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YBS Area Show 2023

Show Date30th July 2023
Show Name /StatusYBS Area Show
Birds Benched301
JudgesM Roberts; B Reese;  R Watts;  D Critchlow
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show417-1S7112M StrongS7112-35-2110
Best Young Bird in Show503-1S7112M StrongS7112-10-235
Best Any Age in Show417-1S7112M Strong
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show418-4GSB1G Simpson
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show120-1GNT1G N Turner
Best Champion Any Age 11-5BC1Blakey & Carson
Best Champion Young Bird 120-1GNT1G N Turner
Best Intermediate Any Age219-1PLAT1S Platts
Best Intermediate Young Bird301-1PLAT1S Platts
Best Novice Any Age417-1S7112M Strong
Best Novice Young Bird503-1S7112M Strong
Best Junior Any Age601-1M5901H McKeown
Best Junior Young Bird705-1EMILY1E Vasey
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenWhite Rose PartnershipIDH1 73 21IDH19
AADark or Olive GreenS PlattsPLAT1 43 22PLAT14
AASkyBlueM McLelland (N Bird)NICKY1 78 20M61423
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletM McLelland  (S Wilson)STEF1 43 22M61426
AAGrey GreenWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4 138 22WRP413
AAGreyBlakey & Carson (P Barr)LSB2407 74 21CB112
AAOpaline GreenM McLelland ( S Wilson)STEF1 27 21M61426
AAOpaline BlueG CorserLC5087
AACinnamon GreenM StrongS7112 35 21S71129
AACinnamon BlueWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4 9 22WRP413
AAOpaline CinnamonG SimpsonGSB1 22 22GSB14
AALutinoG SimpsonGSB1 43 22GSB112
AAAlbinoE VaseyEMILY1 20 22EMILY12
AAYellow-wingG PringlePE387 126 21PE3874
AAWhitewingG PringlePE387 15 21PE3872
AACrest or TuftK & V ShorthouseS6954 140 20S69544
AASF Spangle GreenWhite Rose PartnershipM6102 53 19M61026
AASF Spangle BlueF OckerbyO1139 26 22O11396
AADF SpangleG Corser ( T Williams)TIM1 6 19LC5088
AADominant PiedN Beevers (R H Ford)TRHF4 105 22B582613
AARecessive PiedG Corser ( G Capes)GC1 151 18C25804
AAYellow FaceG Corser ( R Long)L2241 101 20C255014
AARare VarietyG PringlePE387 99 22PE3872
AAClearbodyC VaseyVASEY1 133-22VASEY14
AAAny Other ColourC Vasey (????)DK1 30 20VASEY19
AAPairG WittingtonW62288
AATeamC VaseyVASEY112
AAColour Budgerigar
AANovice AA COMG SimpsonGSB1 38 22GSB1
AAJunior AA COMH McKeown ( V Fretwell)FC635 4 20M5901
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COM
YBLight GreenS PlattsPLAT1 35 23PLAT13
YBDark or Olive GreenM StrongS7112 10 23S71122
YBSkyBlueE VaseyEMILY1 2 23EMILY14
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletM StrongS7112 6 23S71123
YBGrey GreenG SimpsonGSB1 6 23GSB19
YBGreyM McLellandM6142 15 23M61428
YBOpaline GreenD MoodyMOO5 2 23MOO54
YBOpaline BlueM StrongS7112 9 23S71124
YBCinnamon GreenC VaseyVASEY1 12 23VASEY14
YBCinnamon BlueG N TurnerGNT1 96 23GMT18
YBOpaline CinnamonMcKeown & FretwellSKY5 21 23SKY55
YBLutinoD MoodyMOO5 7 23MOO55
YBAlbinoC VaseyVASEY1 48 23VASEY13
YBYellow-wingG PringlePE387 3 23PE3872
YBWhitewingG PringlePE387 38 23PE3872
YBCrest or Tuft1
YBSF Spangle GreenMcKeown & FretwellSKY5 2 23SKY57
YBSF Spangle BlueG CorserG 2580 11 23G25805
YBDF Spangle
YBDominant PiedMcKeown & FretwellSKY5 15 23SKY57
YBRecessive PiedG N TurnerGNT1 48 23GNT13
YBYellow FaceBlakey & CarsonBC1 2 23BC15
YBRare VarietyG PringlePE387 23 23PE3872
YBClearbodyN BeeversB5826 18 23B58262
YBAny Other ColourG N TurnerGNT1 18 23GNT15
YBColour BudgerigarS GardenerG1466 3 23G14662
YBNovice YB COMC VaseyVASEY1 27 23VASEY1


