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Summarised Report of The Budgerigar Society General Council meeting held on 11th May 2023 and continued 22nd June 2023.

Summarised Report of The Budgerigar Society General Council meeting held on 11th May 2023 at 7:15pm via Zoom and continued 22nd June 2023 at 7:15pm also via Zoom

Apologies for Absence 11th May 2023 – Richard Miller and Terry Tuxford – on holiday. 22nd June 2023 – Richard Miller, Simon Devaney, Ghalib Al-Nasser and Janice Al-Nasser – previous engagement.

Minutes of Finance sub-group meeting held on 25 April 2023 – The Chairman advised this was a root and branch review of all matters financial following the 2022 Annual Accounts. The minutes are detailed, and it was unanimously agreed that each item be reviewed individually.

Expenditure Items

The Budgerigar Magazine – The Chairman expressed his gratitude to the Society Editor who had estimated that by going back to the pre-covid design of the Budgerigar magazine and using an alternative posting service, the Society could save around £12.5K per year.

Other magazine savings options were examined including selling the magazine to non-members, issuing as a pdf (particularly overseas members), reducing the number of issues per year. It was unanimously agreed to adopt the Editors savings strategy and to review the other options in the future.

It was also noted that advertising revenue from the magazine is a welcome income. A 12-month advert in the Breeders Directory (6 editions) offers great value at £40.

Meeting expenses – The Society Administrator advised that the cost of the one-day face-to-face GC meeting held at Lincoln was more than £2k which included the venue hire. There were no expenses claimed by 3 councillors.

Zoom meetings cost around £880 per year.

It was therefore agreed that the GC would continue to hold meetings via zoom with a face-to-face meeting after the GC Election at the Society AGM weekend in 2024. The need for future face-to face meeting would then be reviewed.

Club Show Venue – the hire charges for the Dome this year is around £12K. It was agreed that we could no longer afford to hold the show at such a cost in the future. It is also not possible to cancel the Friday booking this year and set the hall up on the Saturday morning. However, we negotiated a 50% discount from the Dome for the Friday hire.

It was, unanimously agreed that Councillors and the Club Show Committee should start looking in their local areas for a venue that would suit the Society’s needs in the future, with the intent of moving the Club Show in 2024.

It was also agreed that the Club Show should be held no further north than a line from Doncaster to Blackpool and no further than 100 miles south of this. Ideally the venue would have ample parking, be near to hotels and have a kitchen/café facility and a facility to store staging. The size of the hall required is approximately 2,500 square meters.

Club Show Catalogue – The advertising income from last year’s catalogue was poor in comparison to 2019 and members and traders are encouraged to advertise in the Club Show Catalogue.

Club Show Awards – the GC agreed to stop the class rosettes for 2nd and 3rd places and the card awards for 4th through to 7th. The crystal awards and other awards will be reviewed after this year’s show.

It was also agreed to have a re-cycle box for members who ordinarily discard their winning rosettes.

Calendar – The cost of the calendar is £600 per year. After discussion it was agreed that the Society Administrator would try and get a sponsor for the 2024 calendar, and if not, the calendar will be withdrawn.

Bank and Card Charges and Interest – it was agreed that further investigation is required with regards to the current card charges to see if these can be reduced and if we can achieve higher building society interest by moving accounts.

Accountancy Fees – it was agreed that a member who is a retired accountant would be approached. The Vice Chairman will also check out why we pay corporation tax on the property rental income as we are not a limited company and whether charitable status can be obtained. Six month interim accounts are also to be investigated.

Seed Agents – this is a good source of income for clubs, members and for the Society, however, there are not enough agents across the UK. It was agreed to put an article in The Budgerigar explaining the merits of becoming an agent.

2025 Convention – It is estimated that the 2025 Convention in Blackpool will cost the Society £12K before income is received.

Spring Event – the GC agreed that we do not repeat this venture and that an add on to the AGM is much more cost effective.

