Super League 2018

This year we are trying a Super League, Results from BS World; Area, Gold, Silver and Bronze Patronage will count, Young Birds in all Sections 1st to 4th will be recorded and points awarded via a matrix depending on the number of exhibitors in the section.

Last updated 19th December 2018

T & A Luke374Champion1
G Morgan250Beginner2
G Carter234Champion3
M Bannister231Novice4
N Bird229Beginner5
J Burns218Intermediate6
R Ford212Beginner7
J & D Faram202Novice8
A & D Woan180Champion9
Terheege Partnership180Champion9
A Haynes175Champion11
J Scammell175Intermediate11
T Jeffrey169Beginner13
T Jeffrey169Intermediate13
Smith & Price167Intermediate15
Z Johnson158Junior16
T Kinninmonth-Wicks157Junior17
N Watson149Beginner18
R Nicholls125Novice19
S Platts125Beginner19
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell123Champion21
S Gage123Champion21
H & D Hockaday119Champion23
J McLeman119Champion23
S Rich111Champion25
V Wills109Champion26
A & C Wood106Beginner27
J Buick104Intermediate28
K Cocks104Novice28
G Simpson103Beginner30
J Folly100Intermediate31
M Milton97Novice32
S Geary97Beginner32
G Stones96Beginner34
A Lovack93Intermediate35
Widdowson & Wilson93Champion35
C Hickman92Champion37
S West87Intermediate38
Ellis & Matthews83Champion39
J Dixon83Beginner39
J Newall83Champion39
P Barber82Champion42
A Edden80Champion43
J Ashby80Novice43
T & S Haywood78Champion45
D Sturzaker77Champion46
A Moreton76Beginner47
M & K Spencer74Novice48
G Paine73Novice49
P & S Stevens73Intermediate49
D Norman70Novice51
G & A Moore68Champion52
J Benn68Champion52
R J & W Bowker68Champion52
J Wrighton65Beginner55
A Piper63Champion56
R & M Miller63Champion56
R Nawarauckas61Champion58
A Wilkinson58Novice59
Thomas & Wall58Champion59
M Norquet57Beginner61
G & P Norris56Champion62
W Thorogood56Beginner62
A Fraser54Beginner64
J Edwards54Intermediate64
K Shorthouse54Beginner64
M T Hameed54Beginner64
A Perks53Novice68
B Smith53Intermediate68
D Whitehead51Intermediate70
J Clark51Junior70
C Major48Beginner72
C Major48Junior72
D Harrison48Novice72
F Glennie48Junior72
Freakley & Ainley48Champion72
G N Turner48Champion72
K Lewis48Intermediate72
G Mellor47Intermediate79
F Clements46Novice80
G Pringle46Beginner80
Rogerson Brothers46Champion80
S & J Gillan46Intermediate80
Holland Stud45Champion84
J R Jarvis45Novice84
L Main45Novice84
P Robinson45Intermediate84
P White45Champion84
Heptinstall & Wheeler44Intermediate89
P Wood44Beginner89
D Leadbetter43Champion91
G Kane43Beginner91
Huxley & Marchant43Champion91
M Small43Novice91
V Sands43Beginner91
G E Mellor42Intermediate96
G Whittington42Novice96
J Moir42Beginner96
K Shillings42Champion96
T Ross42Beginner96
B Sweeting41Champion101
M Strong41Beginner101
P & G Pidd41Beginner101
R Steele41Champion101
R Toon41Intermediate101
S Lambert41Champion101
A Watson40Novice107
D Snell40Intermediate107
Gilbert & Knapman40Beginner107
J & T Ross39Champion110
L Cooper39Junior110
F C & J McGovern38Champion112
G Hughes38Champion112
P Dennison38Beginner112
R Marston38Intermediate112
T Buckett38Intermediate112
G BAll37Novice117
G Capes37Champion117
R Stancliffe37Champion117
S Clements36Beginner120
R Thwaite35Intermediate121
T & P Leedham35Novice121
D Black34Beginner123
M & B Roberts34Junior123
R Sutton33Junior125
S Stirling33Beginner125
D Evans32Novice127
D Martin32Beginner127
K Lambourne32Beginner127
P Merritt32Intermediate127
C Sutton31Novice131
G Warren31Champion131
M Briggs31Beginner131
O & S Williams31Beginner131
S & C McFayden31Beginner131
T Campbell31Intermediate131
Tuplin & Edwards31Champion131
C Thorne30Champion138
L Thompson30Intermediate138
M Freeborn30Champion138
N Fawsett30Novice138
T Clarkson30Champion138
P Harden29Intermediate143
A Oliver28Intermediate144
D Hart28Intermediate144
G Hale28Champion144
W Palfrey28Novice144
E Olbison27Beginner148
K Featherstone26Novice149
L McIntosh26Beginner149
L McIntosh26Junior149
C & L Newson25Intermediate152
D Jukes25Intermediate152
D Starling25Champion152
J Gambles25Novice152
M Simpson25Intermediate152
R Tickle25Champion152
G Cairns24Junior158
J Johnson24Novice158
J Le Marquand24Novice158
M Bingham24Intermediate158
P Redford24Champion158
B & S Wright23Beginner163
D Randell23Intermediate163
O Staples23Junior163
S Cowling23Beginner163
A Reid22Beginner167
A Varcoe22Junior167
C Rosser22Beginner167
D Hurford22Novice167
J Garratt22Novice167
K & B Batey22Champion167
K Barnes22Beginner167
K Handy22Novice167
Neilson & Steele22Novice167
A Scott21Beginner176
G E Chadwick21Novice176
I Cooper21Beginner176
N Cawley21Novice176
R McCrone21Junior176
S & N Wildes21Champion176
V Mansfield21Junior176
J Lawrie20Champion183
Brettell & Atkinson19Intermediate184
G Jackson19Beginner184
M Lewis19Novice184
N Morriss19Novice184
B Reese18Champion188
Flintham & Clay18Intermediate188
G Sutton18Junior188
K Crow18Beginner188
K Felvus18Junior188
A Thomas17Novice193
D Page17Champion193
G Wincomb17Novice193
M Hemingway17Intermediate193
R Warrender17Champion193
S Adams17Beginner193
B Greenway16Champion199
F Clemens16Novice199
M George16Beginner199
A Fawcett15Novice202
B Richardson15Intermediate202
C & L Dailey15Intermediate202
J Punchard15Champion202
M Hemmingway15Intermediate202
M Lambert15Beginner202
M Stringer15Champion202
S & J Blakey15Champion202
S Smith15Novice202
The Holland Stud15Champion202
A Benton14Novice212
E Chadwick14Novice212
F Thomas14Champion212
J Kilkenny14Champion212
R Payne14Champion212
G Kenealy13Junior217
J Griffiths13Intermediate217
Julien & Yule13Beginner217
M Grubey13Novice217
A Andrews12Novice221
A J Higgins12Champion221
A McNutt12Novice221
C Matthews12Beginner221
D Ham12Beginner221
J & L McGeeham12Champion221
K Sykes12Intermediate221
M Berry12Champion221
M Fitchett12Beginner221
Mr & Mrs R Whatley12Beginner221
N Phillips12Champion221
R Fern12Champion221
A J Andrews11Novice233
C Bowman11Champion233
C Hastie11Intermediate233
C Mathews11Beginner233
D & V Avo11Champion233
D Critchlow11Champion233
D Harrold11Novice233
D McGovern11Beginner233
D Randle11Intermediate233
J Bailey11Beginner233
K Groves11Intermediate233
L Underwood11Beginner233
P & T Dye11Champion233
P Hogben11Beginner233
Swain & Ford11Intermediate233
A E Poole10Novice248
A Good10Intermediate248
D Bush10Champion248
D Moffat10Beginner248
D Scott10Champion248
J Wesson10Beginner248
K Hulbert10Beginner248
M Hockey10Novice248
N Fawcett10Novice248
N Johnson10Novice248
P McHale10Intermediate248
P Watts10Champion248
R Brokenshire10Intermediate248
R Taylor10Champion248
S & B Squires10Champion248
T & L Jukes10Champion248
T Baron10Beginner248
B & K Scott9Champion265
D Costello9Beginner265
G Watts9Beginner265
J Cox9Champion265
J Raw9Beginner265
J Sweet9Novice265
J Wheeler9Novice265
Jones Hughes & Ackers9Champion265
K Struth9Beginner265
K White9Intermediate265
Lee & Bird9Beginner265
M Levett9Beginner265
M Lock9Novice265
M Rebaudo9Intermediate265
N McMillan9Beginner265
Napier & White9Intermediate265
P James9Novice265
R & R Whatley9Beginner265
R Hooper9Champion265
R Willmore9Novice265
T Jackson9Intermediate265
T Pope9Champion265
A Brooks7Intermediate287
A McKendrick7Intermediate287
A Sutherland7Novice287
B Spendley7Novice287
C Little7Intermediate287
D Short7Novice287
E Edwards7Junior287
Horton & James7Novice287
J Jarvi7Novice287
M & T Dell7Beginner287
S Levitt7Beginner287
A Brian6Novice298
D & J Browne6Novice298
E Davies6Junior298
J Maginn6Beginner298
J Scott6Beginner298
L Davis6Intermediate298
M Turner6Novice298
P Lea6Novice298
R Boaler6Beginner298
R Redden6Beginner298
A Kidger5Intermediate308
A White5Intermediate308
C & K Bellows5Beginner308
D Hill5Novice308
E Littlehales5Intermediate308
G Tickle5Intermediate308
J & D Buchan5Novice308
J Charlton5Novice308
K Fewlass5Intermediate308
L Dell5Junior308
L Rochester5Junior308
M Tariq5Novice308
S Kinninmonth5Novice308
S Newsome5Novice308
T Gaur5Beginner308
T Kellow5Novice308
B Lander4Intermediate324
E Currie4Junior324
J Purvis4Novice324
N Henderson4Beginner324
P J Scott4Novice324
T Llewellyn4Novice324

Super League 2019

This year we are trying a Super League, Results from BS World; Area, Gold, Silver and Bronze Patronage will count, Young Birds in all Sections 1st to 4th will be recorded and points awarded via a matrix depending on the number of exhibitors in the section.

Last updated 23rd December 2019

N Bird441Novice1
G Morgan423Novice2
The Terheege Partnership349Champion3
J Burns297Intermediate4
J Ginge294Junior5
F C & J McGovern268Champion6
J Scammell253Intermediate7
S Rich228Champion8
G & J Al-Nasser226Champion9
A & D Woan210Champion10
I Weeks207Champion11
D Tutty168Champion12
J Wrighton164Novice13
J Benn156Champion14
Z & H Johnson155Junior15
A Lovack144Intermediate16
S Geary130Novice17
S Platts126Novice18
T Kinninmonth-Wicks117Junior19
J Buick112Intermediate20
J Folly110Intermediate21
K Lewis110Intermediate21
Shepherdson & Adamson109Champion23
P Barber108Champion24
A Perks105Novice25
Newall & Black102Champion26
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell99Champion27
Tuplin & Edwards99Champion27
B Reese98Champion29
R Ford96Novice30
K Cocks93Novice31
M Bannister89Intermediate32
R Marston82Intermediate33
R Nicholls82Intermediate33
A Fraser78Novice35
C Thorne77Champion36
R Staig76Champion37
D Harrison74Novice38
F Clemens74Intermediate38
P Merritt73Champion40
A Piper72Champion41
A Sutherland71Novice42
R Redden71Novice42
A Moreton70Novice44
G Carter70Champion44
K Felvus70Junior44
K Tart69Champion47
A Thorpe66Champion48
Smith & Price66Champion48
Briggs & Williams65Novice50
J & D Lindsey65Intermediate50
R Sutton64Junior52
J Gambles61Novice53
P Robinson61Intermediate53
W Thorogood59Novice55
J & D Faram57Novice56
J Ashby57Novice56
D Norman56Novice58
C & K Bellows55Novice59
P & S Stevens55Intermediate59
J & T Ross54Champion61
J Moir54Novice61
I & S Ainley52Champion63
T & S Haywood49Champion64
B Smith47Intermediate65
A & G Adams46Champion66
G Pringle46Novice66
Heptinstall & Wheeler46Intermediate66
A Young45Intermediate69
M Tariq45Novice69
M Gray44Intermediate71
T & A Luke44Champion71
D Walton42Novice73
J Gillan42Intermediate73
K Lambourne42Novice73
D Hart40Intermediate76
G Paine40Novice76
I Cooper40Novice76
S McFayden39Novice79
S & S Cowling38Novice80
G Ball37Intermediate81
B Sweeting36Champion82
Brettell & Atkinson36Intermediate82
E Olbison36Novice82
K & T Walker35Novice85
S & J Gillan35Intermediate85
T Barron35Novice85
T & P Leedham34Novice88
J Johnson33Novice89
J Moore33Champion89
J Mould33Novice89
Julien & Yule33Novice89
R White33Champion89
P Reaney32Champion94
T Buckett32Intermediate94
B Close31Champion96
E Anwar31Novice96
G T Williams31Champion96
F Wright30Champion99
G Whittington30Novice99
J Purvis30Novice99
I Thorogood29Champion102
P White29Champion102
R Warrender29Champion102
J Clark28Junior105
J Griffiths27Intermediate106
J Davis26Champion107
J Davis26Intermediate107
M Bingham26Intermediate107
P Harden26Intermediate107
G Kane25Novice111
J Dixon25Novice111
M Cooper25Novice111
D & V Avo24Champion114
E Currie24Junior114
J Wesson24Novice114
D Whitehead23Intermediate117
N Cawley23Intermediate117
R Richardson23Novice117
R Watkins23Champion117
G Hawthorn22Novice121
L Rochester22Junior121
P & G Pidd22Novice121
T Newson22Junior121
Ellis & Purdue21Champion125
G Bird21Intermediate125
G Mellor21Intermediate125
L McIntosh21Junior125
S West21Intermediate125
S Wilson21Champion125
T Ross21Novice125
A Thomson20Novice132
D Bruce20Novice132
J Le Marquand20Intermediate132
R Clements20Intermediate132
C Vernall19Intermediate136
D Black19Novice136
J McLeman19Champion136
R J & W Bowker19Champion136
G Stones18Novice140
Horton & James18Intermediate140
I Voce18Intermediate140
P & T Dye18Champion140
R Watts18Champion140
S Adams18Novice140
Flintham, Clay & Crow17Intermediate146
J Davies17Intermediate146
A Wilkinson16Intermediate148
C Harvey16Novice148
M & K Spencer16Intermediate148
M Hemingway16Intermediate148
R Stancliffe16Champion148
The Holland Stud16Champion148
Barton & Mann15Champion154
D Page15Champion154
L Cooper15Junior154
L Thompson15Intermediate154
R C Ward15Champion154
S & L Roberts15Champion154
T Gee15Champion154
C & M Snell14Champion161
C Little14Intermediate161
D Evans14Novice161
D Randell14Champion161
G & P Norris14Champion161
G Williams14Champion161
J Lawrie14Champion161
M & N Arrowsmith14Champion161
S & N Wildes14Champion161
S Lambert14Champion161
D Snell13Intermediate171
R Tickle13Champion171
S McGrath13Intermediate171
C & T O’Connor12Novice174
C Matthews12Novice174
D Foulstone12Novice174
H Wind12Champion174
J Bowey12Champion174
J Lund12Champion174
K Fewlass12Intermediate174
N McMillan12Novice174
S Bailey12Champion174
A Andrews11Intermediate183
A Harris11Novice183
A Haynes11Champion183
C Vernell11Intermediate183
D & P Herring11Champion183
D Sturzaker11Champion183
E Edwards11Junior183
G Gormley11Novice183
G Smith11Champion183
J R Jarvis11Intermediate183
K Barnes11Novice183
K Eckersall11Novice183
O Staples11Junior183
P Redford11Champion183
P Tiller11Intermediate183
R & M Miller11Champion183
W Bailey11Champion183
C Hickman10Champion200
C Potter10Champion200
D Leadbetter10Champion200
D Swann10Champion200
Findlay & Flavell10Champion200
G & A Moore10Champion200
G Jackson10Novice200
J & D Buchan10Novice200
L Pennick10Champion200
R Maddy10Novice200
S Levitt10Novice200
A Hardy9Novice211
A Stevens9Champion211
D Burnett9Champion211
D Dyson9Intermediate211
D Horton9Novice211
D Hurford9Novice211
D Martin9Novice211
G Capes9Champion211
G Carr9Champion211
G Knowles9Novice211
G Warren9Champion211
J Fordham9Novice211
J Robinson9Novice211
K Palmer9Novice211
K Struth9Novice211
M & B Roberts9Junior211
M Casson9Novice211
M Rothlisberger9Champion211
M Small9Intermediate211
M Thomson9Champion211
N Johnson9Intermediate211
N Wind9Champion211
R Buck9Intermediate211
R Ramplin9Novice211
Rogerson Brothers9Champion211
S Clements9Novice211
S Kinninmonth9Intermediate211
Swain & Ford9Intermediate211
D McRoberts7Junior239
K White7Intermediate239
C Gibson6Junior241
D Forbes6Intermediate241
D Scott6Novice241
Jones Hughes & Ackers6Champion241
C & L Newson5Intermediate245
D Jukes5Intermediate245
D Staples5Junior245
I Hawthorn5Junior245
L Davis5Intermediate245
R Brokenshire5Intermediate245
A Varcoe4Junior251
J Hamilton4Junior251
N R Porter4Intermediate251
W Smith4Junior251


