Champion Birds 2018

Grand Champions 2018
Terheege & Partners Cinnamon Light Green Hen TA1-79-17 Tudor Princess
S Rich Grey Cock R3671-106-16 Strong Bow
T & A Luke Grey Cock TL1-165-17 The Owl
D Leadbetter Spangle GoldenFace Grey Cock L3088-62-16 Watbetter “Edie’s” GoldenFace Spangle
B Reese Spangle Grey Cock R3563-8-17 The Boy Max
Colour Champions 2018
G Carter Opaline Dark Green Hen C5037-15-14 Samlin Opaline Dark Green
G Carter Light Green Hen C5037-84-17 Samlin Super Light Green
P White Yellowing Light Green Hen W3766-68-14 Sherwood Jade Czarina
C.D & S Sharpe White Wing Cobalt Cock R3697-39-15 Big Eddie
G  Paine Spangle Light Green Cock PE731-15-17 Trebor
J Rogers Yellow Face Grey Cock R3288-12-15 Finlay Jack
A & D Woan Grey Yellow Cock WOAN1-148-15 Aldawn Yellow Duke
A & D Woan Spangle Grey Cock WOAN1-169-15 Aldawn Spangle Count
A & D Woan Cobalt Cock WOAN1-85-15 Aldawn Cobalt King
D Tutty Cinnamon Light Green Cock DT100-148-16 Gonzalo
G & J Al-Nasser Whitewing Skyblue Cock AA1088-41-17 Evenstar’s Sky Belle
S Gage Lutino Hen SGS1-17-18 The Duchess
G & J Al-Nasser Lutino Cock AA1088-63-15 Evenstar’s Molten  Gold
G & J Al-Nasser Cobalt Cock AA1088-6-17 Evenstar’s Wonder Boy
G & J Al-Nasser Cinnamon Grey Cock AA1088-28-17 Evenstar’s Welton Silver
A & C Wood Double Factor Spangle Yellow Cock W6271-14-18 Tigh Na Eun, Gille Buidhe
Terheege Partnership Grey Green Cock TA1-127-17 Tudor Crown
Terheege Partnership Opaline Dark Green Hen TA1-23-16 Tudor Green
C Brickell Whitewing Cobalt Cock B7145-23-16 Severn Prince
J Burns Double Factor Spangle White Cock WB22-22-16 Gabriel
CY Thorne Opaline Slate Hen CT1-45-18 Zodiac
T & A Luke Grey Cock TL1-165-17 The Owl
T & A Luke Opaline Cinnamon Cobalt Hen TL1-56-18 Miranda
T & A Luke Cinnamon Grey Green Cock TL1-22-18 Old Pete
T & A Luke Dominant Pied Yellow Face Grey Hen TL1-62-18 Harlequin
T & A Luke Opaline Blue Hen TL1-99-17 Sophie
T & A Luke Lacewing White Cock TL1-250-17 Andy’s White
T & A Luke Lacewing White Hen TL1-30-18 Scilla
T & A Luke Spangle Grey Cock TL1-36-18 Heinz
T & A Luke Cinnamon Cobalt Cock TL1-12-17 Dave
G Carter Grey Hen C5037-68-18 Samlin Super Grey
G Carter Opaline Cobalt Hen C5037-71-18 Samlin Super Opaline Cobalt
D Leadbetter Spangle GoldenFace Grey Cock L3088-62-16 Watbetter “Edie’s” GoldenFace Spangle
D Leadbetter Grey Cock L3088-38-14 Watbetter “John’s” Grey
D Leadbetter Spangle Grey Green Cock L3088-3-18 Watbetter “Joe’s” Grey Green Spangle
R Brockenshire Opaline Grey Green Cock CEB1-58-13 Cyril’s Boy
M Bannister Lacewing Yellow Hen B7370-47-18 Lady Lacey
G Simpson Lutino Cock S7093-22-17 Buttercup Boy 1
J Lees Whitewing Cobalt Cock LEE5-11-16 Lord of Mercia
Terheege Partnership Recessive Pied Dark Green Cock EMM4-14-16 Summers Meadow Knight
Terheege Partnership Yellow Face Cinnamon Skyblue Hen TA1-95-17 Tudor Lady
Terheege Partnership  Recessive Pied Cobalt Cock EMM4-22-18 Winters Arctic Knight
Terheege Partnership Lacewing Yellow Hen TA1-111-18 Callahans Yellow
Smith & Price Light Green Cock P866-7-16 Champion Oliver
J McLeman Grey Cock M5803-36-14 Braehead Normal Grey David
B Taylor Whitewing Cobalt Cock T2993-58-16 Tove Valley Star
G & P Norris Recessive Pied Cinnamon Light Green Cock N438-68-17 Roman General
G & P Norris Recessive Pied Light Green Cock N438-36-17 Roman Court Jester
G & J Al-Nasser Yellow-wing Light Green Hen AA1088-69-18 Evenstar’s Primrose
A & D Woan Dark Green Cock WOAN1-28-17 Aldawn Dark Green Prince
CY Thorne Texas Clearbody Yellow Face Skyblue Hen CT!-51-16 Minnie
A Haynes  Dominant Pied Cinnamon Grey Hen H3843-33-18 Shakespeare’s Dominant Pied Princess
T & P Leedham Opaline Skyblue Cock L3215-6-15 Prydonian Opaline’
B Reese Spangle Grey Cock R3563-8-17 The Boy Max
B Reese Double Factor Spangle White Hen R3563-35-15 The Gunwalloe Princess
M Chapman Yellowface Cinnamon Skyblue Cock VMC1-4-17 Marvic Ray of Sunlight
M Chapman Texas Clearbody Opaline Skyblue Cock VMC1-100-15 Marvic Texan Boy 111
R Warrender Opaline Grey Cock WM500-49-18 Simple Simon


To Register a Champion Bird, email Ronnie Simpson  the following:-

Ring No of Bird, Colour/Variety and Sex.

Name of Bird you wish to register

Shows you have won certificates at and Certificate Values (if less than Six)

Your Name and address.


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