Convention – the GC agreed that we if we are to hold future conventions, they should be every 10 years, rather than the current practice of every 5 years.

Property Rates – The GC were advised that the Society only pay a minimal admin charge of £3 per month for rates to Northampton Borough Council.

Manned BS Office & Affordability – if membership numbers continue to reduce and other roles in the Society become available, to save money, adding these to the role of the Society Administrator will be considered.

WBO Research provision – The GC agreed that the Society withdraw the offer of £10k to the WBO research programme.

Judges Handbook – The Society Administrator advised that the initial uptake of this book was very good especially from overseas members and non-members, with approx. 70 being sold so far.

Product Price, Mark Up and Postage Review – it was agreed that the Society Administrator undertake this task ensuring the new postage rates are applied and product cost increased where they are justified.

Judges Training Scheme Fee – the GC agreed that the potential income from this source is minimal, especially as we are trying to attract new judges. It was therefore agreed that we continue to not charge members who apply to join the Judges Training Scheme.

Subscription by Direct Debit – the GC agreed that this should be investigated by the Finance Sub-Group including offering a 6 monthly payment scheme. Consideration also of making the membership year from date of joining rather than 1st January as at present.

Increase Sponsorships – the Chairman thanked the Society Administrator for quickly replacing the long-standing Bird Care Company sponsorship with Just Supplements. He will also continue to explore any further sponsorship opportunities.

This meeting closed at 21:48hrs

GC Meeting Held on 22nd June 2023 at 7:15pm via zoom.

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman began the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking them for their attendance this evening. He said, we have a heavy Agenda but we will meet this challenge. The Chairman also added that it was good to see Terry Tuxford in attendance after his major health scare. We are all delighted that your health is improving, and we understand that you have had to cut back on your budgerigar commitments, however I am really pleased that you are continuing with your editor duties on “The Budgerigar”, which is very much appreciated. On behalf of all your colleagues on the GC, I wish you a speedy recovery back to full fitness.

Terry thanked everyone for their kind wishes.

Club Show – It was agreed that the Club Show will be held at the Dome this year as it is too late to pull out of our contract. However, a Sub-group will be formed to look at suitable venues for the Club Show in 2024. The aim will be to decide upon the new venue before this year’s event to allow members who would normally book their hotels on departure to be aware if the show is to move from the Doncaster area. The Sub-group will consist of Grant Findlay (Chair), Richard Miller, Adrian Richards, Pete Smith and Chris Snell.

2025 Combined Convention and Club Show – this matter is still up for consideration as is all cost saving ideas.

Minutes of Finance Sub-group meeting held on 25 April 2023 Continued

Northampton Property –– following discussion it was unanimously agreed that the property be retained for now and to investigate if the ground floor can be let, initially asking the existing tenant if they want the additional space or if they know anyone who may be interested.

Patronage Review – The Patronage Administrator explained that everything is going according to plan, and he had issued an additional form in the patronage packs for any long tail/flight disqualified birds. The information to be recorded is ring number, colour, variety, sex and exhibitor, with the form being returned to him.

If a bird is disqualified three times, he will send the details to the GC for a decision to be made on whether the bird can be shown in the future. It was suggested that the name of the judge also be recorded, and that the three disqualified birds be under three separate judges to avoid a particular judge being biased against a particular bird. It was agreed that the GC would take into consideration the judges involved, if faced with any birds meeting the three times disqualified criteria.

After further discussion it was unanimously agreed the Society increase the cost of all patronage levels excluding Area Societies to £10.00 per show from 2024. This will replace the current cost of four first class stamps (around £5 in 2024). This will go a small way towards the costs without asking members for more money.

It was also agreed unanimously that the Premier Exhibitor scheme be dropped as the trial had not yielded the interest as anticipated.

Colour Budgerigar Patronage at the Club Show – A letter has been received requesting an increase to the Colour Budgerigar patronage at the Club Show.

