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Author: RMS1

Cornwall B S Silver Show 2023

Show Date20th August 2023
Show Name /StatusCornwall B S
Birds Benched422
JudgesR Aplin;  Mrs B Hutt;  Mrs L O’Reiley
Best in Show11-1WEEK5I WeeksWEEK5-53 206
Best Young Bird in Show134-3S6146D SnellS6146-25-233
Best Any Age in Show11-1WEEK5I Weeks
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show2-4B7289J Burns
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show111-5B7289J Burns
Best Champion Any Age11-1WEEK5I Weeks
Best Champion Young Bird134-3S6146D Snell
Best Intermediate Any Age211-2M George
Best Intermediate Young Bird302-1GAR1G Morgan
Best Novice Any Age433-1H6091J Hocking
Best Novice Young Bird535-1H6091J Hocking
Best Junior Any Age609-1HARRY1H Johnson
Best Junior Young Bird70-1HARRY1H Johnson
Best First Year Novice Exhibit501-3C6184P Codner
AALight GreenJ BurnsWB22 3 22WB2223
AADark or Olive GreenS CoxC3564 63 23C35649
AASkyBlueS Cox ( K Burnett)KJB1 37 19C356438
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletS RichR3671 58 21R367115
AAGrey GreenB Reese ( A Marchant )POTT5 155 22R356321
AAGreyI WeeksWEEK5 53 20WEEK527
AAOpaline GreenB Reese ( A Lovack )ADY1 107 22R356310
AAOpaline BlueD WhiteheadW600314 23W600313
AACinnamon GreenR PaynePD176 50 22PD17617
AACinnamon BlueD SnellS6146 6 23S614620
AAOpaline CinnamonC MooneyMOONE1 47 23MOONE14
AALutinoM Shore ( ???? )S7199 84 20SHORE111
AAAlbinoS RichR3671 3 23R36716
AAYellow-wingH JohnsonHARRY1 9 20HARRY12
AACrest or TuftR HooperRH1 189 19RH15
AASF Spangle GreenD SnellS6146 25 23S614618
AASF Spangle BlueS CoxC3564 3 23C356422
AADF SpangleG MorganGAR1 36 22GAR113
AADominant PiedS RichR3671 95 22R367115
AARecessive PiedM RobertsR1 239 22R16
AAYellow FaceB ReeseR3563 40 22R356316
AARare Variety1
AAClearbodyS RichR3671 110 20R36715
AAAny Other ColourI WeeksWEEK5 34 23WEEK54
AAPairR HooperRH16
AATeamP CodnerC61848
AAColour BudgerigarG & A AllenALLEN5 102 22ALLEN511
AAColour BudgerigarG & A AllenALLEN5 27 21ALLEN55
AAColour Budgerigar1
AAColour BudgerigarS CoxC3564 1 23C35648
AAColour BudgerigarG & A AllenALLEN5 138 22ALLEN53
AAColour BudgerigarM RobertsR1 182 21R12
AAColour BudgerigarM RobertsR1 80 22R12
AAColour BudgerigarG & A AllenALLEN5 72 23ALLEN59
AAColour BudgerigarJ GarrattG3811 1 22G38117
AAColour BudgerigarM RobertsR1 15 23R19
AACBPairM RobertsR114
AACBTeamG & A AllenALLEN516
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMP CodnerC6134 32 23C6134
AAJunior YB COMH JohnsonHARRY1 36 23HARRY1
AANovice YB COMJ HockingH6091 65 23H6091

