EGM Requisition

The Society has received letters from 27 members out of the 107 who signed the EGM Requisition dated 19 July 2020. These members are concerned that their personal information has not been handled properly by the Society under GDPR regulations. This relates to the publication of their signature which they feel leaves them open to identity fraud.

These members wish to report the Society to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). The Society has referred the matter to a Solicitor who specialises in GDPR law.

The Solicitor advises that the members who signed the EGM requisition should receive an apology and these letters have been sent. The Solicitor has further instructed that all BS members should destroy, and not use, the signatures. This is being communicated via the BS Website and also in the next issue of “The Budgerigar” magazine. The issue date of the magazine has been brought forward to facilitate this.

This action will in no way affect the EGM vote which is currently underway and the closing date for voting papers remains as 15 December, 2020.   

The Society apologies to all members for this unfortunate error.

10 December 2020. 

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