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GC Election Results 2024

April 8, 2024

General Council 2024 Ballot Result

The result of the ballot for the members who will serve on the General Council for three years from 2024 to 2027 has been declared by the Official Scrutineer. Thanks to the 355 members who voted.

The result means that the 10 members to represent the BS Members in each of the 10 Areas are:-


Name                                              Area                                                               No of votes received

Harry Hockaday                             Lancs Cheshire & North Wales BS              227

Adrian Terheege                            South Midlands BS                                      221

Peter Smith                                     Midland BA                                                   220

Grant Findlay                                 Scottish BS                                                    195

Ghalib Al-Nasser                            London & Southern Counties BS               191

Maurice Roberts*                         Western Counties B&FBS                           n/e

Bob Francis*                                   Welsh BS                                                       n/e

Chris Snell*                                     Lincs East Anglia BS                                     n/e

Ronnie Simpson              *                           Yorkshire BS                                                 n/e

Adrian Richards*                           Northern BS                                                  n/e

The next 4 highest votes who will also serve on the GC are:-

John Cosby                                                                                                             226

Trevor Terheege                                                                                                   204

Jon Ashby                                                                                                               201

Janice Al-Nasser                                                                                                    183



Jim Muir                                                                                                                 177

Terry Tuxford                                                                                                        163

  • * = No election held in these Areas, therefore, these candidates returned unopposed.


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