Tayside BS Gold Show 23

Show Date30th July 2023
Show Name /StatusTayside BS
Birds Benched429
JudgesR Staig; A Michael; A Richards; J Spencer
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show109-5ROY1R WilsonROY1-17-2310
Best Young Bird in Show109-5ROY1R WilsonROY1-17-230
Best Any Age in Show3901S6915J Scammell
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show14-3ROY1R Wilson
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show120-1S6915J Scammell
Best Champion Any Age39-1S6915J Scammell
Best Champion Young Bird109-5ROY1R Wilson
Best Intermediate Any Age235-1D3844G Dragoonis
Best Intermediate Young Bird307-1D3844G Dragoonis
Best Novice Any Age450-2J3034Julien & Yule
Best Novice Young Bird511-1K1236G Kane
Best Junior Any Age633-2M1625L McIntosh
Best Junior Young Bird718-1M1625L McIntosh
Best First Year Novice Exhibit517-3BT51B Troup
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenBenn & NewallN1708 84 22N17086
AADark or Olive GreenR WilsonROY1 104 21ROY15
AASkyBlueA SutherlandS6904 30 22S690424
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletR WilsonROY1 121 21ROY121
AAGrey GreenR WilsonROY1 27 21ROY123
AAGreyJ ScammellS6915 120 20S691518
AAOpaline GreenR WilsonROY1 70 21ROY15
AAOpaline BlueS TooleT3108 16 19T31087
AACinnamon GreenJ ScammellS6915 80 23S69159
AACinnamon BlueJ ScammellS6915 73 20S691513
AAOpaline CinnamonBenn & NewallN1708 124 21N17083
AALutinoJ ScammellS6915 34 22S69155
AAAlbinoBenn & NewallB5647 68 31B56479
AACrest or TuftG Findlay ( C Meachin)CSM1 25 20FA756
AASF Spangle GreenBenn & NewallN1708 62 22N17088
AASF Spangle BlueD Bruce(?????)NB2 27 19DAB236
AADF SpangleG DragoonisD3844 18 22D38447
AADominant PiedJ ScammellS6915 93 22S69158
AARecessive PiedD BruceB7016 32 20B70164
AAYellow FaceJ ScammellS6915 124 22S691520
AARare Variety1
AAClearbodyB Troupe (J Ross)JRO1 1 22BT517
AAAny Other ColourJulian & YuleJ3034 42 21J30347
AAPairG FindlayFA756
AATeamG FindlayFA7512
AAColour BudgerigarJulian & YuleJ3034 56 22J303412
AACBPairG FindlayFA756
AANovice AA COMJulian & YuleJ3034 42 21J3034
AAJunior AA COML McIntosh (J Ross)JTR1 98 21M6125
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMB TroupeBT51 47 23BT51
YBLight GreenBenn & NewallN1708 1 23N17088
YBDark or Olive GreenJ ScammellS6915 56 23S69155
YBSkyBlueJ RossJTR1 96 23JTR18
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletJ RossJTR1 14 23JTR17
YBGrey GreenR WilsonROY1 17 23ROY115
YBGreyA MacaulayARM12 25 23ARM1210
YBOpaline GreenJ RossJTR1 16 23JTR14
YBOpaline BlueBenn & NewallNT1708 8 23N17086
YBCinnamon GreenJ ScammellS6915 18 23S691515
YBCinnamon BlueBenn & NewallN1708 6 23N170820
YBOpaline CinnamonBenn & NewallBENN1 21 23BENN14
YBLutinoJ RossJTR1 84 23JTR18
YBAlbinoD DoltonD3991 17 23D39913
YBYellow-wingS TooleT3108 30 23T31083
YBWhitewingS TooleT3108 14 23T31082
YBCrest or TuftG FindlayFA75 2 23FA754
YBSF Spangle GreenBenn & NewallN1708 2 23N17086
YBSF Spangle BlueJ ScammellS6915 11 23S69154
YBDF SpangleJ ScammellS6915 2 23S69156
YBDominant PiedG KaneK2136 32 23K21363
YBRecessive PiedJulian & YuleJ3034 55 23J30343
YBYellow FaceJ RossJTR1 92 23JTR15
YBRare Variety
YBClearbodyD BruceDAB23 6 23DAB235
YBAny Other ColourBenn & NewallBENN1 39 23N17086
YBColour BudgerigarG FindlayMAGG1 8 23MAGG111
YBNovice YB COMG KaneK2136 71 23K2136
YBJunior YB COML McIntoshNICEY1 7 23NICEY1

