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Budgerigar Society Press Release 30th August 2021

Summarised report of the General Council Meeting held on Thursday 19th August 2021

One councillor absent due to family illness.

Articles by GC members – GC Members will be writing a series of articles on budgerigar related subjects for publication.

Website – The website service had been continuous with no issues raised and the site is being kept up to date. An average of 5 password resets are being received daily from members logging on to the site for the first time. There are still a few issues with the shop which are being dealt with – this has not affected members.

Preparation is being made to put back issues of The Budgerigar in a “Flip Book” format onto the website.

The claims letter to the previous website companies that failed to meet their contractual obligations is now with the office to deal with.

Convention 2025 – The Chairman advised that while the Convention to celebrate our 100th year is 4 years away it made business sense to start the preparations. The committee selected will need to look at venues and dates before going into the details, but he suggested it would be good to take the Convention back to Harrogate, which was the venue for the first Society Convention in 1954. He asked members of the GC who had other venue suggestions to submit them to the Administrator. After discussion it was agreed unanimously that the 2025 Convention sub-committee will comprise of M Roberts, G Findlay, G Al-Nasser, J Cosby, A Richards and A Terheege.

Sub-Group updates

Engage sub-group – Country Wide seed has offered 10 vouchers (one per Area) for a bag of Society Blend for a Members’ Survey in The Budgerigar.

Process sub-group – The group had met recently, and the Metrics / Objectives Paper should help with decision making and timescales. This will be discussed at the next GC meeting.

Shows Sub-group – The Judges Handbook is nearing completion with just a few final additions before being submitted to the sub-group and then the GC for approval.

Bronze Shows – A suggestion from the sub-group on upgrading Bronze shows to make them more attractive to our membership was met with unanimous approval. At present Bronze shows receive 6 rosettes and 26 CC’s pre-graded at 1 point. It was proposed that from the 2022 show season the rosettes be increased to 14 (the same as for Silver shows) with the CC value remaining unchanged.

Club Show Director’s verbal update – the Chairman welcomed Dave Hislop to the meeting and added that he and his team had been busy, and two sets of Club Show Committee minutes had been presented.

Dave Hislop brought the GC up to date with matters following these meetings as follows.

Minutes of 24 June 2021 – Club Show Committee – The Spring Event 2022 – The Raffle prizes for the event have increased and now consist of birds from the R&M Miller and the Ackers & Bird partnerships; financial donations of £100 from R Simpson and £50 from D Hislop; 3 new plastic show cages from BS President Phil Reaney and a Trolley Cage donated by C Edmondson.

Dave requested a budget for the Spring Event to cover costs including the purchase of trophies. This would be considered at the next GC meeting. G Al-Nasser agreed to help sponsor the trophies with the sum of £100.

The Club Show Committee propose to stage the Spring Event show by colour rather than by sections. Following discussion, the GC voted to accept the Club Show Committee recommendation of staging the Spring event by colour and judging on the show floor, with three against and two abstaining.

The Minutes were unanimously approved.

Minutes of 27 July 2021 – Club Show Committee – the main item of note was the replacement of the existing Trophy Stand.

The requirement is for a collapsible lightweight stand to replace the existing heavy wooden stand which had served the Society well over many years. It was proposed to contact a potential manufacturer, who is a member, and if this fails to place a notice in the “Budgerigar” to see if another member can do the work or has any contact with a company that can manufacture a stand for us. This was unanimously agreed.

Dave Hislop also confirmed that the 2022 Club Show would be his final event as Show Director.

The Minutes were unanimously approved.

Patronage update – The Patronage Administrator advised that five shows have been held so far this season. Benched entries range from 98 to 498. He reported that a further 16 societies had applied for patronage and there were three 2020 Area Shows planned, which the BS are sponsoring for £250 per show.

Judges return – D Cairns – a question from D Cairns asking if the annual judges return would be required for 2021 following the lack of shows. It was confirmed that the GC had already agreed that this return would not be required this year.

Date of next meeting –Thursday, 9th September 2021 at 7.15pm via Zoom.

Budgerigar Society Press Release – 26th July 2021

Summarised report of the Budgerigar Society General Council Meeting held on Thursday, 15th July 2021, via Zoom.

There was one absentee due to a family commitment.

Chairman’s Welcome
The Vice-chairman (VC) chaired the meeting due to zoom connection issues. All attendees were welcomed including the new President Philip Reaney. On behalf of the GC, Phil was congratulated on becoming BS President and it was a shame that he did not have a proper induction in front of the membership. He also thanked Janice and Ghalib Al-Nasser, who together with Ronnie Simpson and Bev Hutt met to present the President’s chain to Phil. The VC also said how he and the rest of the GC are looking forward to working with Phil during his Presidency.

Phil thanked everyone for the warm welcome and said how privileged he felt being part of a great hobby and looked forward to uniting BS members moving forward into the future.

The GC were informed that there had been a number of deaths of members in recent weeks. These included Merv Viner of Bristol, Brian Poole of Basingstoke, Colin Gilbert and Chris Whaley both from Plymouth, Craig Binks son of Gerald Binks who died abroad with Covid and Brian Newton former bird partner of Gary Shepherdson in Yorkshire. Our thoughts are with the loved ones of each of these members.

Website update
The revised site went live on 15th July 2021. Pages and navigation have been tidied up and a news banner added for important messages, this will appear on all pages and can be cancelled once read. A feedback form has also been added to the Contact Us page. The database has been rationalised to remove all old data prior to 2016, which complies with GDPR rules and is now fully integrated.

BS Email Address
During the early part of July, the BS email address was unavailable. This was as a direct result of BT transferring the account to the new administrator’s location.

BS Facebook Monitoring
The BS Facebook is being administered and monitored by the BS Administrator and inappropriate comments are being removed.


Engage sub-group – The group met via zoom and have developed an outline plan of activities. These were unanimously accepted.

Process sub-group – This group has yet to meet, and an update will be provided at the next meeting.

Tech/Society sub-group – This group has yet to meet, and an update will be provided at the next meeting.

Shows sub-group – The Judges Handbook – Work is complete and is being reviewed by the sub-group before being circulated to the GC for approval.

Pathway sub-group – Former Chair Bev Hutt has expressed her wishes not to chair this sub-group as she was no longer a member of the GC, although she still wishes to be a part of the group. Grant Findlay agreed to take over this role.

Implementing Metrics
Adrian Terheege provided a brief description of how gathering data on some basic key metrics would benefit the Society and how they could be used to measure success rates across implemented initiatives. This was met with approval by the GC and Adrian is to give a more detailed explanation at a future GC meeting.

2022 Ring Reports
The GC had been furnished with two excellent reports by Jim Muir, the Society’s Ring Inspector, on the sample of 2022 rings for standard and colour budgies recently provided to all GC members from Avian ID the Society’s ring maker. This report will be published in The Budgerigar

A discussion followed about ways in which we can advise those breeders who are not BS or Area Society members of the excellent quality of rings on offer via the BS. It was suggested that Avian ID may be willing to include a BS leaflet to those purchasing rings who are not a member of the Society. The Administrator will follow up with Avian ID.

The Patronage Administrator advised that as the 2020 show season was cancelled, he had changed all Patronage Applications to cover the 2021 season, he stated that show promoting societies are not required to apply by 28th February as in normal years but could apply anytime up to six weeks prior to the show date. The rosette makers had agreed to work to these timescales.

All Patronage rosettes are to be two tier and will cost £1.20 each. Tail prints are 25p each if we had a sponsor this would cost 50p each rosette (two printed tails). As Avi-Smart have not committed to sponsorship there is no rosette sponsor for 2021. As suggested by our members, patronage packages at bronze and silver shows now include 26 ribbons for best young bird of colour, and the platinum patronage has been added.

Cage Labels sponsored by “Moor Pets” and Platinum Colour Certificates have been received.

Patronage Applications 2021
There were 38 show patronage applications which reduced to 23. Of these, 14 shows have confirmed the show will be going ahead – mainly in the Midlands and Wales and the patronage packs have been sent.

Details have been maintained on the Society web site in two areas in the Showing link – one for exhibitors and another for officials. Most of the patronage information is available to show promoting societies and exhibitors. The confirmed show list is up to date.

The National
Following a proposal and discussion, it was pointed out that it was custom and practice to grant the National a higher grade patronage than their figures warrant. Consequently, it was agreed 12 to 1 to give the National show BS National Patronage, which is equivalent to Platinum Patronage.

Area Show Selling Class
President Phil Reaney suggested that we have a charity sales class of birds. He thought this would be an outlet for members to dispose of surplus stock and do something for various charities. He proposed that the recipient organisation on this occasion could be Children in Need, and this could be changed every year to a different benefactor. Phil will feature details of his idea in his article in The Budgerigar to get feedback from members before being discussed further by the GC.

The concept was agreed unanimously.

Club Show Committee
The Club Show Committee met for their first meeting since lockdown on 24th June 2021, to discuss both the Spring Event and the 2022 Club Show. The meeting had lasted around 2.5 hours and the time only allowed the Spring Event to be discussed. Several subjects were covered but require further debate. The next meeting is being held on 27 July 2021 and the Show Director will present to the GC at their next meeting.

Area Society/BS Joint Membership
It was unanimously agreed to defer any future discussions until the Society sub-group had reviewed the subject and their feedback could be used to inform a face to face meeting.

Judges Training Scheme
The Judges Training Scheme Officer had issued a report and spoke of the challenges of finding suitable shows for Trainee Judges to attend given the limited show season. A discussion followed with various suggestions of shows where candidates could attend.

Privacy Policy Update
Following the EGM situation and then requests for the return of GC Ballot Papers the GDPR specialist Solicitor has been reviewing the Society’s Privacy Policy, which is on the website and the inside back cover of the 2019 Rule/Membership List.

The Solicitor is advising additional information is added which will better inform members how their personal data is used for administering voting, who the votes are shared with, and what happens to their personal data after a vote is reported.

The Solicitor will review the remainder of the policy and once complete the final review document will be sent to the GC for approval

Disciplinary Panel
The Society Administrator has received nominations for the Disciplinary Panel in accordance with the recent rule change as follows:

Midland BA – Rod Clarke & Brian Taylor

Lincs and East Anglia BS – Phillip Dye & Michael Kiff

Northern BS – Dennis Cairns & Don Rowell

Welsh BS – David Game & Domonic Avo

Western Counties B&FBS – Brian Reese & Mark Gulley

London & Southern Counties BS – Jim Lawrie & Paul Tiller

Yorkshire BS – Dave Critchlow & Kev Brockwell

South Midland BS – Alan Haynes & Connor Hickman

Lancs, Cheshire & North Wales BS – TBA

Scottish BS – TBA

Date of the next meeting –19th August 2021 via Zoom

Super League 2018

This year we are trying a Super League, Results from BS World; Area, Gold, Silver and Bronze Patronage will count, Young Birds in all Sections 1st to 4th will be recorded and points awarded via a matrix depending on the number of exhibitors in the section.