2013 CC Tables

Final Overall League Table

The League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.

Overall League Table

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris72101
T & A Luke59222
G & J Al-Nasser50153
R, J & W Bowker39164
B & F Mills38255
P Redford33126
A Piper30137
M & M Chapman27188
B Sweeting24139
D Burnett2449
A & D Woan23811
D Guppy23411
R Nawarauckas22213
R Warrender211314
A & T Terheege201415

Final Colour League Tables

Normal Green

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
P Redford761
G & A Moore662
S & B Squires622
A Piper534
T & S Haywood445

Normal Blue

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R Nawarauckas601
Rowell & Heighton532
McAuley & Ross433
T & A Luke433
D Leadbetter405
J & C Huxley405

Grey Green

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Rogers11111
G & P Norris512
T & S Haywood433
McPhail & Wilson414
R McCabe405


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper521
McPhail & Wilson442
J Rogers413
G Ludlow413
S Bailey405
R & M Miller405

Opaline Green

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R Tickle771
R, J & W Bowker632
A & D Woan613
C L Bowman613
B & F Mills555

Opaline Blue

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1451
R Nawarauckas602
B Sweeting543
B & F Mills524
R, J & W Bowker445

Normal Cinnamon

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R Warrender1371
P Redford1012
Ward & Rogers843
B & F Mills664
G & J Al-Nasser605

Opaline Cinnamon

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1781
S Sanderson772
W Miller603
M & M Chapman444
R Warrender425


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1741
I Saunders952
J Mitchell763
S & J Martin534
J & C Huxley525


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1301
R, J & W Bowker652
A Piper503
W Miller424
I Fordham415
J Mitchell415


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
W Orr841
W Gibson841
D Guppy803
G & J Al-Nasser764
J Smith725


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1241
W Gibson1162
G & J Al-Nasser1033
W Orr824
S & N Wildes515


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1251
R Brokenshire942
A Brown813
D Norman544
M Anzara515
A & G Adams515


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1001
P Redford832
P & N Stannard743
J & C Huxley734
B Wilson635

Dominant Pied

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Hickman821
P Redford722
G & P Norris623
B & F Mills554
G & A Moore435

Recessive Pied

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
M & M Chapman12111
G Corser832
G & P Norris703
M Roberts624
McAuley & Ross555


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R, J & W Bowker821
B Sweeting632
R & M Miller503
J Newall444
A & T Terheege444


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1001
M Anzara712
S & R Clarke553
G & J Al-Nasser404
R Allen305

Any Other Colour

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke951
G & P Norris911
D Burnett603
G Tillson514
K Allison505

2014 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.

Final Table

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A PiperPC60760281
T & A LukeTL160272
G & J Al-NasserAA108857233
A & J NewallN170851294
McPhail & WilsonAYR15095
R, J & W BowkerBOWK548176
G & P NorrisN4384417
A & T TerheegeTA142128
A & D WoanWOAN13559
C HickmanH5526331010
P RedfordRAD131511
S & J GillanSJG130912
S & B SquiresS688830812
Shepherdson & FisherSHEP6291314
P & N StannardPS1261615
Light Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
McPhail & Wilson801
S & B Squires602
A & D Woan523
G & J Al-Nasser444
Dark or Olive Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke731
A Piper731
C randall533
C L Bowman533
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1271
R, J & W Bowker732
D Leadbetter713
M Smith614
Cobalt, Mauve or Violet
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan771
A Piper632
McPhail & Wilson603
R, J & W Bowker544
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Rogers1031
R Winsper542
J McLeman513
A Piper434
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Hickman711
A & J Newall662
A Piper523
A & T Terheege514
R Allen514
J Rogers514
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich551
Shepherdson & Fisher551
R, J & W Bowker413
S & B Squires404
D Tutty404
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke801
R Scott542
R, J & W Bowker523
K Leedham404
G & J Al-Nasser404
Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
P Redford811
D Tutty552
A & J Newall552
Shepherdson & Fisher503
Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
McPhail & Wilson661
G Capes621
D Tutty503
R Warrender414
T & L Jukes414
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1031
Shepherdson & Fisher642
A & T Terheege602
R, J & W Bowker504
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
I Saunders1161
W Miller1092
J Mitchell903
D & P Herring724
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1011
A Kelly712
A Piper703
M & M Chapman334
R Watts334
R Carr334
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Brickell731
M & P Freemantle722
G & J Al-Nasser713
W Orr604
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1261
D Guppy842
B Taylor813
K White524
Crest or Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1431
A Brown1162
R Brokenshire823
R Hooper644
SF Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Burnett611
A Piper602
D Sturzaker513
S & B Squires434
SF Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & B Squires931
A Piper842
A & J Newall833
P & N Stannard524
DF Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
McPhail & Wilson901
McAuley & Ross762
A Stevens753
H & M Hough704
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Hickman1241
A & J Newall832
S Rich773
P Redford724
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris701
M Roberts622
G Corser603
T & A Luke554
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & J Newall1031
S & J Gillan812
A & T Terheege703
G Corser444
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke12101
G & P Norris602
R Allen423
Widdowson & Wilson334
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Norman931
M & M Chapman742
G Tillson742
R Hooper554
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1051
A Andrews852
Shepherdson & Fisher713
A & D Woan604
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke601
G Carter402
J Cosby303
P & N Stannard303
S Roberts303
M Lewis303

2015 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.

Final Table

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A PiperPC6076171
A & D WoanWOAN153182
T & A LukeTL147163
G & J Al-NasserAA10884754
G & P NorrisN4384585
J NewallN170840246
S & J GillanSJG139157
F, C & J McGovernJOMC738128
B & F MillsM509035309
Shepherdson & FisherSHEP6341310
P RedfordRAD1321311
A & T TerheegeTA1291012
McPhail & WilsonAYR129213
R WarrenderMW500281914
D TuttyDT10026815
Light Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & B Squires731
T Price502
D & P Herring403
Dark or Olive Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & G Adams601
A Piper601
D Hogg443
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & D Woan531
T & A Luke522
M Smith513
Cobalt, Mauve or Violet
A & D Woan941
S & J Gillan912
G Corser663
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper611
G Hughes512
A & D Woan443
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
F, C & J McGovern611
A & D Woan602
R & M Miller533
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Shepherdson & Fisher511
J & D Faram422
S Roberts403
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke821
B & F Mills622
R Warrender553
G Black553
Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T Price701
P Redford701
R Warrender433
Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R & M Miller421
J Newall421
Shepherdson & Fisher403
McPhail & Wilson403
T & A Luke403
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke951
B & F Mills762
A & D Woan713
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1101
J Sawyer882
R Carr533
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper1011
G & P Norris702
F, C & J McGovern503
G & J Al-Nasser503
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1021
M & P Freemantle752
J Smith743
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1051
B Taylor812
G & J Al-Nasser803
Crest or Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser921
R Brokenshire712
Searle & Knott523
SF Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Burnett871
A Piper722
D Sturzaker703
SF Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper811
B & F Mills552
Huxley & Marchant443
DF Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
McPhail & Wilson701
C Potter522
A Stevens503
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Newall741
D & P Herring542
P Merritt503
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1321
G Corser822
T & A Luke743
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
P Redford871
S & J Gillan732
J Newall543
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke1641
M Anzara402
T Sadler333
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Tillson831
T McCrindle732
Thorne & Finlayson663
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Andrews1471
Shepherdson & Fisher1182
P & T Dye953
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Baker601
S Roberts502
G Carter502
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Baker701
K Morrison402
G & J Al-Nasser303
Ellis & Matthews304

2016 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.


Overall League Table
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A LukeTL196681
J NewallN170878332
A & D WoanWOAN162223
A PiperPC60757204
S & J GillanSJG15275
G & J Al-NasserAA108850146
F C & J McGovenJOMC741247
G & P NorrisN43840158
AR & TR TerheegeTA130189
G CarterC5037301610
Ellis & MathewsTJE1271511
A & G AdamsADAM527112
D TuttyDT100251013
S RichR3671221714
Huxley & MarchantPOTT5221115
Light Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Lovack801
Huxley & Marchant552
Smith & Price443
Dark or Olive Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & G Adams701
K Leedham532
M Jarrold443
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan1221
F C & J McGoven422
A & D Woan413
D Burnett413
Cobalt, Mauve or Violet
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan1031
T & A Luke992
A & D Woan943
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Tutty731
A Piper622
Huxley & Marchant513
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
F C & J McGoven741
A Piper612
G & J Al-Nasser503
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke15101
J Newall982
G Carter513
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke941
AR & TR Terheege622
F C & J McGoven323
Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Newall761
S Rich662
Smith & Price603
Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1081
A Piper442
H M & P Dark423
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke17131
J Newall1032
P & T Dye603
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1421
T & A Luke13132
J Sawyer603
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Kelly1141
J Mitchell802
A Piper743
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D & L Rafis991
D Guppy742
M & D Walker623
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Lees751
J Newall701
G & J Al-Nasser663
Crest or Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R Brokenshire1021
A & G Adams1001
G & J Al-Nasser933
SF Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & D Woan1111
P Redford502
A Piper502
SF Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Newall1141
A Piper1042
A & D Woan613
DF Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Ellis & Mathews711
W & M Hough622
G & P Norris553
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan801
G Carter742
S Rich523
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Corser1091
G & P Norris1051
AR & TR Terheege513
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser801
S & J Gillan602
G Corser443
Huxley & Marchant443
A & D Woan443
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke1331
V Rutter502
C,D & S Sharpe502
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Thorne831
D Tutty612
M Chapman513
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1271
Fisher & Shepherdson942
J Newall912
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Carter601
A & D Woan402
Barton & Mann303
R G Ward303
G & J Al-Nasser303
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser701
J Newall701
AR & TR Terheege403
Colour Budgerigars
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1001
S Williams902
J Cosby603

2017 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.