Plymouth & Torbay Combind BS 2023

Show Date23rd July 2023
Show Name /StatusPlymouth & Torbay Combind BS
Birds Benched269
JudgesA Terheege;  T Terheege
Best in Show35-1RH1R HooperRH1-70=226
Best Young Bird in Show117-1BGB1B BlackmoreBGB1-42-233
Best Any Age in Show35-1RH1R Hooper
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show12-4H4199J Hedaux
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show106-1RH1R Hooper
Best Champion Any Age35-1RH1R Hooper
Best Champion Young Bird117-1BGB1B Blackmore
Best Intermediate Any Age219-1W6100S West
Best Intermediate Young Bird311-1H4199J Hedaux
Best Novice Any Age443-9C6139D Cordy
Best Novice Young Bird511-3H6069K Hulbert
Best Junior Any Age622-1HARRY1H Johnson
Best Junior Young Bird743-1HARRY1H Johnson
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AALight GreenB BlackmoreBGB1 15 22BGB116
AADark or Olive GreenK HulbertH6069 7 22H60695
AASkyBlueD TannerTAN1 48 23TAN124
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletR HooperRH1 78 21RH113
AAGrey GreenR HooperRH1 27 23RH112
AAGreyK Hulbert (T Stacey)TEGS1 19 21H606917
AAN/A+AA31J HockingH6091 22 22H609114
AAOpaline BlueK Hulbert ( R H Ford)RHF4 113 21H60697
AACinnamon GreenB BlackmoreBGB1 42 23BGB120
AACinnamon BlueG Tickell ( C Gilbert)G3192 56 20PGT128
AAOpaline CinnamonH Johnson ( C Edwards)E2245 38 21HARR18
AALutinoK HulbertH6069 9 23H60698
AAAlbinoK Hulbert ( G Radford)R2978 10 22H60694
AAYellow-wingK WhiteW5331 17 23W53312
AAWhitewingK HulbertH6069 189 20H60698
AACrest or TuftR HooperRH1 14 22RH13
AASF Spangle GreenR HooperRH1 155 19RH17
AASF Spangle BlueR HooperRH1 70 22RH110
AADF SpangleH KnapmanGK1 115 18GK16
AADominant PiedS WestW6100 10 22W610013
AARecessive PiedN & N Johnson (C Trevallion)T3362 25 20J15
AAYellow FaceD CordeyC6139 18 21C613916
AARare Variety
AAClearbodyK HulbertH6069 87 22H60696
AAAny Other ColourA & L PitcherPE783 11 23PE7832
AAColour BudgerigarG & A AllenALLEN5 18 22ALLEN513
AAJunior YB COMH JohnsonHARRY1  ??  23HARRY1


Heads of the Valley BS Silver Show 2023

Show Date22nd July 2023
Show Name /StatusHeads of the Valley BS
Birds Benched393
JudgesA Adams;  G Adams:  R Bowker; P Hickton-Collins
Best in Show35-6W4927R WatkinsW4927-112-216
Best Young Bird in Show120-2WEEK5I WeeksWEEK5-38-233
Best Any Age in Show35-6W4927R Watkins
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show12-2B7286J Burns
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show111-1WEEK5I Weeks
Best Champion Any Age35-6W4927R Watkins
Best Champion Young Bird120-2WEEK5I Weeks
Best Intermediate Any Age217-1M5990R Maddy
Best Intermediate Young Bird340-2GM2G Morgan
Best Novice Any Age407-2G3941N Guest
Best Novice Young Bird507-2STEU2R & S Roberts
Best Junior Any Age611-1HARRY1H Johmson
Best Junior Young Bird720-1HARRY1H Johmson
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AALight GreenThomas & WallTW1 20 22TW123
AADark or Olive GreenS RichR3671 47 20R36717
AASkyBlueG WarrenW4792 3 21W479240
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletR & S RobertsSTU2 10 23STU215
AAGrey GreenJones & HughesJ2793 25 22J279329
AAGreyI WeeksWEEK5 53 20WEEK529
AAN/A+AA31G WilliamsW4281 48 23W428113
AAOpaline BlueThomas & WallTW1 21 22TW19
AACinnamon GreenR MaddyM5990 158 22M599021
AACinnamon BlueI WeeksWEEK5 38 23WEEK530
AAOpaline CinnamonG Williams (S Wright)W5538 9 23W42815
AALutinoR RamplinR3922 124 21R39226
AAAlbinoS RichR3671 81 21R367111
AAYellow-wingC Brickell (M Freemantle)FA767 19 19B71452
AAWhitewingC Brickell (M Freemantle)FA767 16 19B71456
AACrest or TuftG WilliamsW4281 48 21W42818
AASF Spangle GreenThomas & WallTW1 227 20TW113
AASF Spangle BlueR WatkinsW4927 112 21W492723
AADF SpangleM GuestW4927 5 21G39415
AADominant PiedG MorganGAR1 1 23GAR113
AARecessive PiedM ShoreSHORE1 66 22SHORE13
AAYellow FaceG WilliamsW4281 24 22W428123
AARare VarietyH Johnson (Z Johnson)ZOE1 97 19HARRY12
AAClearbodyS RichR3671 110 20R36714
AAAny Other ColourI WeeksWEEK5 34 23WEEK57
AAPairJ DoyleD36654
AATeamR RamplinR392220
AAColour BudgerigarG & A AllenALLEN5 72 23ALLEN510
AACBPairG & A AllenALLEN54
AACBTeamG & A AllenALLEN58
AANovice YB COMR & S RobertsSTU2 85 22STU2
AAJunior YB COMH JohnsonHARRY1 21 23HARRY1