Last updated 19th December 2018

T & A Luke374Champion1
G Morgan250Beginner2
G Carter234Champion3
M Bannister231Novice4
N Bird229Beginner5
J Burns218Intermediate6
R Ford212Beginner7
J & D Faram202Novice8
A & D Woan180Champion9
Terheege Partnership180Champion9
A Haynes175Champion11
J Scammell175Intermediate11
T Jeffrey169Beginner13
T Jeffrey169Intermediate13
Smith & Price167Intermediate15
Z Johnson158Junior16
T Kinninmonth-Wicks157Junior17
N Watson149Beginner18
R Nicholls125Novice19
S Platts125Beginner19
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell123Champion21
S Gage123Champion21
H & D Hockaday119Champion23
J McLeman119Champion23
S Rich111Champion25
V Wills109Champion26
A & C Wood106Beginner27
J Buick104Intermediate28
K Cocks104Novice28
G Simpson103Beginner30
J Folly100Intermediate31
M Milton97Novice32
S Geary97Beginner32
G Stones96Beginner34
A Lovack93Intermediate35
Widdowson & Wilson93Champion35
C Hickman92Champion37
S West87Intermediate38
Ellis & Matthews83Champion39
J Dixon83Beginner39
J Newall83Champion39
P Barber82Champion42
A Edden80Champion43
J Ashby80Novice43
T & S Haywood78Champion45
D Sturzaker77Champion46
A Moreton76Beginner47
M & K Spencer74Novice48
G Paine73Novice49
P & S Stevens73Intermediate49
D Norman70Novice51
G & A Moore68Champion52
J Benn68Champion52
R J & W Bowker68Champion52
J Wrighton65Beginner55
A Piper63Champion56
R & M Miller63Champion56
R Nawarauckas61Champion58
A Wilkinson58Novice59
Thomas & Wall58Champion59
M Norquet57Beginner61
G & P Norris56Champion62
W Thorogood56Beginner62
A Fraser54Beginner64
J Edwards54Intermediate64
K Shorthouse54Beginner64
M T Hameed54Beginner64
A Perks53Novice68
B Smith53Intermediate68
D Whitehead51Intermediate70
J Clark51Junior70
C Major48Beginner72
C Major48Junior72
D Harrison48Novice72
F Glennie48Junior72
Freakley & Ainley48Champion72
G N Turner48Champion72
K Lewis48Intermediate72
G Mellor47Intermediate79
F Clements46Novice80
G Pringle46Beginner80
Rogerson Brothers46Champion80
S & J Gillan46Intermediate80
Holland Stud45Champion84
J R Jarvis45Novice84
L Main45Novice84
P Robinson45Intermediate84
P White45Champion84
Heptinstall & Wheeler44Intermediate89
P Wood44Beginner89
D Leadbetter43Champion91
G Kane43Beginner91
Huxley & Marchant43Champion91
M Small43Novice91
V Sands43Beginner91
G E Mellor42Intermediate96
G Whittington42Novice96
J Moir42Beginner96
K Shillings42Champion96
T Ross42Beginner96
B Sweeting41Champion101
M Strong41Beginner101
P & G Pidd41Beginner101
R Steele41Champion101
R Toon41Intermediate101
S Lambert41Champion101
A Watson40Novice107
D Snell40Intermediate107
Gilbert & Knapman40Beginner107
J & T Ross39Champion110
L Cooper39Junior110
F C & J McGovern38Champion112
G Hughes38Champion112
P Dennison38Beginner112
R Marston38Intermediate112
T Buckett38Intermediate112
G BAll37Novice117
G Capes37Champion117
R Stancliffe37Champion117
S Clements36Beginner120
R Thwaite35Intermediate121
T & P Leedham35Novice121
D Black34Beginner123
M & B Roberts34Junior123
R Sutton33Junior125
S Stirling33Beginner125
D Evans32Novice127
D Martin32Beginner127
K Lambourne32Beginner127
P Merritt32Intermediate127
C Sutton31Novice131
G Warren31Champion131
M Briggs31Beginner131
O & S Williams31Beginner131
S & C McFayden31Beginner131
T Campbell31Intermediate131
Tuplin & Edwards31Champion131
C Thorne30Champion138
L Thompson30Intermediate138
M Freeborn30Champion138
N Fawsett30Novice138
T Clarkson30Champion138
P Harden29Intermediate143
A Oliver28Intermediate144
D Hart28Intermediate144
G Hale28Champion144
W Palfrey28Novice144
E Olbison27Beginner148
K Featherstone26Novice149
L McIntosh26Beginner149
L McIntosh26Junior149
C & L Newson25Intermediate152
D Jukes25Intermediate152
D Starling25Champion152
J Gambles25Novice152
M Simpson25Intermediate152
R Tickle25Champion152
G Cairns24Junior158
J Johnson24Novice158
J Le Marquand24Novice158
M Bingham24Intermediate158
P Redford24Champion158
B & S Wright23Beginner163
D Randell23Intermediate163
O Staples23Junior163
S Cowling23Beginner163
A Reid22Beginner167
A Varcoe22Junior167
C Rosser22Beginner167
D Hurford22Novice167
J Garratt22Novice167
K & B Batey22Champion167
K Barnes22Beginner167
K Handy22Novice167
Neilson & Steele22Novice167
A Scott21Beginner176
G E Chadwick21Novice176
I Cooper21Beginner176
N Cawley21Novice176
R McCrone21Junior176
S & N Wildes21Champion176
V Mansfield21Junior176
J Lawrie20Champion183
Brettell & Atkinson19Intermediate184
G Jackson19Beginner184
M Lewis19Novice184
N Morriss19Novice184
B Reese18Champion188
Flintham & Clay18Intermediate188
G Sutton18Junior188
K Crow18Beginner188
K Felvus18Junior188
A Thomas17Novice193
D Page17Champion193
G Wincomb17Novice193
M Hemingway17Intermediate193
R Warrender17Champion193
S Adams17Beginner193
B Greenway16Champion199
F Clemens16Novice199
M George16Beginner199
A Fawcett15Novice202
B Richardson15Intermediate202
C & L Dailey15Intermediate202
J Punchard15Champion202
M Hemmingway15Intermediate202
M Lambert15Beginner202
M Stringer15Champion202
S & J Blakey15Champion202
S Smith15Novice202
The Holland Stud15Champion202
A Benton14Novice212
E Chadwick14Novice212
F Thomas14Champion212
J Kilkenny14Champion212
R Payne14Champion212
G Kenealy13Junior217
J Griffiths13Intermediate217
Julien & Yule13Beginner217
M Grubey13Novice217
A Andrews12Novice221
A J Higgins12Champion221
A McNutt12Novice221
C Matthews12Beginner221
D Ham12Beginner221
J & L McGeeham12Champion221
K Sykes12Intermediate221
M Berry12Champion221
M Fitchett12Beginner221
Mr & Mrs R Whatley12Beginner221
N Phillips12Champion221
R Fern12Champion221
A J Andrews11Novice233
C Bowman11Champion233
C Hastie11Intermediate233
C Mathews11Beginner233
D & V Avo11Champion233
D Critchlow11Champion233
D Harrold11Novice233
D McGovern11Beginner233
D Randle11Intermediate233
J Bailey11Beginner233
K Groves11Intermediate233
L Underwood11Beginner233
P & T Dye11Champion233
P Hogben11Beginner233
Swain & Ford11Intermediate233
A E Poole10Novice248
A Good10Intermediate248
D Bush10Champion248
D Moffat10Beginner248
D Scott10Champion248
J Wesson10Beginner248
K Hulbert10Beginner248
M Hockey10Novice248
N Fawcett10Novice248
N Johnson10Novice248
P McHale10Intermediate248
P Watts10Champion248
R Brokenshire10Intermediate248
R Taylor10Champion248
S & B Squires10Champion248
T & L Jukes10Champion248
T Baron10Beginner248
B & K Scott9Champion265
D Costello9Beginner265
G Watts9Beginner265
J Cox9Champion265
J Raw9Beginner265
J Sweet9Novice265
J Wheeler9Novice265
Jones Hughes & Ackers9Champion265
K Struth9Beginner265
K White9Intermediate265
Lee & Bird9Beginner265
M Levett9Beginner265
M Lock9Novice265
M Rebaudo9Intermediate265
N McMillan9Beginner265
Napier & White9Intermediate265
P James9Novice265
R & R Whatley9Beginner265
R Hooper9Champion265
R Willmore9Novice265
T Jackson9Intermediate265
T Pope9Champion265
A Brooks7Intermediate287
A McKendrick7Intermediate287
A Sutherland7Novice287
B Spendley7Novice287
C Little7Intermediate287
D Short7Novice287
E Edwards7Junior287
Horton & James7Novice287
J Jarvi7Novice287
M & T Dell7Beginner287
S Levitt7Beginner287
A Brian6Novice298
D & J Browne6Novice298
E Davies6Junior298
J Maginn6Beginner298
J Scott6Beginner298
L Davis6Intermediate298
M Turner6Novice298
P Lea6Novice298
R Boaler6Beginner298
R Redden6Beginner298
A Kidger5Intermediate308
A White5Intermediate308
C & K Bellows5Beginner308
D Hill5Novice308
E Littlehales5Intermediate308
G Tickle5Intermediate308
J & D Buchan5Novice308
J Charlton5Novice308
K Fewlass5Intermediate308
L Dell5Junior308
L Rochester5Junior308
M Tariq5Novice308
S Kinninmonth5Novice308
S Newsome5Novice308
T Gaur5Beginner308
T Kellow5Novice308
B Lander4Intermediate324
E Currie4Junior324
J Purvis4Novice324
N Henderson4Beginner324
P J Scott4Novice324
T Llewellyn4Novice324

Super League 2019

This year we are trying a Super League, Results from BS World; Area, Gold, Silver and Bronze Patronage will count, Young Birds in all Sections 1st to 4th will be recorded and points awarded via a matrix depending on the number of exhibitors in the section.

Last updated 23rd December 2019

N Bird441Novice1
G Morgan423Novice2
The Terheege Partnership349Champion3
J Burns297Intermediate4
J Ginge294Junior5
F C & J McGovern268Champion6
J Scammell253Intermediate7
S Rich228Champion8
G & J Al-Nasser226Champion9
A & D Woan210Champion10
I Weeks207Champion11
D Tutty168Champion12
J Wrighton164Novice13
J Benn156Champion14
Z & H Johnson155Junior15
A Lovack144Intermediate16
S Geary130Novice17
S Platts126Novice18
T Kinninmonth-Wicks117Junior19
J Buick112Intermediate20
J Folly110Intermediate21
K Lewis110Intermediate21
Shepherdson & Adamson109Champion23
P Barber108Champion24
A Perks105Novice25
Newall & Black102Champion26
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell99Champion27
Tuplin & Edwards99Champion27
B Reese98Champion29
R Ford96Novice30
K Cocks93Novice31
M Bannister89Intermediate32
R Marston82Intermediate33
R Nicholls82Intermediate33
A Fraser78Novice35
C Thorne77Champion36
R Staig76Champion37
D Harrison74Novice38
F Clemens74Intermediate38
P Merritt73Champion40
A Piper72Champion41
A Sutherland71Novice42
R Redden71Novice42
A Moreton70Novice44
G Carter70Champion44
K Felvus70Junior44
K Tart69Champion47
A Thorpe66Champion48
Smith & Price66Champion48
Briggs & Williams65Novice50
J & D Lindsey65Intermediate50
R Sutton64Junior52
J Gambles61Novice53
P Robinson61Intermediate53
W Thorogood59Novice55
J & D Faram57Novice56
J Ashby57Novice56
D Norman56Novice58
C & K Bellows55Novice59
P & S Stevens55Intermediate59
J & T Ross54Champion61
J Moir54Novice61
I & S Ainley52Champion63
T & S Haywood49Champion64
B Smith47Intermediate65
A & G Adams46Champion66
G Pringle46Novice66
Heptinstall & Wheeler46Intermediate66
A Young45Intermediate69
M Tariq45Novice69
M Gray44Intermediate71
T & A Luke44Champion71
D Walton42Novice73
J Gillan42Intermediate73
K Lambourne42Novice73
D Hart40Intermediate76
G Paine40Novice76
I Cooper40Novice76
S McFayden39Novice79
S & S Cowling38Novice80
G Ball37Intermediate81
B Sweeting36Champion82
Brettell & Atkinson36Intermediate82
E Olbison36Novice82
K & T Walker35Novice85
S & J Gillan35Intermediate85
T Barron35Novice85
T & P Leedham34Novice88
J Johnson33Novice89
J Moore33Champion89
J Mould33Novice89
Julien & Yule33Novice89
R White33Champion89
P Reaney32Champion94
T Buckett32Intermediate94
B Close31Champion96
E Anwar31Novice96
G T Williams31Champion96
F Wright30Champion99
G Whittington30Novice99
J Purvis30Novice99
I Thorogood29Champion102
P White29Champion102
R Warrender29Champion102
J Clark28Junior105
J Griffiths27Intermediate106
J Davis26Champion107
J Davis26Intermediate107
M Bingham26Intermediate107
P Harden26Intermediate107
G Kane25Novice111
J Dixon25Novice111
M Cooper25Novice111
D & V Avo24Champion114
E Currie24Junior114
J Wesson24Novice114
D Whitehead23Intermediate117
N Cawley23Intermediate117
R Richardson23Novice117
R Watkins23Champion117
G Hawthorn22Novice121
L Rochester22Junior121
P & G Pidd22Novice121
T Newson22Junior121
Ellis & Purdue21Champion125
G Bird21Intermediate125
G Mellor21Intermediate125
L McIntosh21Junior125
S West21Intermediate125
S Wilson21Champion125
T Ross21Novice125
A Thomson20Novice132
D Bruce20Novice132
J Le Marquand20Intermediate132
R Clements20Intermediate132
C Vernall19Intermediate136
D Black19Novice136
J McLeman19Champion136
R J & W Bowker19Champion136
G Stones18Novice140
Horton & James18Intermediate140
I Voce18Intermediate140
P & T Dye18Champion140
R Watts18Champion140
S Adams18Novice140
Flintham, Clay & Crow17Intermediate146
J Davies17Intermediate146
A Wilkinson16Intermediate148
C Harvey16Novice148
M & K Spencer16Intermediate148
M Hemingway16Intermediate148
R Stancliffe16Champion148
The Holland Stud16Champion148
Barton & Mann15Champion154
D Page15Champion154
L Cooper15Junior154
L Thompson15Intermediate154
R C Ward15Champion154
S & L Roberts15Champion154
T Gee15Champion154
C & M Snell14Champion161
C Little14Intermediate161
D Evans14Novice161
D Randell14Champion161
G & P Norris14Champion161
G Williams14Champion161
J Lawrie14Champion161
M & N Arrowsmith14Champion161
S & N Wildes14Champion161
S Lambert14Champion161
D Snell13Intermediate171
R Tickle13Champion171
S McGrath13Intermediate171
C & T O’Connor12Novice174
C Matthews12Novice174
D Foulstone12Novice174
H Wind12Champion174
J Bowey12Champion174
J Lund12Champion174
K Fewlass12Intermediate174
N McMillan12Novice174
S Bailey12Champion174
A Andrews11Intermediate183
A Harris11Novice183
A Haynes11Champion183
C Vernell11Intermediate183
D & P Herring11Champion183
D Sturzaker11Champion183
E Edwards11Junior183
G Gormley11Novice183
G Smith11Champion183
J R Jarvis11Intermediate183
K Barnes11Novice183
K Eckersall11Novice183
O Staples11Junior183
P Redford11Champion183
P Tiller11Intermediate183
R & M Miller11Champion183
W Bailey11Champion183
C Hickman10Champion200
C Potter10Champion200
D Leadbetter10Champion200
D Swann10Champion200
Findlay & Flavell10Champion200
G & A Moore10Champion200
G Jackson10Novice200
J & D Buchan10Novice200
L Pennick10Champion200
R Maddy10Novice200
S Levitt10Novice200
A Hardy9Novice211
A Stevens9Champion211
D Burnett9Champion211
D Dyson9Intermediate211
D Horton9Novice211
D Hurford9Novice211
D Martin9Novice211
G Capes9Champion211
G Carr9Champion211
G Knowles9Novice211
G Warren9Champion211
J Fordham9Novice211
J Robinson9Novice211
K Palmer9Novice211
K Struth9Novice211
M & B Roberts9Junior211
M Casson9Novice211
M Rothlisberger9Champion211
M Small9Intermediate211
M Thomson9Champion211
N Johnson9Intermediate211
N Wind9Champion211
R Buck9Intermediate211
R Ramplin9Novice211
Rogerson Brothers9Champion211
S Clements9Novice211
S Kinninmonth9Intermediate211
Swain & Ford9Intermediate211
D McRoberts7Junior239
K White7Intermediate239
C Gibson6Junior241
D Forbes6Intermediate241
D Scott6Novice241
Jones Hughes & Ackers6Champion241
C & L Newson5Intermediate245
D Jukes5Intermediate245
D Staples5Junior245
I Hawthorn5Junior245
L Davis5Intermediate245
R Brokenshire5Intermediate245
A Varcoe4Junior251
J Hamilton4Junior251
N R Porter4Intermediate251
W Smith4Junior251


2013 CC Tables

Final Overall League Table

The League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.