LEAGUE TABLE UPDATED  21st December 2017

Overall League Table
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke104411
AR & TR Terheege82522
FishShep & Partners68223
G & J Al-Nasser66194
B & F Mills53385
F C & J McGovern50216
G & P Norris4167
J Newall40178
A & D Woan38189
S Rich371310
S & J Gillan37510
S & R Clarke331912
A Piper32513
Huxley & Marchant28714
G Carter261115
Widdowson & Wilson231016
D Tutty221417
R Nawarauckas211218
R & M Miller21618
D Leadbetter21218
M Freeborn201421
J Scammell20521
D Guppy191323
G Pringle19623
J Benn181725
Johnson & Chubb18725
R J & W Bowker17927
A Edden17327
J Folly17227
P & S Stevens16530
K Leedham16030
P White15432
I Weeks14633
M Bannister131034
G Paine131034
A Lovack13734
P & A Barber13634
W Gordon13434
K Morrison13134
Ellis & Matthews12940
J & D Buchan12840
A Brown12540
C Hickman12540
G Hughes12440
B Reese12240
M & D Walker12140
J Mitchell12040
T Jeffrey12040
G T Williams11849
S & J Blakey11749
J Edwards11549
R Brokenshire11449
D Starling11449
M Lewis11349
D Norman11249
A & G Adams11149
D & L Rafis11049
M Roberts11049
G Ball10659
J Burns10359
P Henson10359
P Hickton-Collins10359
Smith & Price10259
D & J Faram10159
W Palfrey10159
G Smith10059
G Murrells10059
I Thorogood9868
R Steele9568
D Whitehead9368
M Milton9368
Ellis & Purdue9368
Findlay & Flavell9268
D Hogg9168
C Thorne9168
Humby Whitaker & Wright9168
G Corser8677
R Cozens8577
A Thorpe8477
D Farrimond8477
K Shillings8477
S & N Wildes8477
P Merritt8477
R Warrender8377
K Lewis8377
S Wilson8277
A Andrews8277
G N Turner8177
J McLeman8177
P Watts8077
J Rogers8077
J Prothero7792
M Frost7692
L Pennick7592
Flintham & Clay7492
K & B Batey7392
Rogerson Brothers7392
B Taylor7392
C Potter7292
D A Turner7192
S Gage7192
D Hussell7192
G & A Moore7092
G & K Wills66104
J Cosby63104
A Shoosmith63104
A Hoskins63104
A Moreton63104
G Simpson63104
J & T Ross63104
W Orr62104
M Chapman62104
R Aplin62104
J Smith61104
G Tuplin61104
McPhail & Wilson61104
Fisher & Shepherdson60104
C D & S Sharpe60104
D & P Herring60104
M Gulley55120
A Haynes54120
P & T Dye54120
R Winsper53120
The Holland Stud53120
S Somerville53120
M Smith53120
H W & M Hough53120
P Redford52120
M Hemmingway52120
M Hockey52120
Heptinstall & Wheeler52120
R Payne52120
J Lees52120
R Carr52120
A & N Michael51120
T & S Haywood51120
D Burnett51120
J Lawrie51120
M Bagnall50120
Archibald & Spencer50120
J Dixon44141
R Hooper44141
K Crow44141
R Campbell44141
D Bruton43141
T Jackson43141
R G Ward43141
D Sturzaker43141
H & D Hockaday43141
N Clark42141
D Scott42141
B Smith41141
Clarke & Phillips41141
M Briggs41141
J Gambles41141
D Snell41141
A Kelly41141
P Robinson41141
P Taplin41141
B Close40141
W Bailey40141
D Mullee40141
M Peel40141
H & S Wadley40141
D Bush40141
S Ormerod40141
N Wheatley40141
P Reaney40141
R Watts40141
I Woolridge40141
B Anderson33172
R Stancliffe33172
S Magdzinski33172
M Illsley33172
S Smith32172
D Critchlow32172
Buckley & Birchall32172
R Fern32172
C Hawkins32172
M Rothlisberger31172
R Hill31172
S Cox31172
Gilbert & Attwood31172
S Platts31172
V A Rutter31172
C Bruton31172
T Lewis31172
T & P Leedham31172
G Mellor31172
A Kidger31172
Gilbert & Knapman31172
K White31172
G Capes31172
J Johnson31172
Devey & Wright31172
B McCabe31172
A Oliver30172
M & P Freemantle30172
S Williams30172
N R Porter30172
J Punchard30172
M Dean30172
D Game30172
G McMillan30172
A Pavis30172
G Jenkins30172
J Davis30172
A D White30172
B Greenway30172
A Harris30172
L Thompson30172
S & B Squires30172
G Wincomb30172
A Price30172
R McCabe30172
K Cocks30172
R Carson23218
K Fewlass22218
Freakley & Ainley22218
T Kinninmonth-Wicks22218
B Bruce22218
J Jones22218
F S & K Eatwell22218
T Cash22218
L Cutler22218
C Coulthard21218
B Francis21218
Cooke & Rusted21218
Thomas & Wall21218
G D Quiney21218
J Moore21218
G Clarke21218
R Melling21218
R Ramplin21218
T & L Jukes21218
P Hutchinson21218
B Blackmore21218
E Kissane21218
N Carman21218
J Clark21218
Jones & Hughes21218
J Hunter21218
Cheatley & Alcorn21218
S West21218
T McCrindle20218
S Roberts20218
G Guntrip20218
C Brickell20218
L & S Devaney20218
J Kilkenny20218
C Kirk20218
S Bailey20218
T Ross20218
J A Baker20218
D Turner20218
J Ashby20218
V Wills20218
B & K Scott20218
S & T Landsdowne20218
G Bowley20218
M Anzara20218
K Bennett20218
G Whittington20218
J & D Lindsey20218
D & V Avo20218
G Tillson20218
R J Payne20218
M & N Arrowsmith20218
J Spencer20218
W Miller20218
A Duke20218
J Cunningham20218
T Campbell20218
T Sadler20218
L Rochester20218
R Day20218
M Rebaudo20218
D Swann20218
S Town20218
W & M Hough20218
Mr & Mrs D Vandepeer20218
G Treneery20218
E Spenceley20218
S White20218
Jesson & Bloxham20218
G Wallbutton20218
Light Greens
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Lovack931
G T Williams622
G Carter533
Huxley & Marchant523
B & F Mills415
A Edden405
P & S Stevens405
M Freeborn318
D Leadbetter308
FishShep & Partners308
G Smith308
Ellis & Purdue308
J Edwards308
R & M Miller308
G Paine2115
J Newall2115
B Smith2015
D Starling2015
A Andrews2015
C Hickman2015
J Scammell2015
K Leedham2015
A Price2015
A Piper2015
M Briggs1125
R Steele1125
T Pope1125
S Rich1125
G Tuplin1125
D Hogg1025
F C & J McGovern1025
W Palfrey1025
G McMillan1025
McPhail & Wilson1025
R G Ward1025
S & B Squires1025
S Wilson1025
Jones & Hughes1025
P Robinson1025
P Hickton-Collins1025
W Gordon1025
Widdowson & Wilson1025
Jesson & Bloxham1025
P White1025
G Murrells1025
M Smith1025
B Reese1025
K Lewis1025
R Fern1025
J & D Buchan1025
K Shillings1025
AR & TR Terheege1025
Dark Factor Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
W Gordon901
J Edwards532
A & D Woan522
D Tutty444
S Gage404
R Winsper336
G T Williams336
S Wilson326
J Gambles316
A & G Adams306
Buckley & Birchall2211
I Thorogood2211
G Carter2211
J Benn2211
AR & TR Terheege2211
D Hogg2011
G Paine2011
D Scott2011
T Campbell2011
A Piper2011
J Burns2011
K Leedham2011
J Dixon1123
T & S Haywood1123
Freakley & Ainley1123
T Cash1123
Ellis & Purdue1123
J Newall1123
N Carman1123
L Cutler1123
Winsper & Knight1123
M Bannister1123
J Berry1123
D Leadbetter1023
M Briggs1023
J A Baker1023
K Featherstone1023
G Nunns1023
A Stevens1023
J Scammell1023
B Sweeting1023
S Town1023
S & B Squires1023
R Clements1023
P & G Pidd1023
T Young1023
S & J Gillan1023
Widdowson & Wilson1023
P White1023
S Smith1023
C Hickman1023
B Reese1023
G D Quiney1023
P Dennison1023
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke981
S & J Gillan802
FishShep & Partners513
A & D Woan424
D Burnett404
J & D Buchan336
S Rich316
N Clark316
P & S Stevens316
A Piper316
R & M Miller316
F C & J McGovern306
M Milton306
L Pennick2214
W Palfrey2014
J Lawrie2014
R J & W Bowker2014
G & P Norris2014
R Watts2014
J & T Ross2014
T Jeffrey2014
R J Allen1122
M Freeborn1122
B & F Mills1122
A Edden1122
J Newall1122
R Allen1122
Widdowson & Wilson1122
P White1122
M Smith1122
B McCabe1122
L & S Devaney1022
M Dean1022
Smith & Price1022
K Morrison1022
T & S Haywood1022
R Nawarauckas1022
R Steele1022
B Hudson1022
E Kissane1022
Rogerson Brothers1022
J Scammell1022
G Tuplin1022
K & B Batey1022
G Capes1022
J Johnson1022
D Leadbetter1022
G Hughes1022
Jesson & Bloxham1022
K Lewis1022
D Snell1022
K Shillings1022
A Moreton1022
B Greenway1022
Dark Factor Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan1121
T & A Luke702
G & J Al-Nasser533=
A & D Woan533=
J Benn445
B & F Mills435
G Carter405
W Bailey405
R J & W Bowker329
Rogerson Brothers329
S Wilson309
G Jenkins309
K Cocks309
R Fern2214
A Piper2214
M Freeborn2214
C Potter2214
A Edden2014
R Carr2014
R M Simpson1120
McPhail & Wilson1120
D Farrimond1120
D Norman1120
G Mellor1120
A Andrews1120
J Prothero1120
J Folly1120
C Lawrenson1120
P & A Barber1120
S & J Blakey1120
D Whitehead1120
AR & TR Terheege1020
Smith & Price1020
Neilson & Steele1020
Johnson & Chubb1020
F C & J McGovern1020
S Bailey1020
G & P Norris1020
T & P Leedham1020
K Tart1020
M Bashford1020
M Bagnall1020
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
B & F Mills881
G Hughes742
Huxley & Marchant723
D Tutty424
AR & TR Terheege335
FishShep & Partners325
M Freeborn315
A Edden305
K Morrison305
P Watts305
G Murrells305
A Lovack2212
T & A Luke2112
Widdowson & Wilson2012
P Hickton-Collins2012
G McMillan2012
Smith & Price2012
J Davis2012
McPhail & Wilson2012
M Rebaudo2012
G & P Norris2012
A Piper2012
H & D Hockaday1123
R Melling1123
B Blackmore1123
D Burnett1123
J Burns1123
R & M Miller1123
Devey & Wright1123
F C & J McGovern1123
G & A Hill1123
K Crow1123
G Simpson1123
Thomas & Wall1123
J Kilkenny1023
G & A Moore1023
D Turner1023
S & T Landsdowne1023
R J & W Bowker1023
D Hussell1023
G Hale1023
M Thompson1023
M & N Arrowsmith1023
D Critchlow1023
Horton & James1023
A Andrews1023
J McLeman1023
J Clark1023
M Smith1023
J Edwards1023
G Ludlow1023
J Lawrie1023
T Jeffrey1023
B Reese1023
J Wrighton1023
S & J Gillan1023
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Huxley & Marchant1021
S Rich922
FishShep & Partners423=
A & D Woan423=
D Leadbetter413
T & A Luke413
S & J Gillan413
F C & J McGovern338
The Holland Stud328
Smith & Price318
R & M Miller318
C Hickman318
R Nawarauckas2213
J Benn2213
D Starling2213
J Edwards2213
P White2213
A Moreton2113
J Folly2013
R Payne2013
J McLeman2013
Widdowson & Wilson2013
R Tonks1123
D Farrimond1123
D Scott1123
T & L Jukes1123
K Crow1123
Ellis & Matthews1123
J Clark1123
P Harden1123
C Randall1123
D Whitehead1123
Fisher & Shepherdson1023
T & S Haywood1023
P & S Stevens1023
J Moore1023
D Thompson1023
Ellis & Purdue1023
G & A Moore1023
N Wheatley1023
S White1023
G Hughes1023
G Murrells1023
A Harris1023
AR & TR Terheege1023
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1101
J Newall762
M Freeborn443
L Pennick334
FishShep & Partners314
D & J Faram304
P & S Stevens304
G Murrells304
B & F Mills229
R Warrender229
A & D Woan229
M Rothlisberger209
G Whittington209
M Milton209
W Palfrey209
K Morrison209
D Snell209
G Simpson209
B Greenway209
A Haynes1120
J Le Marquand1120
T Kinninmonth-Wicks1120
B Sincock1120
C N Parsons1120
C Bonnett1120
A Grice1120
B Pakc1120
D Martin1120
B Francis1120
J Benn1120
AR & TR Terheege1120
K & B Batey1120
M Bannister1120
G Carter1120
J Kilkenny1020
Heptinstall & Wheeler1020
M Kiff1020
D Cairns1020
Cooke & Rusted1020
A Thomson1020
B E Blackmore1020
R Aplin1020
D A Turner1020
Mr & Mrs D Vandepeer1020
G Treneery1020
J Johnson1020
B Blackmore1020
R Redden1020
B Reese1020
S & J Gillan1020
I Woolridge1020
G Paine1020
G Wallbutton1020
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1261
B & F Mills1162
P Henson703
AR & TR Terheege514
F C & J McGovern435
A & D Woan415
R Nawarauckas337
A Edden307
J & T Ross229
P & S Stevens229
M Bagnall209
Flintham & Clay209
P Merritt209
H & D Hockaday1114
Cooke & Rusted1114
B Forbes1114
N Clark1114
K Burnett1114
M Fitchett1114
G Simmons1114
Smith & Price1114
J Prothero1114
L Cutler1114
M Hacker1114
D Leadbetter1114
Heptinstall & Wheeler1114
A & N Michael1114
Johnson & Chubb1114
A Moreton1114
C Kirk1014
A Easdon1014
T Ross1014
Thomas & Wall1014
K Shillings1014
M & N Arrowsmith1014
H Wind1014
D & J Faram1014
S & T Landsdowne1014
A D White1014
S Sanderson1014
P Reaney1014
A Wilkinson1014
J Lawrie1014
R Warrender1014
G Mellor1014
T & P Leedham1014
N Carman1014
P Hutchinson1014
Pringle & Shepard1014
S & B Squires1014
Devey & Wright1014
I Woolridge1014
Normal Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich801
F C & J McGovern722
AR & TR Terheege653
D Tutty514
K & B Batey415
J Benn336
T & A Luke326
R Warrender316
M Milton229
G T Williams229
S Gage219
R Aplin219
Gilbert & Knapman219
J Punchard209
K Leedham209
Smith & Price209
G Tuplin209
J Newall209
D Leadbetter209
Rogerson Brothers209
S & J Gillan209
G D Quiney1122
R Stancliffe1122
C Bruton1122
Flintham & Clay1122
A & D Woan1122
Gilbert & Attwood1122
M Masham1122
J Smith1122
G & K Wills1122
K Lewis1122
J Mear1122
E Kissane1122
A Haynes1122
J & D Buchan1122
G Paine1122
Widdowson & Wilson1022
H & D Hockaday1022
R J Payne1022
Heptinstall & Wheeler1022
G Gillan1022
A D White1022
A E Poole1022
P Reaney1022
D Swann1022
J Scammell1022
J Ashby1022
N Wheatley1022
K Morrison1022
A Edden1022
T Jeffrey1022
P Redford1022
R J & W Bowker1022
The Holland Stud1022
J & T Ross1022
S White1022
W Palfrey1022
A Price1022
Normal Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1361