Trent Valley Platinum Show 2023

Show Date26th August 2023
Show Name /StatusTrent Valley B S
Birds Benched783
JudgesR Pearce;  G Williams;  R Carr;  D Cottrell;  M Chapman
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show1-7B2688G BowleyB2688-60-209
Best Young Bird in Show110-1H3889C HuxleyH3889-34-235
Best Any Age in Show1-7B2688G Bowley
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show10-6TA1Terheege Partnership
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show109-4B2688G Bowley
Best Champion Any Age1-7B2688G Bowley
Best Champion Young Bird110-1H3889C Huxley
Best Intermediate Any Age235-2SUE2Swann & Ford
Best Intermediate Young Bird344-1MICK2M Woodfield
Best Novice Any Age411-2C5589M Cooper
Best Novice Young Bird521=1STU2R & S Roberts
Best Junior Any Age601-1CAL1C Terheege
Best Junior Young Bird720-1CAL1C Terheege
Best First Year Novice Exhibit505-2GSB1G Simpson
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenG BowleyB2688 60 20B268819
AADark or Olive GreenJones & HughesH5375 16 22H537515
AASkyBlueT & L JukesJUKE5 9 22JUKE527
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletJ MooreM4059 18 22M405913
AAGrey GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 207 22TA118
AAGreyJ Moore ( J Davies )D3407 11 22M409533
AAOpaline GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 23 22TA15
AAOpaline BlueR HillH3218 24 22H32187
AACinnamon GreenA & G AdamsADAM5 68 22ADAM513
AACinnamon BlueT & P LeedhamL3215 79 20L321521
AAOpaline CinnamonTerheege PartnershipTA1 132 22TA18
AALutinoS & N WildesNIGE1 99 19NIGE111
AAAlbinoS & N WildesNIGE1 190 19NIGE17
AAYellow-wingA & D WoanWOAN1 37 21WOAN111
AAWhitewingA & G AdamsADAM5 345 21ADAM59
AACrest or TuftA & G AdamsADAM5 408 22ADAM53
AASF Spangle GreenA & G AdamsADAM5 148 21ADAM59
AASF Spangle BlueS & N WildesSAM1 245 22SAM117
AADF SpangleR Warrinder (?????)MW500 95 22W44358
AADominant PiedC HuxleyH3889 86 19H388920
AARecessive PiedA & G AdamsGINA5-48-22GINA512
AAYellow FaceR SturgeonS7226 19 22S722622
AARare VarietyR HillH3218 41 22H32186
AAClearbodyG BowleyB2688 6 21B268810
AAAny Other ColourS & N WildesSAM1 295 21SAM111
AAPairG BowleyB2688104
AATeamTerheege PartnershipTA144
AAColour BudgerigarJ CosbyC5099 20 22C50997
AAColour BudgerigarD CheshireC6179 3 22C61796
AAColour BudgerigarJ CosbyC5099 27 22C50992
AAColour Budgerigar
AAColour Budgerigar
AAColour BudgerigarJ CosbyC5099 12 23C50992
AAColour BudgerigarJ CosbyC5099 30 22C50992
AAColour Budgerigar
AAColour BudgerigarS & N WildesSAM1 200 22SAM12
AAColour Budgerigar
AACBPairS & N WildesSAM130
AACBTeamS & N WildesSAM116
AANovice AA COMM CooperC5589 33 22C5589
AAJunior AA COMC TerheegeCAL1 20 23CAL1
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMG SimpsonGSB1 49 23GSB1
YBLight GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 53 23TA110
YBDark or Olive GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 9 23TA14
YBSkyBlueTerheege PartnershipTA1 110 23TA114
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletA & D WoanWOAN1 12 23WOAN19
YBGrey GreenC HuxleyH3889 34 23H38895
YBGreyC HuxleyH3889 15 23H388918
YBOpaline GreenA & G AdamsADAM5 16 23ADAM53
YBOpaline BlueR & S RobertsSTU2 11 23STU22
YBCinnamon GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 21 23TA111
YBCinnamon BlueR & S RobertsSTU2 39 23STU211
YBOpaline CinnamonR & S RobertsSTU2 134 23STU26
YBLutinoS & N WildesSAM1 187 23SAM17
YBAlbinoTerheege PartnershipTA1 97 23TA16
YBYellow-wingJ LeesLEE5 54 23LEE55
YBWhitewingA & D WoanWOAN1 62 23WOAN12
YBCrest or TuftTerheege PartnershipTA1 56 23TA12
YBSF Spangle GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 133 23TA18
YBSF Spangle BlueC HickmanH5526 12 23H552619
YBDF SpangleA StevensARN13 7 23ARN134
YBDominant PiedM W BloxhamB6913 14 23B691310
YBRecessive PiedS & N WildesSAM1 351 3SAM17
YBYellow FaceG SimpsonGSB1 32 23GSB120
YBRare VarietyG HawthornH6068 14 23H60686
YBClearbodyG SimpsonGSB1 54 23GSB18
YBAny Other ColourG BowleyB2688 22 23B26887
YBColour BudgerigarS & N WildesSAM1 10 23SAM15
YBColour BudgerigarC SmithS7206 66 23S72065
YBColour Budgerigar1
YBColour BudgerigarC SmithS7206 72 23S72062
YBColour BudgerigarS & N WildesSAM1 33 23SAM12
YBColour BudgerigarJ CosbyC5099 17 23C50993
YBColour BudgerigarJ CosbyC5099 14 23C50995
YBColour BudgerigarD CheshireC6179 14 23C61792
YBColour BudgerigarS & N WildesSAM1 25 23SAM13
YBColour Budgerigar1
YBNovice YB COMR & S RobertsSTU2 103 23STU2
YBJunior YB COMC TerheegeCAL1 8 23CAL1