Overall League Table

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris72101
T & A Luke59222
G & J Al-Nasser50153
R, J & W Bowker39164
B & F Mills38255
P Redford33126
A Piper30137
M & M Chapman27188
B Sweeting24139
D Burnett2449
A & D Woan23811
D Guppy23411
R Nawarauckas22213
R Warrender211314
A & T Terheege201415

Final Colour League Tables

Normal Green

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
P Redford761
G & A Moore662
S & B Squires622
A Piper534
T & S Haywood445

Normal Blue

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R Nawarauckas601
Rowell & Heighton532
McAuley & Ross433
T & A Luke433
D Leadbetter405
J & C Huxley405

Grey Green

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Rogers11111
G & P Norris512
T & S Haywood433
McPhail & Wilson414
R McCabe405


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper521
McPhail & Wilson442
J Rogers413
G Ludlow413
S Bailey405
R & M Miller405

Opaline Green

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R Tickle771
R, J & W Bowker632
A & D Woan613
C L Bowman613
B & F Mills555

Opaline Blue

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1451
R Nawarauckas602
B Sweeting543
B & F Mills524
R, J & W Bowker445

Normal Cinnamon

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R Warrender1371
P Redford1012
Ward & Rogers843
B & F Mills664
G & J Al-Nasser605

Opaline Cinnamon

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1781
S Sanderson772
W Miller603
M & M Chapman444
R Warrender425


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1741
I Saunders952
J Mitchell763
S & J Martin534
J & C Huxley525


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1301
R, J & W Bowker652
A Piper503
W Miller424
I Fordham415
J Mitchell415


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
W Orr841
W Gibson841
D Guppy803
G & J Al-Nasser764
J Smith725


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1241
W Gibson1162
G & J Al-Nasser1033
W Orr824
S & N Wildes515


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1251
R Brokenshire942
A Brown813
D Norman544
M Anzara515
A & G Adams515


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1001
P Redford832
P & N Stannard743
J & C Huxley734
B Wilson635

Dominant Pied

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Hickman821
P Redford722
G & P Norris623
B & F Mills554
G & A Moore435

Recessive Pied

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
M & M Chapman12111
G Corser832
G & P Norris703
M Roberts624
McAuley & Ross555


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R, J & W Bowker821
B Sweeting632
R & M Miller503
J Newall444
A & T Terheege444


NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1001
M Anzara712
S & R Clarke553
G & J Al-Nasser404
R Allen305

Any Other Colour

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke951
G & P Norris911
D Burnett603
G Tillson514
K Allison505

2014 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.

Final Table

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A PiperPC60760281
T & A LukeTL160272
G & J Al-NasserAA108857233
A & J NewallN170851294
McPhail & WilsonAYR15095
R, J & W BowkerBOWK548176
G & P NorrisN4384417
A & T TerheegeTA142128
A & D WoanWOAN13559
C HickmanH5526331010
P RedfordRAD131511
S & J GillanSJG130912
S & B SquiresS688830812
Shepherdson & FisherSHEP6291314
P & N StannardPS1261615
Light Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
McPhail & Wilson801
S & B Squires602
A & D Woan523
G & J Al-Nasser444
Dark or Olive Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke731
A Piper731
C randall533
C L Bowman533
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1271
R, J & W Bowker732
D Leadbetter713
M Smith614
Cobalt, Mauve or Violet
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan771
A Piper632
McPhail & Wilson603
R, J & W Bowker544
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Rogers1031
R Winsper542
J McLeman513
A Piper434
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Hickman711
A & J Newall662
A Piper523
A & T Terheege514
R Allen514
J Rogers514
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich551
Shepherdson & Fisher551
R, J & W Bowker413
S & B Squires404
D Tutty404
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke801
R Scott542
R, J & W Bowker523
K Leedham404
G & J Al-Nasser404
Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
P Redford811
D Tutty552
A & J Newall552
Shepherdson & Fisher503
Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
McPhail & Wilson661
G Capes621
D Tutty503
R Warrender414
T & L Jukes414
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1031
Shepherdson & Fisher642
A & T Terheege602
R, J & W Bowker504
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
I Saunders1161
W Miller1092
J Mitchell903
D & P Herring724
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1011
A Kelly712
A Piper703
M & M Chapman334
R Watts334
R Carr334
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Brickell731
M & P Freemantle722
G & J Al-Nasser713
W Orr604
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1261
D Guppy842
B Taylor813
K White524
Crest or Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1431
A Brown1162
R Brokenshire823
R Hooper644
SF Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Burnett611
A Piper602
D Sturzaker513
S & B Squires434
SF Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & B Squires931
A Piper842
A & J Newall833
P & N Stannard524
DF Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
McPhail & Wilson901
McAuley & Ross762
A Stevens753
H & M Hough704
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Hickman1241
A & J Newall832
S Rich773
P Redford724
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris701
M Roberts622
G Corser603
T & A Luke554
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & J Newall1031
S & J Gillan812
A & T Terheege703
G Corser444
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke12101
G & P Norris602
R Allen423
Widdowson & Wilson334
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Norman931
M & M Chapman742
G Tillson742
R Hooper554
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1051
A Andrews852
Shepherdson & Fisher713
A & D Woan604
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke601
G Carter402
J Cosby303
P & N Stannard303
S Roberts303
M Lewis303

2015 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.

Final Table

NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A PiperPC6076171
A & D WoanWOAN153182
T & A LukeTL147163
G & J Al-NasserAA10884754
G & P NorrisN4384585
J NewallN170840246
S & J GillanSJG139157
F, C & J McGovernJOMC738128
B & F MillsM509035309
Shepherdson & FisherSHEP6341310
P RedfordRAD1321311
A & T TerheegeTA1291012
McPhail & WilsonAYR129213
R WarrenderMW500281914
D TuttyDT10026815
Light Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & B Squires731
T Price502
D & P Herring403
Dark or Olive Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & G Adams601
A Piper601
D Hogg443
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & D Woan531
T & A Luke522
M Smith513
Cobalt, Mauve or Violet
A & D Woan941
S & J Gillan912
G Corser663
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper611
G Hughes512
A & D Woan443
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
F, C & J McGovern611
A & D Woan602
R & M Miller533
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Shepherdson & Fisher511
J & D Faram422
S Roberts403
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke821
B & F Mills622
R Warrender553
G Black553
Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T Price701
P Redford701
R Warrender433
Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R & M Miller421
J Newall421
Shepherdson & Fisher403
McPhail & Wilson403
T & A Luke403
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke951
B & F Mills762
A & D Woan713
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1101
J Sawyer882
R Carr533
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper1011
G & P Norris702
F, C & J McGovern503
G & J Al-Nasser503
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1021
M & P Freemantle752
J Smith743
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1051
B Taylor812
G & J Al-Nasser803
Crest or Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser921
R Brokenshire712
Searle & Knott523
SF Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Burnett871
A Piper722
D Sturzaker703
SF Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper811
B & F Mills552
Huxley & Marchant443
DF Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
McPhail & Wilson701
C Potter522
A Stevens503
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Newall741
D & P Herring542
P Merritt503
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1321
G Corser822
T & A Luke743
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
P Redford871
S & J Gillan732
J Newall543
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke1641
M Anzara402
T Sadler333
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Tillson831
T McCrindle732
Thorne & Finlayson663
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Andrews1471
Shepherdson & Fisher1182
P & T Dye953
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Baker601
S Roberts502
G Carter502
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Baker701
K Morrison402
G & J Al-Nasser303
Ellis & Matthews304

2016 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.


Overall League Table
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A LukeTL196681
J NewallN170878332
A & D WoanWOAN162223
A PiperPC60757204
S & J GillanSJG15275
G & J Al-NasserAA108850146
F C & J McGovenJOMC741247
G & P NorrisN43840158
AR & TR TerheegeTA130189
G CarterC5037301610
Ellis & MathewsTJE1271511
A & G AdamsADAM527112
D TuttyDT100251013
S RichR3671221714
Huxley & MarchantPOTT5221115
Light Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Lovack801
Huxley & Marchant552
Smith & Price443
Dark or Olive Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & G Adams701
K Leedham532
M Jarrold443
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan1221
F C & J McGoven422
A & D Woan413
D Burnett413
Cobalt, Mauve or Violet
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan1031
T & A Luke992
A & D Woan943
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Tutty731
A Piper622
Huxley & Marchant513
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
F C & J McGoven741
A Piper612
G & J Al-Nasser503
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke15101
J Newall982
G Carter513
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke941
AR & TR Terheege622
F C & J McGoven323
Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Newall761
S Rich662
Smith & Price603
Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1081
A Piper442
H M & P Dark423
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke17131
J Newall1032
P & T Dye603
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & P Norris1421
T & A Luke13132
J Sawyer603
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Kelly1141
J Mitchell802
A Piper743
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D & L Rafis991
D Guppy742
M & D Walker623
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Lees751
J Newall701
G & J Al-Nasser663
Crest or Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
R Brokenshire1021
A & G Adams1001
G & J Al-Nasser933
SF Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & D Woan1111
P Redford502
A Piper502
SF Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Newall1141
A Piper1042
A & D Woan613
DF Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Ellis & Mathews711
W & M Hough622
G & P Norris553
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan801
G Carter742
S Rich523
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Corser1091
G & P Norris1051
AR & TR Terheege513
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser801
S & J Gillan602
G Corser443
Huxley & Marchant443
A & D Woan443
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke1331
V Rutter502
C,D & S Sharpe502
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
C Thorne831
D Tutty612
M Chapman513
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1271
Fisher & Shepherdson942
J Newall912
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Carter601
A & D Woan402
Barton & Mann303
R G Ward303
G & J Al-Nasser303
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser701
J Newall701
AR & TR Terheege403
Colour Budgerigars
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1001
S Williams902
J Cosby603

2017 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.

