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Changes To Judges Training Scheme

April 24, 2023

At the AGM of the Budgerigar Society, held on 23rd April 2023, the Rule Change to allow Novice exhibitors to join the Judges Training Scheme was passed by a narrow majority. This change will allow Novice exhibitors who are in their last novice year to join the Judges Training Scheme.

The Judges Training Scheme runs over a two-year period. At the end of the two years the new candidate will be at the end of their first year as an Intermediate and invited to sit the final tests at the BS Club Show that year.

WHAT IS INVOLVED? A Trainee judge is required to attend six championship or higher-level patronage shows at the rate of three per year for assessment by a main panel judge. On completion of the six assessments the trainee judge can then request to sit the final tests at the BS Club Show.


To qualify for the novice subsidiary judges’ panel of the Budgerigar Society a member must:

(a) Have completed a minimum of three continuous years membership of the Society

(b) Have completed three full show seasons at Novice (or at a higher level if the candidate has moved up early or entered into partnership with a more senior member).

(c) Be over 18 years of age.

(d) Be a current breeder and exhibitor of Budgerigars at BS Championship or higher-level patronage shows.

(e) Apply in writing to the Society Administrator.


At the end of their second-year assessment (usually the end of first year Intermediate unless the candidate has moved up early or entered into partnership with a more senior member) the candidate will sit the same final judges test and if successful will be allowed to judge at Rosette or Bronze Championship level shows only. Once the candidate has completed their sixth year of membership (usually their first year as a Champion exhibitor), they are then qualified to judge all BS Patronage shows.

WHAT NEXT? Anyone who is interested and qualified to join this scheme should contact the BS Office either by letter or email requesting to join the scheme. This will then be passed to the Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator who will send out an introductory letter.

For further information please contact:
Trevor Terheege Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator

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