Members are advised that the Society has negotiated with two well known and respected ring makers in Belgium (Coditech) and Germany (Oestringer) to supply BS rings during the minimum 3 week period that our normal supplier Avian id is closed due to the Coronavirus situation.

The rings will cost the same as at present however the postal charges will increase by £4.30 for Belgium orders and by £7.30 for German orders.

The supply of rings will be delayed because of the longer postal delivery which will take around 3 to 5 days from both countries. The Belgian company will supply rings around 1 week after they receive the order while the German maker will be able to send the rings the day after the order is received. 

The rings will be the same colour as the existing BS rings however they will not display the flat. In place of this the year on the ring will have a circle around it to identify that this is a BS ring. These rings will be acceptable on birds shown at BS Patronage shows in the years ahead.  

Members can order these rings via the BS website. At the current time postal orders are not being encouraged and instead if you are unable to order via the website then please phone the Society office (01828 633030) to place your order. If the office is not manned then please leave your name and phone number and the Administrator will return your call at the earliest opportunity.

All ring orders received from 23 March have now been processed and will be sent to members as soon as possible and we thank those members involved for their patience while these emergency arrangements were being organised.

We also thank both companies for helping the Society and members during this challenging time.


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