S B S Gold S & R V Show 2023

Show Date3rd September 2023
Show Name /StatusSBS S & R V Gold Show
Birds Benched229
JudgesJ Spencer;  R Staig
AALutinoA & N Michae;( S Cowling )C5814 114 19MICA113
AAAlbinoBenn & Newall ( D Bruton )B5647 68 21N17085
AAYellow-wingS Toole ( C Stewart )S7205 24 22T31085
AAWhitewingG GormleyGG3 9 22GG32
AACrest or TuftB Bruce ( G Williams )W4281 38 21B70164
AASF Spangle GreenJ Ross ( A Easdon )E2064 28 20JTR111
AASF Spangle BlueB Bruce ( ?????)NB2 27 19B701611
AADF SpangleJ ScammellS6915 84 22S69157
AADominant PiedA & N MichaelM5542 1 22M55425
AARecessive PiedA & N MichaelMICA1 9 21MICA110
AAYellow FaceJ ScammellS6915 124 22S691513
AARare VarietyG KaneK2136 203 22K21364
AAClearbodyD Bruce ( ????? )D1100 57 20DAB239
AAOlive Mauve or VioletG FindlayFA75 8 22FA753
AALacewingD BruceDAB23 52 22DAB236
AAAny Other Colour1
AATeamG KaneK21368
AAColour BudgerigarG FindlayFA75 15 22FA757
AACBPairG FindlayFA756
YBLutinoJ RossJTR1 84 23JTR18
YBAlbinoBenn & NewallBENN1 5 23BENN14
YBYellow-wingG GormleyGG3 16 23GG33
YBWhitewingG GormleyGG3 2 23GG35
YBCrest or TuftG FindlayFA75 2 23FA754
YBSF Spangle GreenBenn & NewallN1708 2 23N17088
YBSF Spangle BlueJ ScammellS6915 11 23S69154
YBDF SpangleBenn & NewallBENN1 58 23BENN17
YBDominant PiedJ ScammellS6915 45 23S69154
YBRecessive PiedJulien & YuleJ3034 55 23J30343
YBYellow FaceJ ScammellS6915 69 23S691513
YBRare VarietyG KaneK2136 84 23K21365
YBClearbodyD BruceDAB23 19 23DAB2310
YBOlive Mauve or VioletJ RossJTR1 39 23JTR15
YBLacewingJ RossJTR1 47 23JTR15
YBAny Other ColourBenn & NewallBENN1 39 23BENN14
YBColour BudgerigarL McIntoshM6125 29 23M61255


Dunbartonshire B S Silver Show 2023

Show Date26th August 2023
Show Name /StatusDunbartonshire B S
Birds Benched370
JudgesR Campbell;  T Mc Crindle
Best in Show9-4ROY1R WilsonROY1-27-226
Best Young Bird in Show309-1C5955G ChadwickC5955-9-233
Best Any Age in Show9-4ROY1R Wilson
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show14-2ROY1R Wilson
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show114-1B3960K & B Batey
Best Champion Any Age9-4ROY1R Wilson
Best Champion Young Bird118-1N1708Benn & Newall
Best Intermediate Any Age209-1C5955G Chadwick
Best Intermediate Young Bird309-1C5955G Chadwick
Best Novice Any Age407-1M6142M McClelland
Best Novice Young Bird520-3T3108S Toole
Best Junior Any Age635-1C6189O C Walker
Best Junior Young Bird711-1N1789A Newall
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AALight GreenR WilsonROY1 18 23ROY113
AADark or Olive GreenR WilsonROY1 104 21ROY111
AASkyBlueR WilsonROY1 5 2ROY119
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletM McClelland ( S Wilson )STEF1 43 22M614213
AAGrey GreenR WilsonROY1 27 22ROY124
AAGreySCOT2BBN51 4 23BN5125
AAOpaline GreenR wilsonROY1 70 21ROY111
AAOpaline BlueM McClelland ( I Clarke)IC1 71 20M614216
AACinnamon GreenBenn & NewallBEN1 60 23BEN116
AACinnamon BlueJ ScammellS6915 73 20S691521
AAOpaline CinnamonR WilsonROY1 50 21ROY110
AALutinoR WilsonROY1 29 23ROY112
AAAlbinoBenn & Newall ( D Bruton )B5647 68 21N17086
AAYellow-wingB MacLean ( S Summerville )S7025 6 20M491713
AAWhitewingB MacLean ( G Gormley )GG3 21 22M491710
AACrest or TuftM McClellandM6142 8 23M61423
AASF Spangle GreenJ ScammellS6915 15 21S691516
AASF Spangle BlueD Walton ( A Ellison )AE1 114 0DW219
AADF SpangleJ ScammellS6915 86 22S691515
AADominant PiedJ ScammellS6915 65 22S691514
AARecessive PiedJulien & YuleJY1 30 22JY118
AAYellow FaceJ ScammellS6915 124 22S691525
AARare VarietyG KaneK2136 203 22K21363
AAAny Other ColourBenn & NewallBEN1 39 23BEN19
AAPairR WilsonROY110
AATeamG KaneK213616
AAColour BudgerigarJ & T BairdB7521 93 22B75212
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COM
AAJunior YB COMA NewallN1789 2 23N1789
AANovice YB COMS TooleT3108 26 23T3108

