Budgerigar Society Press Release – 3rd July 2020

The Queen
A letter of congratulations has been received from Her Majesty the Queen in recognition of the Ninety-Fifth anniversary of the Budgerigar Society.

Platinum Patronage
A suggestion has been made by R Anderson to introduce Platinum Patronage as a new top level of patronage offered by the Society. The suggestion requires further detail and so the member will be invited to suggest what this level of Patronage should offer. This will be followed by consideration by the GC.

Teams and Pairs
From the 2021 show season onwards, teams of 6 budgerigars will no longer be permitted and only teams of 4 budgerigars will be shown. Additionally, pairs are to be shown in team cages. This is in the interests of the health and wellbeing of our birds

BS and Area Society Joint Membership
The BS is to investigate the possibility of BS and Area Society Joint Membership and will contact all Area Societies for their views.

Member’s Information
A suggestion by J Bird to limit member’s details to name, county and telephone number has been made. As the Society fully complies with GDPR regulations and only around 8 members had declined having their full details printed on the recent Members List it was agreed that the status quo would remain.

Closed Rings
A letter was received from member M Chase requesting clarification on the decision making when selecting Avian ID as the Societies ring manufacturer of choice and on the price of rings. A fully detailed Press Release was issued on 13th May. This has now been updated and will appear in the July edition of The Budgerigar. He also questioned the subject of transparency particularly regarding members correspondence to the BS and the responses. The General Council is committed to transparency and promotes this within legal regulations. The Society will respond to Mr Chase.

Budgerigar Society Roles (Updated)
The roles within the Budgerigar Society (BS) have remained largely unchanged in recent years. In preparation for the recruitment of the new BS Administrator, the BS General Council will be taking the opportunity to review the scope of work undertaken within all roles to ensure that it is correctly allocated. They will also consider future requirements of the Society to ensure they are fit for purpose.

The review will include the output from the Budgerigar Society Development Workshop held in September 2018.

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