LEAGUE TABLE UPDATED  21st December 2017

Overall League Table
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke104411
AR & TR Terheege82522
FishShep & Partners68223
G & J Al-Nasser66194
B & F Mills53385
F C & J McGovern50216
G & P Norris4167
J Newall40178
A & D Woan38189
S Rich371310
S & J Gillan37510
S & R Clarke331912
A Piper32513
Huxley & Marchant28714
G Carter261115
Widdowson & Wilson231016
D Tutty221417
R Nawarauckas211218
R & M Miller21618
D Leadbetter21218
M Freeborn201421
J Scammell20521
D Guppy191323
G Pringle19623
J Benn181725
Johnson & Chubb18725
R J & W Bowker17927
A Edden17327
J Folly17227
P & S Stevens16530
K Leedham16030
P White15432
I Weeks14633
M Bannister131034
G Paine131034
A Lovack13734
P & A Barber13634
W Gordon13434
K Morrison13134
Ellis & Matthews12940
J & D Buchan12840
A Brown12540
C Hickman12540
G Hughes12440
B Reese12240
M & D Walker12140
J Mitchell12040
T Jeffrey12040
G T Williams11849
S & J Blakey11749
J Edwards11549
R Brokenshire11449
D Starling11449
M Lewis11349
D Norman11249
A & G Adams11149
D & L Rafis11049
M Roberts11049
G Ball10659
J Burns10359
P Henson10359
P Hickton-Collins10359
Smith & Price10259
D & J Faram10159
W Palfrey10159
G Smith10059
G Murrells10059
I Thorogood9868
R Steele9568
D Whitehead9368
M Milton9368
Ellis & Purdue9368
Findlay & Flavell9268
D Hogg9168
C Thorne9168
Humby Whitaker & Wright9168
G Corser8677
R Cozens8577
A Thorpe8477
D Farrimond8477
K Shillings8477
S & N Wildes8477
P Merritt8477
R Warrender8377
K Lewis8377
S Wilson8277
A Andrews8277
G N Turner8177
J McLeman8177
P Watts8077
J Rogers8077
J Prothero7792
M Frost7692
L Pennick7592
Flintham & Clay7492
K & B Batey7392
Rogerson Brothers7392
B Taylor7392
C Potter7292
D A Turner7192
S Gage7192
D Hussell7192
G & A Moore7092
G & K Wills66104
J Cosby63104
A Shoosmith63104
A Hoskins63104
A Moreton63104
G Simpson63104
J & T Ross63104
W Orr62104
M Chapman62104
R Aplin62104
J Smith61104
G Tuplin61104
McPhail & Wilson61104
Fisher & Shepherdson60104
C D & S Sharpe60104
D & P Herring60104
M Gulley55120
A Haynes54120
P & T Dye54120
R Winsper53120
The Holland Stud53120
S Somerville53120
M Smith53120
H W & M Hough53120
P Redford52120
M Hemmingway52120
M Hockey52120
Heptinstall & Wheeler52120
R Payne52120
J Lees52120
R Carr52120
A & N Michael51120
T & S Haywood51120
D Burnett51120
J Lawrie51120
M Bagnall50120
Archibald & Spencer50120
J Dixon44141
R Hooper44141
K Crow44141
R Campbell44141
D Bruton43141
T Jackson43141
R G Ward43141
D Sturzaker43141
H & D Hockaday43141
N Clark42141
D Scott42141
B Smith41141
Clarke & Phillips41141
M Briggs41141
J Gambles41141
D Snell41141
A Kelly41141
P Robinson41141
P Taplin41141
B Close40141
W Bailey40141
D Mullee40141
M Peel40141
H & S Wadley40141
D Bush40141
S Ormerod40141
N Wheatley40141
P Reaney40141
R Watts40141
I Woolridge40141
B Anderson33172
R Stancliffe33172
S Magdzinski33172
M Illsley33172
S Smith32172
D Critchlow32172
Buckley & Birchall32172
R Fern32172
C Hawkins32172
M Rothlisberger31172
R Hill31172
S Cox31172
Gilbert & Attwood31172
S Platts31172
V A Rutter31172
C Bruton31172
T Lewis31172
T & P Leedham31172
G Mellor31172
A Kidger31172
Gilbert & Knapman31172
K White31172
G Capes31172
J Johnson31172
Devey & Wright31172
B McCabe31172
A Oliver30172
M & P Freemantle30172
S Williams30172
N R Porter30172
J Punchard30172
M Dean30172
D Game30172
G McMillan30172
A Pavis30172
G Jenkins30172
J Davis30172
A D White30172
B Greenway30172
A Harris30172
L Thompson30172
S & B Squires30172
G Wincomb30172
A Price30172
R McCabe30172
K Cocks30172
R Carson23218
K Fewlass22218
Freakley & Ainley22218
T Kinninmonth-Wicks22218
B Bruce22218
J Jones22218
F S & K Eatwell22218
T Cash22218
L Cutler22218
C Coulthard21218
B Francis21218
Cooke & Rusted21218
Thomas & Wall21218
G D Quiney21218
J Moore21218
G Clarke21218
R Melling21218
R Ramplin21218
T & L Jukes21218
P Hutchinson21218
B Blackmore21218
E Kissane21218
N Carman21218
J Clark21218
Jones & Hughes21218
J Hunter21218
Cheatley & Alcorn21218
S West21218
T McCrindle20218
S Roberts20218
G Guntrip20218
C Brickell20218
L & S Devaney20218
J Kilkenny20218
C Kirk20218
S Bailey20218
T Ross20218
J A Baker20218
D Turner20218
J Ashby20218
V Wills20218
B & K Scott20218
S & T Landsdowne20218
G Bowley20218
M Anzara20218
K Bennett20218
G Whittington20218
J & D Lindsey20218
D & V Avo20218
G Tillson20218
R J Payne20218
M & N Arrowsmith20218
J Spencer20218
W Miller20218
A Duke20218
J Cunningham20218
T Campbell20218
T Sadler20218
L Rochester20218
R Day20218
M Rebaudo20218
D Swann20218
S Town20218
W & M Hough20218
Mr & Mrs D Vandepeer20218
G Treneery20218
E Spenceley20218
S White20218
Jesson & Bloxham20218
G Wallbutton20218
Light Greens
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Lovack931
G T Williams622
G Carter533
Huxley & Marchant523
B & F Mills415
A Edden405
P & S Stevens405
M Freeborn318
D Leadbetter308
FishShep & Partners308
G Smith308
Ellis & Purdue308
J Edwards308
R & M Miller308
G Paine2115
J Newall2115
B Smith2015
D Starling2015
A Andrews2015
C Hickman2015
J Scammell2015
K Leedham2015
A Price2015
A Piper2015
M Briggs1125
R Steele1125
T Pope1125
S Rich1125
G Tuplin1125
D Hogg1025
F C & J McGovern1025
W Palfrey1025
G McMillan1025
McPhail & Wilson1025
R G Ward1025
S & B Squires1025
S Wilson1025
Jones & Hughes1025
P Robinson1025
P Hickton-Collins1025
W Gordon1025
Widdowson & Wilson1025
Jesson & Bloxham1025
P White1025
G Murrells1025
M Smith1025
B Reese1025
K Lewis1025
R Fern1025
J & D Buchan1025
K Shillings1025
AR & TR Terheege1025
Dark Factor Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
W Gordon901
J Edwards532
A & D Woan522
D Tutty444
S Gage404
R Winsper336
G T Williams336
S Wilson326
J Gambles316
A & G Adams306
Buckley & Birchall2211
I Thorogood2211
G Carter2211
J Benn2211
AR & TR Terheege2211
D Hogg2011
G Paine2011
D Scott2011
T Campbell2011
A Piper2011
J Burns2011
K Leedham2011
J Dixon1123
T & S Haywood1123
Freakley & Ainley1123
T Cash1123
Ellis & Purdue1123
J Newall1123
N Carman1123
L Cutler1123
Winsper & Knight1123
M Bannister1123
J Berry1123
D Leadbetter1023
M Briggs1023
J A Baker1023
K Featherstone1023
G Nunns1023
A Stevens1023
J Scammell1023
B Sweeting1023
S Town1023
S & B Squires1023
R Clements1023
P & G Pidd1023
T Young1023
S & J Gillan1023
Widdowson & Wilson1023
P White1023
S Smith1023
C Hickman1023
B Reese1023
G D Quiney1023
P Dennison1023
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke981
S & J Gillan802
FishShep & Partners513
A & D Woan424
D Burnett404
J & D Buchan336
S Rich316
N Clark316
P & S Stevens316
A Piper316
R & M Miller316
F C & J McGovern306
M Milton306
L Pennick2214
W Palfrey2014
J Lawrie2014
R J & W Bowker2014
G & P Norris2014
R Watts2014
J & T Ross2014
T Jeffrey2014
R J Allen1122
M Freeborn1122
B & F Mills1122
A Edden1122
J Newall1122
R Allen1122
Widdowson & Wilson1122
P White1122
M Smith1122
B McCabe1122
L & S Devaney1022
M Dean1022
Smith & Price1022
K Morrison1022
T & S Haywood1022
R Nawarauckas1022
R Steele1022
B Hudson1022
E Kissane1022
Rogerson Brothers1022
J Scammell1022
G Tuplin1022
K & B Batey1022
G Capes1022
J Johnson1022
D Leadbetter1022
G Hughes1022
Jesson & Bloxham1022
K Lewis1022
D Snell1022
K Shillings1022
A Moreton1022
B Greenway1022
Dark Factor Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & J Gillan1121
T & A Luke702
G & J Al-Nasser533=
A & D Woan533=
J Benn445
B & F Mills435
G Carter405
W Bailey405
R J & W Bowker329
Rogerson Brothers329
S Wilson309
G Jenkins309
K Cocks309
R Fern2214
A Piper2214
M Freeborn2214
C Potter2214
A Edden2014
R Carr2014
R M Simpson1120
McPhail & Wilson1120
D Farrimond1120
D Norman1120
G Mellor1120
A Andrews1120
J Prothero1120
J Folly1120
C Lawrenson1120
P & A Barber1120
S & J Blakey1120
D Whitehead1120
AR & TR Terheege1020
Smith & Price1020
Neilson & Steele1020
Johnson & Chubb1020
F C & J McGovern1020
S Bailey1020
G & P Norris1020
T & P Leedham1020
K Tart1020
M Bashford1020
M Bagnall1020
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
B & F Mills881
G Hughes742
Huxley & Marchant723
D Tutty424
AR & TR Terheege335
FishShep & Partners325
M Freeborn315
A Edden305
K Morrison305
P Watts305
G Murrells305
A Lovack2212
T & A Luke2112
Widdowson & Wilson2012
P Hickton-Collins2012
G McMillan2012
Smith & Price2012
J Davis2012
McPhail & Wilson2012
M Rebaudo2012
G & P Norris2012
A Piper2012
H & D Hockaday1123
R Melling1123
B Blackmore1123
D Burnett1123
J Burns1123
R & M Miller1123
Devey & Wright1123
F C & J McGovern1123
G & A Hill1123
K Crow1123
G Simpson1123
Thomas & Wall1123
J Kilkenny1023
G & A Moore1023
D Turner1023
S & T Landsdowne1023
R J & W Bowker1023
D Hussell1023
G Hale1023
M Thompson1023
M & N Arrowsmith1023
D Critchlow1023
Horton & James1023
A Andrews1023
J McLeman1023
J Clark1023
M Smith1023
J Edwards1023
G Ludlow1023
J Lawrie1023
T Jeffrey1023
B Reese1023
J Wrighton1023
S & J Gillan1023
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Huxley & Marchant1021
S Rich922
FishShep & Partners423=
A & D Woan423=
D Leadbetter413
T & A Luke413
S & J Gillan413
F C & J McGovern338
The Holland Stud328
Smith & Price318
R & M Miller318
C Hickman318
R Nawarauckas2213
J Benn2213
D Starling2213
J Edwards2213
P White2213
A Moreton2113
J Folly2013
R Payne2013
J McLeman2013
Widdowson & Wilson2013
R Tonks1123
D Farrimond1123
D Scott1123
T & L Jukes1123
K Crow1123
Ellis & Matthews1123
J Clark1123
P Harden1123
C Randall1123
D Whitehead1123
Fisher & Shepherdson1023
T & S Haywood1023
P & S Stevens1023
J Moore1023
D Thompson1023
Ellis & Purdue1023
G & A Moore1023
N Wheatley1023
S White1023
G Hughes1023
G Murrells1023
A Harris1023
AR & TR Terheege1023
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1101
J Newall762
M Freeborn443
L Pennick334
FishShep & Partners314
D & J Faram304
P & S Stevens304
G Murrells304
B & F Mills229
R Warrender229
A & D Woan229
M Rothlisberger209
G Whittington209
M Milton209
W Palfrey209
K Morrison209
D Snell209
G Simpson209
B Greenway209
A Haynes1120
J Le Marquand1120
T Kinninmonth-Wicks1120
B Sincock1120
C N Parsons1120
C Bonnett1120
A Grice1120
B Pakc1120
D Martin1120
B Francis1120
J Benn1120
AR & TR Terheege1120
K & B Batey1120
M Bannister1120
G Carter1120
J Kilkenny1020
Heptinstall & Wheeler1020
M Kiff1020
D Cairns1020
Cooke & Rusted1020
A Thomson1020
B E Blackmore1020
R Aplin1020
D A Turner1020
Mr & Mrs D Vandepeer1020
G Treneery1020
J Johnson1020
B Blackmore1020
R Redden1020
B Reese1020
S & J Gillan1020
I Woolridge1020
G Paine1020
G Wallbutton1020
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1261
B & F Mills1162
P Henson703
AR & TR Terheege514
F C & J McGovern435
A & D Woan415
R Nawarauckas337
A Edden307
J & T Ross229
P & S Stevens229
M Bagnall209
Flintham & Clay209
P Merritt209
H & D Hockaday1114
Cooke & Rusted1114
B Forbes1114
N Clark1114
K Burnett1114
M Fitchett1114
G Simmons1114
Smith & Price1114
J Prothero1114
L Cutler1114
M Hacker1114
D Leadbetter1114
Heptinstall & Wheeler1114
A & N Michael1114
Johnson & Chubb1114
A Moreton1114
C Kirk1014
A Easdon1014
T Ross1014
Thomas & Wall1014
K Shillings1014
M & N Arrowsmith1014
H Wind1014
D & J Faram1014
S & T Landsdowne1014
A D White1014
S Sanderson1014
P Reaney1014
A Wilkinson1014
J Lawrie1014
R Warrender1014
G Mellor1014
T & P Leedham1014
N Carman1014
P Hutchinson1014
Pringle & Shepard1014
S & B Squires1014
Devey & Wright1014
I Woolridge1014
Normal Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich801
F C & J McGovern722
AR & TR Terheege653
D Tutty514
K & B Batey415
J Benn336
T & A Luke326
R Warrender316
M Milton229
G T Williams229
S Gage219
R Aplin219
Gilbert & Knapman219
J Punchard209
K Leedham209
Smith & Price209
G Tuplin209
J Newall209
D Leadbetter209
Rogerson Brothers209
S & J Gillan209
G D Quiney1122
R Stancliffe1122
C Bruton1122
Flintham & Clay1122
A & D Woan1122
Gilbert & Attwood1122
M Masham1122
J Smith1122
G & K Wills1122
K Lewis1122
J Mear1122
E Kissane1122
A Haynes1122
J & D Buchan1122
G Paine1122
Widdowson & Wilson1022
H & D Hockaday1022
R J Payne1022
Heptinstall & Wheeler1022
G Gillan1022
A D White1022
A E Poole1022
P Reaney1022
D Swann1022
J Scammell1022
J Ashby1022
N Wheatley1022
K Morrison1022
A Edden1022
T Jeffrey1022
P Redford1022
R J & W Bowker1022
The Holland Stud1022
J & T Ross1022
S White1022
W Palfrey1022
A Price1022
Normal Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1361
