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Budgerigar Society 2020 Closed Rings

July 5, 2022

Early orders for 2020 closed rings were satisfied with either metal or plastic rings. In February 2020, Roxan, the plastic rings manufacturers advised that it was no longer financially viable to supply plastic rings to BS members.

You may also recall that during 2020 and as a consequence of the Coronavirus there was also disruption in the supply of our metal closed rings. Initially the rings were supplied as ordered, with a flat containing the year thereon but in March 2020, our ring supplier Avian ID was forced to close for 6 weeks.

To address this emergency and re-establish a supply of rings to members, alternative suppliers Coditech in Belgium and OESIEG in Germany were arranged. This proved very successful, and more than 9000 rings were supplied via this route over the 6 week period.

Around the same time two recommendations made the BS Closed Ring sub-group were agreed by the GC – to dispense with the flat on the rings and to have them laser cut to improve overall quality. Of the two emergency suppliers Coditech was the only one to offer laser cut rings and so the two manufacturing alternatives were there to be seen. At the time, unknown to the Society, Avian ID also had the plant and equipment to produce laser cut rings – although this process could not be undertaken on rings with flats on them. This meant that the BS could continue with Avian ID as our main supplier and have a choice of alternatives should the need arise. Supply of laser cur rings from Avian ID commenced in June 2020.

Unfortunately, 2020 rung birds could be wearing one of five variants of closed ring. However, all will be recognised as official BS rings and qualify for BS awards.

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