North East National B S GOLD Show 2023

Show Date20th August 2023
Show Name /StatusNorth East National B S
Birds Benched454
JudgesR Campbell;  T McCrindle;  R Carson;; G Turner
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show19-1TL1T & A LukeTL1-303-218
Best Young Bird in Show117-1TL1T & A LukeTL116-234
Best Any Age in Show19-1TL1T & A Luke
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show420-1TENOR1K & T Smith
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show104-3TL1T & A Luke
Best Champion Any Age19-1TL1T & A Luke
Best Champion Young Bird117-1TL1T & A Luke
Best Intermediate Any Age211-3C4638R Clements
Best Intermediate Young Bird343-2E1635P Eales
Best Novice Any Age419-2TENOR1K & T Smith
Best Novice Young Bird503-2CW4S Clements
Best Junior Any Age625-1EMILY1E Vasey
Best Junior Young Bird709-1EMILY1E Vasey
Best First Year Novice Exhibit424-2T3440Taylor & Miller
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenT & A LukeTL1 354 20TL115
AADark or Olive GreenJ RogersR3288 49 21R32887
AASkyBlueS ClementsCW4 3 22CW416
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletS WilsonSTEF1 18 22STEF17
AAGrey GreenR Melling ( N Smith )NEAL1 51 22MEL123
AAGreyR ClementsC4638 33 22C463830
AAOpaline GreenM McClelland ( S Wilson)STEF1 27 21M614210
AAOpaline BlueS ClementsCW4 12 22CW46
AACinnamon GreenP RedfordRAD1 12 21RAD116
AACinnamon BlueT & A LukeTL1 303 22TL116
AAOpaline CinnamonP RedfordRAD1 116 21RAD12
AALutinoT & A LukeTL1 440 22TL113
AAAlbinoT & A LukeTL1 242 22TL17
AAYellow-wingG PringlePE387 94 22PE3875
AAWhitewingG PringlePE387 15 21PE3872
AACrest or TuftM McClelland ( S Roberts)SJR1 13 21M61422
AASF Spangle GreenCook & Rowell ( P Redford)RAD1 21 21JNC112
AASF Spangle BlueT & A LukeTL1 88 19TL120
AADF SpangleR ClementsC4638 34 22C46388
AADominant PiedR ClementsC4638 9 22C463818
AARecessive PiedA OliverO956 32 22O9566
AAYellow FaceT & A LukeTL1 184 20TL121
AARare VarietyG PringlePE387 99 22PE3872
AAClearbodyC VaseyVASEY1 133 23VASEY12
AAAny Other ColourJ Bowey ( A & D Woan )WOAN1 54 21B558910
AAPairJ BoweyB55896
AATeamC VaseyVASEY120
AAColour Budgerigar
AANovice AA COMK & T SmithTENOR1 77 20TENOR1
AAJunior AA COME VaseyEMILY1 20 22EMILY1
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMTaylor & Miller (K Fewlass )KF1 55 21T3440
YBLight GreenK & T SmithTENOR1 6 23TENOR19
YBDark or Olive GreenT & A LukeTL1 57 23TL19
YBSkyBlueS WilsonSTEF1 57 23STEF18
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletT & A LukeTL1 197 23TL13
YBGrey GreenT & A LukeTL1 40 23TL117
YBGreyH WindWIND1 8 23WIND110
YBOpaline GreenK & B BateyB3960 41 23B39608
YBOpaline BlueH WindWIND1 21 23WIND15
YBCinnamon GreenT & A LukeTL1 15 23TL19
YBCinnamon BlueT & A LukeTL1 31 23TL114
YBOpaline CinnamonS ClementsCW4 4 23CW45
YBLutinoC VaseyVASEY1 4 23VASEY13
YBAlbinoC VaseyVASEY1 48 23VASEY13
YBYellow-wingJ BoweyB5589 11 23B55894
YBWhitewingG PringlePE387 29 23PE3872
YBCrest or Tuft
YBSF Spangle GreenC VaseyVASEY1 61 23VASEY15
YBSF Spangle BlueC VaseyVASEY1 68 23VASEY18
YBDF SpangleP RedfordRAD1 44 23RAD19
YBDominant PiedT & A LukeTL1 65 23TL15
YBRecessive PiedA OliverO956 7 23O9562
YBYellow FaceP EalesE1635 21 23E16357
YBRare VarietyG PringlePE387 17 3PE3872
YBAny Other ColourT & A LukeTL1 178 23TL15
YBColour Budgerigar
YBNovice YB COMS ClementsCW4 19 23CW4