FishShep & Partners642
P Merritt423
R Steele413
A Piper403
F C & J McGovern326
AR & TR Terheege326
M Freeborn316
P & A Barber316
K Morrison316
D Tutty316
D Leadbetter306
C Hickman2213
K Crow2213
G & J Al-Nasser2213
G & K Wills2213
B Smith2113
J Newall2113
R J & W Bowker2013
C Bruton2013
A Harris2013
R & M Miller2013
J & D Buchan2013
K Lewis1124
M Frost1124
R Payne1124
R Nawarauckas1124
G Capes1124
J Scammell1124
R Hooper1124
P & S Stevens1124
C Kirk1024
T & S Haywood1024
J Punchard1024
D Page1024
C & M Snell1024
R Winsper1024
W Palfrey1024
G & A Moore1024
S & N Wildes1024
P Watts1024
G N Turner1024
R Warrender1024
P Tiller1024
P Hickton-Collins1024
T Jeffrey1024
E Spenceley1024
A & D Woan1024
M Milton1024
B McCabe1024
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1551
AR & TR Terheege13132
D Tutty553
J Newall513
J Benn335
G & K Wills335
A Haynes325
J Rogers305
F C & J McGovern229
M Smith229
J & D Buchan229
Heptinstall & Wheeler219
R Payne219
J & D Lindsey209
P Taplin209
P & A Barber209
B & F Mills1117
P Henson1117
B Anderson1117
S Rich1117
A Edden1117
R J & W Bowker1117
K Lewis1117
FishShep & Partners1117
R Aplin1117
S West1117
M A & J Digby1117
Fisher & Shepherdson1017
S Bailey1017
R J Payne1017
D Sutherland1017
D Starling1017
B & K Scott1017
D Leadbetter1017
Gilbert & Knapman1017
Trinity Stud1017
Mr & Mrs D Vandepeer1017
R McCabe1017
G & Y Sutton1017
G Sutton1017
Knapman & Gilbert1017
J Folly1017
B McCabe1017
M Roberts1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1301
J Scammell732
D Whitehead713
G & P Norris604
S & J Blakey555
G & J Al-Nasser505
G Ball337
R Hill317
S Cox317
G N Turner307
D Critchlow2211
M Hockey2211
G Simpson2211
D A Turner2111
A Kidger2111
D Hussell2011
R Watts2011
G Wincomb2011
M Bannister2011
M & D Walker2011
S Kinninmonth-Wicks1221
Ellis & Purdue1121
R Ramplin1121
R Carr1121
A Brown1121
C & L Dailey1121
Melvin & Harper1121
S & G Cox1121
R Campbell1121
T Kinninmonth-Wicks1121
P & T Dye1121
D Tutty1121
J Garratt1121
J Benn1021
F C & J McGovern1021
D & P Herring1021
G Bowley1021
I Brough1021
C Breckon1021
W Miller1021
J Cunningham1021
M Viner1021
J Durber1021
A Kelly1021
T Llewellyn1021
R McCabe1021
A & N Michael1021
D Turner1021
L Thompson1021
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Mitchell1101
A Piper712
T Jeffrey703=
FishShep & Partners703=
M Bannister665
R G Ward336
S & N Wildes326
I Weeks326
A Kelly316
A Pavis306
R Cozens2211
J Benn2211
AR & TR Terheege2211
R Campbell2211
P & T Dye2211
C Coulthard2111
F C & J McGovern2111
R Carr2111
M Hockey2011
D Hussell2011
T Lewis2011
N Wheatley2011
L Thompson2011
G & P Norris2011
A & G Adams1125
Freakley & Ainley1125
T Cash1125
J T Lund1125
P Hickton-Collins1125
T McCrindle1025
G Bowley1025
E & R Sumerfield1025
J Spencer1025
W Miller1025
A Derricutt1025
B Miller1025
D Taylor1025
G Wincomb1025
J Rogers1025
G Pringle1025
P Taplin1025
A Kidger1025
P Lea1025
I Woolridge1025
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1371
G Pringle822
D & L Rafis703=
M & D Walker703
Humby Whitaker & Wright415
A Hoskins336
M Lewis316
A Shoosmith316
B Taylor316
J Newall306
P White306
W Orr306
G Corser2213
I Thorogood2213
S Magdzinski2213
J Lees2113
S Somerville2113
M & P Freemantle2013
S Ormerod2013
M Roberts2013
Z Johnson1021
R Day1021
C McDonald1021
K White1021
M Hockey1021
J Cosby1021
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1401
M Lewis722
D Guppy663
G Pringle534
J Newall405
G Corser336
S Somerville326
J Lees316
B Taylor316
J Smith306
P White306
M Roberts306
I Thorogood2213
R Cozens2113
K White2113
S Ormerod2013
M & D Walker2013
Clarke & Phillips1118
L Cooper1118
M Illsley1118
S Magdzinski1118
M & N Saunders1018
C D & S Sharpe1018
W Orr1018
A Hoskins1018
Humby Whitaker & Wright1018
C Brickell1018
J & K Kime1018
J Cosby1018
M & P Freemantle1018
D Harris1018
Crest / Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1031
Widdowson & Wilson952
A Brown923
R Brokenshire744
S & R Clarke615
A & G Adams506
H & S Wadley407
J Dixon338
D Bruton328
M Hemmingway308
C D & S Sharpe308
J Jones2212
F S & K Eatwell2212
J Hunter2112
Cheatley & Alcorn2112
M Anzara2012
D Norman2012
S Smith1118
R Hooper1118
G Clarke1018
M Baker1018
M Roberts1018
Archibald & Spencer1018
P & M Harvey1018
Sealey & Zeebroek1018
Humby Whitaker & Wright1018
Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A Piper711
G Paine552
G Carter503=
K Leedham503=
A & D Woan435
D Farrimond415
B Close405
J Burns328
D Sturzaker328
M Freeborn328
F C & J McGovern318
J Newall318
C Thorne308
G N Turner308
FishShep & Partners308
J McLeman308
P & A Barber2217
K Shillings2217
P Redford2117
S & J Blakey2117
S Roberts2017
Clarke & Phillips2017
C Hickman2017
G Hughes2017
J & D Buchan2017
Widdowson & Wilson1126
D Hogg1126
K Fewlass1126
D Scott1126
P White1126
R Stancliffe1126
J Scammell1126
M Milton1126
F Thomas1126
K & B Batey1126
J Moore1126
Rogerson Brothers1126
N & J East1126
J Prothero1126
T & A Luke1126
G Jackson1026
D Stephenson1026
A Duke1026
R Ramplin1026
D & J Faram1026
Flintham & Clay1026
R Winsper1026
C Potter1026
G Simpson1026
L Pennick1026
M & T Rogers1026
M Bannister1026
K Handy1026
S West1026
P & T Dye1026
Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
B & F Mills881
G & P Norris812
G & J Al-Nasser773
Ellis & Matthews654
R Nawarauckas644
FishShep & Partners526
F C & J McGovern506
AR & TR Terheege428
D Starling408
Flintham & Clay3310
A & D Woan3110
D Hogg3010
K Lewis3010
D Leadbetter3010
R J & W Bowker2215
P Watts2015
V Wills2015
G Smith2015
D Norman2015
A Piper2015
R & M Miller2015
D Bush2015
K Fewlass1123
A Thorpe1123
D Sturzaker1123
D Hussell1123
P Hutchinson1123
S Rich1123
A Lovack1123
P Redford1123
J Lawrie1123
T & P Leedham1123
B Reese1123
K Shillings1123
Fisher & Shepherdson1023
J Burns1023
C Potter1023
R Keeber1023
A Perks1023
R Tickle1023
L Pennick1023
R Melling1023
Findlay & Flavell1023
R Cozens1023
G & A Moore1023
D Farrimond1023
A Duke1023
W & M Hough1023
J Newall1023
G Hughes1023
E Spenceley1023
P & S Stevens1023
H W & M Hough1023
P White1023
Double Factor Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
AR & TR Terheege1071
R Nawarauckas822
A Thorpe733
G & P Norris604
R J & W Bowker445
B & F Mills445
J Newall415
B Reese405
Widdowson & Wilson329
F C & J McGovern309
G & A Moore309
J Burns309
P & A Barber2213
D Starling2213
I Weeks2213
W Gordon2213
C Hickman2213
H W & M Hough2113
K Shillings2013
J Scammell2013
Ellis & Matthews2013
D Leadbetter2013
R & M Miller2013
C Potter2013
B Whitlock1125
R Cozens1125
R Stancliffe1125
M Rothlisberger1125
T Lewis1125
N Watson1125
D Bush1125
M Gulley1125
P Watts1025
Buckley & Birchall1025
T & L Jukes1025
P Reaney1025
D Swann1025
S Town1025
J Springthorpe1025
W & M Hough1025
D Hussell1025
Clarke & Phillips1025
G Smith1025
W Pake1025
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich1151
B & F Mills712
S & J Gillan603
AR & TR Terheege554
M Frost554
T & A Luke554
D & P Herring504
K Leedham504
F C & J McGovern409
J Scammell409
G Carter3111
S Platts3111
I Weeks3111
N R Porter3011
G Paine2215
H W & M Hough2215
G & J Al-Nasser2015
P & A Barber2015
S & J Blakey2015
G Smith2015
McPhail & Wilson2015
K Morrison2015
G L Capes1123
G Ball1123
H & D Hockaday1123
D Snell1123
N Masham1123
G & P Norris1123
P Taplin1123
Huxley & Marchant1123
J McLeman1123
W Gordon1123
W Palfrey1123
P Redford1023
B Francis1023
L & S Devaney1023
J Ashby1023
S Wilson1023
D & J Faram1023
G Mellor1023
D & J Vandepeer1023
R Warrender1023
R J & W Bowker1023
Devey & Wright1023
B Reese1023
D Bush1023
A Moreton1023
A & D Woan1023
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Johnson & Chubb1361
G & P Norris1132
AR & TR Terheege603
J Prothero444
Ellis & Matthews335
Ellis & Purdue315
M Chapman315
A & N Michael305
A Oliver305
M Hemmingway2210
C Hawkins2210
G Corser2110
S & N Wildes2110
K Bennett2010
Archibald & Spencer2010
D & V Avo2010
A Hoskins2010
M Briggs2010
I & P Fielding1119
Searle & Knott1119
J Cosby1119
A Brown1119
B Taylor1119
T Ross1019
B & K Scott1019
J A Baker1019
L Main1019
A White1019
W Pritchard1019
A D White1019
D Dyson1019
C Wakeman1019
C Marsh1019
J Spencer1019
K Groves1019
T Williams1019
G Capes1019
A & G Adams1019
M Lewis1019
S & R Clarke1019
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
FishShep & Partners851
G & J Al-Nasser831
I Weeks613
Huxley & Marchant504
G Carter435
J Rogers405
J Newall337
AR & TR Terheege337
Johnson & Chubb307
P Henson2210
B Anderson2210
P Merritt2210
S & J Gillan2110
R & M Miller2110
Fisher & Shepherdson2010
Widdowson & Wilson2010
D Hogg2010
Gilbert & Attwood2010
M Dean2010
W Palfrey2010
G Tuplin2010
G Smith2010
G Murrells2010
P White2010
The Holland Stud1125
G N Turner1125
D Farrimond1125
R Walker1125
D & J Faram1125
Roberts & Williams1125
M Bingham1125
M Gulley1125
B Granger1125
Jones & Hughes1125
J Johnson1125
M Chapman1125
B Reese1125
P & S Stevens1125
M A J Digby1125
M & D Walker1125
G Hickman1025
P Wood1025
F C & J McGovern1025
K Morrison1025
T & S Haywood1025
J Davis1025
G Ball1025
N Marsham1025
J Davies1025
S & J Blakey1025
J Wilson1025
J McLeman1025
J Cunningham1025
J Gambles1025
J Folly1025
B & F Mills1025
A Young1025
D & C White1025
R Brokenshire1025
T Neil1025
G Wallbutton1025
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke19171
G Ball522
G & J Al-Nasser513
Findlay & Flavell502
G Pringle415
D & L Rafis405
D Mullee405
A Shoosmith328
V A Rutter318
R & M Miller318
R Carson2311
G Guntrip2011
T Sadler2011
D Bruton1114
D C Bruton1114
S Smith1114
R Day1014
J Burton1014
Ellis & Prudue1014
C D & S Sharpe1014
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Folly911
F C & J McGovern662
C Thorne613=
S & R Clarke613=
P Hickton-Collins525
FishShep & Partners515
M Peel407
D Norman407
M Gulley339
I Thorogood329
J Cosby329
S Rich329
D Game309
W Orr2214
B Bruce2214
R Hooper2214
Findlay & Flavell2214
M Illsley2214
G & P Norris2114
M Chapman2014
G Tillson2014
J Smith2014
R J Hooper1123
A Brown1123
S & N Wildes1123
G Clarke1123
G French1123
M Gully1123
T McCrindle1023
D A Turner1023
D S Game1023
R Aplin1023
J Mitchell1023
P Reaney1023
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
AR & TR Terheege1651
FishShep & Partners1542
T & A Luke963
T Jackson434
A & D Woan414
A Andrews414
M Roberts404
R Steele338
D A Turner308
D & J Faram308
P Robinson308
J Folly308
M Bannister2213
D Norman2113
Archibald & Spencer2013
J Newall2013
A Edden2013
R Cozens1118
J & T Ross1118
R Campbell1118
P & T Dye1118
S & J Gillan1118
Fisher & Shepherdson1018
C Brickell1018
P Watts1018
R Aplin1018
A Piper1018
G Carter1018
G Corser1018
J Doyle1018
S & N Wildes1018
A Lovack1018
J Sweet1018
M Frost1018
A & G Adams1018
J Griffiths1018
J Sopp1018
G Pringle1018
C Hawkins1018
R Brokenshire1018
I Woolridge1018
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1101
S Platts502
AR & TR Terheege503=
J Newall503=
FishShep & Partners405
B & F Mills405
G Hughes307
G Ball307
M Freeborn209
B Reese209
R Cozens209
D Bush209
D Jukes209
M Bagnall209
Rogerson Brothers209
Humby Whitaker & Wright209
D S Game1017
Cooke & Rusted1017
S Gage1017
N Impey1017
J Burns1017
S Cowling1017
K Morrison1017
D Game1017
A Lovack1017
B Kasper1017
B Sweeting1017
G Walker1017
A Bird1017
B & L Hutt1017
D Starling1017
M Lewis1017
J Garratt1017
Johnson & Chubb1017
Pringle & Shepard1017
C Thorne1017
P White1017
R Boaler1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser501
N Watson402=
B Greenway402=
G Ball304
P & A Barber304
G Bowley304
J Newall304
T Jeffrey304
S Roberts209
C Potter209
C & M Snell209
S & N Wildes209
J Garratt209
Humby Whitaker & Wright209
S & R Clarke209
K Kinninmonth-Wicks1017
G Carter1017
J A Baker1017
A Perks1017
D & V Avo1017
T Jackson1017
R G Ward1017
Archibald & Spencer1017
H Woodrow1017
E Robertson1017
R Ramplin1017
G Paine1017
R M Simpson1017
G & A Moore1017
G Corser1017
M Freeborn1017
D & P Herring1017
G T Williams1017
Rogerson Brothers1017
Pringle & Shepard1017
R McCabe1017
FishShep & Partners1017
J Cosby1017
Sealey & Zeebroek1017
R Brokenshire1017
G Treneery1017
M Bagnall1017
Colour Budgerigars
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Williams1301
J Cosby1202
Findlay & Flavell603=
G & J Al-Nasser603=
C D & S Sharpe405
R Brokenshire405
L Rochester405
T & M Barfoot208
A Moreton109
S Cox109
A Bird109
M Roberts109
R Carson109
R Trebillcock109