LEA Area Show 2023

Show Date23rd July 2023
Show Name /StatusLEA BS Area Show
Birds Benched287
JudgesB Hutt;  L O’Reiley; G Bowley;  J Lees
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show9-6SNE11C &  A Snell ( P Reaney)R2514 107 2110
Best Young Bird in Show143-4W3553M WiddowsonW3553 47 235
Best Any Age in Show9-6SNE11C &  A Snell
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show38-1W3553M Widdowson
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show510-1N1717Norman & Orton
Best Champion Any Age9-6SNE11C &  A Snell
Best Champion Young Bird143-4W3553M Widdowson
Best Intermediate Any Age209-1PLAT1S Plats
Best Intermediate Young Bird335-1PLAT1S Plats
Best Novice Any Age419-1N1717Norman & Orton
Best Novice Young Bird509-1GSB1G Simpson
Best Junior Any Age
Best Junior Young Bird
Best First Year Novice Exhibit509-1GSB1G Simpson
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenNorman & OrtonN1717 178 22N171712
AADark or Olive GreenJ & D LindseyL2448 66 21L24486
AASkyBlueNorman & OrtonN1717 153 22N17177
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletD HartH6013 22 22H60137
AAGrey GreenC & A Snell ( P Reaney)R2514 107 21SNE117
AAGreyBlakey & Carson (P Barr)LSB2407 74 21BC19
AAOpaline GreenP White (M Young)Y390 43 20W37663
AAOpaline BlueD MoodyMOO5 7 22MOO57
AACinnamon GreenNorman & OrtonN1717 73 22N17179
AACinnamon BlueC & A SnellSNE11 183 22SNE1116
AAOpaline CinnamonM WiddowsonW£553 47 22W35532
AALutinoP ReaneyR2514 90 22R25145
AAAlbinoBlakey & Carson (S Blakey)B6766 2 22BC14
AAYellow-wingP WhiteW3766 27 21W37662
AAWhitewingP White (A & D Woan)WOAN1 181 20W37662
AACrest or TuftNorman & OrtonN1717 206 22N17174
AASF Spangle GreenBlakey & Carson (J Wenman)W6388 4 21BC17
AASF Spangle BlueJ & D LindseyL2448 76 21L244813
AADF SpangleBlakey & Carson (S Blakey)B6766 16 21BC14
AADominant PiedJ & D LindseyL2248 78 22L24489
AARecessive PiedB Fysh (M Roberts)R1 34 22FC5672
AAYellow FaceP ReaneyR2514 20 22R251411
AARare Variety
AAClearbodyP ReaneyR2514 32 22R25142
AAAny Other ColourP WhiteW3766 69 20W37664
AAPairG WhittingtonW622810
AATeamC & A SnellSNE1112
AAColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 112 22D40132
AAColour BudgerigarP & T DyeC5099 29 22D40132
AAColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 11 23D40132
AACBPairP & T DyeD40134
AACBTeamP & T DyeD40138
AANovice AA COMC Hughes (A Ellison)AE1 142 22H6163
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMG SimpsonGSB1 6 23GSB1
YBLight GreenC & A SnellSNE11 38 23SNE113
YBDark or Olive Green1
YBSkyBlueR BoalerB7366 9 23B73664
YBCobalt, Mauve or Violet1
YBGrey GreenC & A SnellSNE11 8 23SNE115
YBGreyA StevensARN13 21 23ARN137
YBOpaline Green
YBOpaline BlueC & A SnellSNE11 60 23SNE115
YBCinnamon GreenBlakey & CarsonBC1 67 23BC13
YBCinnamon BlueP BarberB5744 39 23B57446
YBOpaline CinnamonD MoodyMOO5 19 23MOO52
YBLutinoC ThorneCT1 5 23CT14
YBAlbinoB FyshFC567 1 23FC5673
YBCrest or TuftNorman & OrtonN1717 33 23N17173
YBSF Spangle GreenBlakey & CarsonBC1 97 23BC13
YBSF Spangle BlueS PlattsPLAT1 10 23PLAT17
YBDF Spangle1
YBDominant PiedC & A SnellSNE11 54 23SNE113
YBRecessive Pied
YBYellow FaceM WiddowsonW3553 47 23W355312
YBRare VarietyM WiddowsonW3553 7 23W35532
YBClearbodyM ChapmanVMC1 22 23VMC14
YBAny Other ColourBlakey & CarsonBC1 93 23BC13
YBColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 5 23D40132
YBColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 12 23D40132
YBColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 37 23D40131
YBColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 7 23D40132
YBColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 3 23D40132
YBNovice YB COMG SimpsonGSB1 6 23GSB1


