Changing The Budgerigar Society Show Structure

Following the article in the May/June issue of “The Budgerigar” by Steve Holland on the above subject some members have questioned part of the content.

To clarify, where it states that “a member can nominate to advance before the 4 years time (in the Novice or Intermediate sections) if you feel your birds are of a high enough standard” this only applies to members who are in the top 10 of the Breeder of the Year competition results at the end of the show season, as per Show Rules 2 (b) (iv) and 2 (c) (iv).
This fast track system is only for those top 10 members in the Novice and Intermediate sections and the member can fast track on application to the Patronage Administrator only after the final tables are issued.
All other members who are not in the top 10, at the end of each show season, must continue in their section until they complete the required 4 years and have the required number of wins before they can proceed to the next status section.

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