After discussion it was agreed to increase the Colour Budgerigar patronage at the Club Show to 10 CC’s for Any Age classes and 10 for the Young Bird classes making this the same classification as the National Specialist & Rare Variety Show. However, at the Club Show each CC will be worth 10 points.

It was agreed that the Shows Sub-group look into the provision of BS awards for Best Colour Budgerigar in Show; Best Young Bird and the Opposite Sexes.

Colour Budgerigar Patronage Offer to CC shows in 2024 – The Patronage Administrator advised that he is proposing four levels of Colour Budgerigar patronage:-

BS Club Show with 20 classes (10 AA & 10 YB) with CC’s pre-graded at 10 points.

BS National S&RV Show with 20 classes (10 AA & 10 YB) with CC’s pre-graded at 7 points.

Specialist Colour Budgerigar Patronage – 20 classes (10 AA & 10 YB), with 20 CC’s pre-graded at 7 points for Area Shows; 5 points for Platinum Shows and 3 points for all other shows.

Normal Colour Budgerigar Patronage – 20 classes (10 AA & 10 YB) with 10 CC’s no pre-graded points.

Pre-Show Walk Through

In a previous Summary of GC Minutes, it advised that the Society was planning to trial a system at the year’s Club Show that had been introduced in Germany. This involved the judges on the day being escorted around the Show Hall by one of the show officials, for the purpose of informing the judges of what the show organisers believe to be the minimum and maximum criteria that the birds should be judged against with regards to long tails and long flights.

Having listened to feedback from members the General Council has reversed this decision with a vote of 6 for and 4 against.

Judges Training Scheme – The Chairman advised that the Judges Training Scheme organiser had written in suggesting that the new rule allowing Novices onto the Scheme should take effect from the 2024 show season. He explained that there had been several applications but as the cut-off date of 31st January 2023 had passed all applicants were advised that they could not start until 2024. This was agreed.

It was noted that there is no mention of Intermediates joining the scheme and it was agreed that this be considered at a future meeting.

AGM Arrangements for Bugbrooke on 21 April 2024 – What is planned to follow the AGM will be a novice and junior day with a show; meet the new General Council; a sales day; plus a popular speaker who is still to be announced.

Rule Book – The Society Editor advised that he had completed the update to include the recent approved rule changes. This will be added to the website in due course.

Members Renewals – The Society Administrator advised that he had had returns from all ten Areas and this endeavour had gained a further 15 membership renewals.

Society Power Point Presentation – The Society Editor advised that he had completed the update which was now available for use by the GC at Club meetings etc.

Letter from R Elorfi – a letter has been received from junior Rayhan Elorfi regarding a temporary standard for Blackfaces and Blackwings. It was unanimously agreed that this matter be referred to the Colour Standards Sub-group.

Date of the next meeting – 3rd August 2023 via zoom

Close of Meeting – The Chairman thanked everyone for their contributions. He wished everyone a very successful start to the show season.

Meeting closed at 21:30 p.m.

Club Show Hotel

Dear Budgerigar Society Members
It gives me great pleasure to announce that the BS HQ Hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn hotel at the Racecourse in Doncaster, is fully booked for the World famous Budgerigar Club Show for September 22nd & 23rd 2023.
I am sure you will all agree this is excellent news and looks like we will have a bigger turn out than previous years, many members like to stay in other hotels to that end I have compiled a list below for your convenience.
You can still try and book the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel but via the Reception 01302 986888.
Thanks to everyone who has booked early to avoid disappointment.
Late rooms,
Budgerigar Society
Social Secretary
Adrian Richards

Club Show Dinner Dance 2023

It’s the 1st June 2023 so you can now book The Budgerigar Society Dinner Dance.
Here is the information on how to book and pay for the night. Including is information on the singer, coach and taxis along with your menu where you can choose your own 3 course meal. priced at an incredible price of £27.50, payable by cheque or credit card. To book and pay contact the BS Social Secretary, Adrian Richards.