West Lothian & District B S Silver 2023

Show Date20th August 2023
Show Name /StatusWest Lothian & District B S
Birds Benched339
JudgesA Michael;  T Jukes;  L Jukes
Best in Show27-2S6915J ScammellS6915 84-226
Best Young Bird in Show133-1N1708Benn & NewallN1708-2-233
Best Any Age in Show27-2S6915J Scammell
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show38-1S6915J Scammell
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show534-1K2136G Kane
Best Champion Any Age27-2S6915J Scammell
Best Champion Young Bird133-1N1708Benn & Newall
Best Intermediate Any Age209-1C5955G Chadwick
Best Intermediate Young Bird309-1C5955G Chadwick
Best Novice Any Age450-2J3034Julian & Yule
Best Novice Young Bird534-1K2136G Kane
Best Junior Any Age607-1N1789A Newall
Best Junior Young BirdN/A
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AALight GreenBenn & NewallN1708 24 22N170814
AADark or Olive GreenR Wilson ( J Scammell )S6915 56 21ROY116
AASkyBlueBenn & NewallN1708 14 23N170814
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletR WilsonROY1 121 21ROY112
AAGrey GreenR WilsonROY1 27 21ROY127
AAGreyJ ScammellS6915 97 22S691517
AAOpaline GreenR WilsonROY1 70 21ROY112
AAOpaline BlueC Hastie ( A Gilmartin )GH19 18 22H49519
AACinnamon GreenJ ScammellS6915 17 23S691517
AACinnamon BlueJ ScammellS6915 73 20S691514
AAOpaline CinnamonR WilsonROY1 50 21ROY19
AALutinoJ ScammellS6915 28 22S691511
AAAlbinoD DoltonD3991 39 20D399111
AAYellow-wingG GormleyGG3 2 23GG314
AAWhitewingG GormleyGG3 2 23GG36
AACrest or Tuft#N/A
AASF Spangle GreenBenn & NewallN1708 2 23N170815
AASF Spangle BlueJ Fairbridge ( J McLeman )M5803 126 20FC37520
AADF SpangleJ ScammellS6915 84 22S691512
AADominant PiedJ ScammellS6915 65 22S691514
AARecessive PiedEllis & PurdueRAE1 15 23RAE110
AAYellow FaceR WilsonROY1 47 21ROY119
AARare VarietyD Bruce ( G Kane )K2136 203 22DAB234
AAClearbodyBenn & NewallN1708 22 22N17086
AAAny Other ColourJulien & YuleJ3034 42 21J30349
AAPairBenn & NewallN170810
AATeamG KaneK213612
AAColour BudgerigarA Newall (???????)W626 22 17N1795
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMN/A#N/A
AANovice YB COMG KaneK2136 4 23K2136

York District B S Silver Show 2023

Show Date27th August 2023
Show Name /StatusYork & District B S
Birds Benched275
JudgesJ Cosby;  A Adams;  G Adams
Best in Show9-4WRP4White Rose PartnershipM6102-18-216
Best Young Bird in Show119-3WRP4White Rose PartnershipWRP4-69-233
Best Any Age in Show9-4WRP4White Rose Partnership
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show20-3WRP4White Rose Partnership
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show150-4TL1T & A Luke
Best Champion Any Age9-4WRP4White Rose Partnership
Best Champion Young Bird119-3WRP4White Rose Partnership
Best Intermediate Any Age233-1KF1K Fewlass
Best Intermediate Young Bird338-1KF1K Fewlass
Best Novice Any Age417-1VASEY1C Vasey
Best Novice Young Bird503-2S7112M Strong
Best Junior Any Age601-1M5901H McKeown
Best Junior Young Bird711-1M5901H McKeown
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AALight GreenN Beevers ( R H Ford )RHF4 240 21B5826
AADark or Olive GreenM StrongS7112 10 23S7112
AASkyBlueM StrongS7112 22 23S7112
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletN Beevers ( S & R Clarke )C4637 103 22B5826
AAGrey GreenWhite Rose PartnershipM6102 18 21M6102
AAGreyWhite Rose PartnershipIDH1 87 21IDH1
AAOpaline GreenS BodyB7355 22 23B7355
AAOpaline BlueT HigginsH5514 21 22H5514
AACinnamon GreenT & A LukeTL1 16 23TL1
AACinnamon BlueWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4 69 23WRP4
AAOpaline CinnamonWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4 11 22WRP4
AALutinoT & A LukeTL1 440 22TL1
AAAlbinoT & A LukeTL1 242 22TL1
AAYellow-wingG PringlePE387 94 22PE387
AAWhitewingG PringlePE387 15 21PE387
AACrest or TuftK & V ShorthouseS6954 140 20S6954
AASF Spangle GreenWhite Rose PartnershipM6192 53 19M6102
AASF Spangle BlueT & A LukeTL1 88 19TL1
AADF SpangleWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4 17 23WRP4
AADominant PiedN Beevers ( R H Ford )RHF4 105 22B5826
AARecessive PiedWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4 131 22WRP4
AAYellow FaceC Bonnett ( ????)B2630 79 19JCB3
AARare VarietyG PringlePE387 97 1PE387
AAClearbodyC VaseyVASEY1 133 22VASEY1
AAAny Other ColourT & A LukeTL1 321 21TL1
AAColour BudgerigarS GardinerG1466 1 23G1466
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COM
AAJunior YB COMH McKeownM5901 2 23M5901
AANovice YB COMM StrongS7112 8 23S7112