FishShep & Partners642
P Merritt423
R Steele413
A Piper403
F C & J McGovern326
AR & TR Terheege326
M Freeborn316
P & A Barber316
K Morrison316
D Tutty316
D Leadbetter306
C Hickman2213
K Crow2213
G & J Al-Nasser2213
G & K Wills2213
B Smith2113
J Newall2113
R J & W Bowker2013
C Bruton2013
A Harris2013
R & M Miller2013
J & D Buchan2013
K Lewis1124
M Frost1124
R Payne1124
R Nawarauckas1124
G Capes1124
J Scammell1124
R Hooper1124
P & S Stevens1124
C Kirk1024
T & S Haywood1024
J Punchard1024
D Page1024
C & M Snell1024
R Winsper1024
W Palfrey1024
G & A Moore1024
S & N Wildes1024
P Watts1024
G N Turner1024
R Warrender1024
P Tiller1024
P Hickton-Collins1024
T Jeffrey1024
E Spenceley1024
A & D Woan1024
M Milton1024
B McCabe1024
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1551
AR & TR Terheege13132
D Tutty553
J Newall513
J Benn335
G & K Wills335
A Haynes325
J Rogers305
F C & J McGovern229
M Smith229
J & D Buchan229
Heptinstall & Wheeler219
R Payne219
J & D Lindsey209
P Taplin209
P & A Barber209
B & F Mills1117
P Henson1117
B Anderson1117
S Rich1117
A Edden1117
R J & W Bowker1117
K Lewis1117
FishShep & Partners1117
R Aplin1117
S West1117
M A & J Digby1117
Fisher & Shepherdson1017
S Bailey1017
R J Payne1017
D Sutherland1017
D Starling1017
B & K Scott1017
D Leadbetter1017
Gilbert & Knapman1017
Trinity Stud1017
Mr & Mrs D Vandepeer1017
R McCabe1017
G & Y Sutton1017
G Sutton1017
Knapman & Gilbert1017
J Folly1017
B McCabe1017
M Roberts1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1301
J Scammell732
D Whitehead713
G & P Norris604
S & J Blakey555
G & J Al-Nasser505
G Ball337
R Hill317
S Cox317
G N Turner307
D Critchlow2211
M Hockey2211
G Simpson2211
D A Turner2111
A Kidger2111
D Hussell2011
R Watts2011
G Wincomb2011
M Bannister2011
M & D Walker2011
S Kinninmonth-Wicks1221
Ellis & Purdue1121
R Ramplin1121
R Carr1121
A Brown1121
C & L Dailey1121
Melvin & Harper1121
S & G Cox1121
R Campbell1121
T Kinninmonth-Wicks1121
P & T Dye1121
D Tutty1121
J Garratt1121
J Benn1021
F C & J McGovern1021
D & P Herring1021
G Bowley1021
I Brough1021
C Breckon1021
W Miller1021
J Cunningham1021
M Viner1021
J Durber1021
A Kelly1021
T Llewellyn1021
R McCabe1021
A & N Michael1021
D Turner1021
L Thompson1021
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Mitchell1101
A Piper712
T Jeffrey703=
FishShep & Partners703=
M Bannister665
R G Ward336
S & N Wildes326
I Weeks326
A Kelly316
A Pavis306
R Cozens2211
J Benn2211
AR & TR Terheege2211
R Campbell2211
P & T Dye2211
C Coulthard2111
F C & J McGovern2111
R Carr2111
M Hockey2011
D Hussell2011
T Lewis2011
N Wheatley2011
L Thompson2011
G & P Norris2011
A & G Adams1125
Freakley & Ainley1125
T Cash1125
J T Lund1125
P Hickton-Collins1125
T McCrindle1025
G Bowley1025
E & R Sumerfield1025
J Spencer1025
W Miller1025
A Derricutt1025
B Miller1025
D Taylor1025
G Wincomb1025
J Rogers1025
G Pringle1025
P Taplin1025
A Kidger1025
P Lea1025
I Woolridge1025
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1371
G Pringle822
D & L Rafis703=
M & D Walker703
Humby Whitaker & Wright415
A Hoskins336
M Lewis316
A Shoosmith316
B Taylor316
J Newall306
P White306
W Orr306
G Corser2213
I Thorogood2213
S Magdzinski2213
J Lees2113
S Somerville2113
M & P Freemantle2013
S Ormerod2013
M Roberts2013
Z Johnson1021
R Day1021
C McDonald1021
K White1021
M Hockey1021
J Cosby1021
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1401
M Lewis722
D Guppy663
G Pringle534
J Newall405
G Corser336
S Somerville326
J Lees316
B Taylor316
J Smith306
P White306
M Roberts306
I Thorogood2213
R Cozens2113
K White2113
S Ormerod2013
M & D Walker2013
Clarke & Phillips1118
L Cooper1118
M Illsley1118
S Magdzinski1118
M & N Saunders1018
C D & S Sharpe1018
W Orr1018
A Hoskins1018
Humby Whitaker & Wright1018
C Brickell1018
J & K Kime1018
J Cosby1018
M & P Freemantle1018
D Harris1018
Crest / Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1031
Widdowson & Wilson952
A Brown923
R Brokenshire744
S & R Clarke615
A & G Adams506
H & S Wadley407
J Dixon338
D Bruton328
M Hemmingway308
C D & S Sharpe308
J Jones2212
F S & K Eatwell2212
J Hunter2112
Cheatley & Alcorn2112
M Anzara2012
D Norman2012
S Smith1118
R Hooper1118
G Clarke1018
M Baker1018
M Roberts1018
Archibald & Spencer1018
P & M Harvey1018
Sealey & Zeebroek1018
Humby Whitaker & Wright1018
Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper711
G Paine552
G Carter503=
K Leedham503=
A & D Woan435
D Farrimond415
B Close405
J Burns328
D Sturzaker328
M Freeborn328
F C & J McGovern318
J Newall318
C Thorne308
G N Turner308
FishShep & Partners308
J McLeman308
P & A Barber2217
K Shillings2217
P Redford2117
S & J Blakey2117
S Roberts2017
Clarke & Phillips2017
C Hickman2017
G Hughes2017
J & D Buchan2017
Widdowson & Wilson1126
D Hogg1126
K Fewlass1126
D Scott1126
P White1126
R Stancliffe1126
J Scammell1126
M Milton1126
F Thomas1126
K & B Batey1126
J Moore1126
Rogerson Brothers1126
N & J East1126
J Prothero1126
T & A Luke1126
G Jackson1026
D Stephenson1026
A Duke1026
R Ramplin1026
D & J Faram1026
Flintham & Clay1026
R Winsper1026
C Potter1026
G Simpson1026
L Pennick1026
M & T Rogers1026
M Bannister1026
K Handy1026
S West1026
P & T Dye1026
Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
B & F Mills881
G & P Norris812
G & J Al-Nasser773
Ellis & Matthews654
R Nawarauckas644
FishShep & Partners526
F C & J McGovern506
AR & TR Terheege428
D Starling408
Flintham & Clay3310
A & D Woan3110
D Hogg3010
K Lewis3010
D Leadbetter3010
R J & W Bowker2215
P Watts2015
V Wills2015
G Smith2015
D Norman2015
A Piper2015
R & M Miller2015
D Bush2015
K Fewlass1123
A Thorpe1123
D Sturzaker1123
D Hussell1123
P Hutchinson1123
S Rich1123
A Lovack1123
P Redford1123
J Lawrie1123
T & P Leedham1123
B Reese1123
K Shillings1123
Fisher & Shepherdson1023
J Burns1023
C Potter1023
R Keeber1023
A Perks1023
R Tickle1023
L Pennick1023
R Melling1023
Findlay & Flavell1023
R Cozens1023
G & A Moore1023
D Farrimond1023
A Duke1023
W & M Hough1023
J Newall1023
G Hughes1023
E Spenceley1023
P & S Stevens1023
H W & M Hough1023
P White1023
Double Factor Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
AR & TR Terheege1071
R Nawarauckas822
A Thorpe733
G & P Norris604
R J & W Bowker445
B & F Mills445
J Newall415
B Reese405
Widdowson & Wilson329
F C & J McGovern309
G & A Moore309
J Burns309
P & A Barber2213
D Starling2213
I Weeks2213
W Gordon2213
C Hickman2213
H W & M Hough2113
K Shillings2013
J Scammell2013
Ellis & Matthews2013
D Leadbetter2013
R & M Miller2013
C Potter2013
B Whitlock1125
R Cozens1125
R Stancliffe1125
M Rothlisberger1125
T Lewis1125
N Watson1125
D Bush1125
M Gulley1125
P Watts1025
Buckley & Birchall1025
T & L Jukes1025
P Reaney1025
D Swann1025
S Town1025
J Springthorpe1025
W & M Hough1025
D Hussell1025
Clarke & Phillips1025
G Smith1025
W Pake1025
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich1151
B & F Mills712
S & J Gillan603
AR & TR Terheege554
M Frost554
T & A Luke554
D & P Herring504
K Leedham504
F C & J McGovern409
J Scammell409
G Carter3111
S Platts3111
I Weeks3111
N R Porter3011
G Paine2215
H W & M Hough2215
G & J Al-Nasser2015
P & A Barber2015
S & J Blakey2015
G Smith2015
McPhail & Wilson2015
K Morrison2015
G L Capes1123
G Ball1123
H & D Hockaday1123
D Snell1123
N Masham1123
G & P Norris1123
P Taplin1123
Huxley & Marchant1123
J McLeman1123
W Gordon1123
W Palfrey1123
P Redford1023
B Francis1023
L & S Devaney1023
J Ashby1023
S Wilson1023
D & J Faram1023
G Mellor1023
D & J Vandepeer1023
R Warrender1023
R J & W Bowker1023
Devey & Wright1023
B Reese1023
D Bush1023
A Moreton1023
A & D Woan1023
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Johnson & Chubb1361
G & P Norris1132
AR & TR Terheege603
J Prothero444
Ellis & Matthews335
Ellis & Purdue315
M Chapman315
A & N Michael305
A Oliver305
M Hemmingway2210
C Hawkins2210
G Corser2110
S & N Wildes2110
K Bennett2010
Archibald & Spencer2010
D & V Avo2010
A Hoskins2010
M Briggs2010
I & P Fielding1119
Searle & Knott1119
J Cosby1119
A Brown1119
B Taylor1119
T Ross1019
B & K Scott1019
J A Baker1019
L Main1019
A White1019
W Pritchard1019
A D White1019
D Dyson1019
C Wakeman1019
C Marsh1019
J Spencer1019
K Groves1019
T Williams1019
G Capes1019
A & G Adams1019
M Lewis1019
S & R Clarke1019
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
FishShep & Partners851
G & J Al-Nasser831
I Weeks613
Huxley & Marchant504
G Carter435
J Rogers405
J Newall337
AR & TR Terheege337
Johnson & Chubb307
P Henson2210
B Anderson2210
P Merritt2210
S & J Gillan2110
R & M Miller2110
Fisher & Shepherdson2010
Widdowson & Wilson2010
D Hogg2010
Gilbert & Attwood2010
M Dean2010
W Palfrey2010
G Tuplin2010
G Smith2010
G Murrells2010
P White2010
The Holland Stud1125
G N Turner1125
D Farrimond1125
R Walker1125
D & J Faram1125
Roberts & Williams1125
M Bingham1125
M Gulley1125
B Granger1125
Jones & Hughes1125
J Johnson1125
M Chapman1125
B Reese1125
P & S Stevens1125
M A J Digby1125
M & D Walker1125
G Hickman1025
P Wood1025
F C & J McGovern1025
K Morrison1025
T & S Haywood1025
J Davis1025
G Ball1025
N Marsham1025
J Davies1025
S & J Blakey1025
J Wilson1025
J McLeman1025
J Cunningham1025
J Gambles1025
J Folly1025
B & F Mills1025
A Young1025
D & C White1025
R Brokenshire1025
T Neil1025
G Wallbutton1025
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke19171
G Ball522
G & J Al-Nasser513
Findlay & Flavell502
G Pringle415
D & L Rafis405
D Mullee405
A Shoosmith328
V A Rutter318
R & M Miller318
R Carson2311
G Guntrip2011
T Sadler2011
D Bruton1114
D C Bruton1114
S Smith1114
R Day1014
J Burton1014
Ellis & Prudue1014
C D & S Sharpe1014
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Folly911
F C & J McGovern662
C Thorne613=
S & R Clarke613=
P Hickton-Collins525
FishShep & Partners515
M Peel407
D Norman407
M Gulley339
I Thorogood329
J Cosby329
S Rich329
D Game309
W Orr2214
B Bruce2214
R Hooper2214
Findlay & Flavell2214
M Illsley2214
G & P Norris2114
M Chapman2014
G Tillson2014
J Smith2014
R J Hooper1123
A Brown1123
S & N Wildes1123
G Clarke1123
G French1123
M Gully1123
T McCrindle1023
D A Turner1023
D S Game1023
R Aplin1023
J Mitchell1023
P Reaney1023
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
AR & TR Terheege1651
FishShep & Partners1542
T & A Luke963
T Jackson434
A & D Woan414
A Andrews414
M Roberts404
R Steele338
D A Turner308
D & J Faram308
P Robinson308
J Folly308
M Bannister2213
D Norman2113
Archibald & Spencer2013
J Newall2013
A Edden2013
R Cozens1118
J & T Ross1118
R Campbell1118
P & T Dye1118
S & J Gillan1118
Fisher & Shepherdson1018
C Brickell1018
P Watts1018
R Aplin1018
A Piper1018
G Carter1018
G Corser1018
J Doyle1018
S & N Wildes1018
A Lovack1018
J Sweet1018
M Frost1018
A & G Adams1018
J Griffiths1018
J Sopp1018
G Pringle1018
C Hawkins1018
R Brokenshire1018
I Woolridge1018
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1101
S Platts502
AR & TR Terheege503=
J Newall503=
FishShep & Partners405
B & F Mills405
G Hughes307
G Ball307
M Freeborn209
B Reese209
R Cozens209
D Bush209
D Jukes209
M Bagnall209
Rogerson Brothers209
Humby Whitaker & Wright209
D S Game1017
Cooke & Rusted1017
S Gage1017
N Impey1017
J Burns1017
S Cowling1017
K Morrison1017
D Game1017
A Lovack1017
B Kasper1017
B Sweeting1017
G Walker1017
A Bird1017
B & L Hutt1017
D Starling1017
M Lewis1017
J Garratt1017
Johnson & Chubb1017
Pringle & Shepard1017
C Thorne1017
P White1017
R Boaler1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser501
N Watson402=
B Greenway402=
G Ball304
P & A Barber304
G Bowley304
J Newall304
T Jeffrey304
S Roberts209
C Potter209
C & M Snell209
S & N Wildes209
J Garratt209
Humby Whitaker & Wright209
S & R Clarke209
K Kinninmonth-Wicks1017
G Carter1017
J A Baker1017
A Perks1017
D & V Avo1017
T Jackson1017
R G Ward1017
Archibald & Spencer1017
H Woodrow1017
E Robertson1017
R Ramplin1017
G Paine1017
R M Simpson1017
G & A Moore1017
G Corser1017
M Freeborn1017
D & P Herring1017
G T Williams1017
Rogerson Brothers1017
Pringle & Shepard1017
R McCabe1017
FishShep & Partners1017
J Cosby1017
Sealey & Zeebroek1017
R Brokenshire1017
G Treneery1017
M Bagnall1017
Colour Budgerigars
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Williams1301
J Cosby1202
Findlay & Flavell603=
G & J Al-Nasser603=
C D & S Sharpe405
R Brokenshire405
L Rochester405
T & M Barfoot208
A Moreton109
S Cox109
A Bird109
M Roberts109
R Carson109
R Trebillcock109