L & SC BS S & R V Show 2023

Show Date23rd July 2023
Show Name /StatusL & S C BS S & RV Show
Birds Benched156
JudgesR Hooper ; S Rich
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALutinoJ WheelerW6265 19 21W62656
AAAlbinoR WattsWATT5 182 22WATT56
AAYellow-wingT & Y TuxfordPAT1 39 21PAt15
AAWhitewingG & J Al-NasserAA1088 172 18AA10884
AACrest or TuftD & L RafisR3697 3 22R36975
AASF Spangle GreenJ LawrieL2822 64 21L282213
AASF Spangle BlueI StandleyS5409 6 22S540914
AADF SpangleFreeborn & ThorpeAND1 46 19AND18
AADominant PiedJ LawrieL2822 46 22L282214
YBRecessive PiedG & J Al-NasserAA1088 47 23AA10884
AAYellow FaceG & J Al-NasserAA1088 127 20AA10889
AARare VarietyG & J Al-NasserAA1088 96 20AA10887
AAClearbodyG & J Al-NasserAA1088 123 22AA10887
AAOlive Mauve or VioletG & J Al-NasserAA1088 38 23AA10882
AALacewingB K & A ScottS7 75 22S76
AAAny Other ColourG & J Al-NasserAA1088 177 20AA10883
AATeamB K & A ScottBAS78
AAColour BudgerigarC SmithS7208 27 23S720631
AACBPairC SmithS72064


