Best Duties-Patronage Officer

Best Practice – Patronage Officer

Patronage is usually dealt with either by the show secretary or a dedicated Patronage Officer, the role requires this person to register their society with the relevant specialist societies / clubs prior to their application cut off date which is normally 28th February of each year.

Why this date? The specialist societies need to order rosettes/banners/certificates in bulk ready for distribution prior to each show date.

Before the show:-

Here is a list of requirements for the Patronage role:-

  1. At the society’s first show meeting determine what if any patronages are required These could be BS; Area; ASBS (Incorporates CBC; RV&CBS; SBBA & VBC); LABS; CBBA and any local societies.
  2. Obtain the relevant application form filling in details required which includes the grade of patronage, show date, contact details. Then with the appropriate fee post to the nominated addresses.
  3. Prior to show date (usually a month before the show) check you have received the relevant show patronage packages. If not this is the time you need to contact the patronage supplier and enquire why not.
  4. On receipt of the patronage pack check the contents, making sure all that is expected has been delivered; also make sure your schedule contains the correct wording as required for each patronage applied for.

At the show:-

  1. Set out your area, usually at the side of the Show Secretarial team in readiness for the results coming in from the judges,
  2. Complete the judges CC result forms with the details of the winning exhibitor, their ring code and the full colour description for example ‘Double Factor Spangle White cock’ not ‘DF Spangle Cock’
  3. Prioritise the patronages so the ones needing further information such as BS certificates/diplomas are ready for the judges to complete with signature and ring numbers (format code-number-year) after judging. When this task is complete make sure the details on the certificates are correct to avoid disappointment for the winning exhibitor.
  4. Fill in patronage return forms and allocate all awards (rosettes, diplomas and certificates) making sure these are issued to the show manager’s team for displaying on the cages after judging is completed.
  5. Make sure that the judges sign all paperwork where needed before they leave.

After the show:-

  1. Check through return sheets to make sure that they are complete.
  2. All returns are collated and sent back, usually within 21 days after the show date, to the Patronage

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