2018 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.(except Pairs & Teams)

LEAGUE TABLE UPDATED 30th December 2018

Overall League Table
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege PartnershipTA1130631
T & A LukeTL1107462
G & J Al-NasserAA108866183
G CarterC503748274
A & D WoanWOAN145325
A PiperPC60739116
S RichR367136187
F C & J McGovernFCJM136107
P BarberB574435199
G & P NorrisN43835109
V WillsVW1322311
J CosbyC5099291312
J NewallN1708291212
G PringlePE38729912
J McLemanM580328315
J BurnsWB22271916
M BannisterB7370271116
D LeadbetterL308826918
Ellis & MatthewsNJM1241419
D GuppyDD2231420
Smith & PriceTER1231120
P WhiteW376623620
C ThorneCT1221423
Fisher, McCrindle & CampbellDF122723
G PainePE73121125
Widdowson & WilsonW5963191226
S & R ClarkeSRC119726
B ReeseR356319426
H & D HockadayHOCK118929
S & N WildesNIGE118729
G BallGBA1118329
R J & W BowkerBOWK517932
Huxley & MarchantPOTT517432
R NawarauckasRN117432
P MerrittM581817332
R WarrenderW4435161436
A HaynesH384316536
S PlattsPLAT116436
G & A MooreM468416336
O & S WilliamsW626215540
A & G AdamsADAM515440
Johnson & ChubbC576715240
Freakley & AinleyFA115240
S MagdzinskiM609214844
I WeeksWEEK514744
J & D FaramFC55714744
J & T RossJTR114544
R & M MillerMIL114544
S GageSGS1131349
T JacksonT2849131049
D SturzakerS584213849
A EddenANDY513549
R AplinRA4613349
G BowleyB268812554
I ThorogoodT281612254
J ScammellS691512254
D BurnettB505012054
Rogerson BrothersR180011658
M & K SpencerS703511658
R PaynePD17611558
R BrokenshireB628111458
G T WilliamsW428111358
J FollyFOLL111358
D A TurnerT87511158
P ReaneyR251411058
J BennB645210866
J BuickB720110366
M MiltonMM110266
Findlay & FlavellFB47610166
J A BakerB496710066
K LeedhamL183310066
R HooperRH19672
R SteeleS22259472
D NormanN17179272
W OrrWORR19272
A ThorpeAND19172
K MorrisonKIRK19172
M GulleyG37209172
A & C WoodW62718879
S & B SquiresS68888679
Thomas & WallTW18679
G HughesH56958579
Humby Whitaker & WrightH57298579
M LewisL28808479
K & B BateyB39608379
B TaylorT29938379
J EdwardsWAVE78379
H W & M HoughH25688279
G SimpsonS70938279
P & S StevensS69488179
Ellis & PurdueRAE18079
M HemingwayH51598079
J LeesLEE58079
G N TurnerGNT17495
T & S HaywoodTH1117395
P Hickton-CollinsPC17395
D SnellS61467295
D TuttyDT1007295
A LovackADY17195
R FernFS17195
C BrickellB71457195
J RogersR32887195
G MurrellsM33977095
C HickmanH552666105
R FordRHF466105
M FitchettFC58566105
G MorganM609366105
R WinsperRW264105
J ProtheroPD52563105
T JeffreyJ291963105
Heptinstall & WheelerIDH162105
J DixonJD262105
Jones Hughes & AckersJ279362105
K ShillingsS571562105
M RobertsR162105
T & P LeedhamL321561105
P WattsW399961105
K LewisL316661105
D HoggH228560105
J KilkennyK211555121
Swain & FordSUE254121
D & L RafisR369753121
J WrightonW626053121
F S & K EatwellFSK153121
Flintham & ClayFC55453121
D HartH601352121
A OliverO95652121
A MoretonMAD352121
D HussellH223552121
N BirdNICKY151121
J MooreM405951121
S & J GillanSJG151121
J LawrieL282251121
M FreebornFREB051121
P & T DyeD401351121
M & D WalkerMDW150121
McPhail & WilsonAYR150121
J MuirJM150121
B CloseBC250121
V ShorthouseS706545141
R NichollsN143544141
R HillH321843141
M HackerW143141
T Kinninmonth-WicksWK943141
N JohnsonTASH143141
A AndrewsAJA143141
S WestW610043141
G Williams#N/A43141
Cheatley & AlcornC570142141
S & L RobertsSJR142141
A WilkinsonW552642141
M HockeyH586142141
G MellorM420642141
S ClementsCW442141
D WhiteheadW600342141
J GarrattG381142141
Hutt & O’ReillyB365542141
S & J BlakeyB676642141
C HawkinsH407742141
D BushB458842141
T SadlerS545141141
R CozensC357941141
S CowlingC581441141
Clarke & PhillipsCAL941141
J ClarkC600641141
D BrutonB564741141
D HurfordH585641141
M FrostFB75441141
P & G PiddPE65941141
J BishopBISH141141
M BerryB468641141
M ChapmanVMC140141
A DuttonD292740141
M & N ArrowsmithAA177140141
R G WardW333340141
T BuckettB728840141
J SoppS653640141
R KeeberK136840141
J MitchellJIM540141
G SmithBUDG140141
R McCabeM397640141
R J AllenRJA133183
R TaylorWT133183
S GearyG391633183
M SmallS614533183
K TartT215133183
F WrightW273833183
M BriggsMJB132183
G WarrenW479232183
J MorrowM535332183
R StancliffeRS132183
T PopeCP132183
K BurnettKJB132183
G E ChadwickC595532183
Tuplin & EdwardsWAVE732183
S SmithS518131183
P RobinsonPR131183
A KellyARK131183
S SomervilleS702531183
G WincombW617631183
A ShoosmithS616731183
K WhiteW533131183
T ClarksonC355131183
J R JarvisJ295531183
D CritchlowC556631183
A BakerB547431183
K BarnesB741731183
F ThomasT230231183
N PhillipsNORMA131183
G TuplinGT130183
S BaileyB3430183
D DoltonD399130183
I & P FieldingIF130183
B SmithS543130183
D GameGAME130183
I StandleyS540930183
M & P FreemantleFA76730183
G LudlowL260630183
C D & S SharpeS693630183
P & M HarveyH453130183
A & M DigbyD406530183
Holland StudHB82622223
G HaleH542822223
B SweetingS555522223
R AllenRJA122223
Hutt & O’ReileyB365522223
C BowmanNB2122223
A StevensARN1322223
R SteeleS222521223
W MillerM368421223
B AndersonA62821223
P LoreyL317521223
G CapesGC121223
J PunchardP94821223
G SuttonS593921223
V SandsS707621223
S WilsonW608521223
Jones & HughesJ279321223
C ParsonsPC99921223
J & D LindseyL244821223
M SaundersMRS121223
R WattsWATT521223
R ThwaiteT283421223
A WhiteW548821223
L ThompsonT281421223
R RamplinR392221223
N CawleyC550121223
F ClemensC586221223
G AllenA94221223
J BowieB558921223
J T LundNL421223
J CoxC543621223
A PerksPE44120223
Napier & WhiteW548820223
C BalfourBAL420223
T & L JukesJUKE520223
A PricePE39220223
T BarkerB487820223
Jesson & BloxhamGJ120223
D CollinsC601620223
J ThorogoodT281620223
S StirlingS692720223
C McDonaldM538920223
P RedfordNR3820223
K FeatherstoneKF420223
D HarrisonH515320223
G CorserLC50820223
A DukeLMD5120223
R TickleT261820223
N BeeversB582620223
W PalfreyWAP120223
D RobertsR275520223
W & M HoughH256820223
R DayD364020223
K GrovesG308720223
J & D BuchanB734520223
D MulleeM503320223
D & P HerringH136720223
G ClarkeNC2120223
B & K ScottS720223
K SykesKS1120223
P LeaL280520223
M & A DigbyD486520223
D HarrisH497520223
Mr & Mrs T BarfootB746611286
S SandersonS648711286
Z JohnsonZOE111286
R StaigS399011286
D StarlingDS111286
K FewlassFC45011286
K ShorthouseS706511286
P HensonPEL411286
F PercyPE75911286
D PagePE26911286
C & L DaileyCLD111286
Mr & Mrs R WhatleyW465311286
L RochesterR409611286
Gilbert & AttwoodG319211286
Gilbert & KnapmanK211311286
G TillsonT258511286
P SmithS650811286
D & V AvoAVO111286
S MurdockM575511286
A McKendrickASM111286
D BlackB608411286
S WhiteW548811286
The Holland StudHB82611286
A ParkerPE75411286
G GormleyG386911286
W ThorogoodWEND111286
B GreenwayMBG111286
J WessonW622311286
M StringerS669511286
M StrongS711211286
J & L McGeehamJLM111286
D QuineyQ8211286
Forbes & BarrettFB111286
A DuckD402311286
P BakerB748811286
M GeorgeG389811286
S LambertL232811286
G CarrCARR111286
D MoffatLMJD711286
C SuttonS687611286
S LevittL327011286
S & S CowlingC581411286
T GaurG389511286
J AshbyJDA110286
N ClarkC547610286
C & M SnellSNE1110286
A & N MichaelMICA110286
G WhittingtonW622810286
N R PorterPE20010286
S CoxC356410286
C BrutonCB110286
W & K AitkenBKA9210286
B BruceB701610286
Julien & YuleJY110286
S KinninmonthK208310286
G JacksonJACK010286
J A JarvisJ295510286
J StainforthJOE210286
B HewittH601810286
A ShillingsS571510286
M BakerB543410286
W & H BienWHB110286
A ThomsonT331010286
R CampbellRC4710286
A WatsonW620510286
P WoodPW8110286
W PeacockPE66510286
T CampbellTC4610286
J WilsonW470910286
J DavisD340710286
M A & J DigbyD406510286
D MartinM595810286
D RandellR210286
T RossRO5510286
S OrmerodO111310286
J BuckB720110286
H WindWIND110286
S RobertsSJR110286
G StonesGFS110286
N WheatleyW616710286
G McMillanGEM110286
D MossM588210286
R MarstonM546010286
S WarringtonSW2910286
T WilliamsTIM110286
P TaplinT312810286
D BruceJTR110286
T KellowK204110286
M HemmingwayWH1810286
M WoodfieldMICK210286
S AdamsA97210286
T LewisL208810286
D BarnsBA33810286
M CassonCAS110286
M ThompsonMHT110286
Pringle & SheperdS364210286
P MessengerM269210286
J Le MarquandL314810286
D SwannS528910286
D JukesJ296010286
W BaileyB516610286
P McHaleM548110286
C MarshM367810286
E EasdonE206410286
J HillH534410286
Horton & JamesH547510286
K BrockwellKB110286
Attwood & GilbertG319210286
K CocksC588110286
F BremnerB729110286
G JenkinsMG110286
M ThomsonMHT110286
Neilson & SteeleN170110286
B ForbesBF710286
M BagnallMB12310286
M MansfieldM604310286
E KissaneK212610286
S TownTOWN110286
J SpencerS674610286
B & K AitkenBKA9210286
B SpendleyS708510286
F PilbeamPE70910286
P HardenPH110286
J WheelerW626510286
J SmithS692210286
F OckerbyO113910286
A J PearsonYP4410286
R BostockB718810286
K & V ShorthouseS706510286
N CarmanC478910286
M SimpsonS700510286
A BrooksB671410286
Light Greens
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Carter1021
Terheege Partnership802
G T Williams703
S Rich634
A Lovack624
Smith & Price406
M Milton327
H & D Hockaday317
Hutt & O’Reilly317
T Buckett307
T & A Luke2211
G & A Moore2211
S Gage2111
D Hurford2011
A Piper2011
Huxley & Marchant2011
P White2011
B Reese2011
Ellis & Matthews1119
J Moore1119
J & D Faram1119
Hutt & O’Reiley1119
N Bird1119
J Ashby1019
P Robinson1019
Freakley & Ainley1019
W Peacock1019
T Barker1019
P & G Pidd1019
G Smith1019
K Lewis1019
A Andrews1019
J Edwards1019
D Hogg1019
J Punchard1019
J Scammell1019
A & C Wood1019
D Burnett1019
I Standley1019
R Ramplin1019
R & M Miller1019
S Clements1019
Rogerson Brothers1019
P Barber1019
D Leadbetter1019
N Johnson1019
V Wills1019
F Clemens1019
Dark Factor Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership631
J Burns552
F C & J McGovern433
G Carter423
Ellis & Matthews403
J Scammell403
S Gage337
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell337
B Reese327
T & S Haywood317
S & B Squires317
J A Baker307
A Edden2213
J & D Faram2213
F Wright2213
V Wills2213
M Briggs2113
A & D Woan2113
B Close2113
J Buick2013
Freakley & Ainley2013
Jesson & Bloxham2013
K Featherstone2013
R Winsper2013
G Ludlow2013
P White2013
D Leadbetter2013
A Piper1128
S Platts1128
J McLeman1128
D Moffat1128
G T Williams1128
N Bird1028
D Hurford1028
A Wilkinson1028
T Campbell1028
G Stones1028
T Williams1028
J & D Lindsey1028
J Bishop1028
J Lawrie1028
J Le Marquand1028
J Edwards1028
K Groves1028
R Stancliffe1028
D Guppy1028
F Bremner1028
J Benn1028
Jones Hughes & Ackers1028
S Smith1028
Tuplin & Edwards1028
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke831
R J & W Bowker632
A & D Woan543
R Fern503
Terheege Partnership445
V Wills445
P White405
G Ball318
A Piper318
R Steele318
T Jeffrey318
S Rich318
D Burnett308
P Barber2214
H & D Hockaday2214
T Clarkson2114
K Lewis2114
Rogerson Brothers2014
J McLeman2014
R & M Miller2014
J Folly2014
P & S Stevens2014
A Haynes1123
G Tuplin1123
Jones & Hughes1123
J Edwards1123
B Sweeting1123
K Burnett1123
Heptinstall & Wheeler1123
K Tart1123
J Benn1123
Smith & Price1123
R Steele1023
M Hacker1023
M Frost1023
R Nawarauckas1023
J Moore1023
J Wilson1023
Widdowson & Wilson1023
S & J Gillan1023
N Wheatley1023
R Marston1023
D Leadbetter1023
W Palfrey1023
P Reaney1023
P Merritt1023
Horton & James1023
Attwood & Gilbert1023
J & T Ross1023
J Newall1023
G Smith1023
G T Williams1023
P Harden1023
T & P Leedham1023
M & A Digby1023
Dark Factor Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke901
G & J Al-Nasser602
J Newall553
V Wills553
A Haynes513
K Leedham406
A Wilkinson227
R Ford227
R Nicholls227
Ellis & Matthews227
S & J Blakey227
A Edden227
R Steele217
G Mellor217
D Norman207
Smith & Price207
P Barber207
T & L Jukes207
S & J Gillan207
A Piper207
R Staig1121
J & T Ross1121
S & B Squires1121
D Hurford1121
J Dixon1121
J Prothero1121
Swain & Ford1121
D & V Avo1121
J Benn1121
R Stancliffe1121
T Pope1121
M & K Spencer1121
S Rich1121
S Gage1121
G Carr1121
T & P Leedham1121
D Hussell1121
J Clark1021
S Bailey1021
A & D Woan1021
P Reaney1021
J Edwards1021
J Bishop1021
M Freeborn1021
J Sopp1021
T Jackson1021
K Cocks1021
R Thwaite1021
Neilson & Steele1021
G Smith1021
N Bird1021
R McCabe1021
B Reese1021
Rogerson Brothers1021
J A Baker1021
P Merritt1021
D Leadbetter1021
Dark Factor Specialist & Rare Shows
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Prothero111
A Piper111
A & D Woan111
D & L Rafis101
P Watts101
Julien & Yule101
Terheege Partnership101
D Game101
J A Baker101
J Cosby101
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership701
Huxley & Marchant622
D Burnett503
J McLeman424
H & D Hockaday414
G & A Moore404
R Ford337
M Small337
A & D Woan327
A Piper327
G Murrells307
V Wills307
Widdowson & Wilson2313
A Andrews2213
R & M Miller2213
J Edwards2113
F Thomas2113
S Bailey2013
D Collins2013
T & S Haywood1120
Ellis & Matthews1120
R J & W Bowker1120
Thomas & Wall1120
G Sutton1120
G Hughes1120
Smith & Price1120
J Folly1120
F Clemens1120
C Bowman1120
C Hickman1120
D Bush1120
B Reese1120
C Thorne1120
McPhail & Wilson1020
F C & J McGovern1020
D Martin1020
V Sands1020
G McMillan1020
J Bishop1020
M Milton1020
P Merritt1020
W Bailey1020
D A Turner1020
K & B Batey1020
R Fern1020
S Stirling1020
N Cawley1020
K Sykes1020
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich901
T & A Luke832
G Carter773
D Leadbetter514
F C & J McGovern415
Huxley & Marchant415
S Platts405
Smith & Price405
G Paine405
A Piper3110
Freakley & Ainley3010
S & N Wildes3010
C Hickman2213
R J & W Bowker2213
R Taylor2213
G Morgan2213
P Barber2213
G & P Norris2213
A Edden2113
J Lawrie2113
R & M Miller2113
J McLeman2013
A & D Woan2013
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1124
G Mellor1124
R Steele1124
V Wills1124
J Newall1124
J & L McGeeham1124
J Bowie1124
R Fern1124
S West1124
Tuplin & Edwards1124
McPhail & Wilson1024
J Davis1024
H Wind1024
J Edwards1024
Thomas & Wall1024
T Clarkson1024
T Jeffrey1024
A Haynes1024
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1101
Terheege Partnership752
J Benn333
I Weeks333
R Warrender333
Flintham & Clay333
Freakley & Ainley313
R Aplin303
J McLeman303
G Murrells303
J & D Faram303
M Freeborn303
K & B Batey2213
A & D Woan2213
Swain & Ford2213
N Bird2013
K Morrison2013
I Standley2013
J Rogers2013
P Henson1120
M Fitchett1120
P Robinson1120
G Tillson1120
R Ford1120
J Newall1120
G Morgan1120
S Geary1120
J Scammell1120
A Baker1120
R J & W Bowker1120
C Bowman1120
S & B Squires1120
C & M Snell1020
G Whittington1020
G Jackson1020
A Thomson1020
J Lees1020
M Hemingway1020
C Balfour1020
R Payne1020
I Thorogood1020
C Parsons1020
S Platts1020
S Adams1020
Pringle & Sheperd1020
