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Budgerigar Society Press Release – 21st May 2021

May 21, 2021

Press Release – 21st May 2021

Summarised report of the General Council Meeting held on Thursday 13th May 2021 – there was a full attendance.

Society/GC Plan for the next 3 years. This item allowed for formulation of plans for the next 3 years and beyond. The list of activities is not exhaustive and as subjects are tackled and concluded, others can be added at any time by the GC. It was unanimously agreed that sub-groups would be formed to discuss these subjects.

  • GC Candidate submissions – It was unanimously agreed that the list of items taken from the GC candidate’s – successful and unsuccessful – election promises will be divided amongst the three sub-groups. Any that do not fit will be tackled separately.
  • Social Media – To remove the pressure from the Promotions Administrator of having to monitor and respond to negativity on Facebook it was agreed that future Press Releases will be placed on the Society website only, with a notification placed on other social media channels advising of the new press release. A feedback form will be added to the website as soon as possible and the comments will go to the BS Office to be responded to or delegated to the various officers. Facebook will continue to be monitored and negative comments deleted with positive ones respond to. This was carried with 13 in favour and 1 abstention.

Further discussion took place on the importance of engaging with members including starting an online BS forum, developing a social media strategy, the need for more content on Facebook and the BS Twitter account which appears to be dormant.

  • Judges Handbook – this item is outstanding from the last GC and will be completed. The front cover had been agreed and the subject matter is being gathered. It was unanimously accepted that the existing show sub-group continue with this project until completion.
  • Pathway Pet Project – This is also an outstanding item from the last GC. Included on this sub-group are three members who are not on the GC – group leader Bev Hutt, Jim Muir and Neil Cawley. Council was asked if they wished to continue with this set-up or select someone from the GC to lead the group. It was unanimously accepted that we should retain the Pathway Pet Project team with Bev continuing to lead the sub-group.

Confirmation of Society Trustees – The current Trustees are Janice Al-Nasser, Grant Findlay, Dave Hislop and Maurice Roberts. The reason for reviewing these names is to ensure that all are fit and healthy and still members and involved in the hobby. It was unanimously accepted that we confirm those named as Society Trustees.

Presidential Handover arrangements – The GC had previously agreed that the presidential handover be carried out at the first available meeting or gathering. After further discussion it was proposed that the incoming President Phil Reaney be invited to commence his Presidential duties immediately, with the chain of office handover at a suitable time in the future. This would allow him to attend GC meetings and to fulfil any invitations he has received as BS President. This was unanimously agreed.

To be consistent with GC members, it was agreed that the President would be expected to sign up to the Society Terms of Reference and Society Policies should he wish to attend GC meetings.

AGM Arrangements – a full discussion took place on when and where to hold the AGM particularly with the continued uncertainty surrounding the continuation of Coronavirus restriction. The GC was mindful that the Society has missed two AGMs despite the Rules stating that one has to be held by the end of May annually.

The decision has already been made not to hold the Club Show in 2021 and instead hold a Spring Event in 2022 and the discussion revolved around holding an AGM this year or holding off until 2022 and potentially combine it with the Spring Event. Both options were fully explored, and the unanimous conclusion was to delay the AGM until the Spring Event in 2022.

Spring Event 2022 – the date is 21st and 22nd May 2022 and the Dome in Doncaster has been booked. More details will be announced as they are firmed up but the Hilton Garden next to the racecourse is the likely HQ hotel with the Dinner Dance being held at the Golf Club as in 2019.

Website Update – Many positive comments had been received from members on the new website. There are still outstanding issues particularly with the database and shop.

Letter From D Guppy – Showing Non-rung Birds –Dave Guppy had written with concerns over non-rung budgerigars being exhibited at Championship Shows, especially if they are not identified until being checked for the CC. He suggested the exhibitor should note it on their entry form, to assist show secretaries.

It was observed that the mitigation for this is already covered in the Rule Book on page 17 under ‘Best Practice for Chief Stewards’.

A full discussion took place which covered the very little evidence of non-rung birds being shown; non-BS rung birds being a bigger problem; we are the only country still allowing bought and non-rung birds to be shown; the entry form asks exhibitors to sign to confirm they are showing young birds rung with their own rings purchased via the BS; how members can purchase same colour coded rings elsewhere; how judges should watch for the rings that show the logo in place of the flat; how we try to attract overseas exhibitors to our shows – particularly the Club Show; should we have a members poll to gauge opinion.

In conclusion the GC unanimously agreed that a tried and tested process is already in place, and it is down to the show promoting society, if they so wish, to ask exhibitors if they are showing any non-rung birds to indicate this via their show entry form.

Silver Bird Award Nominations – the Silver Bird winner is decided by the GC and announced at the AGM. The trophy can be withheld if, in the opinion of the GC, none of the nominated candidates warrant the award. Two nominations had been received – Bev Hutt for 2020 and Ronnie Simpson for 2021. Bev’s award was unanimous, and Ronnie’s had one abstention (he did not vote for himself).

Ring Orders – Price of Special Delivery Service – the Council had already agreed the price of £10 per order as charged by the ring makers. It was suggested that this price be re-negotiated with the ring maker as the actual Royal Mail price is £7.65. It was explained that the price had already been negotiated with Avian ID and had taken into account that the Royal Mail price is for a package up to 100g and the price is an average based on weight. It also includes the anticipated annual price increase by Royal Mail which averaged 8% this year; the labour costs of Avian ID to provide the service including taking the packages to the local post office some 2 miles away, parking and a member of staff having to queue to post the item(s) individually.

In the interests of transparency, it was agreed to provide details behind the charges in our press release.

Date of Next Meeting(s) – the next GC meeting will be on 10th June 2021, followed by 15th July 2021.

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