2018 CC Tables

League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.(except Pairs & Teams)

LEAGUE TABLE UPDATED 30th December 2018

Overall League Table
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege PartnershipTA1130631
T & A LukeTL1107462
G & J Al-NasserAA108866183
G CarterC503748274
A & D WoanWOAN145325
A PiperPC60739116
S RichR367136187
F C & J McGovernFCJM136107
P BarberB574435199
G & P NorrisN43835109
V WillsVW1322311
J CosbyC5099291312
J NewallN1708291212
G PringlePE38729912
J McLemanM580328315
J BurnsWB22271916
M BannisterB7370271116
D LeadbetterL308826918
Ellis & MatthewsNJM1241419
D GuppyDD2231420
Smith & PriceTER1231120
P WhiteW376623620
C ThorneCT1221423
Fisher, McCrindle & CampbellDF122723
G PainePE73121125
Widdowson & WilsonW5963191226
S & R ClarkeSRC119726
B ReeseR356319426
H & D HockadayHOCK118929
S & N WildesNIGE118729
G BallGBA1118329
R J & W BowkerBOWK517932
Huxley & MarchantPOTT517432
R NawarauckasRN117432
P MerrittM581817332
R WarrenderW4435161436
A HaynesH384316536
S PlattsPLAT116436
G & A MooreM468416336
O & S WilliamsW626215540
A & G AdamsADAM515440
Johnson & ChubbC576715240
Freakley & AinleyFA115240
S MagdzinskiM609214844
I WeeksWEEK514744
J & D FaramFC55714744
J & T RossJTR114544
R & M MillerMIL114544
S GageSGS1131349
T JacksonT2849131049
D SturzakerS584213849
A EddenANDY513549
R AplinRA4613349
G BowleyB268812554
I ThorogoodT281612254
J ScammellS691512254
D BurnettB505012054
Rogerson BrothersR180011658
M & K SpencerS703511658
R PaynePD17611558
R BrokenshireB628111458
G T WilliamsW428111358
J FollyFOLL111358
D A TurnerT87511158
P ReaneyR251411058
J BennB645210866
J BuickB720110366
M MiltonMM110266
Findlay & FlavellFB47610166
J A BakerB496710066
K LeedhamL183310066
R HooperRH19672
R SteeleS22259472
D NormanN17179272
W OrrWORR19272
A ThorpeAND19172
K MorrisonKIRK19172
M GulleyG37209172
A & C WoodW62718879
S & B SquiresS68888679
Thomas & WallTW18679
G HughesH56958579
Humby Whitaker & WrightH57298579
M LewisL28808479
K & B BateyB39608379
B TaylorT29938379
J EdwardsWAVE78379
H W & M HoughH25688279
G SimpsonS70938279
P & S StevensS69488179
Ellis & PurdueRAE18079
M HemingwayH51598079
J LeesLEE58079
G N TurnerGNT17495
T & S HaywoodTH1117395
P Hickton-CollinsPC17395
D SnellS61467295
D TuttyDT1007295
A LovackADY17195
R FernFS17195
C BrickellB71457195
J RogersR32887195
G MurrellsM33977095
C HickmanH552666105
R FordRHF466105
M FitchettFC58566105
G MorganM609366105
R WinsperRW264105
J ProtheroPD52563105
T JeffreyJ291963105
Heptinstall & WheelerIDH162105
J DixonJD262105
Jones Hughes & AckersJ279362105
K ShillingsS571562105
M RobertsR162105
T & P LeedhamL321561105
P WattsW399961105
K LewisL316661105
D HoggH228560105
J KilkennyK211555121
Swain & FordSUE254121
D & L RafisR369753121
J WrightonW626053121
F S & K EatwellFSK153121
Flintham & ClayFC55453121
D HartH601352121
A OliverO95652121
A MoretonMAD352121
D HussellH223552121
N BirdNICKY151121
J MooreM405951121
S & J GillanSJG151121
J LawrieL282251121
M FreebornFREB051121
P & T DyeD401351121
M & D WalkerMDW150121
McPhail & WilsonAYR150121
J MuirJM150121
B CloseBC250121
V ShorthouseS706545141
R NichollsN143544141
R HillH321843141
M HackerW143141
T Kinninmonth-WicksWK943141
N JohnsonTASH143141
A AndrewsAJA143141
S WestW610043141
G Williams#N/A43141
Cheatley & AlcornC570142141
S & L RobertsSJR142141
A WilkinsonW552642141
M HockeyH586142141
G MellorM420642141
S ClementsCW442141
D WhiteheadW600342141
J GarrattG381142141
Hutt & O’ReillyB365542141
S & J BlakeyB676642141
C HawkinsH407742141
D BushB458842141
T SadlerS545141141
R CozensC357941141
S CowlingC581441141
Clarke & PhillipsCAL941141
J ClarkC600641141
D BrutonB564741141
D HurfordH585641141
M FrostFB75441141
P & G PiddPE65941141
J BishopBISH141141
M BerryB468641141
M ChapmanVMC140141
A DuttonD292740141
M & N ArrowsmithAA177140141
R G WardW333340141
T BuckettB728840141
J SoppS653640141
R KeeberK136840141
J MitchellJIM540141
G SmithBUDG140141
R McCabeM397640141
R J AllenRJA133183
R TaylorWT133183
S GearyG391633183
M SmallS614533183
K TartT215133183
F WrightW273833183
M BriggsMJB132183
G WarrenW479232183
J MorrowM535332183
R StancliffeRS132183
T PopeCP132183
K BurnettKJB132183
G E ChadwickC595532183
Tuplin & EdwardsWAVE732183
S SmithS518131183
P RobinsonPR131183
A KellyARK131183
S SomervilleS702531183
G WincombW617631183
A ShoosmithS616731183
K WhiteW533131183
T ClarksonC355131183
J R JarvisJ295531183
D CritchlowC556631183
A BakerB547431183
K BarnesB741731183
F ThomasT230231183
N PhillipsNORMA131183
G TuplinGT130183
S BaileyB3430183
D DoltonD399130183
I & P FieldingIF130183
B SmithS543130183
D GameGAME130183
I StandleyS540930183
M & P FreemantleFA76730183
G LudlowL260630183
C D & S SharpeS693630183
P & M HarveyH453130183
A & M DigbyD406530183
Holland StudHB82622223
G HaleH542822223
B SweetingS555522223
R AllenRJA122223
Hutt & O’ReileyB365522223
C BowmanNB2122223
A StevensARN1322223
R SteeleS222521223
W MillerM368421223
B AndersonA62821223
P LoreyL317521223
G CapesGC121223
J PunchardP94821223
G SuttonS593921223
V SandsS707621223
S WilsonW608521223
Jones & HughesJ279321223
C ParsonsPC99921223
J & D LindseyL244821223
M SaundersMRS121223
R WattsWATT521223
R ThwaiteT283421223
A WhiteW548821223
L ThompsonT281421223
R RamplinR392221223
N CawleyC550121223
F ClemensC586221223
G AllenA94221223
J BowieB558921223
J T LundNL421223
J CoxC543621223
A PerksPE44120223
Napier & WhiteW548820223
C BalfourBAL420223
T & L JukesJUKE520223
A PricePE39220223
T BarkerB487820223
Jesson & BloxhamGJ120223
D CollinsC601620223
J ThorogoodT281620223
S StirlingS692720223
C McDonaldM538920223
P RedfordNR3820223
K FeatherstoneKF420223
D HarrisonH515320223
G CorserLC50820223
A DukeLMD5120223
R TickleT261820223
N BeeversB582620223
W PalfreyWAP120223
D RobertsR275520223
W & M HoughH256820223
R DayD364020223
K GrovesG308720223
J & D BuchanB734520223
D MulleeM503320223
D & P HerringH136720223
G ClarkeNC2120223
B & K ScottS720223
K SykesKS1120223
P LeaL280520223
M & A DigbyD486520223
D HarrisH497520223
Mr & Mrs T BarfootB746611286
S SandersonS648711286
Z JohnsonZOE111286
R StaigS399011286
D StarlingDS111286
K FewlassFC45011286
K ShorthouseS706511286
P HensonPEL411286
F PercyPE75911286
D PagePE26911286
C & L DaileyCLD111286
Mr & Mrs R WhatleyW465311286
L RochesterR409611286
Gilbert & AttwoodG319211286
Gilbert & KnapmanK211311286
G TillsonT258511286
P SmithS650811286
D & V AvoAVO111286
S MurdockM575511286
A McKendrickASM111286
D BlackB608411286
S WhiteW548811286
The Holland StudHB82611286
A ParkerPE75411286
G GormleyG386911286
W ThorogoodWEND111286
B GreenwayMBG111286
J WessonW622311286
M StringerS669511286
M StrongS711211286
J & L McGeehamJLM111286
D QuineyQ8211286
Forbes & BarrettFB111286
A DuckD402311286
P BakerB748811286
M GeorgeG389811286
S LambertL232811286
G CarrCARR111286
D MoffatLMJD711286
C SuttonS687611286
S LevittL327011286
S & S CowlingC581411286
T GaurG389511286
J AshbyJDA110286
N ClarkC547610286
C & M SnellSNE1110286
A & N MichaelMICA110286
G WhittingtonW622810286
N R PorterPE20010286
S CoxC356410286
C BrutonCB110286
W & K AitkenBKA9210286
B BruceB701610286
Julien & YuleJY110286
S KinninmonthK208310286
G JacksonJACK010286
J A JarvisJ295510286
J StainforthJOE210286
B HewittH601810286
A ShillingsS571510286
M BakerB543410286
W & H BienWHB110286
A ThomsonT331010286
R CampbellRC4710286
A WatsonW620510286
P WoodPW8110286
W PeacockPE66510286
T CampbellTC4610286
J WilsonW470910286
J DavisD340710286
M A & J DigbyD406510286
D MartinM595810286
D RandellR210286
T RossRO5510286
S OrmerodO111310286
J BuckB720110286
H WindWIND110286
S RobertsSJR110286
G StonesGFS110286
N WheatleyW616710286
G McMillanGEM110286
D MossM588210286
R MarstonM546010286
S WarringtonSW2910286
T WilliamsTIM110286
P TaplinT312810286
D BruceJTR110286
T KellowK204110286
M HemmingwayWH1810286
M WoodfieldMICK210286
S AdamsA97210286
T LewisL208810286
D BarnsBA33810286
M CassonCAS110286
M ThompsonMHT110286
Pringle & SheperdS364210286
P MessengerM269210286
J Le MarquandL314810286
D SwannS528910286
D JukesJ296010286
W BaileyB516610286
P McHaleM548110286
C MarshM367810286
E EasdonE206410286
J HillH534410286
Horton & JamesH547510286
K BrockwellKB110286
Attwood & GilbertG319210286
K CocksC588110286
F BremnerB729110286
G JenkinsMG110286
M ThomsonMHT110286
Neilson & SteeleN170110286
B ForbesBF710286
M BagnallMB12310286
M MansfieldM604310286
E KissaneK212610286
S TownTOWN110286
J SpencerS674610286
B & K AitkenBKA9210286
B SpendleyS708510286
F PilbeamPE70910286
P HardenPH110286
J WheelerW626510286
J SmithS692210286
F OckerbyO113910286
A J PearsonYP4410286
R BostockB718810286
K & V ShorthouseS706510286
N CarmanC478910286
M SimpsonS700510286
A BrooksB671410286
Light Greens
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G Carter1021
Terheege Partnership802
G T Williams703
S Rich634
A Lovack624
Smith & Price406
M Milton327
H & D Hockaday317
Hutt & O’Reilly317
T Buckett307
T & A Luke2211
G & A Moore2211
S Gage2111
D Hurford2011
A Piper2011
Huxley & Marchant2011
P White2011
B Reese2011
Ellis & Matthews1119
J Moore1119
J & D Faram1119
Hutt & O’Reiley1119
N Bird1119
J Ashby1019
P Robinson1019
Freakley & Ainley1019
W Peacock1019
T Barker1019
P & G Pidd1019
G Smith1019
K Lewis1019
A Andrews1019
J Edwards1019
D Hogg1019
J Punchard1019
J Scammell1019
A & C Wood1019
D Burnett1019
I Standley1019
R Ramplin1019
R & M Miller1019
S Clements1019
Rogerson Brothers1019
P Barber1019
D Leadbetter1019
N Johnson1019
V Wills1019
F Clemens1019
Dark Factor Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership631
J Burns552
F C & J McGovern433
G Carter423
Ellis & Matthews403
J Scammell403
S Gage337
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell337
B Reese327
T & S Haywood317
S & B Squires317
J A Baker307
A Edden2213
J & D Faram2213
F Wright2213
V Wills2213
M Briggs2113
A & D Woan2113
B Close2113
J Buick2013
Freakley & Ainley2013
Jesson & Bloxham2013
K Featherstone2013
R Winsper2013
G Ludlow2013
P White2013
D Leadbetter2013
A Piper1128
S Platts1128
J McLeman1128
D Moffat1128
G T Williams1128
N Bird1028
D Hurford1028
A Wilkinson1028
T Campbell1028
G Stones1028
T Williams1028
J & D Lindsey1028
J Bishop1028
J Lawrie1028
J Le Marquand1028
J Edwards1028
K Groves1028
R Stancliffe1028
D Guppy1028
F Bremner1028
J Benn1028
Jones Hughes & Ackers1028
S Smith1028
Tuplin & Edwards1028
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke831
R J & W Bowker632
A & D Woan543
R Fern503
Terheege Partnership445
V Wills445
P White405
G Ball318
A Piper318
R Steele318
T Jeffrey318
S Rich318
D Burnett308
P Barber2214
H & D Hockaday2214
T Clarkson2114
K Lewis2114
Rogerson Brothers2014
J McLeman2014
R & M Miller2014
J Folly2014
P & S Stevens2014
A Haynes1123
G Tuplin1123
Jones & Hughes1123
J Edwards1123
B Sweeting1123
K Burnett1123
Heptinstall & Wheeler1123
K Tart1123
J Benn1123
Smith & Price1123
R Steele1023
M Hacker1023
M Frost1023
R Nawarauckas1023
J Moore1023
J Wilson1023
Widdowson & Wilson1023
S & J Gillan1023
N Wheatley1023
R Marston1023
D Leadbetter1023
W Palfrey1023
P Reaney1023
P Merritt1023
Horton & James1023
Attwood & Gilbert1023
J & T Ross1023
J Newall1023
G Smith1023
G T Williams1023
P Harden1023
T & P Leedham1023
M & A Digby1023
Dark Factor Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke901
G & J Al-Nasser602
J Newall553
V Wills553
A Haynes513
K Leedham406
A Wilkinson227
R Ford227
R Nicholls227
Ellis & Matthews227
S & J Blakey227
A Edden227
R Steele217
G Mellor217
D Norman207
Smith & Price207
P Barber207
T & L Jukes207
S & J Gillan207
A Piper207
R Staig1121
J & T Ross1121
S & B Squires1121
D Hurford1121
J Dixon1121
J Prothero1121
Swain & Ford1121
D & V Avo1121
J Benn1121
R Stancliffe1121
T Pope1121
M & K Spencer1121
S Rich1121
S Gage1121
G Carr1121
T & P Leedham1121
D Hussell1121
J Clark1021
S Bailey1021
A & D Woan1021
P Reaney1021
J Edwards1021
J Bishop1021
M Freeborn1021
J Sopp1021
T Jackson1021
K Cocks1021
R Thwaite1021
Neilson & Steele1021
G Smith1021
N Bird1021
R McCabe1021
B Reese1021
Rogerson Brothers1021
J A Baker1021
P Merritt1021
D Leadbetter1021
Dark Factor Specialist & Rare Shows
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Prothero111
A Piper111
A & D Woan111
D & L Rafis101
P Watts101
Julien & Yule101
Terheege Partnership101
D Game101
J A Baker101
J Cosby101
Grey Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership701
Huxley & Marchant622
D Burnett503
J McLeman424
H & D Hockaday414
G & A Moore404
R Ford337
M Small337
A & D Woan327
A Piper327
G Murrells307
V Wills307
Widdowson & Wilson2313
A Andrews2213
R & M Miller2213
J Edwards2113
F Thomas2113
S Bailey2013
D Collins2013
T & S Haywood1120
Ellis & Matthews1120
R J & W Bowker1120
Thomas & Wall1120
G Sutton1120
G Hughes1120
Smith & Price1120
J Folly1120
F Clemens1120
C Bowman1120
C Hickman1120
D Bush1120
B Reese1120
C Thorne1120
McPhail & Wilson1020
F C & J McGovern1020
D Martin1020
V Sands1020
G McMillan1020
J Bishop1020
M Milton1020
P Merritt1020
W Bailey1020
D A Turner1020
K & B Batey1020
R Fern1020
S Stirling1020
N Cawley1020
K Sykes1020
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Rich901
T & A Luke832
G Carter773
D Leadbetter514
F C & J McGovern415
Huxley & Marchant415
S Platts405
Smith & Price405
G Paine405
A Piper3110
Freakley & Ainley3010
S & N Wildes3010
C Hickman2213
R J & W Bowker2213
R Taylor2213
G Morgan2213
P Barber2213
G & P Norris2213
A Edden2113
J Lawrie2113
R & M Miller2113
J McLeman2013
A & D Woan2013
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1124
G Mellor1124
R Steele1124
V Wills1124
J Newall1124
J & L McGeeham1124
J Bowie1124
R Fern1124
S West1124
Tuplin & Edwards1124
McPhail & Wilson1024
J Davis1024
H Wind1024
J Edwards1024
Thomas & Wall1024
T Clarkson1024
T Jeffrey1024
A Haynes1024
Opaline Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1101
Terheege Partnership752
J Benn333
I Weeks333
R Warrender333
Flintham & Clay333
Freakley & Ainley313
R Aplin303
J McLeman303
G Murrells303
J & D Faram303
M Freeborn303
K & B Batey2213
A & D Woan2213
Swain & Ford2213
N Bird2013
K Morrison2013
I Standley2013
J Rogers2013
P Henson1120
M Fitchett1120
P Robinson1120
G Tillson1120
R Ford1120
J Newall1120
G Morgan1120
S Geary1120
J Scammell1120
A Baker1120
R J & W Bowker1120
C Bowman1120
S & B Squires1120
C & M Snell1020
G Whittington1020
G Jackson1020
A Thomson1020
J Lees1020
M Hemingway1020
C Balfour1020
R Payne1020
I Thorogood1020
C Parsons1020
S Platts1020
S Adams1020
Pringle & Sheperd1020
M & N Arrowsmith1020
J & D Buchan1020
A Haynes1020
F Ockerby1020
P & M Harvey1020
Opaline Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke811
G Carter772
A & D Woan663
R Warrender663
P Barber633
R Nawarauckas506
V Wills447
S Clements338
T & P Leedham308
J & D Faram308
G Paine308
R Winsper2212
R Hill2112
K Burnett2112
F C & J McGovern2012
M & N Arrowsmith2012
D Leadbetter2012
R McCabe2012
N Clark1119
R Hooper1119
J R Jarvis1119
B Sweeting1119
J Benn1119
S Geary1119
C Sutton1119
J Clark1019
J Buick1019
M Milton1019
G Murrells1019
A Wilkinson1019
D Randell1019
H & D Hockaday1019
D Burnett1019
D Whitehead1019
A Lovack1019
E Easdon1019
A Edden1019
G Jenkins1019
B Forbes1019
M Bagnall1019
D Norman1019
B & K Scott1019
A J Pearson1019
R Brokenshire1019
P & M Harvey1019
A Moreton1019
A Brooks1019
Normal Cinnamon Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke13131
Terheege Partnership1022
R Payne423
G Carter413
J & T Ross403
J Burns336
P Barber336
D Snell316
F C & J McGovern306
P Merritt306
J Newall306
G E Chadwick2212
M Fitchett2212
D Harrison2012
J Folly2012
D Tutty2012
Heptinstall & Wheeler2012
K Leedham2012
K Fewlass1119
D Page1119
J Edwards1119
Smith & Price1119
J Bishop1119
T Pope1119
S Rich1119
R Thwaite1119
C Parsons1119
J Wrighton1119
M Berry1119
N Phillips1119
R Nicholls1119
A Edden1119
S & B Squires1119
Tuplin & Edwards1119
N R Porter1019
C Bruton1019
McPhail & Wilson1019
Freakley & Ainley1019
J Benn1019
Widdowson & Wilson1019
T Barker1019
R J & W Bowker1019
D Hussell1019
P Redford1019
W Palfrey1019
D Swann1019
P McHale1019
P Reaney1019
A Dutton1019
N Carman1019
K Lewis1019
G Paine1019
Normal Cinnamon Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
H & D Hockaday621
P Barber522
A Edden512
P Merritt502
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell405
G & J Al-Nasser405
S Rich337
Ellis & Matthews337
R Payne317
T & A Luke317
J McLeman307
B Smith307
A Piper307
Terheege Partnership307
R Winsper2215
D Sturzaker2215
G Warren2215
D Norman2215
K Morrison2115
R & M Miller2115
F C & J McGovern2015
P Reaney2015
J R Jarvis2015
R Warrender2015
M Bannister2015
I Weeks1126
G Capes1126
Gilbert & Attwood1126
R Steele1126
D Black1126
B Greenway1126
K Tart1126
V Sands1126
F Wright1126
S Levitt1126
J Cox1126
A Haynes1026
J A Jarvis1026
R J & W Bowker1026
C Balfour1026
P Watts1026
D Hussell1026
G E Chadwick1026
P Hickton-Collins1026
Heptinstall & Wheeler1026
D Snell1026
M Milton1026
Flintham & Clay1026
J Muir1026
G N Turner1026
R Bostock1026
Humby Whitaker & Wright1026
A Baker1026
Opaline Cinnamon
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1581
Terheege Partnership1112
R Aplin633
P Barber633
R Warrender555
J Newall416
T & S Haywood337
A Piper337
K & B Batey317
Smith & Price307
J Benn2211
S West2211
J Moore2011
A Price2011
D Roberts2011
J Punchard1116
A & D Woan1116
S Sanderson1116
A Andrews1116
A Haynes1116
D Snell1116
M Bannister1116
R Hooper1116
W Miller1016
G Warren1016
I Thorogood1016
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1016
B Anderson1016
J Folly1016
J & D Faram1016
K Lewis1016
R McCabe1016
M Thompson1016
P Merritt1016
P Reaney1016
M Thomson1016
K Morrison1016
E Kissane1016
B & K Scott1016
R Payne1016
J Bowie1016
N Phillips1016
G Sutton1016
M & A Digby1016
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S Gage771
F C & J McGovern721
G Ball523
S Cowling414
A Piper414
Ellis & Purdue404
G & P Norris404
M Bannister328
D A Turner308
G & J Al-Nasser308
D Dolton308
J Scammell308
S & L Roberts2213
G Bowley2113
T Kinninmonth-Wicks2113
M Hockey2113
D Hussell2113
P & T Dye2113
J T Lund2113
R Hill2013
G Wincomb2013
J Garratt2013
G N Turner2013
G Simpson2013
R Steele1125
D Whitehead1125
Swain & Ford1125
V Shorthouse1125
W Orr1125
Hutt & O’Reiley1125
R Steele1125
Thomas & Wall1125
S & N Wildes1125
R Hooper1125
J Wesson1125
R Ramplin1125
M George1125
J & D Lindsey1125
S & S Cowling1125
S Kinninmonth1025
M & K Spencer1025
S Warrington1025
D Critchlow1025
S Cox1025
P Messenger1025
R Watts1025
D & P Herring1025
N Phillips1025
P Lea1025
A Baker1025
P Hickton-Collins1025
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
M Bannister1421
Smith & Price782
A Piper603
S & N Wildes514
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell504
F C & J McGovern426
J Newall406
P Merritt338
G & J Al-Nasser328
G Bowley318
A Kelly318
J Mitchell308
J & T Ross2213
P Barber2213
J Garratt2213
J Buick2213
A Stevens2213
T Sadler2113
M Hockey2113
R G Ward2013
Freakley & Ainley2013
G Simpson2013
P & T Dye2013
G Hale1124
Terheege Partnership1124
J Wrighton1124
R Cozens1124
G Wincomb1124
D Whitehead1124
C & L Dailey1124
D Quiney1124
T Kinninmonth-Wicks1124
G N Turner1124
R Campbell1024
P Taplin1024
T Lewis1024
Hutt & O’Reilly1024
Thomas & Wall1024
J Spencer1024
J Wheeler1024
P Lea1024
P Hickton-Collins1024
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Guppy1471
G Pringle1232
G & J Al-Nasser953
S Magdzinski634
P White505
B Taylor426
M & D Walker416