M & N Arrowsmith1020
J & D Buchan1020
A Haynes1020
F Ockerby1020
P & M Harvey1020
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke811
G Carter772
A & D Woan663
R Warrender663
P Barber633
R Nawarauckas506
V Wills447
S Clements338
T & P Leedham308
J & D Faram308
G Paine308
R Winsper2212
R Hill2112
K Burnett2112
F C & J McGovern2012
M & N Arrowsmith2012
D Leadbetter2012
R McCabe2012
N Clark1119
R Hooper1119
J R Jarvis1119
B Sweeting1119
J Benn1119
S Geary1119
C Sutton1119
J Clark1019
J Buick1019
M Milton1019
G Murrells1019
A Wilkinson1019
D Randell1019
H & D Hockaday1019
D Burnett1019
D Whitehead1019
A Lovack1019
E Easdon1019
A Edden1019
G Jenkins1019
B Forbes1019
M Bagnall1019
D Norman1019
B & K Scott1019
A J Pearson1019
R Brokenshire1019
P & M Harvey1019
A Moreton1019
A Brooks1019
Normal Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke13131
Terheege Partnership1022
R Payne423
G Carter413
J & T Ross403
J Burns336
P Barber336
D Snell316
F C & J McGovern306
P Merritt306
J Newall306
G E Chadwick2212
M Fitchett2212
D Harrison2012
J Folly2012
D Tutty2012
Heptinstall & Wheeler2012
K Leedham2012
K Fewlass1119
D Page1119
J Edwards1119
Smith & Price1119
J Bishop1119
T Pope1119
S Rich1119
R Thwaite1119
C Parsons1119
J Wrighton1119
M Berry1119
N Phillips1119
R Nicholls1119
A Edden1119
S & B Squires1119
Tuplin & Edwards1119
N R Porter1019
C Bruton1019
McPhail & Wilson1019
Freakley & Ainley1019
J Benn1019
Widdowson & Wilson1019
T Barker1019
R J & W Bowker1019
D Hussell1019
P Redford1019
W Palfrey1019
D Swann1019
P McHale1019
P Reaney1019
A Dutton1019
N Carman1019
K Lewis1019
G Paine1019
Normal Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
H & D Hockaday621
P Barber522
A Edden512
P Merritt502
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell405
G & J Al-Nasser405
S Rich337
Ellis & Matthews337
R Payne317
T & A Luke317
J McLeman307
B Smith307
A Piper307
Terheege Partnership307
R Winsper2215
D Sturzaker2215
G Warren2215
D Norman2215
K Morrison2115
R & M Miller2115
F C & J McGovern2015
P Reaney2015
J R Jarvis2015
R Warrender2015
M Bannister2015
I Weeks1126
G Capes1126
Gilbert & Attwood1126
R Steele1126
D Black1126
B Greenway1126
K Tart1126
V Sands1126
F Wright1126
S Levitt1126
J Cox1126
A Haynes1026
J A Jarvis1026
R J & W Bowker1026
C Balfour1026
P Watts1026
D Hussell1026
G E Chadwick1026
P Hickton-Collins1026
Heptinstall & Wheeler1026
D Snell1026
M Milton1026
Flintham & Clay1026
J Muir1026
G N Turner1026
R Bostock1026
Humby Whitaker & Wright1026
A Baker1026
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1581
Terheege Partnership1112
R Aplin633
P Barber633
R Warrender555
J Newall416
T & S Haywood337
A Piper337
K & B Batey317
Smith & Price307
J Benn2211
S West2211
J Moore2011
A Price2011
D Roberts2011
J Punchard1116
A & D Woan1116
S Sanderson1116
A Andrews1116
A Haynes1116
D Snell1116
M Bannister1116
R Hooper1116
W Miller1016
G Warren1016
I Thorogood1016
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1016
B Anderson1016
J Folly1016
J & D Faram1016
K Lewis1016
R McCabe1016
M Thompson1016
P Merritt1016
P Reaney1016
M Thomson1016
K Morrison1016
E Kissane1016
B & K Scott1016
R Payne1016
J Bowie1016
N Phillips1016
G Sutton1016
M & A Digby1016
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Gage771
F C & J McGovern721
G Ball523
S Cowling414
A Piper414
Ellis & Purdue404
G & P Norris404
M Bannister328
D A Turner308
G & J Al-Nasser308
D Dolton308
J Scammell308
S & L Roberts2213
G Bowley2113
T Kinninmonth-Wicks2113
M Hockey2113
D Hussell2113
P & T Dye2113
J T Lund2113
R Hill2013
G Wincomb2013
J Garratt2013
G N Turner2013
G Simpson2013
R Steele1125
D Whitehead1125
Swain & Ford1125
V Shorthouse1125
W Orr1125
Hutt & O’Reiley1125
R Steele1125
Thomas & Wall1125
S & N Wildes1125
R Hooper1125
J Wesson1125
R Ramplin1125
M George1125
J & D Lindsey1125
S & S Cowling1125
S Kinninmonth1025
M & K Spencer1025
S Warrington1025
D Critchlow1025
S Cox1025
P Messenger1025
R Watts1025
D & P Herring1025
N Phillips1025
P Lea1025
A Baker1025
P Hickton-Collins1025
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
M Bannister1421
Smith & Price782
A Piper603
S & N Wildes514
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell504
F C & J McGovern426
J Newall406
P Merritt338
G & J Al-Nasser328
G Bowley318
A Kelly318
J Mitchell308
J & T Ross2213
P Barber2213
J Garratt2213
J Buick2213
A Stevens2213
T Sadler2113
M Hockey2113
R G Ward2013
Freakley & Ainley2013
G Simpson2013
P & T Dye2013
G Hale1124
Terheege Partnership1124
J Wrighton1124
R Cozens1124
G Wincomb1124
D Whitehead1124
C & L Dailey1124
D Quiney1124
T Kinninmonth-Wicks1124
G N Turner1124
R Campbell1024
P Taplin1024
T Lewis1024
Hutt & O’Reilly1024
Thomas & Wall1024
J Spencer1024
J Wheeler1024
P Lea1024
P Hickton-Collins1024
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1471
G Pringle1232
G & J Al-Nasser953
S Magdzinski634
P White505
B Taylor426
M & D Walker416
Humby Whitaker & Wright328
M Lewis328
J Lees308
M Fitchett2211
A & G Adams2211
J A Baker2011
C Brickell2011
A Shoosmith2011
I Thorogood2011
S Somerville1017
J Thorogood1017
S Ormerod1017
C McDonald1017
G Corser1017
K White1017
M Saunders1017
R Day1017
W Orr1017
R Cozens1017
M Berry1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1561
G Pringle712
T Jackson673
S Magdzinski643
P White555
M Lewis525
C Brickell515
J Lees408
D Guppy329
W Orr309
B Taylor309
S Somerville2112
K White2112
J A Baker2012
I Thorogood2012
M Roberts2012
M & P Freemantle2012
M Saunders1118
G Gormley1118
M Fitchett1118
J Morrow1118
J Cosby1018
M & D Walker1018
J Thorogood1018
C McDonald1018
R Cozens1018
R Day1018
J Smith1018
Crest / Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & G Adams701
R Brokenshire612
Widdowson & Wilson533
F S & K Eatwell533
R Hooper523
J Dixon513
G & J Al-Nasser437
Cheatley & Alcorn427
V Shorthouse349
Humby Whitaker & Wright339
C Hawkins319
D Bruton309
M & K Spencer309
G T Williams2214
S & N Wildes2214
O & S Williams2114
Findlay & Flavell2114
S & R Clarke2014
M Hemingway2014
G Clarke2014
K Shorthouse1121
M Stringer1121
P Baker1121
S Smith1121
T Gaur1121
B Hewitt1021
M Baker1021
J Morrow1021
J Hill1021
M Mansfield1021
B Spendley1021
M Berry1021
K & V Shorthouse1021
P & M Harvey1021
Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Leadbetter871
G Carter821
D Sturzaker723
G Paine604
A Piper604
D Hogg506
J Newall506
R Nawarauckas448
J McLeman408
H W & M Hough408
M Milton408
A & D Woan3312
B Close3212
P & G Pidd3112
Thomas & Wall2215
Widdowson & Wilson2215
J & D Faram2215
G & A Moore2215
R Payne2215
K & B Batey2015
J Lawrie2015
S & J Blakey2015
A & C Wood1123
R J & W Bowker1123
S Geary1123
P Smith1123
R Nicholls1123
J Burns1123
H & D Hockaday1123
G Hale1123
J Folly1123
Gilbert & Knapman1123
J Buick1023
A Shillings1023
P White1023
K Shillings1023
P Redford1023
A Dutton1023
W & M Hough1023
Flintham & Clay1023
K Brockwell1023
G Ludlow1023
F Thomas1023
P Hickton-Collins1023
B Reese1023
V Wills1023
Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
B Reese701
Ellis & Matthews612
T & A Luke553
J Burns553
D Leadbetter513
D Sturzaker446
Terheege Partnership416
G & J Al-Nasser406
J McLeman406
Widdowson & Wilson3410
Rogerson Brothers3110
F C & J McGovern3010
A Thorpe3010
Holland Stud2214
A Oliver2214
J Folly2114
G & A Moore2014
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell2014
R Keeber2014
R Nawarauckas2014
P & S Stevens2014
A Perks2014
A Duke2014
R Tickle2014
G & P Norris2014
R Cozens1126
Freakley & Ainley1126
R Hooper1126
G Morgan1126
J Clark1126
J & D Faram1126
J Newall1126
D Starling1126
R J & W Bowker1126
A Piper1126
S & B Squires1126
S Rich1126
L Thompson1126
S Platts1026
Clarke & Phillips1026
J Stainforth1026
J Moore1026
J Mitchell1026
P Watts1026
D Barns1026
W & M Hough1026
G Simpson1026
P White1026
R & M Miller1026
D Norman1026
K Lewis1026
T & P Leedham1026
K Sykes1026
Heptinstall & Wheeler1026
Double Factor Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Burns1141
A & C Wood662
G & P Norris632
V Wills632
A Thorpe612
G & A Moore602
R Nawarauckas507
Ellis & Matthews448
Widdowson & Wilson418
J & T Ross408
P Barber408
C Thorne3312
P Watts3112
R J & W Bowker3012
G Ball3012
P Reaney3012
B Reese3012
J Newall2218
Rogerson Brothers2218
Terheege Partnership2118
H W & M Hough2118
A Dutton2018
Clarke & Phillips2018
D Burnett2018
S & L Roberts2018
K Shillings1126
Mr & Mrs R Whatley1126
F C & J McGovern1126
R Stancliffe1126
The Holland Stud1126
W Thorogood1126
M Freeborn1126
S & B Squires1126
P White1026
S Roberts1026
T Kellow1026
D Jukes1026
S West1026
S Town1026
D Bush1026
J Cox1026
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership1181
T & A Luke852
S Platts822
G Carter754
S Rich744
A Haynes666
I Weeks417
K Morrison407
K Leedham407
A Moreton3210
J Buick3010
G Paine3010
G N Turner2213
T Jeffrey2213
D Hart2213
G & P Norris2113
M Frost2013
McPhail & Wilson2013
G Ball2013
D Snell2013
V Wills2013
R G Ward2013
J Scammell2013
Heptinstall & Wheeler1124
B Anderson1124
Huxley & Marchant1124
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1124
S Lambert1124
P White1124
F C & J McGovern1024
G Mellor1024
Freakley & Ainley1024
J Buck1024
S Wilson1024
S & J Gillan1024
M Woodfield1024
T Pope1024
D & P Herring1024
J McLeman1024
G Capes1024
A & G Adams1024
B Reese1024
D Leadbetter1024
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership18101
G & P Norris1752
Johnson & Chubb1223
J Prothero414
Ellis & Purdue404
S & N Wildes336
J Cosby326
T Jackson316
A & G Adams306
I & P Fielding306
A Oliver306
M & K Spencer2312
Thomas & Wall2212
Rogerson Brothers2212
Ellis & Matthews2112
Napier & White2012
M Hemingway2012
M Briggs1118
R Taylor1118
Forbes & Barrett1118
C Hawkins1118
M Roberts1118
A & N Michael1018
B Bruce1018
W & H Bien1018
A Watson1018
D Moss1018
M Hemmingway1018
C Marsh1018
K Groves1018
A White1018
M Berry1018
S Smith1018
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership961
G & J Al-Nasser712
J Rogers513
G Hughes444
Huxley & Marchant404
I Weeks404
J Muir404
J McLeman404
D Guppy339
G Simpson329
V Wills329
D Hart309
P & S Stevens309
Johnson & Chubb309
A & G Adams2215
C Hickman2215
M Chapman2115
D Critchlow2115
H W & M Hough2115
P Barber2115
G Tuplin2015
R Keeber2015
A & D Woan2015
P Merritt2015
Ellis & Matthews1125
S & J Gillan1125
S Rich1125
A McKendrick1125
J Buick1125
A Parker1125
J Newall1125
G N Turner1125
S & R Clarke1125
A Duck1125
S Platts1125
J Clark1025
G Carter1025
T Buckett1025
Jones Hughes & Ackers1025
M A & J Digby1025
T Ross1025
G Corser1025
Jones & Hughes1025
G Smith1025
D Whitehead1025
A Piper1025
M Casson1025
Widdowson & Wilson1025
P White1025
J & D Buchan1025
R & M Miller1025
J Scammell1025
R Brokenshire1025
L Thompson1025
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke1561
G Pringle1052
C Thorne773
G Ball504
R J Allen335
D & L Rafis325
Findlay & Flavell305
G & J Al-Nasser305
R Allen229
P Lorey219
T Sadler219
N Beevers209
D Mullee209
R & M Miller209
A Shoosmith1116
D Bruton1116
K Barnes1116
M Roberts1116
A Moreton1016
J A Baker1016
Humby Whitaker & Wright1016
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Cosby1051
C Thorne922
I Thorogood623
M Gulley613
G Bowley545
G Paine416
F C & J McGovern416
D A Turner416
W ORR416
S Rich406
P Hickton-Collins3311
Terheege Partnership3211
D Norman3011
R Aplin3011
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell3011
J & T Ross2216
N Johnson2216
G & P Norris2116
D Game2016
Findlay & Flavell2016
P Reaney2016
M Chapman2016
J Folly2016
K Barnes2016
W Miller1126
J Morrow1126
S White1126
A White1126
S & N Wildes1026
Swain & Ford1026
M Hemingway1026
D Tutty1026
Lacewings (S & RV)
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership321
J Sopp102
M & K Spencer102
M Hemingway102
M & N Arrowsmith102
M Simpson102
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1651
A & D Woan1072
Terheege Partnership1052
M Bannister764
J Kilkenny555
M Hacker336
T Jackson326
M & K Spencer326
S & N Wildes306
D A Turner306
M Gulley306
D Guppy2212
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell2212
G Bowley2012
J Sopp2012
S Wilson1116
M Frost1116
Clarke & Phillips1116
R Watts1116
Z Johnson1116
N Cawley1116
K Tart1116
P & S Stevens1116
P Robinson1016
R Aplin1016
P Wood1016
S Stirling1016
H & D Hockaday1016
D Bruce1016
N Johnson1016
M & P Freemantle1016
R Steele1016
J Newall1016
W & K Aitken1016
B & K Aitken1016
J Cosby1016
Colour Budgerigars
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Cosby1261
O & S Williams1242
G & J Al-Nasser823
Terheege Partnership444
R Brokenshire335
Findlay & Flavell305
C D & S Sharpe305
G Allen218
M Roberts208
Mr & Mrs T Barfoot1111
F Percy1111
L Rochester1111
S Murdock1111
D & L Rafis1111
M Roberts (G Walberton)1011
F Pilbeam1011
G Wallbutton1011
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
V Wills801
Rogerson Brothers502
G & J Al-Nasser303
O & S Williams303
J Newall303
Humby Whitaker & Wright303
S & R Clarke303
G Paine303
D Leadbetter209
G Ball209
D Page209
P Merritt209
Pringle & Sheperd209
S & N Wildes209
D Jukes209
Terheege Partnership209
S Sanderson1017
G Sealey1017
Jones Hughes & Ackers1017
S Cox1017
W & K Aitken1017
Julien & Yule1017
D Starling1017
C Balfour1017
I Weeks1017
G Sutton1017
J Prothero1017
C Thorne1017
Freakley & Ainley1017
S Gage1017
R M Simpson1017
Jones & Hughes1017
J Benn1017
D Game1017
J Garatt1017
R Cozens1017
J & D Lindsey1017
A Evans1017
N R Porter1017
R Watts1017
G & A Moore1017
A Price1017
K Morrison1017
Melvin & Harper1017
L Thompson1017
G T Williams1017
B & K Aitken1017
G Carter1017
R McCabe1017
J Wheeler1017
D Dyson1017
R Boaler1017
A Haynes1017
T Williams1017
D Bush1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
P Barber601
G & J Al-Nasser502
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell502
G Ball404
S & N Wildes404
S & R Clarke404
J Newall307
Rogerson Brothers307
M & K Spencer209
D Starling209
T Jeffrey209
J Garratt209
J Cosby1014
D Evans1014
A Perks1014
D & J Browne1014
G T Williams1014
Z Johnson1014
S & L Roberts1014
A Benton1014
C & L Dailey1014
S Roberts1014
T & L Jukes1014
Julien & Yule1014
C Randall1014
J Sweet1014
R Nicholls1014
J A Baker1014
G Carter1014
S & J Blakey1014
V Wills1014
J Doyle1014
D & P Herring1014
S Kinninmonth1014
B & K Aitken1014
G Simpson1014
R McCabe1014
K Barnes1014
S Sanderson1014
A Haynes1014
R Brokenshire1014
G Sealey1014
Humby Whitaker & Wright1014
L Thompson1014