Payment by Cheque or Credit card and menu choice must be paid directly to the BS Social Secretary. Adrian Richards on, or mobile 07946529456.

Here is the link for the BS, HQ Hotel, The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel at the Racecourse, very close to the Dome Exhibition Budgerigar Show.
There is less than 20 rooms left on the BS arranged rate, so book early.
Free parking for the weekend, Free WiFi and breakfast each day.
Single rate, £90 and Double £105.

Colour Budgerigar Patronage

Colour Budgerigar Patronage offer to CC Shows – The Patronage Administrator advised there has been increased interest in extra Colour Budgerigar patronage. As well as South Hampshire BS application, which was granted earlier, there has been one further application from Ipswich BS which has also been granted. It was agreed that this patronage should not be the same as the National S&RV Show or the BS Club Show. It was agreed for this year that it will have 20 classes with 10 CC’s graded on the day. For a Gold Show this would increase to 20 CC’s for any age and young birds pre-graded with a minimum of 3 points. The National S&RV Show will be increased from 8 to 10 classes in each of the Any Age and Young Bird sections and granted 20 CC’s pre-graded with a minimum of 7 points. The BS Club Show will have 8 classes (Crest and Clearbody in AOC Class) in both Any Age & Young Bird, with the 16 CC’s being pre-graded at 10 points each.
The GC since the last meeting and listening to feedback from members and clubs would like to offer this type of patronage as an add on to all existing BS patronage shows this year, free of charge, if they wish to apply.
Applications should be emailed to Ronnie by 31 May 2023. This will give Ronnie time to organise the extra rosettes and CC’s required.

GC Summarised Report – 22nd April 2023

The Budgerigar Society

Summarised Report from the GC Meeting held on 22nd April 2023, at Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln, commencing at 10am.

Present – There was a full attendance of the GC plus the Society Administrator.

President’s Address – President Chris Snell wished everyone a very good morning and expressed how great it was to meet up face to face after all of our zoom meetings. He praised the location of the very beautiful Bomber Command Memorial Centre and encouraged Councillors to have a look around the grounds. He then handed back to the Chairman.

Chairman’s Welcome The Chairman Maurice Roberts also welcomed all to the second face to face GC Meeting of the current GC. He also added a special welcome to Simon Devaney on his inaugural face to face meeting.

Patronage Review

  1. The Patronage Administrator advised that in 2022 there were a total of 99 patronages awarded, of these 85 were completed and 14 cancelled. For 2023 there have been 83 confirmed applications. The new Best In Show incentive trophies will be awarded at the AGM to J. Newall (Gold – 6 BIS wins), G & J Al-Nasser (Silver – 4 wins), A & G Adams, R. Ford, I. Weeks and T & A Luke (Bronze – 3 Wins).

b Hastings BS – A letter from Hastings BS had been held over for the face-to-face meeting. The Chairman said that if any changes were made today, these must wait until the 2024 show season as many clubs had already organised their schedules for this year’s shows. He also added that when we undertake the review we should also include a letter from Dennis Cairns and  views from Councillors.

Considerations discussed included the BS offering clubs the opportunity to purchase additional patronage and clubs taking either an enhanced or reduced package. Further ideas around charging for BS Patronage were discussed, as clubs are currently only asked to contribute 4 first class stamps. A proposal for the Patronage Administrator to investigate this and come back to Council with ideas for consideration was agreed.

