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B S Panel Judges Please Note:

August 23, 2023

Date of Post 23rd August 2023

Recently the Budgerigar Society issued a new Judges’ Handbook and it has become apparent that quite a few judges have not opened the handbook (Guide) or read this  Why?

As Patronage Administrator these are the following issues I have experienced this year with Judges Returns.

  1.  Recording Ring Numbers:
    Code; Number;   Year          RMS1-21-23
    Not  Number Code Year             21-RMS1-23
    Not  adding Zero to single digit Numbers   RMS1-06-23
    The BS Changed this some years ago and should be now Like  RMS1-6-23
  2. The Judges return forms  have been a disappointment this year these are a following explanation of what I have found :-
    a) missing or incorrect Points value for the show.
    b) crossing out of information thus not clear who winners are,
    c) Total number of birds shown in classes missing
    d) Best in show and Best Young Bird in Show returns not filled in or signed by the judge .
    Diploma’s Not filled in with Young Bird Section winners.
    Certificates of merit not filled in or have missing Ring Numbers.
    Colour Budgerigar returns with no ring Number on return.
    ( Note winning birds with the ring number not reordered are void thus exhibitors loose out on these wins.)

    1. All the above prevent me from recording wins correctly, so please when appointed as a judge, enjoy the day and go with the following knowledge:
      a) what type of Show ( CC Points values)
      AREA Show pre-graded minimum 7pt CC’s
      Platinum Show  pre-graded minimum 5pt CC’s
      Gold Show pre-graded minimum 3pt CC’s
      Silver Shows  Graded on the day
      Bronze Shows  Pre-graded 1pt.
      b)All Section Young Birds will need Best Young Bird Diploma filling in with Ring Number correctly recorded.
      c) you will need to sign two of the return sheets the Show Secretary will have.
      d) Coloured DOTs to be placed over 1st Position mark and not over sponsors information.
      e) Cage labels Challenge Certificate and Sections boxes should be filled in on Class winners example; cc rundowns down to 10 then a dash to indicated the bird was judge if outside the first 10 positions like wise on section box
    2. If you are Judging Novice or Junior sections you will be expected to fill in a Certificate of Merit, these are for birds that have not won a CC.
      Area, Platinum and Gold Show will have a COM for both Any Age and Young bird winners Novice and Junior.
      Silver and Bronze Show COM for Novice and Junior Young Birds only.
    3. Finally  Bronze and Silver Shows are given Ribbons and these are to be placed on the Best Young Bird in each of the 26 varieties which have not won the CC these bird will have the Blue DOT only on the cage label

Many Thanks

Ronnie Simpson Patronage Administrator

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