society new badges will be available at the club show at a cost of £3 each. A £1 postage will be charged for those ordering from the Society Administrator or BS website.

•Full update about the club show was given with details of the seminars by Gerd Bleicher (Saturday morning) and the Junior/Beginner/Novice seminar (Sunday morning) by Alan Marchant.

• Fantastic incentive for exhibitors who bench 10 or more birds (excluding sales) worth £14.50.

•The return of the Birds Sales Tables at the club show and a new feature with the Great Fancier’s raffle.

•Two new trophies added to the Club Show list of 97 trophies; The John Alcock Memorial Trophy for Best Cobalt, Mauve or Violet Young Bird excl. Champion and the Tom & Andrew Luke Trophy for Best Pair.

•Convention Show (5th – 7th June) to be called the WBO World Championship Show allowing the WBO delegates attending the WBO meeting and anyone from overseas to show their birds as well. Numerous bookings for the Society’s Convention in 2015 have already been received but for those who have not booked as of yet then contact the Society Administrator asap”.

•A few clients showing interest in letting the society’s property but with no firm offer. The building needs maintenance due to roof leakage. The property to be put on market for sale as well as letting.

•A review of the current Judges Training Scheme was agreed with proposals to be put forward to the AGM to reduce the duration from 3 years to 2.

•Mat Ackers was congratulated on his work done via the Promotion Administrator role in attending with his team at events across the country on behalf of the BS promoting the hobby and securing new members. The current attraction at these events is the tamed spangle light green cock of Rob Hughes called “Eric”. It was agreed to provide Mat with a laptop & projector to promote the hobby at these events.

•Following a proposal brought forward by the WBO to all member countries with regard to amendments to its Constitution, the GC were happy to support one amendment with regard to membership but not the part about the officers.

•The subject of the introduction of plastic rings was discussed again and this is an on-going matter and if implemented it will be as from 2016.

•New proposals for the 2015 Rule Changes have been put forward by members to reduce the 2/3 voting majority to simple majority. Also re-issuing the Annual Accounts loose leaf in the magazine to free up space in The Budgerigar.

•There has been one letter received from a member by the closing date re-Long Flights/Long Tail regarding the interim guidelines as appeared on page 42 of the July issue of The Budgerigar. The sub group looking at this matter will decide if the interim guidelines on the subject will become the official policy of the Society prior to the commencement of the 2015 show season.

•Michael Chapman, patronage administrator, produced a league table showing the benched figure of each championship show over the past 3 years. Encouragingly the average benched entry over all shows to date throughout the UK shows a slight increase of one bird. He further informed the council that 4 bronze championship shows had to cancel because of poor entries.

•The role of publicity officer is being carried out by Ghalib Al-Nasser (vice chairman) & Grant Findlay (society administrator) till the new council is elected next April following Richard Miller stepping down from the role.

•Current membership stood at 2,397 in mid October.

•The Society will receive £1,000 from the Estate of our late President Stan Moizer. The GC will decide, once the funds have been received, how best to use this amount.

•Correspondence received and discussed from R & C Clarke, R Carr, S Holland, E Peake, C Greatorex & D McKeown

Date of Next Meetings

GC Meeting – Saturday 21 February 2015

GC Meeting – Saturday 25 April 2015 (New Elected Council)

AGM – Sunday 26 April 2015

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