It was also unanimously agreed that the status quo will remain but to be reviewed annually. The Society will write to Dennis Cairns & Hastings BS and thank them for their letters.

d Colour Budgerigar Patronage offer to CC Shows – The Patronage Administrator advised there has been increased interest in extra Colour Budgerigar patronage. As well as South Hampshire BS application, which was granted earlier, there has been one further application from Ipswich BS which has also been granted. It was agreed that this patronage should not be the same as the National S&RV Show or the BS Club Show. It was agreed for this year that it will have 20 classes with 10 CC’s graded on the day. For a Gold Show this would increase to 20 CC’s for any age and young birds pre-graded with a minimum of 3 points. The National S&RV Show will be increased from 8 to 10 classes in each of the Any Age and Young Bird sections and granted 20 CC’s pre-graded with a minimum of 7 points. The BS Club Show will have 8 classes (Crest and Clearbody in AOC Class) in both Any Age & Young Bird, with the 16 CC’s being pre-graded at 10 points each. This was agreed with 12 for, 1 against and 1 not voting.

It was unanimously agreed that the Patronage Administrator investigate the various Colour Budgerigar packages so that we have a structured package on offer for the 2024 Show Season onward.

Club Show 2024 – Judges nominations – The Club Show Committee has reduced the number of judges for the 2023 show from 13 to 9 and the 4 who have stepped down are automatically chosen to judge in 2024 Show. They are Sue Clarke, John Cosby, Bev Hutt and Adrian Richards. To be added are the 2024 President Geoff Bowley, the Trainee Judge of the Year Laura O’Reilly and the overseas Judge Maarten Heylan plus Michael Chapman who had to cancel in 2022, due to covid. This leaves one vacancy plus reserves. After discussion and voting it was agreed that John Newall should be invited to judge in 2024. A further two judges were selected as reserves.

Club Show 2025 – It was proposed that past Presidents be invited to judge the Centenary Club Show in 2025. Nine judges plus reserves were selected from the list of former Presidents who are still judging and they will be contacted to judge the Club Show in the 100th year of the Society and the names will be announced once confirmed.

Silver Bird Award Nominations – The Silver Bird Trophy is offered annually for meritorious service or effort (excluding exhibiting) by a member of the Budgerigar Society on behalf of the Budgerigar Fancy. The Silver Bird was first awarded in 1936 and is our top achievement award. Three nominations were received by the closing date of 31 March for consideration. Following a vote Bob Francis was successful in becoming the GC nominee. Bob Francis graciously thanked the Council for supporting him and he was delighted to be the first Welshman to receive this award.

Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator – we have three subsidiary judges currently completing their final year training and two new applicants starting the scheme.

A request has been received from Mick Freeborn to re-join the Main Judges Panel from the Retired Panel. Under our existing rules the member will have to show for one full year and submit a judge’s return form before the GC can consider his application.

A request to increase the existing BS Judges Fee from £10 to £20 was unanimously agreed.

Longtail/Longflights – this subject was raised before covid and with the cancellation of shows in 2020 and most shows in 2021 the GC had to wait and see how it was affecting shows in 2022. Mike Jarrold is extremely passionate about this topic and has written the BS to encourage the GC to decide how to handle this going forward.

After a very detailed discussion it was agreed that this problem is not as prevalent as it once was. The showing of such birds should be discouraged, and a record kept of birds that have transgressed this rule.

It was further agreed on a majority vote of 12 for and 2 against that any birds disqualified for being Longflight/Longtail should have their individual ring number, colour, variety and sex recorded on the CC record sheet by the judge. This change would be advised to exhibitors and judges via the Budgerigar prior to the Show Season. The new Judges Handbook will have to be amended in due course to reflect this change.

It was unanimously agreed that the Society develop the knowledge of our members and judges through education about these birds before and after judging has taken place, rather than look to penalise the judge for not recognising any exhibit as a potential Longflight/Longtail.

The GC agreed that this matter should be reviewed at the end of each show season to ensure that these measures are working.

Vice President Nominations – The GC will make a recommendation to the AGM for BS Vice President and the membership can also nominate someone at the AGM. Phil Reaney is the GC nomination.

Correspondence – A super offer from Sam Wildes to provide an aviary to promote the Society and hobby at the promotional events the Society attends was unanimously accepted.