2019 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.(except Pairs & Teams)

LEAGUE TABLE UPDATED 24th December 2019

Light Greens
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich1111
A & D Woan512
Smith & Price502
P Barber404
D Burnett404
A Piper404
J Wrighton404
G Carter308
Huxley & Marchant308
G T Williams308
A Lovack308
J Scammell308
J Burns308
J Benn2114
Shepherdson & Adamson2014
P Robinson2014
The Terheege Partnership2014
Newall & Black2014
G Paine2014
R Tickle2014
F C & J McGovern2014
I Thorogood2014
P Reaney1023
M & D Walker1023
S & B Squires1023
R Watkins1023
J & D Faram1023
P Wood1023
J & D Buchan1023
T & A Luke1023
J Lawrie1023
R Nicholls1023
D Leadbetter1023
J Ashby1023
G Smith1023
G Bowley1023
T Buckett1023
S Clements1023
T & S Haywood1023
Rogerson Brothers1023
B Toon1023
K Burnett1023
N Bird1023
B Reese1023
F Wright1023
K Lewis1023
Dark Factor Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Buick801
The Terheege Partnership712
I Weeks663
G Carter524
B Close514
F C & J McGovern446
Jones Hughes & Ackers406
D Tutty406
D Hart339
N Bird339
K & T Walker2211
C Hickman2211
T & P Leedham2211
A Dutton2111
A & G Adams2111
S & J Gillan2011
J & D Lindsey2011
A & D Woan2011
J Lawrie2011
R Campbell2011
G T Williams2011
P White2011
R G Ward1123
R Nicholls1123
R Sutton1123
T & S Haywood1123
Julien & Yule1123
B K & A Scott1123
A Piper1123
A Moreton1123
P Barber1123
Newall & Black1123
J A Baker1023
T Kinninmonth-Wicks1023
S & B Squires1023
P Redford1023
S Kinninmonth1023
W Bailey1023
B Reese1023
T Neil1023
R Nawarauckas1023
Briggs & Williams1023
Z & H Johnson1023
D & V Avo1023
Gilbert & Knapman1023
J Burns1023
D Ham1023
Tuplin & Edwards1023
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
The Terheege Partnership1151
A & D Woan512
J Burns443
F C & J McGovern423
Newall & Black423
A & G Adams403
P Barber337
J Benn327
D Leadbetter307
P Merritt307
R Nawarauckas307
S Rich2212
A Moreton2212
R Tickle2112
Tuplin & Edwards2112
K Lewis2112
R & M Miller2112
K Burnett2112
P White2012
T & S Haywood2012
Gilbert & Knapman2012
J Gillan2012
D Burnett2012
S Wilson1124
Jones Hughes & Ackers1124
J Scammell1124
G Morgan1124
I Weeks1124
C Bonnett1124
J & T Ross1124
Briggs & Williams1124
J Bowey1124
I Standley1124
G Capes1024
Heptinstall & Wheeler1024
C Hickman1024
J Bishop1024
N Wheatley1024
R Allen1024
D Hurford1024
J Le Marquand1024
N Bird1024
G Smith1024
S Clements1024
D Norman1024
R Fern1024
D Rowell1024
I & S Ainley1024
G Carter1024
P Reaney1024
L Pennick1024
T Jeffrey1024
D Swann1024
P & M Harvey1024
R Townsend1024
J Folly1024
S & J Gillan1024
Dark Factor Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
N Bird1201
P White622
The Terheege Partnership443
P Merritt403
J Wrighton335
F C & J McGovern315
K & T Walker315
A Haynes305
B Reese305
Jones Hughes & Ackers305
A & D Woan2211
Ellis & Purdue2211
S Bailey2111
S & J Gillan2011
T & L Jukes2011
D Hurford2011
J Gillan2011
D & P Herring2011
G T Williams1119
G D Quiney1119
M Strong1119
B Sweeting1119
R Warrender1119
R Cozens1119
T & S Haywood1119
T Kinninmonth-Wicks1119
Z & H Johnson1119
T Pope1119
I & S Ainley1119
A Dicker1119
P Barber1119
H Wind1119
F Clemens1119
T & P Leedham1119
R Nicholls1119
J Ginge1119
L & S Devaney1019
G Smith1019
R McGlynn1019
I Voce1019
R & M Miller1019
A McPhail1019
G Carter1019
A Edden1019
K & B Batey1019
M Freeborn1019
E Spenceley1019
D Forbes1019
M Jarrold1019
Rogerson Brothers1019
Julien & Yule1019
J & T Ross1019
S & J Blakey1019
G Carr1019
R Redden1019
K Shillings1019
Dark Factor Specialist & Rare Shows
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris201
D & L Rafis201
S & R Clarke113
R Ford113
Julien & Yule103
D Game103
D Whitehead103
J Prothero103
J Cosby103
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
The Terheege Partnership12101
A & D Woan932
J Scammell653
F C & J McGovern424
B Reese424
G Carter336
D Leadbetter336
R & M Miller316
R Ford306
J Davies306
S Bailey306
Tuplin & Edwards2212
I & S Ainley2212
Newall & Black2212
F Wright2212
D Bush2212
D Collins2012
Huxley & Marchant2012
M Small2012
D Tutty2012
P Barber1121
T & S Haywood1121
C & K Bellows1121
T & A Luke1121
J & T Ross1121
S Geary1121
K Tart1121
J Gambles1121
P Reaney1121
A Lovack1121
P White1121
J Ginge1121
D Sturzaker1021
A McPhail1021
R Fern1021
F Thomas1021
D Burnett1021
Thomas & Wall1021
B Smith1021
J McLeman1021
P Redford1021
P Robinson1021
F Clemens1021
K Leedham1021
Ulyatt & Warman1021
Smith & Price1021
M Kiff1021
G T Williams1021
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich811
A & D Woan811
J Burns663
F C & J McGovern643
D Tutty555
I & S Ainley515
S Platts427
C Hickman407
D Leadbetter407
J Lawrie407
R Staig3311
H Wind3111
J McLeman3011
J Scammell3011
A Piper3011
D Burnett3011
K Lewis2217
A Thorpe2217
G Morgan2217
P Barber2017
Smith & Price2017
W Bailey2017
J Moir1123
T & A Luke1123
R Sutton1123
K Cocks1123
P Merritt1123
M Gulley1123
N Bird1123
J Stainforth1023
R McGlynn1023
B Greenway1023
Huxley & Marchant1023
G Mellor1023
G Carter1023
A Young1023
J & T Ross1023
K Tart1023
Rogerson Brothers1023
P Watts1023
G Murrells1023
J Folly1023
T & P Leedham1023
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
N Bird771
K Cocks662
T & A Luke612
I Weeks602
A & D Woan445
A Lovack445
N fawcett405
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell338
P & T Dye338
The Terheege Partnership318
A Edden308
J McLeman308
P Robinson308
M Frost308
F C & J McGovern2215
R Warrender2215
W & K Aitken2215
R Winsper2215
J & T Ross2215
Flintham, Clay & Crow2015
M Freeborn2015
R Marston2015
A Perks1123
R J Allen1123
Shepherdson & Adamson1123
S & B Squires1123
M Barber1123
P Barber1023
F Ockerby1023
R Payne1023
S Adams1023
B Sweeting1023
R Aplin1023
A Easdon1023
J & D Faram1023
O Staples1023
M Freakley1023
M Chapman1023
R Ford1023
R Millan1023
K & B Batey1023
G Murrells1023
I Standley1023
N Beevers1023
S Platts1023
J & D Lindsey1023
I Wooldridge1023
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke611
G Carter601
R Warrender433
F C & J McGovern413
R Nawarauckas403
S Adams336
N Bird336
D Leadbetter326
Heptinstall & Wheeler316
J Buick316
S Geary306
Jones Hughes & Ackers306
T Jackson2213
I Weeks2213
K Cocks2213
Smith & Price2213
A & D Woan2113
P Barber2013
The Terheege Partnership2013
B Forbes2013
S Clements2013
M Bagnall2013
J Prothero2013
P & S Stevens2013
D Sturzaker1125
A & G Adams1125
L & D Stanley1125
G Sutton1125
B Pake1125
R Campbell1125
S Platts1125
J Bowey1125
M Roberts1125
R Redden1125
K Bernett1025
A Edden1025
A Fretton1025
C Sutton1025
N fawcett1025
Pringle & Shepherd1025
R Hill1025
R McCabe1025
D Whitehead1025
S & N Wildes1025
K Burnett1025
T Ross1025
A Brooks1025
C Lamb1025
S & S Seabury1025
J & D Lindsey1025
Newall & Black1025
A Thorpe1025
I Wooldridge1025
Normal Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Tutty661
The Terheege Partnership621
J Burns621
A & D Woan504
Shepherdson & Adamson415
T & A Luke415
R Watkins415
R Staig405
S Rich339
S Platts339
N Bird329
J & T Ross319
A Brown319
A Haynes309
K & B Batey309
A Young2216
A Thorpe2216
J & D Faram2016
R Nicholls2016
P Reaney2016
J Sopp2016
A Moreton2016
G Stones1123
G T Williams1123
R Winsper1123
G Hale1123
J Buick1123
G Carter1123
R Warrender1123
R Millan1123
L Pennick1123
R Maddy1123
A & G Adams1023
G Chadwick1023
R Payne1023
M & J Freakley1023
F C & J McGovern1023
J Moore1023
G E Chadwick1023
J Davis1023
J Folly1023
D Harrison1023
Gilbert & Knapman1023
M Chapman1023
R Ramplin1023
Attwood & Gilbert1023
P Barber1023
G Sutton1023
J Scammell1023
K Lewis1023
E Anwar1023
R Marston1023
D Snell1023
B & S Wright1023
F Wright1023
Normal Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser871
S Rich831
P Merritt703
I & S Ainley634
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell445
J Moore405
P Barber337
R Staig337
S Platts307
J McLeman307
Newall & Black307
N Bird307
A Piper307
G Morgan2214
J Burns2214
B Sweeting2214
R Warrender2214
I Weeks2214
The Terheege Partnership2114
M Bannister2014
K Tart2014
D Leadbetter2014
J Wrighton2014
J Staziker1124
F C & J McGovern1124
Smith & Price1124
S Geary1124
A & G Adams1124
C Matthews1124
A Harris1124
L Pennick1124
Heptinstall & Wheeler1124
J R Jarvis1024
D Norman1024
H W & M Hough1024
J Stazicker1024
A Edden1024
S & N Wildes1024
R J & W Bowker1024
G & A Moore1024
J Scammell1024
D Page1024
D Sturzaker1024
B Smith1024
C Bruton1024
Rogerson brothers1024
G Capes1024
K & B Batey1024
E Anwar1024
J D Davis1024
R Bostock1024
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & D Woan761
J Benn652
T & A Luke622
The Terheege Partnership612
K & B Batey612
D Leadbetter506
F C & J McGovern447
J Davies407
Heptinstall & Wheeler339
M Bannister339
R McCabe319
J Moore309
A Piper309
S Adams2214
K Eckersall2214
Newall & Black2114
A Macaulay2114
Shepherdson & Adamson2014
R Payne2014
Julien & Yule2014
T & L Jukes1121
A Pearson1121
P Henson1121
T & S Haywood1121
K Burnett1121
W Thorogood1121
R Hooper1121
G Warren1121
G Whittington1121
T Buckett1121
A Dutton1121
W & K Aitken1121
A Moreton1121
R Heylen1121
D Martin1121
S & R Clarke1121
J Bailey1121
R Watts1021
Brettell & Atkinson1021
B Anderson1021
D Roberts1021
A & G Adams1021
R Aplin1021
A Perks1021
G Sutton1021
D Snell1021
M Frost1021
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
F C & J McGovern1151
The Terheege Partnership1092
J Scammell713
A Piper604
G & P Norris445
T Kinninmonth-Wicks425
G Simpson405
R Hill328
D Critchlow328
R Ramplin328
R Carr328
D A Turner318
J & T Ross308
P & T Dye308
G Bowley308
J Griffiths2216
J Lund2216
S & N Wildes2116
S Cox2116
S & S Cowling2116
J Wrighton2116
S & L Roberts2016
S Gage2016
R Hooper2016
R Watts2016
W Bailey2016
The Holland Stud1127
T Gee1127
K Hulbert1127
N Johnson1127
O & S Williams1127
D Dolton1027
K & V Shorthouse1027
J T Lund1027
D Hussell1027
G Ball1027
M Lewis1027
A & B Pfleger1027
Ellis & Purdue1027
M Hockey1027
N Phillips1027
E Anwar1027
J & D Lindsey1027
A Kelly1027
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
F C & J McGovern1071
G & J Al-Nasser1061
J Buick1001
Smith & Price814
A Piper755
M Bannister626
A Thorpe557
J Wrighton507
T Kinninmonth-Wicks507
A Stevens507
S & N Wildes4011
R Cozens3212
G Bowley3012
W Bailey2214
R Campbell2114
P Hickton-Collins2014
K & B Batey2014
J Mitchell2014
S Kinninmonth1119
A Edden1119
A & R Derricutt1119
M Chapman1119
J Griffiths1119
C & L Dailey1119
R Ramplin1119
The Holland Stud1119
J Benn1119
R & K Francis1019
P Merritt1019
D & P Herring1019
T Buckett1019
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1019
