Budgerigar Society Press Release – 22nd January 2021

Summarised report of the Zoom General Council (GC) Meeting held on 14th January 2021 commencing at 7.15pm.

Promotion Administrator Role Review

The Promotion Administrator had submitted his brief thoughts on the role and the priorities ahead which included the reduction of events attended to four (two at Stafford, Newark and the Club Show) with additions to suit, management of the BS website content and other social media channels including engaging with the pet side of the hobby with a dedicated social media strategy. Also, to provide necessary cover for the Society Administrator as required, Club Show Catalogue advertising and to be the Society Social Media Champion. These changes were accepted by the GC and a new contract will be drawn up to reflect these alterations to the Promotion Admin role.

EGM Signatures Update

The Administrator updated the GC on this matter. He advised that since the letter of apology was sent to the 107 signatories a number of them had replied to advise that they were not happy with the apology. He referred the matter to the Solicitor who advised that a further letter should be sent to those who have written in. This will be in similar terms to the original stating that it was a genuine mistake, and that the Society will take actions to minimise the risk of repetition.

G Turner Response

Graham Turner has now agreed to the General Council Terms of Reference document and will be invited to re-join the GC at their next meeting.

R Miller – meeting with BS Members

Following consultation by Richard Miller with some BS members, it was proposed and seconded that the points raised from Richard’s consultation should be put in writing by Richard and be discussed at a future GC meeting. This was carried with 12 in favour and 1 abstention.

BS Facebook Page

M Chase had questioned why the Society has removed the post-box from the BS Facebook page. The Chairman advised that we are no longer placing our press releases on this page due to the page attracting so much negativity. This negativity had resulted in both the Promotional and Society Administrators spending huge amounts of time in responding to these negative comments from the same very small number of members. After a full discussion on the merits of having a Facebook page and what is placed on it and establishing that we can still answer “regular” questions, the GC unanimously agreed to recommence placing press releases on the Facebook page without accepting comments. The Promotion Administrator will continue to monitor the page and make the necessary deletions. Some suppliers and sponsors have also noticed the negativity on our Facebook page.


A discussion was held around the closing date for patronage applications which is traditionally 28th February annually. Consideration of the impracticality of school halls accommodating bird shows and having to be deep cleaned before allowing school kids back in the next day was made. One councillor advised that his local council will not entertain hall bookings until at least 6 months after all the population have been vaccinated and he was advised not to contact them until at least January 2022.

With the current government restrictions in general and on gatherings in particular, it was agreed to re-visit this subject at a forthcoming GC meeting in order to give guidance to BS Patronage Shows.

It was unanimously agreed that the Area Society 2020 rung Young Bird shows be moved to a later date, to a time when it is safe to hold them under Government Guidelines, and that the £250 BS donation to each show will be carried forward to that time.

Property Update

An enquiry has been received to rent the Ashby Suite at Spring Gardens for a few times a month to interview parents and children. This will not impact on our use of the room. The Society Administrator will follow up and report back to the GC in due course.

Society Administrator Role Advert

A number of applications have been received for the Administrator role. Interviews will take place over the first weekend of February.

Date Of Next Meeting

The date of the next Zoom meeting of the GC will be 4th February 2021.

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