Budgerigar Society Press Release – 24th July 2020

General Council Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings are now a regular way of communicating for the General Council (GC). They are held at least fortnightly and last for around 2 hours. Longer zoom sessions have been held but these can have a negative impact on concentration levels and 2 hours is found to be about right.

However, a GC face to face meeting has been planned for 26th and 27th September 2020 at Bugbrooke – the venue has all the current Covid-19 measures in place. The specific subjects under discussion will be the BS roles review and Longtails and will go ahead subject to government and local regulations in respect to Coronavirus.

Start To The Show Season 2021

President Elect Phil Reaney has written to the Society suggesting that an alternative to a second Club Show for 2021 could be a show, early in the year, staged by each of the Area Societies with financial backing from the BS. This would give an opportunity for more exhibitors to take part, without the need to travel to and stay in Doncaster, and a good way of showing the 2020 bred young birds that have yet to be exhibited.

The decision made by the GC is to drop the concept of an early Club Show and go ahead with Phil’s suggestion. These shows, which will be a kick start to the 2021 season, are to be held in April/May 2021. Each of the ten Area Societies who wish to hold such a show will be given £250 to be used towards the show in any way they wish. This is a commitment by the BS to spend £2,500 on helping members get back into showing birds again. Many Area Societies already hold Young Stock or Young Bird shows at this time of year and it is hoped that they will amalgamate the Budgerigar Society 2020 Young Bird Patronage Show into their existing show or hold a separate event.

The GC Shows sub-group will meet (Zoom) to suggest the patronage package for GC approval and this will be communicated to the Area Societies once approved.

2020/2021 Annual General Meeting

The original Lincoln venue, The International Bomber Command Centre, Canwick Avenue, Lincoln, LN4, has been booked to hold the combined AGM’s for 2020 and 2021, General Council Meeting and Open Judges Meeting. The date is 24th and 25th April 2021.

The deposit of £300 which was paid to confirm the 2020 booking will be transferred to the 2021 booking, resulting in no loss to the Society. There will be a new Council and it will be left to each individual Councillor to book accommodation. The hotel nearby is the Premier Inn (Canwick), Lincoln, LN4 2RF.

BS Club Show Judges 2021

As the 2020 Club Show has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, the judges who were due to judge the 2020 Club Show will be re-invited to judge the 2021 show. Sammy Adams of Northern Ireland has already been invited to judge the 2021 show and the Administrator will contact Mr Adams and move his invite to the 2022 show.

Convention 2022

The new date for the next BS Convention will be 3rd, 4th & 5th June 2022. The venue is theBest Western Moat House Hotel, Stoke on Trent.

The 2020 deposit of £3,000 is being fully refunded by the hotel and a new contract will be signed for the 2022 event. As the date is so far in the future, those members who requested that their payments and deposits be retained by the Society will be refunded. The Administrator will be contacting those members involved for the refund.

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