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Breeder of The Year Rules

The Breeder of the Year competition Sponsored by “Country Wide”.


1.        The competition is open to all members of The Budgerigar Society.

2.         An award will be given to the Best Breeder of the Year in each of the four Young Bird sections, i.e. Champion, Intermediate, Novice, & Junior.

3.         The competition will be run throughout the show season at The BS World Championship Show, Area, Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Championship Shows.

4.         The winners will be announced in February of each year and the awards presented at The Budgerigar Society World Championship Show later that year.

5.         The winners will be the exhibitors gaining the most points within their respective sections  At ALL SHOWS within the UK receiving the appropriate BS Patronage.

6.         Points will be awarded to Best Young Bird in Section as follows from those exhibitors who qualify (see rule 1):and nominate Budgerigar Society on their entry form.

World Championship Show                                25 points

Area Championship Shows                                 20 points

Platinum Championship Shows                          15 Points

Gold Championship Shows                                10 Points

Silver Championship Shows                               5 Points

Bronze Championship Shows                             1 Point

A bird gaining Best Young Bird in show will receive additional points as follows.

World Championship Show                               25 points

Area Championship Shows                                15 points

Platinum Championship Shows                       10 Points

Gold Championship Shows                                5 Points

Silver Championship Shows                              3 Points

Bronze Championship Shows                            1 Point

At the World Championship Show points will be awarded to qualifying exhibitors as follows.

Best of Colour Y/B                                               10 points

Best of Colour Champion Y/B                           5 points

Best of Colour Intermediate Y/B                      5 points

Best of Colour Novice Y/B                                 5 points

Best of Colour Junior Y/B                                 5 points

 7.         In the event of an overall tie, the winner would be the one who gained most points at the BS Club Show, if still a tie, then at most points at Area Shows, if still a tie, at Platinum, then Gold, then Silver and finally, if needs be, most points at Bronze.

8.         All patronage returns of the relevant shows received by 12 noon on the 31 January will be taken into account.

9.         The points received throughout the show season will be added together to determine the winners.

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