Budgerigar Society Press Release 11th February 2021

Summarised Report of the minutes of the General Council Zoom Meeting held on 04 February 2021. Proposed Rule Changes The sole purpose of this GC Meeting was to discuss the proposed members rule changes to be published in the March / April edition of The Budgerigar and then voted upon. The Chairman advised that this was not a meeting to voice personal opinions on the rule changes as like every member, Councillors will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed rule changes. He instructed the Council to think about each rule change and how it will affect the Society and the members and not whether they were personally in favour of the change or not. This would enable the Council to come forward with the pros and cons of each rule change, as in the GC’s role as custodians of the Society they are duty bound to point out. Only the pros and cons, as agreed by the GC, will accompany each rule change in the magazine. This way the GC will not be instructing members on how to vote and simply pointing out the facts to enable them to make their considered decisions before they vote. All were in favour of this approach. A total of 32 Proposals were discussed, including a number put forward by members of the GC. Of these, 9 were withdrawn and one amended following agreement with the Proposer and Seconder. Date of the next meeting –Thursday, 25 February at 7.15pm.

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