Land O Burns BS Gold Show 2023

Show Date22nd July 2023
Show Name /StatusLand O Burns BS Gold Show
Birds Benched411
JudgesR Campbell; J Cosby; J Newall;  G Corser
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show39-1S6195J ScammellS6915-93-218
Best Young Bird in Show120-1S6195J ScammellS60-15-83-234
Best Any Age in Show39-1S6195J Scammell
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show436-1H6068G Hawthorn
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show109-2ROY1R Wilson
Best Champion Any Age39-1S6195J Scammell
Best Champion Young Bird120-1S6195J Scammell
Best Intermediate Any Age227-1PE387G Pringle
Best Intermediate Young Bird307-1D3844G Dragoonis
Best Novice Any Age436-1H6068G Hawthorn
Best Novice Young Bird511-6M6142M McClelland
Best Junior Any Age611-1C6189O Constables-Walker
Best Junior Young Bird705-1H6084I Hammilton
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenFMC  (G Rae) R4006 27 22DF115
AADark or Olive GreenR WilsonROY1 104 21ROY13
AASkyBlueG DragoonisD3844 7 21D384414
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletR WilsonROY1 121 21ROY112
AAGrey GreenR WilsonROY1 27 21ROY117
AAGreyM McClelland ( N Cawley)C5501 20 21M614216
AAOpaline GreenM McClellandM6142 25 22M61424
AAOpaline BlueM McClelland ( I Clarke)IC1 71 20M614210
AACinnamon GreenD BlackB6084 4 22B60849
AACinnamon BlueJ ScammellS6915 73 20S691511
AAOpaline CinnamonFMCDF1 26 22DF17
AALutinoJ ScammellS6915 34 22S69157
AAAlbinoD DoltonD3991 40 20D39917
AAYellow-wingG PringlePE387 126 21PE3876
AAWhitewingG PringlePE387 13 21PE3876
AACrest or Tuft1
AASF Spangle GreenJ ScammellS6915 45 21S69158
AASF Spangle BlueG HawthornH6068 55 22H606814
AADF SpangleJ ScammellS6915 84 22S691510
AADominant PiedJ ScammellS6915 93 21S69158
AARecessive PiedJulian & YuleJY1 30 22JY14
AAYellow FaceFMCDF1 7 22DF119
AARare VarietyG HawthornH6068 14 22H60684
AAClearbodyFMC (?????)IP5 99 21DF16
AAAny Other ColourFMCDF1 10 22DF18
AAPairG FindlayFA758
AAColour BudgerigarJulian & YuleJ3034 52 22J30343
AACBPairG FindlayFA754
AANovice AA COMG HawthornH6068 45 21H6068
AAJunior AA COMConstable & Walker (FMC)FCJM1 60 20C6189
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COM
YBLight GreenR WilsonROY1 19 23ROY16
YBDark or Olive GreenJ ScammellS6915 56 23S69154
YBSkyBlueG HawthornH6068 59 23H60684
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletG DragoonisD3844 3 23D38446
YBGrey GreenR WilsonROY1 17 23ROY112
YBGreyJ & J BirdsM5803 6 23M580313
YBOpaline GreenM McClellandM6142 22 23M61422
YBOpaline BlueG FindlayFA75 12 23FA754
YBCinnamon GreenJ ScammellS6915 17 23S69159
YBCinnamon BlueJ ScammellS6915 8 23S69157
YBOpaline CinnamonJ & J BirdsM5803 10 23M58032
YBLutinoR WilsonROY1 29 23ROY15
YBAlbinoJ GriffithsG3526 30 23G35263
YBYellow-wingG PringlePE387 9 23PE3878
YBWhitewingG PringlePE387 56 23PE3878
YBCrest or Tuft1
YBSF Spangle GreenJ GriffithsG3526 44 23G35268
YBSF Spangle BlueW PeacockPC665 9 23PC6658
YBDF SpangleG HawthornH6068 21 23H60685
YBDominant PiedG HawthornH6068 30 23H60682
YBRecessive Pied
YBYellow FaceG HawthornH6068 18 23H606810
YBRare VarietyG PringlePE387 17 23PE3874
YBClearbodyD BruceDAB23 9 23DAB238
YBAny Other ColourFMCDF1 2 23DF14
YBColour BudgerigarG FindlayMAGG1 8 23MAGG13
YBNovice YB COMM McClellandM6142 26 23M6142
YBJunior YB COMJ HamiltonH6084 2 23H6084