Best in Show Winners 2023

Last Up-Dated 30th November 2023

Best in Show Winners
NameCodeRing NoPoints ValueShowShow StatusDate
S PlattsPLAT1Not BS0Leeds BSGold02/07/2023
J BurnsWB22WB22 97 218Lliw Valley BSGold01/07/2023
J ScammellS6915S6915 93 226Edinburgh BSSilver08/07/2023
K & T SmithTENOR1TENOR1 77 2010Northern B SArea02/07/2023
P BarberB5744B5744-19-216West Norfolk BCSilver09/07/2023
G BowleyB2688B2688-36-226Doncaster BSSilver16/08/2023
P & A PartnershipPE731PE731-60-2110South Midlands BSArea16/08/2023
J ScammellS6915S6915 93 818Land O BurnsGold22/07/2023
C & A SnellSNE11R2514 107 2110LEA BSArea23/07/2023
R WatkinsW4927W4927-112-216Heads of the Valley BSSilver22/07/2023
R HooperRH1RH1-0-226Plymouth & Torbay BSSilver23/07/2023
R WilsonROY1ROY1 17 238Tayside BSGold30/07/2023
M StrongS7112S17112-35-2110YBSArea30/07/2023
T & A LukeTL1TL1-40-236South Durham & Tees Valley BSSilver23/07/2023
D MoodyMOO5MOO5-3-226Castleford BSSilver06/08/2023
A & G AdamsADAM5None0South West Lancs BSGold06/08/2023
R WatkinsW4927W4927-112-218Worcestershire BSGold15/07/2023
G & J Al-NasserAA1088AA1088-151-206Southend & District BSSilver06/08/2023
S & B SquiresS6888S6888-100-226Ipswich BSSilver30/07/2023
Not BS MemberDorset & District BSSilver16/07/2023
G BowleyB2658B2688-60-206N W Leicester BSSilver06/08/2023
G BowleyB2658B2688-5-228South Cheshire B SGold13/08/2023
T JacksonJ2849J2849-4-228Somerset BSGold30/07/2023
A & G AdamsADAM5No Ring0L C & N W BSArea30/07/2023
White Rose PartnershipWRP4M6102-18-216Sheffield BSSilver20/08/2023
J LawrieL2822L2822-76-238South Hampshire B SGold13/08/2023
S & B SquiresS6888S6888-100-226Norwich & Norfolk B SSilver13/08/2023
B McCabeM3976M3976-48-226Northamptonshire B SSilver20/08/2023
A & G AdamsADAM5ADAM5-68-226North Staffs B SSilver20/08/2023
I WeeksWEEK5WEEK5-38-238Bristol B SGold06/08/2023
I StandleyS5409S5409-6-226Hastings B SSilver20/08/2023
White Rose PartnershipWRP4M6102-18-216York & District B SSilver27/08/2023
J ScammellS6915S6915-84-226West Lothian & District B SSilver20/08/2023
T & A LukeTL1TL1-303-218North East National B SGold20/08/2023
R WilsonROY1ROY1-27-226Dunbartonshire B SSilver26/08/2023
G BowleyB2688B2688 60 209Trent Valley B SPlatinum26/08/2023
I WeeksWEEK5WEEK5-53-206Cornwall B SSilver20/08/2023
A & D WoanWOAN1WOAN1-122-218Birmingham B SGold12/08/2023
G & J Al-NasserAA1088AA1088-82 206Cambridge B SSilver27/08/2023
J LawrieL2822L2822-2-216Southern ClassicSilver27/08/2023
White Rose PartnershipWRP4W6102-5-226Gateshead & NewcastleSilver02/09/2023
A & G AdamsADAM5Not Rung0Gwynedd BSPlatinum03/09/2023
J BurnsB7286WB22-99-2110Welsh B SArea27/08/2023
Terheege PartnershipTA1TA1-21-238Peterborough & South Lincs BSGold03/09/2023
P MerrittM5818M5818-43-238Swindon B SGold09/09/2023
J ScammellS6915S6915-93-226Forth Valley B SSilver16/09/2023
Terheege PartnershipTA1TA1-202-2210MBAArea08/09/2023
R WattsWATT5WATT5-5-226South Eastern B CSilver17/09/2023
Jones & HughesH5375J2793-27-219The NationalPlatinum01/10/2023
J AshbyJDA1Not BS0Mid EssexGold10/09/2023
S CoxC3564C3564-3-2310Western Counties B & F B SArea01/10/2023
J ScammellS6915S6915-93-2210Scottish B SArea07/10/2023
White Rose PartnershipWRP4IDH1-98-216Ollerton & Bevercotes CBSSilver15/10/2023
M KiffK1650K1650-17-224North Walsham ASBronze15/10/2023
Ackers & BirdNICKY1NICKY1-183-2110London & Southern CountiesArea13/10/2023
J CoxC5436PD758-36-224Halesowen & District CBSBronze22/10/2023
J BurnsWB22WB22-99-216Aberystwyth & Mid Wales ASSilver07/10/2023
J ScammellS6915S6915-93-229Scottish NationalPlatinum08/10/2023
S RichR3671R3671-110-204Duchy Open BSBronze22/10/2023
M KiffK1650K1650-17-224Norwich Alliance CBSBronze05/11/2023

