By Ghalib Al-Nasser, Club Show Committee Chairman

With The Budgerigar Society Club Show, the Show of Shows, approaching rapidly on the weekend of 29th & 30th September 2018 at The Dome, Doncaster, DN4 7PD, the Show Committee is putting forward new innovations and incentives to further enhance the show and hoping for a further increase in both entries and number of exhibitors from 162 last year.

All members of the Society have received their schedules with the July/August issue of The Budgerigar. The classification and entry form can also be downloaded from the Society’s website The closing date for entries is Tuesday 18th September but it would help if exhibitors got their entries in early to Ronnie Simpson, our Show Secretary, who will also be accepting entries by email on


Incentives for Exhibitors

The most important innovation that the Show Committee came up with for this year’s show is the offer of free entry for every benched bird (apart from the sales birds). Members will have to pay for their entries up front in the normal way and a refund will be made for the birds which are actually benched. This is an offer, the first of its kind, that all exhibitors old and new should take advantage of.

The popular spoon incentive will be continued for the third year running with the unique teaspoon given to all exhibitors who bench 10 cages or more, but not sales birds. These spoons are available only to the Club Show exhibitors and will feature this year’s ring colour (red) with the actual year (2018) on it. This is a collector’s item for the future which all the judges will receive as well.


The Show

The show will open to the public from 2.45pm until 6.00pm on Saturday and 9.00am until 3.30pm on Sunday; judging commences at 9.45am on Saturday. Admission to the show is £6 on Saturday and £7 on Sunday. Catalogues cost £4 (£6 by post). To save queuing on both days, members are encouraged to pre-purchase their entry wrist bands from the Society Administrator Grant Findlay (£6 Saturday and £7 Sunday). Birds will be accepted at the show on Friday from 2.00pm to 9.00pm and on Saturday from 8.00am to 8.45am.

This year’s show will be judged by Jeff Attwood, Wayne Bloxham, Gavin Carter, Dave Critchlow, Peter Hutchinson (B.S. President), Robbie Keeber, Ron Payne, Chris Snell, Dave Sturzaker, Adrian Terheege, Trevor Terheege, Graham Turner, Dave Wall, Mick Widdowson and our overseas guest judge from South Africa, