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Budgerigar Society Club Show Dinner Dance – Free Coach

Budgerigar Society Club Show Dinner Dance – Saturday, 24th September 2022

Our coach company, L L Travel, will collect us from the Hilton Garden Inn, Racecourse, Doncaster, DN2 6BB and travel the 1.5 miles to Wheatley Golf Club – the Dinner Dance venue.

Depending on numbers taking up this free travel, the coach may have to take two trips as follows.

From the Racecourse Hotel,

Pick up at 7.00 p.m. arrive at 7.10 p.m.

Pick up at 7.15 p.m. arrive at 7.20 p.m.

Dinner will be served at approximately 7.30 p.m.

After a great night the Return coach to the Hilton Garden Inn will leave at 12.30 a.m. and the second coach will be 1.00 a.m.

Book and reserve your coach seats when you book your Dinner Dance tickets.

Recommended Taxi companies are:

Absolute Cabs – 01302 556688

Alpha Mini Cabs – 01302 323333

Micks Mini Cabs – 01302 820282

ACS SIA Door Qualifications

The Club Show committee is looking for a member who is qualified with ACS SIA door qualifications to volunteer for the Club Show for the two days.
If this is you, please contact the Society administrator.

Summarised report of the General Council (GC) meeting held on Thursday, 9th June 2022 commencing at 7.15pm via Zoom.

There were three apologies for absence – Richard Miller had a previously work engagement, Adrian Terheege had a judging engagement and Mat Ackers had resigned from the GC that day.

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman welcomed everyone and expressed how good it was to see the vast majority of Council Members at the recent Spring Event and he thanked GC members for their support.

The Chairman then advised the GC that Mat Ackers had resigned his position on the GC and wanted his sincere thanks for Mat’s work over the years for the Society and its members, not only as a GC member but also him and his team in their promotional role, minuted.

The Chair also instructed the Administrator to contact the first reserve, (Simon Devaney) and ask him if he would like to take a seat on the General Council, subject to agreeing the Terms of Reference (TOR), prior to being invited to a General Council meeting.

Rule Change results – The Chairman advised there had been 4 resolutions put to the members and 3 were successful with resolution, No 3 being unsuccessful, this being the rule change that would have banned all non BS rung birds from being shown.

There is status quo on this rule meaning birds not rung with a BS ring can only be shown in the Any Age Classes.

The Chairman reminded all that these birds can still win Best in Show and be placed in sections but cannot win a CC.

A suggestion was made that if the winning bird in the colour run was not BS rung, the CC should be withheld and not go to second in the line-up. It was proposed the Society keep the rules on this matter the same, this was seconded and unanimously accepted.

Rings – colour for 2023 – The Chairman advised the GC had made the decision to change the ring colour to pink for 2022 to avoid confusion with the other club rings following concerns from judges and show organisers.

After a discussion it was unanimously agreed to follow the WBO sequence for 2023 with Dark Blue.

Judges Training Scheme Final Test results –The Chairman acknowledge the hard work of Trevor Terheege and his his team for conducting the final test at the Spring Event under difficult conditions and congratulated the successful candidates:

Laura O’Reilly, Cambridgeshire

Brian Taylor, Northamptonshire

Steve Rich, Somerset

Stephen Lambert, Somerset

Amendments to Judging scheme – The minutes of the sub-group meeting were circulated. Key topics were:

(a). Amendments to the current conditions relating to subsidiary judges.

(b). Introducing judges training scheme for novices.

(c). The BS having decided to move the AGM on an annual basis shall also include the judges training scheme at same time.

These were passed by 7 votes For, 1 Against, 3 Abstentions.

Judges Handbook – An update on the previous amendments agreed at the face to face meeting in March confirmed that these had been completed. The handbook is going to be in a A4 loose leaf format. The next stages are design, printing, and distribution.

Responses to Adverts for the Budgerigar Club and Club Show Secretary roles – Two candidates so far have shown interest.

Spring Event update – The Chairman said he would like to thank all those involved, for putting this event on for the membership. From his perceptive it was a very enjoyable event, and it was great to meet up with members face to face again.

The Vice-chairman re-iterated the Chairman’s thanks for the event which showcased the Society well and was a kick-start to the forthcoming show season. It was brilliant to see so many happy smiling well known faces again after two and half years of virtually no shows.

It was disappointing from a numbers point of view all round from exhibitors, exhibits, attendees, trade stands and financially. However, we can organise and facilitate to the best of our abilities the best show but cannot drag our members to such events and the attendance is what it was, and we must put that down to experience.

The team came together well and made the best of it and from my point of view the weekend went without any major hitches and seemed to be well received by all who attended and understood the number situation. There was one potential major incident which could have been disastrous with a leak in the ice plant at the Dome early on Sunday morning. However, none of our members or the birds were affected and by the time we reached the show hall all was thankfully back to normal.

Some of the successes were the Seminar where Daniel Lütolf went down well and many of those attending were really impressed with his presentation and the move to the new HQ hotel at the Racecourse which met all expectations. The Gala Dinner Dance was well organised by Adrian Richards with superb food and entertainment and raffle and was a fantastic night enjoyed by all.

Convention 2025 – The Convention sub-group is recommending that the 100th Anniversary BS Convention in 2025 be held at the Grand Hotel in Blackpool, which was unanimously approved. This is an excellent venue which provides plenty room for our lecture programme; bird show; sales and trade event; meeting rooms and Gala Dinner all under the one roof. This together with excellent accommodation should make this a Convention to remember.

Patronage update – The Patronage Administrator gave a comprehensive update on all the clubs that had applied for and been granted patronage – these can be found on the BS web site under the heading “Showing”.

He also expressed his sadness at the fact that two shows so far have had be cancelled one due to venue issues and another due to a lack of numbers.

GDPR Training –The Chairman advised that he was pleased to report that the training has now been completed. There are several points which our Solicitors who undertook the training have suggested we need to take to strengthen our rules to cover GDPR issues. These will be placed before Council at our next meeting.

SBS letter re 2020 YB Show – The Society Administrator reported that he had contacted the necessary authorities in Scotland, and they confirmed that no shows had been applied for in 2021. After discussion it was proposed and seconded that we should not make any payment to any Area Society who did not hold a 2020 YB show in 2021. This was unanimously agreed.

Date of next meeting – It was agreed to hold the next meeting on the 4th August 2022.

Close of Meeting – The Chairman closed the meeting at 2129hrs

Eligibility For Winning Budgerigar Society Certificates

Exhibitors are reminded that only current BS Members exhibiting birds wearing an official ring purchased from the Budgerigar Society through the Society Administrator can be awarded Certificates of Merit or Challenge Certificates.

After the section specials have been judged. Certificates of Merit should be awarded to the Best Novice Any Age and Young Bird and the Best Junior Any Age and Young Bird which have not won a Challenge Certificate at the show.

Upon completion of judging, it will be necessary to ensure that the proposed certificate winners are wearing an official ring purchased from the Budgerigar Society through the Society Administrator. If a proposed certificate winner is not wearing such official ring or belongs to a person who is not a member of or who has not nominated B.S. then the next best eligible exhibit in that colour should be considered for the certificate. Once a bird has been given an award of Best in its Colour or a B.S. Challenge Certificate, it cannot thereafter be beaten by a bird of its colour for any other B.S. award.

Budgerigar Society Rule Book 2021, Pages 13 and 14 – Procedure for Judging Budgerigar Society Patronage Shows

BS Subscriptions 2023

Budgerigar Society Subscriptions 2023

Adult £29.50.
Partnership (same address) £44.25.
Senior Member £23.60.
Disabled £23.60.
Junior £19.15.

Overseas Member postage surcharge – Europe £20.00 Rest of World £25.00.

The Budgerigar Society 2022 Rule Change Ballot Results

The revision of Rules and Conditions were placed before the Membership in the March/April, 2022 issue of “The Budgerigar”. A total of 284 members cast their vote via a Postal Ballot. One photocopied ballot paper was deemed invalid and one further vote was cast at the AGM.

The ballot was administered by an Independent Scrutineer – the Canary Council of Great Britain & Ireland.

The final result of the ballot were:

RESOLUTION 1 – re General Rule 2 – New Society Objective

RESULT = 257 For, 18 Against, 9 Abstain – PASSED

RESOLUTION 2 – re BS Show Rule 5 – Additional standard for the Team Show Cage.

RESULT = 250 For, 18 Against, 16 Abstain PASSED

RESOLUTION 3 – re Show Rule 1 – all birds in Any Age classes to wear official closed coded rings purchased via BS.

RESULT = 142 For, 132 Against, 10 Abstain FAILED

RESOLUTION 4 –  re Open Show Patronage Conditions – amending Condition 8 for Overseas judges

RESULT = 243 For, 31 Against, 10 Abstain PASSED

New Budgerigar Society Full Panel Judges

The following successfully passed the Final Test of the Subsidiary Judges Training Scheme at the BS Spring Event in Doncaster on 21st May 2022 and have been added to the Main Judges Panel List and on the BS website.

  • Laura O’Reilly, Cambridgeshire
  • Brian Taylor, Northamptonshire
  • Steve Rich, Somerset
  • Stephen Lambert, Somerset

Laura O’Reilly was the winner of the Trainee Judge of the Year trophy. Congratulations to all.

Final Test of the Subsidiary Judges Training Scheme at the BS Spring Event. Back Row L to R – BS Officials – Adrian Terheege, Trevor Terheege, Ghalib Al-Nasser and Michael Chapman. Front Row L to R – The Trainee Judges – Stephen Lambert, Steve Rich, Brian Taylor and Laura O’Reilly.

Budgerigar Society New President and Vice-president

At the recent BS AGM, Chris Snell was inaugurated as the new BS President with Geoff Bowley becoming Vice-president. Chris will hold the post for two years following the unexpected resignation of President Phil Reaney, due to his wife Lyn’s health. We wish them all best wishes.

Spring Event Raffle Results

We would like to thank everyone who donated prizes and bought tickets for this event, your support is very much appreciated.
1st Prize: Ackers & Bird Normal Grey – Winner Terry Tuxford.
2nd Prize: Richard & Michael Miller Normal Grey – Winner Stacey Gardiner.
3rd Prize: 3 Trespa Show Cages – Winner Dave Starling.
4th Prize: £400 Voucher for Karl Adamson Voucher – Winner David Pett.
5th Prize: £100 Cash Prize – Winner Rhian Roberts.
6th Prize: £50 Cash Prize – Winner Allan Michael.
7th Prize: £50 BS Voucher – Winner Richard Vallis.

Gould Award At The Spring Event

Grant Findlay (WBO Vice Chairman) presenting the Gould Award to Roy Aplin at the 2022 B.S. Spring Event with Ghalib Al-Nasser (WBO Secretary), Lucy Aplin, Chris Snell (B.S. President) & Maurice Roberts (B.S. Chairman)

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