South Midland BS Area Show 23

Show Date16th July 2023
Show Name /StatusSouth Midlands BS Area Show
Birds Benched346
JudgesR Watts; I Standley;  G Carter
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show219-3PE731P & A PartnershipPE731-60-2110
Best Young Bird in Show111-1TA1Terheege PartnershipTA1 90 235
Best Any Age in Show219-3PE731P & A Partnership
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show14-1TA1Terheege Partnership
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show118-2TA1Terheege Partnership
Best Champion Any Age43-1AA1088G & J Al-Nasser
Best Champion Young Bird111-1TA1Terheege Partnership
Best Intermediate Any Age219-3PE731P & A Partnership
Best Intermediate Young Bird319-4PE731P & A Partnership
Best Novice Any Age411-2M6142M McClelland
Best Novice Young Bird511-1M6142M McClelland
Best Junior Any Age650-1CAL1C Terheege
Best Junior Young Bird735-1CAL1C Terheege
Best First Year Novice Exhibit512-1L3324M Locking
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 202 22TA17
AADark or Olive GreenM KiffK1650 14 22K16504
AASkyBlueA HaynesH3843 42 22H384310
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletP & A PartnershipA973 108 22A9735
AAGrey GreenP & S StevensS6948 9 22S694812
AAGreyA HaynesH3843 20 22H384310
AAOpaline GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 3 22TA14
AAOpaline BlueM McClelland ( I Clarke)IC1 71 22M61423
AACinnamon GreenM KiffK1650 15 21K16505
AACinnamon BlueP & A PartnershipPE731 60 21PE73114
AAOpaline CinnamonP & A PartnershipA973 156 21A9735
AALutinoC ThorneCT1 9 22CT112
AAAlbinoP & T DyeD4013 34 20D40135
AAYellow-wingP & S StevensS6948 75 22S69483
AAWhitewingG & J Al-NasserAA1088 172 18AA10883
AACrest or TuftB TaylorT2993 127 21T29933
AASF Spangle GreenP & S Stevens (A & G Adams)ADAM5 83 20S69488
AASF Spangle BlueP & A PartnershipPE731 1 22PE7314
AADF SpangleP & T DyeD4013 119 21D40135
AADominant PiedG & J Al-NasserAA1088 50 20AA108810
AARecessive PiedP & A PartnershipA973 128 21A97311
AAYellow FaceG & J Al-NasserAA1088 127 20AA10888
AARare VarietyG & J Al-NasserAA1088 96 20AA10882
AAClearbodyTerheege PartnershipTA1 21 22TA16
AAAny Other ColourG & J Al-NasserAA1088 81 21AA108813
AAPairJ GibbensG38974
AATeamJ GibbensG3811 74 21G389715
AAColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 2 23D401311
AACBPairP & T DyeD40136
AACBTeamP & T DyeD40138
AANovice AA COMM McClelland N Cawley)C5501 70 21M6142
AAJunior AA COMC Terheege (Terheege Partnership)EMMA4 7 22CAL1
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMM LockingL3324 8 23L3324
YBLight GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 53 23TA14
YBDark or Olive GreenP & S StevensS6948 46 23S69482
YBSkyBlueA HaynesH3843 17 23H38435
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletHutt & O’ReillyB3655 14 23B36556
YBGrey GreenS LevittL3270 10 23L32702
YBGreyTerheege PartnershipTA1 90 23TA17
YBOpaline GreenJ GibbensG3897 100 23G38977
YBOpaline BlueJ GibbensG3897 7 23G38972
YBCinnamon GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 21 23TA16
YBCinnamon BlueA HaynesH3843 13 23H38439
YBOpaline CinnamonTerheege PartnershipTA1 88 23TA16
YBLutinoC ThorneCT1 5 23CT16
YBYellow-wingP & S StevensS6948 19 23S69483
YBWhitewingB TaylorT2993 49 23T29934
YBCrest or TuftTerheege PartnershipTA1 56 23TA14
YBSF Spangle GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 8 23TA14
YBSF Spangle BlueR VallisV444 35 23V4445
YBDF SpangleP & S StevensS6948 18 23S69483
YBDominant PiedJ GibbensG3897 51 23G38974
YBRecessive PiedP & A PartnershipA973 55 23A9738
YBYellow FaceC ThorneCT1 17 23CT15
YBRare VarietyS & R ClarkeSRC1 14 23SRC15
YBClearbodyS & R ClarkeSRC1 16 23SRC16
YBAny Other ColourP & A PartnershipA973 4 23A9735
YBColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 2 23D401311
YBNovice YB COMM McClellandM6142 15 23M6142
YBJunior YB COMC TerheegeCAL1?????CAL1


Doncaster BS Silver Show 2023

Show Date16th July 2023
Show Name /StatusDoncaster BS Silver Show
Birds Benched466
JudgesC Snell;  G Corser;  J Newall
Best in Show19-2B2688G BowleyB2688 36 226
Best Young Bird in Show119-1TL1T & A LukeTL1 31 233
Best Any Age in Show19-2B2688G Bowley
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show18-3JAG12Cooke & Simpson
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show505-1S1712M Strong
Best Champion Any Age19-2B2688G Bowley
Best Champion Young Bird119-1TL1T & A Luke
Best Intermediate Any Age219-1PLAT1S Platts
Best Intermediate Young Bird338-1KF1K Fewlass
Best Novice Any Age417-2S1712M Strong
Best Novice Young Bird505-3S1712M Strong
Best Junior Any Age601-1M5901H McKeown
Best Junior Young BirdN/A
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AALight GreenG BowleyB2688 60 20B268818
AADark or Olive GreenM StrongS7112 10 23S711216
AASkyBlueG BowleyB2688 1 20B268821
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletR H FordRHF4 51 23RHF418
AAGrey GreenT & A LukeTL1 48 22TL125
AAGreyR H Ford ( A Marchant)POTT5 420 21RHF428
AAOpaline GreenN R PorterPE200 72 22PE2008
AAOpaline BlueR H FordRHF4 51 23RHF49
AACinnamon GreenM StrongS7112 35 21S711217
AACinnamon BlueG BowleyB2688 36 22B268825
AAOpaline CinnamonT & A LukeTL1 31 22TL112
AALutinoT & A LukeTL1 140 22TL126
AAAlbinoT & A LukeTL1 122 21TL127
AAYellow-wingG PringlePE387 126 21PE38711
AAWhitewingG PringlePE387 15 21PE38710
AACrest or TuftNorman & OrtonN1717 70 22N17174
AASF Spangle GreenCooke & Simpson (T & A Luke)TL1 430 21JAG1211
AASF Spangle BlueT & A LukeTL1 35 19TL139
AADF SpangleK FewlassKF1 9 23KF113
AADominant PiedR G WardW3333 17 21W333325
AARecessive PiedJ A BakerB4967 56 22B49675
AAYellow FaceR H FordPOTT5 249 19RHF426
AARare VarietyG PringlePE387 97 21PE3879
AAClearbodyC VaseyVASEY1 133 22VASEY18
AAAny Other ColourP WhiteW3766W376621
AAPairJ & D LindseyL244812
AATeamG WhittingtonW622820
AAColour BudgerigarS GardinerG1466 3 23G14662
AANovice YB COMM StrongS1712 22 23S7112