Hastings B S Silver show 2023

Show Date20th August 2023
Show Name /StatusHastings B S
Birds Benched266
JudgesP Reaney;  G Tuplin;  K Brockwell
Best in Show36-1S5409I C StanleeyS5409-6-226
Best Young Bird in Show106-2S5409I C StanleeyS5409-19-233
Best Any Age in Show36-1S5409I C Stanleey
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show235-1PE731P & A Partnership
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show125-1WATT5R Watts
Best Champion Any Age36-1S5409I C Stanleey
Best Champion Young Bird106-2S5409I C Stanleey
Best Intermediate Any Age235-1PE731P & A Partnership
Best Intermediate Young Bird334-1PE731P & A Partnership
Best Novice Any Age409-1H5542S Horner
Best Novice Young Bird520-1FIT2P Fitzgerald
Best Junior Any AgeN/A
Best Junior Young BirdN/A
Best First Year Novice Exhibit407-2FIT2P Fitzgerald
AALight GreenB K & A ScottS7 63 20S714
AADark or Olive GreenG CarterC5037 43 23C50376
AASkyBlueI StanleyS5409 19 23S540913
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletG CarterC5037 74 20C50378
AAGrey GreenS HornerH554256 22H55429
AAGreyG & J Al-NasserAA1088 25 21AA108816
AAOpaline GreenUllyatt & WarmanU185 94 21U1855
AAOpaline BlueI StanleyS5409 190 23S54093
AACinnamon GreenG CarterC5037 7 21C50376
AACinnamon BlueP FitzgeraldFIT2 8 23FIT217
AAOpaline CinnamonP & A PartnershipPE731 22 22PE7314
AALutinoR WattsWATT5 151 20WATT516
AAAlbinoR WattsWATT5 64 22WATT510
AAYellow-wingG & J Al-NasserAA1088 55 22AA10882
AAWhitewingG & J Al-NasserAA1088 172 18AA10882
AACrest or TuftM & P BakerB7488 19 20B74883
AASF Spangle GreenP & A PartnershipPE731 13 23PE73113
AASF Spangle BlueI StanleyS5409 6 22S540913
AADF SpangleP Fitzgerald (  Ackers & Bird  )NICKY1 14 22FIT26
AADominant PiedG & J Al-NasserAa1088 63 21AA108812
AARecessive PiedP & A PartnershipA973 85 22A9735
AAYellow FaceG CarterC5037 66 20C503719
AARare VarietyG & J Al-NasserAA1088 132 22AA10882
AAClearbodyG & J Al-NasserAA1088 123 22AA10884
AAAny Other ColourG & J Al-NasserAA1088 81 21AA10888
AAPairR WattsWATT514
AATeamB K & A ScottS712
AAColour BudgerigarG & J Al-NasserAA1088 112 23AA108822
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMP Fitzgerald (  Ackers & Bird  )NICKY1 105 21FIT2
AANovice YB COMS HornerH5542 29 23H5542


