Budgerigar Society Press Release 3rd August 2020

The General Council (GC) were aware that a Facebook Group consisting of over 100 BS members had concerns on certain aspects of the Society. An approach was made to the group to obtain a list of these concerns so that the GC could investigate and if necessary, action them.

The GC met via Zoom on 30th July 2020, at which there was a full attendance, to focus entirely on the points raised by the Facebook Group – Progression of the Budgerigar Society (PBS). The GC agreed that many of the 17 points raised are subject to rule changes and the group will be advised to submit Rule Changes, as individual members by the 30th September 2020, if they wish to proceed with these.

There were certain items which the GC are going back to the group for more clarity and feedback and once this is received the GC will meet again to discuss. All votes taken by the GC were unanimous.

The GC thanks the group for providing their concerns and hopefully progress can be made on the items which have been accepted and/or the subject of further dialogue.

The items raised are listed below with the brief decisions made in brackets against each item:

Cultural / goodwill Changes

  1. Open and honest communication from the GC with the membership. (Clarity Required)
  2. Full actioned minutes published via the new website under member section. Also printed in The Budgerigar magazine. (Rule Change)
  3. Member’s opinions to be canvassed on a regular basis (details to be worked out) and these to form the basis of future GC actions. (Suggestion Accepted and will be developed)
  4. GC to work with members to remove the two-thirds majority voting requirement. (Rule Change)
  5. GC to work with members to move to a first past the post representation on the GC and not by area. (Rule Change)
  6. Improved speed of decision making by use of technology (e.g. online Zoom) for single topic. (Zoom meetings already implemented. Clarity Required in the context of the word speed). With fully published minutes (see item 2). (Rule Change)
  7. Clarity on voting patterns by councillors at GC meetings (votes published by each councillor’s name). (Rule Change)
  8. Improved clarity on financial decisions. (Clarity Required)
  9. Improve offering to both “exhibition” and “hobbyist” sides of the hobby to enhance value for money. (Proposal requested from PBS on how this can be achieved)

Rule changes

  1. Chairperson to be neutral and to have only a casting vote. (Rule Change)
  2. Improved clarity of ballot counting, ballot papers to remain sealed until after the closing date of any ballot or vote and independent BS members to witness count. (Rule Change)
  3. Abolishment of “The Board” as there is no need for it with modern technology. (Rule Change)
  4. Terms of reference published for BS trustees, how and by whom they are elected. (Rule Change)
  5. Chair-person’s term of office to be time limited. (Rule Change)
  6. Administrator to have no involvement in GC meetings other than for minute taking and to clarify rules and points of reference. (Rule Change)
  7. AGM to be an open meeting with no need for prior notification of questions. (Rule Change)
  8. BS accounts to be published prior to AGM in the member’s section of the website, marked as “unapproved by AGM”; this note to be removed after the AGM. Hence no need to request a copy. (Rule Change)

Date of next GC Zoom meeting – 20th August 2020

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