APHA Consultation – Correspondence received from a member of the Society in conjunction with the NCA answering the consultation paper released by the government about registering all birds kept privately over a certain quantity. The Society Administrator advised he had answered this consultation paper and has had a further discussion with the member on the merits of all members and bird keepers answering this paper as individuals. A sample letter is available on the Society website in the News section.

Heads of the Valleys BS –has written to the office with the suggestion that the BS organise a national scheme with a bird purchasing company for members to sell their surplus stock. The GC sympathises but this had been tried before with little success due to logistics associated with collection and drop off points. It was suggested that Area Societies or local clubs might be better placed to organise this themselves.

2024 Rings – report from Jim Muir our Official Ring Inspector – with one minor exception which had been fixed the 2024 rings, which will be red in colour, are acceptable.

Members Survey Action Points

Events, Technical & Societies

  1. Consider holding an event for Novices & Juniors in conjunction with the 2024 AGM.

This was discussed and unanimously agreed that we will run an event in conjunction with the 2024 AGM aimed at Novice and Junior members. This would also encompass a meet and greet with the new GC after the AGM (see Engage point 1.)

  1. Consider reducing the use of Sub Groups and having an increase in GC Meetings as necessary as Sub Group felt that the GC has a heavy reliance on Sub Groups.

It was agreed that the current financial situation of the Society does not justify this expense, which can be negated with meetings via zoom. With regards to Sub Groups, it was unanimously agreed that they are a necessity and serve a purpose and should continue via zoom.

  1. Consider setting defined time frames expected of the BS Office to provide acknowledgement received and publish this time frame to the membership.

It was agreed that initial receipt of any correspondence should be acknowledged with a, “thank you for this; I shall get back to you when I have a fuller answer in this regard”.

  1. Consider agreeing to the creation of a Rule Guide Book to make the Rule Book less onerous.

After a short discussion it was unanimously agreed that what is required is an index. An investigation into the practicalities of producing one will be held.

It was noted that it has been some time since the BS rules had been written, and there are some which are out of date.  It was agreed that we should try and find a member with the correct background to undertake this task. Any member wishing to volunteer to undertake this work, please contact the Office.


  1. Consider a meet the GC as carried out following 2022 AGM.

See point 1. Events, Technical & Societies above.

  1. Consider issuing badges for GC Members to wear at Shows and other events to counter criticism of lack of contact with GC at big shows.

All GC Members have been issued with name badges and it was agreed that these should be worn at BS Patronage shows and events to ensure that members can recognise Council members.


  1. GC to consider a directive/recommendation for exhibits displaying feathers over the eyes making birds potentially not able to see.

This item was sent back to the Showing Sub Group for further detailed recommendations.

  1. Colour Standards booklet review to consider including photos of all varieties, colours and combination. Also, with guidance in booklet to which class each bird is to be showing.

This is currently under review and the Colour Standards review sub group will bear this in mind and report back after their next meeting.

  1. Consider issuing CC’s for Any Age and Young Birds at all BS Patronage Shows.

This issue was returned to the Showing Sub Group for further detailed recommendations.

Date(s) and subject(s) for our next GC meeting – It was unanimously agreed that future GC meetings will continue to be held via Zoom, they should last no longer than two hours and be on the second Thursday of every month, should business dictate. The first being held on the 11th May 2023.

The meeting closed at 4pm.


Club Show Hotel In Great Demand

Due to popular demand the Budgerigars Society has secured another 20 rooms for our members to stay at this top quality new hotel over looking Doncaster Racecourse, the Hilton Garden Inn.
This hotel is approximately 400 metres from the Dome, our venue for our Exhibition Budgerigar Show, speaker, trade stands, Area societies stands and Sale birds, all under one roof.
Single rooms £90
Double rooms £105
Free parking, breakfast and WiFi
To book just copy the link and this will take you to the BS booking site and you can choose your room and pay on site.
You can also telephone the hotel on 01302 986888 and option 0 and speak to reception but please say you are booking for the Budgerigar society event.
Looking forward to a Great weekend.
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