Breeder of the Year 2023

Last Up-Dated 40th November 2023

Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
F C & J McGovern  FCJM11451
Terheege Partnership  TA11232
T & A Luke  TL11213
J Scammell  S6915834
White Rose Partnership   WRP4575
G & J Al-Nasser  AA1088506
M Widdowson  W3553457
C Huxley  H3889338
J Lawrie  L2822309
J Burns B72862510
Benn & Newall  N17082311
I Weeks  WEEK52311
P Barber  B57442311
G N Turner  GNT12014
P Merritt  M58181615
Thomas & Wall  TW11516
R Wilson  ROY11516
A & D Woan  WOAN11516
B Blackmore  BGB11319
K & B Batey  B39601020
V Croud  C4375821
I Standley  S5409821
D Snell  S6146821
P Merritt M5818821
D Leadbetter  L3088525
G Bowley  B2688525
S & R Clarke  SRC1525
G Findlay  FA75525
J Lees  LEE5525
A & N Michael  MICA1525
B Taylor  T2993525
R Warrender  W4435525
P White  W3766525
M Smith  S3610525
S Cox  C3564525
D Critchlow  C5566525
P & T Dye  D4013237
S Rich R3671237
Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
S Platts  PLAT11001
G Ball  GBA11502
M Woodfield  MICK2502
G Chadwick  C5955484
G Morgan  GAR1455
T Jackson  J2849455
P & A Partnership  PE731437
J Sweet  J6661308
G Dragoonis  D3244259
R Nicholls  N1435259
S West  W61002111
D Harrison  M51532012
C & L Newson  CLN11613
K Fewlass  KF11514
E Littlehales  L23541514
N Masham  M49831514
G Whittington W62281514
J Gibbens  G38971018
R Clements  C46381018
P Eales  E16351018
R Maddy M59901018
Swain & Ford  SUE2622
J Hedaux  H4199523
M Gray  G2890523
A Young  Y411523
R Vallis  V444523
J & D Faram  FC557523
N R Porter PE200523
S Smith  S5182523
J Griffiths  G3526523
J Mould  JEM1523
Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
S & R Roberts  STU22031
C Vasey  VASEY1732
G Simpson  GSB1732
M Strong  S7112454
M McClelland  M6142405
J Hocking  H6091306
K Hulbert  H6099267
G Hawthorn  H6066258
S Horner  H5542258
S Clements  CW42010
B Fysh  FC5671611
D Martin  M59581512
M Burns  B75411113
C Marshall  M52001014
S Levitt  L32701014
G Kane  K12361014
C Morris  M59381014
S Magdzinski  M60721014
K & T Smith S63931014
C & K Bellows  B74791014
S Andrew  BLOND11014
D Gardiner  G3611522
M Locking  L3324522
Norman & Orton  N1717522
P Fitzgerald  FIT2522
S Toole  T3108522
J Hockling  H6091522
W Greening  G3924522
Julien & Yule  J3034522
P Mills  M5375522
D Moody  MOO5522
J Wrighton W6260132
Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
H Johnson  HARRY11611
C Terheege  CAL11372
E Vasey  EMILY11103
Junior Ginge  GINGE1604
A Stubbs  S7170505
C Pitcher  PE784206
I Hamilton  H6084107
L McIntosh  L6125107
H McKeown  M590159
A Newall  N178959

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