Budgerigar Society General Council Election – 2021

Following comments on Social Media and the Fancy Press, the BS Chairman, Maurice Roberts advises that the names of those who have been nominated to stand for election to the BS GC in 2021 will be released following the February meeting of the GC.

This follows custom and practice and is the same timescale as for the last election in 2018.

Currently, the Society Administrator has written to all candidates who have either self nominated or have been nominated as per the rules. This is to obtain the information required for publication in the March issue of “The Budgerigar” which will include each candidate’s 150 word election address.

Once this information is received the Administrator will be in a position to advise the GC of the candidates who are standing for election.

All candidates have been requested to follow the decade’s long practice of not electioneering to provide a level playing field to all.

The publication of the March issue of “The Budgerigar” will be when the list of candidates becomes public knowledge, until then they remain confidential.



The Society has been informed this morning that our ring maker Avian ID will be closed until 11 January, 2021 due to a Covid outbreak.

All ring orders from 24 December will be delayed due to this unfortunate circumstance.

The Society will keep matters under constant review.

Meantime we wish all staff affected at Avian ID a speedy recovery.


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