Denbigh and Flint show

Eric ar y brig yn dinbych

We have had mixed experiences at the agricultural shows that we have previously attended. This, combined with the fact that the promotion team had been placed within a marquee that was the venue for a pigeon and poultry show, made us a little concerned about the reception we would receive. 

Our concerns proved to be hugely unfounded and this event turned out to be another fantastic day for the society in the continued promotion of the hobby. It was a good job that Rob was on hand to converse in the home language this show experience proved that the Welsh are budgie mad! We could not talk budgies enough. Members of the general public between them probably asked every conceivable question that could be asked about our wonderful hobby: from incubation times to colour identification; how a show is run to taming a pet bird and everything in-between was asked and answered. 

Of course the star of the show was Eric, not our future president Mr Peake, the spangle light green that Rob has expertly hand tamed and who has made previous outings with the team. 
As quite possibly the most famous budgie in the country Eric attracted large crowds once more. This further secured his wide spread fame and as a result he hopes to secure a TV appearance or at the least a pantomime appearance in Rhyl in the near future. 
Children, parents and grandparents all wanted to pet and stroke him. This gave us the opportunity to talk about budgies and the society to those waiting to meet Eric. 
This was extremely fruitful. Utilising the array of promotional resources at our disposal helped us to give out a vast amount of the society literature, sell several items of society stock and gain two new junior members (with another individual who will be joining via the donate a member scheme that all members have received within a recent edition of The Budgerigar magazine). 
We were also able to inform several individuals about local championship shows that are being held in the forthcoming weeks. We have made arrangements to meet up with several potential new BS members at Gwynedd BS and South Cheshire BS in order provide an insight into how a show operates and all the different varieties of exhibition birds.

The Denbigh and Flint show was a wonderful event with a wide range of attractions and activities for all of the family. The nature of the show was very much aimed at bringing together the local agricultural communities. This could easily be seen through the range of trade stands, activities and livestock exhibitions on offer. 
The organisers of the pigeon and poultry tent commented on how professional the society presence was and congratulated us on our efforts during the day – especially by offering such an interactive experience to the general public. 
An invitation to return next year was received which gave us a real sense of achievement; knowing that once again we had made an impact upon the general public and promoted the hobby to the best of our ability. 

Our thanks must go to Fran Smith. Fran is not only a BS member and keen supporter of the hobby but also owner of the Creature Comforts pet shop, 65 high street Connahs Quay ch5 4dd. Several weeks ago Fran kindly donated two hand reared budgerigars for us to use on the promotions stand. Millie and Amelia (named by one of the children at the event) put in a sterling performance supporting Eric. These two birds also proved to be a massive hit, happily playing in their house cage for the duration of the event. This was a further opportunity for us to talk to the public about what type of cage and accessories a house budgie would require. From the response we got we feel sure that Fran may soon have a waiting list for her budgies!

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