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Colour Budgerigar Patronage

May 16, 2023
Colour Budgerigar Patronage offer to CC Shows – The Patronage Administrator advised there has been increased interest in extra Colour Budgerigar patronage. As well as South Hampshire BS application, which was granted earlier, there has been one further application from Ipswich BS which has also been granted. It was agreed that this patronage should not be the same as the National S&RV Show or the BS Club Show. It was agreed for this year that it will have 20 classes with 10 CC’s graded on the day. For a Gold Show this would increase to 20 CC’s for any age and young birds pre-graded with a minimum of 3 points. The National S&RV Show will be increased from 8 to 10 classes in each of the Any Age and Young Bird sections and granted 20 CC’s pre-graded with a minimum of 7 points. The BS Club Show will have 8 classes (Crest and Clearbody in AOC Class) in both Any Age & Young Bird, with the 16 CC’s being pre-graded at 10 points each.
The GC since the last meeting and listening to feedback from members and clubs would like to offer this type of patronage as an add on to all existing BS patronage shows this year, free of charge, if they wish to apply.
Applications should be emailed to Ronnie by 31 May 2023. This will give Ronnie time to organise the extra rosettes and CC’s required.
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