Humby Whitaker & Wright328
M Lewis328
J Lees308
M Fitchett2211
A & G Adams2211
J A Baker2011
C Brickell2011
A Shoosmith2011
I Thorogood2011
S Somerville1017
J Thorogood1017
S Ormerod1017
C McDonald1017
G Corser1017
K White1017
M Saunders1017
R Day1017
W Orr1017
R Cozens1017
M Berry1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
G & J Al-Nasser1561
G Pringle712
T Jackson673
S Magdzinski643
P White555
M Lewis525
C Brickell515
J Lees408
D Guppy329
W Orr309
B Taylor309
S Somerville2112
K White2112
J A Baker2012
I Thorogood2012
M Roberts2012
M & P Freemantle2012
M Saunders1118
G Gormley1118
M Fitchett1118
J Morrow1118
J Cosby1018
M & D Walker1018
J Thorogood1018
C McDonald1018
R Cozens1018
R Day1018
J Smith1018
Crest / Tuft
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
A & G Adams701
R Brokenshire612
Widdowson & Wilson533
F S & K Eatwell533
R Hooper523
J Dixon513
G & J Al-Nasser437
Cheatley & Alcorn427
V Shorthouse349
Humby Whitaker & Wright339
C Hawkins319
D Bruton309
M & K Spencer309
G T Williams2214
S & N Wildes2214
O & S Williams2114
Findlay & Flavell2114
S & R Clarke2014
M Hemingway2014
G Clarke2014
K Shorthouse1121
M Stringer1121
P Baker1121
S Smith1121
T Gaur1121
B Hewitt1021
M Baker1021
J Morrow1021
J Hill1021
M Mansfield1021
B Spendley1021
M Berry1021
K & V Shorthouse1021
P & M Harvey1021
Spangle Green
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
D Leadbetter871
G Carter821
D Sturzaker723
G Paine604
A Piper604
D Hogg506
J Newall506
R Nawarauckas448
J McLeman408
H W & M Hough408
M Milton408
A & D Woan3312
B Close3212
P & G Pidd3112
Thomas & Wall2215
Widdowson & Wilson2215
J & D Faram2215
G & A Moore2215
R Payne2215
K & B Batey2015
J Lawrie2015
S & J Blakey2015
A & C Wood1123
R J & W Bowker1123
S Geary1123
P Smith1123
R Nicholls1123
J Burns1123
H & D Hockaday1123
G Hale1123
J Folly1123
Gilbert & Knapman1123
J Buick1023
A Shillings1023
P White1023
K Shillings1023
P Redford1023
A Dutton1023
W & M Hough1023
Flintham & Clay1023
K Brockwell1023
G Ludlow1023
F Thomas1023
P Hickton-Collins1023
B Reese1023
V Wills1023
Spangle Blue
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
B Reese701
Ellis & Matthews612
T & A Luke553
J Burns553
D Leadbetter513
D Sturzaker446
Terheege Partnership416
G & J Al-Nasser406
J McLeman406
Widdowson & Wilson3410
Rogerson Brothers3110
F C & J McGovern3010
A Thorpe3010
Holland Stud2214
A Oliver2214
J Folly2114
G & A Moore2014
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell2014
R Keeber2014
R Nawarauckas2014
P & S Stevens2014
A Perks2014
A Duke2014
R Tickle2014
G & P Norris2014
R Cozens1126
Freakley & Ainley1126
R Hooper1126
G Morgan1126
J Clark1126
J & D Faram1126
J Newall1126
D Starling1126
R J & W Bowker1126
A Piper1126
S & B Squires1126
S Rich1126
L Thompson1126
S Platts1026
Clarke & Phillips1026
J Stainforth1026
J Moore1026
J Mitchell1026
P Watts1026
D Barns1026
W & M Hough1026
G Simpson1026
P White1026
R & M Miller1026
D Norman1026
K Lewis1026
T & P Leedham1026
K Sykes1026
Heptinstall & Wheeler1026
Double Factor Spangle
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Burns1141
A & C Wood662
G & P Norris632
V Wills632
A Thorpe612
G & A Moore602
R Nawarauckas507
Ellis & Matthews448
Widdowson & Wilson418
J & T Ross408
P Barber408
C Thorne3312
P Watts3112
R J & W Bowker3012
G Ball3012
P Reaney3012
B Reese3012
J Newall2218
Rogerson Brothers2218
Terheege Partnership2118
H W & M Hough2118
A Dutton2018
Clarke & Phillips2018
D Burnett2018
S & L Roberts2018
K Shillings1126
Mr & Mrs R Whatley1126
F C & J McGovern1126
R Stancliffe1126
The Holland Stud1126
W Thorogood1126
M Freeborn1126
S & B Squires1126
P White1026
S Roberts1026
T Kellow1026
D Jukes1026
S West1026
S Town1026
D Bush1026
J Cox1026
Dominant Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership1181
T & A Luke852
S Platts822
G Carter754
S Rich744
A Haynes666
I Weeks417
K Morrison407
K Leedham407
A Moreton3210
J Buick3010
G Paine3010
G N Turner2213
T Jeffrey2213
D Hart2213
G & P Norris2113
M Frost2013
McPhail & Wilson2013
G Ball2013
D Snell2013
V Wills2013
R G Ward2013
J Scammell2013
Heptinstall & Wheeler1124
B Anderson1124
Huxley & Marchant1124
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1124
S Lambert1124
P White1124
F C & J McGovern1024
G Mellor1024
Freakley & Ainley1024
J Buck1024
S Wilson1024
S & J Gillan1024
M Woodfield1024
T Pope1024
D & P Herring1024
J McLeman1024
G Capes1024
A & G Adams1024
B Reese1024
D Leadbetter1024
Recessive Pied
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership18101
G & P Norris1752
Johnson & Chubb1223
J Prothero414
Ellis & Purdue404
S & N Wildes336
J Cosby326
T Jackson316
A & G Adams306
I & P Fielding306
A Oliver306
M & K Spencer2312
Thomas & Wall2212
Rogerson Brothers2212
Ellis & Matthews2112
Napier & White2012
M Hemingway2012
M Briggs1118
R Taylor1118
Forbes & Barrett1118
C Hawkins1118
M Roberts1118
A & N Michael1018
B Bruce1018
W & H Bien1018
A Watson1018
D Moss1018
M Hemmingway1018
C Marsh1018
K Groves1018
A White1018
M Berry1018
S Smith1018
Yellow Face
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership961
G & J Al-Nasser712
J Rogers513
G Hughes444
Huxley & Marchant404
I Weeks404
J Muir404
J McLeman404
D Guppy339
G Simpson329
V Wills329
D Hart309
P & S Stevens309
Johnson & Chubb309
A & G Adams2215
C Hickman2215
M Chapman2115
D Critchlow2115
H W & M Hough2115
P Barber2115
G Tuplin2015
R Keeber2015
A & D Woan2015
P Merritt2015
Ellis & Matthews1125
S & J Gillan1125
S Rich1125
A McKendrick1125
J Buick1125
A Parker1125
J Newall1125
G N Turner1125
S & R Clarke1125
A Duck1125
S Platts1125
J Clark1025
G Carter1025
T Buckett1025
Jones Hughes & Ackers1025
M A & J Digby1025
T Ross1025
G Corser1025
Jones & Hughes1025
G Smith1025
D Whitehead1025
A Piper1025
M Casson1025
Widdowson & Wilson1025
P White1025
J & D Buchan1025
R & M Miller1025
J Scammell1025
R Brokenshire1025
L Thompson1025
Rare Variety
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
S & R Clarke1561
G Pringle1052
C Thorne773
G Ball504
R J Allen335
D & L Rafis325
Findlay & Flavell305
G & J Al-Nasser305
R Allen229
P Lorey219
T Sadler219
N Beevers209
D Mullee209
R & M Miller209
A Shoosmith1116
D Bruton1116
K Barnes1116
M Roberts1116
A Moreton1016
J A Baker1016
Humby Whitaker & Wright1016
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Cosby1051
C Thorne922
I Thorogood623
M Gulley613
G Bowley545
G Paine416
F C & J McGovern416
D A Turner416
W ORR416
S Rich406
P Hickton-Collins3311
Terheege Partnership3211
D Norman3011
R Aplin3011
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell3011
J & T Ross2216
N Johnson2216
G & P Norris2116
D Game2016
Findlay & Flavell2016
P Reaney2016
M Chapman2016
J Folly2016
K Barnes2016
W Miller1126
J Morrow1126
S White1126
A White1126
S & N Wildes1026
Swain & Ford1026
M Hemingway1026
D Tutty1026
Lacewings (S & RV)
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
Terheege Partnership321
J Sopp102
M & K Spencer102
M Hemingway102
M & N Arrowsmith102
M Simpson102
Any Other Colour
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
T & A Luke1651
A & D Woan1072
Terheege Partnership1052
M Bannister764
J Kilkenny555
M Hacker336
T Jackson326
M & K Spencer326
S & N Wildes306
D A Turner306
M Gulley306
D Guppy2212
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell2212
G Bowley2012
J Sopp2012
S Wilson1116
M Frost1116
Clarke & Phillips1116
R Watts1116
Z Johnson1116
N Cawley1116
K Tart1116
P & S Stevens1116
P Robinson1016
R Aplin1016
P Wood1016
S Stirling1016
H & D Hockaday1016
D Bruce1016
N Johnson1016
M & P Freemantle1016
R Steele1016
J Newall1016
W & K Aitken1016
B & K Aitken1016
J Cosby1016
Colour Budgerigars
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
J Cosby1261
O & S Williams1242
G & J Al-Nasser823
Terheege Partnership444
R Brokenshire335
Findlay & Flavell305
C D & S Sharpe305
G Allen218
M Roberts208
Mr & Mrs T Barfoot1111
F Percy1111
L Rochester1111
S Murdock1111
D & L Rafis1111
M Roberts (G Walberton)1011
F Pilbeam1011
G Wallbutton1011
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
V Wills801
Rogerson Brothers502
G & J Al-Nasser303
O & S Williams303
J Newall303
Humby Whitaker & Wright303
S & R Clarke303
G Paine303
D Leadbetter209
G Ball209
D Page209
P Merritt209
Pringle & Sheperd209
S & N Wildes209
D Jukes209
Terheege Partnership209
S Sanderson1017
G Sealey1017
Jones Hughes & Ackers1017
S Cox1017
W & K Aitken1017
Julien & Yule1017
D Starling1017
C Balfour1017
I Weeks1017
G Sutton1017
J Prothero1017
C Thorne1017
Freakley & Ainley1017
S Gage1017
R M Simpson1017
Jones & Hughes1017
J Benn1017
D Game1017
J Garatt1017
R Cozens1017
J & D Lindsey1017
A Evans1017
N R Porter1017
R Watts1017
G & A Moore1017
A Price1017
K Morrison1017
Melvin & Harper1017
L Thompson1017
G T Williams1017
B & K Aitken1017
G Carter1017
R McCabe1017
J Wheeler1017
D Dyson1017
R Boaler1017
A Haynes1017
T Williams1017
D Bush1017
NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
P Barber601
G & J Al-Nasser502
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell502
G Ball404
S & N Wildes404
S & R Clarke404
J Newall307
Rogerson Brothers307
M & K Spencer209
D Starling209
T Jeffrey209
J Garratt209
J Cosby1014
D Evans1014
A Perks1014
D & J Browne1014
G T Williams1014
Z Johnson1014
S & L Roberts1014
A Benton1014
C & L Dailey1014
S Roberts1014
T & L Jukes1014
Julien & Yule1014
C Randall1014
J Sweet1014
R Nicholls1014
J A Baker1014
G Carter1014
S & J Blakey1014
V Wills1014
J Doyle1014
D & P Herring1014
S Kinninmonth1014
B & K Aitken1014
G Simpson1014
R McCabe1014
K Barnes1014
S Sanderson1014
A Haynes1014
R Brokenshire1014
G Sealey1014
Humby Whitaker & Wright1014
L Thompson1014

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