Bristol B S Gold show 2023

Show Date6th August 2023
Show Name /StatusBristol B S
Birds Benched390
JudgesM Bagnall;  G Carter;  A Thorpe;  G Tillson;  R Watts
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show120-5WEEK5I WeeksWEEK5-38-238
Best Young Bird in Show120-5WEEK5I WeeksWEEK5-38-230
Best Any Age in Show35-3W4927R Watkins
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show406-1L3300I Ladd
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show119-3L2822J Lawrie
Best Champion Any Age35-3W4927R Watkins
Best Champion Young Bird120-5WEEK5I Weeks
Best Intermediate Any Age209-5J2849T Jackson
Best Intermediate Young Bird340-1GAR1G Morgan
Best Novice Any Age406-1L3300I Ladd
Best Novice Young Bird511-2H6069K Hulbert
Best Junior Any Age611-1HARRY1H Johnson
Best Junior Young Bird720-1HARRY1H Johnson
Best First Year Novice Exhibit523-2M6117P Mundy
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenB BlackmoreBGB1 17 21BGB113
AADark or Olive GreenP SmithS6508 1 22S65083
AASkyBlueI LaddL3300 14 22L330017
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletJ BishopBISH1 85 18BISH111
AAGrey GreenT JacksonJ2849 4 22J284912
AAGreyJ BishopBISH1 28 22BISH123
AAOpaline GreenJ SweetS6661 25 21S66614
AAOpaline BlueC RandallR2008 16 22R20083
AACinnamon GreenB Taylor (R Payne)PD176 51 21T29939
AACinnamon BlueThomas & WallTW1 18 22TW121
AAOpaline CinnamonJ LawrieL2822 4 21L28226
AALutinoR RamplinR3922 124 21R392211
AAAlbinoS RichR3671 81 21R36718
AAYellow-wingC Brickell ( M & P Freemantal)FA767 19 19B71454
AAWhitewingT JacksonJ2849 13 22J28497
AACrest or TuftB TaylorT2993 127 21T29934
AASF Spangle GreenJ LawrieL2822 64 21L28228
AASF Spangle BlueR WatkinsW427 112 21W492723
AADF SpangleG MorganGAR1 36 22GAR16
AADominant PiedJ LawrieL2822 46 22L28227
AARecessive PiedT JacksonJ2849 9 22J284910
AAYellow FaceC & K BellowsB7027 96 20B70275
AARare Variety1
AAClearbodyS RichR3671 110 20R36714
AAAny Other ColourI WeeksWEEK5 24 23WEEK514
AAPairI LaddL33006
AATeamR RamplinR392216
AAColour BudgerigarS CoxC3564 120 22C35645
AANovice AA COMS AdamsA972 43 21A972
AAJunior AA COMH Johnson (S Jackson)J3067 15 22HARRY1
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMP MundyM6117 11 23M6117
YBLight Green1
YBDark or Olive GreenR HooperRH1 26 23RH14
YBSkyBlueA FrettenAEF1 11 23AEF17
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletB BlackmoreBGB1 14 23BGB12
YBGrey GreenI WeeksWEEK5 22 23WEEK56
YBGreyT JacksonJ2849 2 23J28496
YBOpaline GreenR HooperRH1 37 23RH17
YBOpaline BlueR HooperRH1 63 23RH13
YBCinnamon GreenB BlackmoreBGB1 11 23BGB15
YBCinnamon BlueI WeeksWEEK5 38 23WEEK511
YBOpaline CinnamonR FernFS1 12 23FS13
YBLutinoK HulbertH6069 9 23H606914
YBAlbinoS RichR3671 6 23R36718
YBYellow-wingT JacksonJ2849 4 23J28494
YBWhitewingGuppy & BarnesDD2 25 23DD26
YBCrest or TuftH JohnsonHARRY1 7 23HARRY12
YBSF Spangle Green
YBSF Spangle BlueI LaddL3300 2 23L33009
YBDF SpangleI LaddL3300 10 23L33003
YBDominant PiedG MorganGAR1 1 23GAR17
YBRecessive PiedG HawkinsH4077 1 23H40773
YBYellow FaceR FernFS1 10 23FS15
YBRare Variety
YBAny Other ColourI WeeksWEEK5 34 23WEEK55
YBColour BudgerigarS CoxC3564 5 23C35648
YBNovice YB COMK HulbertH6069 39 23H6069
YBJunior YB COMH JohnsonHARRY1 3 23HARRY1

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