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Budgerigar Society Press Release – 14th September 2021

September 14, 2021

Summarised Report of The Budgerigar Society General Council Meeting held on Thursday 9th September 2021 via Zoom.

There was a full attendance.

  1. Sub-Group updates.

(a) Engage sub-group – A Member’s Engagement Survey has been drafted and will be sent out as soon as possible. Members will be incentivised to complete the survey with seed vouchers from our sponsors, Country Wide seed. Options for the survey being on-line is also being explored.

The Q&A feature would start appearing from the September issue of The Budgerigar.

Chris Snell is writing an article on “The Pleasure Of Winning Rosettes”.

(b) Pathway sub-group – Work by this sub-group is progressing steadily and previously published objectives are being met. The group are grateful to the promised donations of £100 each from J Al-Nasser, M Roberts and G Al-Nasser.

Chris Snell advised that he has a contact who is a producer with ITV and he has approached him about a potential TV programme on budgerigars. The main criteria are that the subject has to be really special.

  1. Metrics

Adrian Terheege had submitted a proposal on metrics and how these would aid the work of the GC. Adrian gave an in depth briefing on how he saw the metrics working by linking them to the objectives of the Society. He described examples of objectives and how the system should work. Following discussion, a proposal to accept these was unanimously agreed.

  1. Shows

A full discussion took place on the potential and options for adding exhibitor incentives to the BS existing patronage packages. This included Young Bird Sections prize money, a show cage raffle at each show based on birds benched by individuals and Olympic style medals. It was unanimously agreed to pass this to the Shows sub-group to consider these and other options to ensure there is a balanced coverage of rewards across all sections. Their recommendations would be put to the GC for approval ready for the 2022 Show Season.

  1. Disciplinary Panel

Member Ray Fox had written concerning the recently introduced rule on the make-up of the Disciplinary Panel saying it could be discriminatory as the impression was that a panel place was only open to Area Society Members. The GC confirmed that this was not the intent and that the panel is open to all BS Members based on their geographical location and not just Area Society members. It was unanimously agreed to thank Ray for bringing this matter to the attention of the GC, which will be addressed in due course.

  1. Spring Event Hotel

The GC were advised that details of the Spring Event Hotel are in The Budgerigar, on the website and on Facebook and can be booked by phone or on-line direct with the hotel. There are 40 double/twin rooms and 6 single rooms set aside.

It was clarified that the date of the Club Show is now permanently on week 38 and that the 2023 event venue will be discussed by the Club Show Committee at their forthcoming meeting.

  1. Show Cage

Phil Reaney gave an update on the new show cage, advising he has sold 700 with 300 of these being held up in customs. There has been a large take up of the deal to buy 13 for the price of 12 by societies and some individuals, with a further 10 cages being donated to various organisations

The proposed team show cage made of the same material as the standard cage will be subject to a member’s approved rule change and it was unanimously agreed to defer this and other potential rule changes to the January 2022 GC meeting.

  1. Speakers List – Welsh BS

The Welsh BS via Bob Francis said they and other clubs were finding it increasingly more difficult to source Guest Speakers for their meetings and events and suggested compiling a Speakers List for publication in The Budgerigar and on the website. This received unanimous support.

  1. Date of next meeting – Thursday, 21st October 2021
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