J K Plummer1019
J & K Kime1019
G Simpson1019
P Lea1019
A Kelly1019
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1461
G Pringle1222
A & D Woan11113
A & G Adams824
G & J Al-Nasser814
S Magdzinski536
P White506
G Gormley448
D Harris319
P Scott2210
Z & H Johnson2210
M Lewis2110
White & Duke2010
C D & S Sharpe2010
I Thorogood2010
B Taylor2010
D Parry1117
M & P Freemantle1117
M & D Walker1117
D & L Rafis1017
D S Parry1017
S Somerville1017
C Brickell1017
R Day1017
J Lees1017
J Somerville1017
Humby Whitaker & Wright1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1781
G Pringle1352
S Magdzinski953
T Jackson824
M Lewis625
D Guppy506
J Lees417
P White407
R Cozens229
B Taylor219
White & Duke1111
M & P Freemantle1111
R Day1111
A Hoskins1011
J A Baker1011
D S Parry1011
S Somerville1011
M Illsley1011
K Groves1011
I Thorogood1011
Z & H Johnson1011
G Gormley1011
D & L Rafis1011
C W Brickwell1011
M & D Walker1011
Humby Whitaker & Wright1011
J Morrow1011
Crest / Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Ginge11111
G & J Al-Nasser1002
A & G Adams703
K & V Shorthouse644
Z & H Johnson555
G T Williams545
R Hooper417
Findlay & Flavell417
D Norman407
G Clarke407
M & K Spencer3011
D & L Rafis2212
D McGovern2212
S & R Clarke2212
D Raffis2212
A Brown2012
D Bruton2012
S Smith2012
H & S Wadley1119
J Dixon1019
M Hemingway1019
B Bruce1019
M Mansfield1019
R Brokenshire1019
B Spendley1019
C & L Dailey1019
S W Beach1019
Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Burns1481
C Thorne772
J & D Lindsey663
A Piper603
J Scammell505
G Simpson406
B Close406
S & L Roberts318
D Leadbetter318
G N Turner308
C Potter308
R J & W Bowker308
J Lawrie308
K Shillings308
J McLeman308
G Carter308
G Morgan2217
Findlay & Flavell2117
T & A Luke2117
A & D Woan2117
D Sturzaker2017
R Tickle2017
J & D Faram2017
The Terheege Partnership2017
P & T Dye2017
B Singleton1126
G Ball1126
J Moore1126
Gilbert & Knapman1126
J Benn1126
G Carr1126
S Geary1126
F Wright1126
D Scott1026
A Dutton1026
D Norman1026
P & G Pidd1026
The Holland Stud1026
J Buick1026
B Reese1026
J Springthorpe1026
R Nawarauckas1026
K & B Batey1026
R Stancliffe1026
G & A Moore1026
B & S Wright1026
D Collins1026
Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Morgan771
B Reese602
F C & J McGovern513
G & P Norris503
J Burns503
M Widdowson406
J Moore327
A Thorpe327
G & J Al-Nasser317
G & A Moore317
Newall & Black307
D Leadbetter307
I Standley307
A Perks2214
P & T Dye2214
B Pake2014
S Rich2014
K & B Batey2014
R Stancliffe2014
J Folly2014
S McFayden2014
S & N Wildes2014
B Close2014
K Morrison2014
M Rothlisberger1125
The Terheege Partnership1125
J Purvis1125
R Hooper1125
J Bowey1125
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1125
G Carter1125
G Carr1125
P & S Stevens1125
R Nicholls1125
D Swann1125
J & D Lindsey1125
J Gillan1125
D Critchlow1025
J Davies1025
J McLeman1025
R Keeber1025
K Lewis1025
R & M Miller1025
T Buckett1025
H W & M Hough1025
S Platts1025
G Hale1025
R J & W Bowker1025
J Mitchell1025
D Burnett1025
The Holland Stud1025
Gilbert & Knapman1025
T Ross1025
Horton & James1025
L Pennick1025
A Piper1025
T & P Leedham1025
D Jukes1025
G Paine1025
L Thompson1025
J Cox1025
A & D Woan1025
Double Factor Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Morgan1091
A Stevens732
F C & J McGovern722
Gilbert & Knapman614
J Scammell555
R Tickle505
S & L Roberts505
M Freeborn408
M Widdowson408
H W & M Hough408
G Carter3311
White & Duke3011
G & A Moore3011
Briggs & Williams2214
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell2214
The Terheege Partnership2214
G Paine2214
A & C Wood2014
J Lawrie2014
K Lewis2014
R Nawarauckas2014
W & M Hough2014
P White2014
P & S Stevens1124
D Swann1124
J Johnson1124
J Bishop1124
P Redford1124
W Thorogood1124
M Roberts1124
P & T Dye1124
S Geary1124
T Williams1124
D Burnett1024
J Burns1024
D Bush1024
Clarke & Phillips1024
Newall & Black1024
D Hussell1024
Rogerson Brothers1024
T & L Jukes1024
B Pake1024
J Prothero1024
J Springthorpe1024
J Scott1024
C Thorne1024
P Reaney1024
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
The Terheege Partnership601
T & A Luke601
G & J Al-Nasser553
I Weeks553
A Moreton503
A Haynes503
S Platts503
J Lawrie418
G Carter408
J Ginge3310
P Redford3110
R Marston3110
K Shillings3010
S Rich3010
R J & W Bowker2215
I & S Ainley2115
J Scammell2115
G Mellor2115
G & A Moore2015
T Kinninmonth-Wicks2015
P White2015
S Lambert2015
K Morrison2015
A & D Woan2015
D Collins2015
T Barron1126
J & D Faram1126
C & K Bellows1126
R G Ward1126
D Hurford1126
K Palmer1126
J Bishop1126
R Brokenshire1126
T Pope1126
R Millan1126
J Ashby1126
Briggs & Williams1126
g Ball1126
Findlay & Flavell1026
K Bernett1026
G Smith1026
K Leedham1026
J Davis1026
B Reese1026
S & N Wildes1026
D & P Herring1026
G & P Norris1026
M Jarrold1026
G Capes1026
G L Capes1026
T Jeffrey1026
D Leadbetter1026
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
The Terheege Partnership19111
A & G Adams1262
G & P Norris1003
T Jackson634
White & Duke545
Johnson & Chubb525
M Hemingway407
T Jeffrey338
D Moss338
M Roberts318
J Prothero318
M & K Spencer308
S & N Wildes308
Ellis & Purdue308
P Smith2215
A & N Michael2015
A Oliver2015
T Ross2015
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1119
P Barber1119
E Anwar1119
R, H & E Fordham1119
D Jones1019
J Cosby1019
W & H Bien1019
C Pritchard1019
C Marsh1019
K Eatwell1019
D & J Browne1019
M Lewis1019
S & R Clarke1019
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
N Bird711
J Buick602
The Terheege Partnership602
F C & J McGovern534
D Critchlow504
A & G Adams504
P Barber317
M Widdowson307
J Rogers307
C Hickman307
T Jeffrey307
S Rich307
D Tutty307
P White2214
P Merritt2214
J Gillan2214
T & P Leedham2214
G Carter2114
J Davies2014
G Simpson2014
J McLeman2014
G Bowley2014
Huxley & Marchant2014
M Casson2014
S Smith1125
G T Williams1125
The Holland Stud1125
J Bishop1125
S Lambert1125
R Stancliffe1125
G Corser1125
P Redford1125
D Swann1125
Z & H Johnson1125
C Vernell1125
J & T Ross1125
Newall & Black1125
M Tariq1125
R Redden1125
D Snell1125
L Thompson1125
G & J Al-Nasser1025
J & D Faram1025
W Peacock1025
S & B Squires1025
C Vernall1025
R Taylor1025
M & N Arrowsmith1025
J Wilson1025
A Harris1025
A Richards1025
T Ross1025
Rogerson Brothers1025
Julien & Yule1025
P Reaney1025
M Roberts1025
A & D Woan1025
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1471
S & R Clarke1222
Z & H Johnson883
R J Allen534
G Pringle415
M Roberts405
J A Baker405
D Bruton338
Ellis & Purdue318
R & M Miller318
Roberts & Williams308
Humby Whitaker & Wright2312
O & S Williams2212
White & Duke2012
D Mullee2012
K Featherstone1016
R Day1016
B Greenway1016
M Widdowson1016
Newall & Black1016
N Beevers1016
J Hill1016
R Carson1016
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke871
F C & J McGovern851
D A Turner713
S Rich664
M Gulley515
I Thorogood505
D Tutty427
S & N Wildes417
White & Duke417
G French3310
The Terheege Partnership3310
D Norman3010
W Orr3010
C Thorne3010
P Curtis2215
P Hickton-Collins2015
P Reaney2015
G Clarke2015
G Bowley2015
G Tillson2015
Harvey & Jackson1121
Findlay & Flavell1121
E Anwar1121
R M Simpson1121
g Ball1121
G & P Norris1021
D Game1021
G Paine1021
Swain & Ford1021
W Miller1021
J & D Buchan1021
J Cosby1021
C Marsh1021
J & T Ross1021
M Chapman1021
Julien & Yule1021
G T Williams1021
Lee & Bird1021
Lacewings (S & RV)
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
The Terheege Partnership441
Z Johnson112
M & K Spencer102
Clarke & Phillips102
J Sopp102
M Simpson102
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & D Woan1121
N Bird992
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell623
The Terheege Partnership613
F C & J McGovern515
T & A Luke505
D Guppy447
M Gulley427
M Hacker407
J Wrighton407
Shepherdson & Adamson3311
P & S Stevens3011
White & Duke3011
T Jeffrey3011
J & T Ross2215
W & K Aitken2115
M Bannister2015
Newall & Black2015
S & N Wildes2015
R Aplin2015
B Toon2015
L Thompson2015
J Ashby1123
J Sweet1123
Z & H Johnson1123
J & D Buchan1123
I & S Ainley1123
N Cawley1123
T Jackson1123
A Thorpe1123
A Piper1123
J Folly1123
B Taylor1123
R Watts1023
R & K Francis1023
G Bowley1023
K Tart1023
E Anwar1023
D Huws1023
Colour Budgerigars
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
O & S Williams2061
J Cosby1382
Z & H Johnson773
G & J Al-Nasser644
G Clarke445
M Jarrold415
C D & S Sharpe405
Julien & Yule405
S & S Cowling339
M Roberts319
T & M Barfoot319
Findlay & Flavell309
R Brokenshire309
F Percy2214
Lee & Bird2214
F Pilbeam2014
W Shephard1117
Harpper & Melvin1117
S & R Clarke1117
Harper & Melvin1117
R Bell1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser701
S Platts602
Rogerson Brothers503
Newall & Black404
J Burns404
S & N Wildes404
P Merritt404
C Thorne308
L Rochester308
G Ball2010
N Watson2010
G & A Moore2010
R J & W Bowker2010
F Bremner2010
J Wrighton2010
B Pake1017
R Cozens1017
A Moreton1017
J Gibbons1017
G Carter1017
C Potter1017
Barton & Mann1017
G D Quiney1017
J Bailey1017
G Morgan1017
G Stones1017
W Pake1017
G Capes1017
B Sweeting1017
G Warren1017
G Carr1017
R Cartlidge1017
R McCabe1017
G Simpson1017
L McIntosh1017
J Benn1017
T Jackson1017
M Lewis1017
R Sutton1017
P Reaney1017
D Page1017
A Wilkinson1017
S Sanderson1017
G Sutton1017
J Mould1017
S & R Clarke1017
M Gulley1017
D Bush1017
D Jukes1017
T Kinninmonth-Wicks1017
The Terheege Partnership1017
T Jeffrey1017
A & D Woan1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser701
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell502
Smith & Price502
P Barber502
S Platts405
M George306
G Ball306
T Jeffrey306
G Carter209
J Cosby209
D & V Avo209
I Weeks209
B Greenway209
T Jackson209
J & D Lindsey209
G Gormley209
S & R Clarke209
Humby Whitaker & Wright209
N McMillan1019
C Randall1019
S & L Roberts1019
S & N Wildes1019
I & S Ainley1019
J Melling1019
B Sweeting1019
Swain & Ford1019
R J & W Bowker1019
R Ramplin1019
G Carr1019
G Bowley1019
T & A Luke1019
Rogerson Brothers1019
G Tillson1019
R M Simpson1019
J Mitchell1019
Z & H Johnson1019
M Bagnall1019
J Wrighton1019
S Kinninmonth1019
P Merritt1019
A & D Woan1019
Colour Budgerigar Pairs
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
O & S Williams1701
G & J Al-Nasser502
Z & H Johnson403
J Garrat304
Findlay & Flavell105
D Cottrell105
R J & W Bowker105
S & S Cowling105
F Percy105
S & S Andrews105
Colour Budgerigar Teams
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
O & S Williams1801
Z & H Johnson302
S & S Andrews103

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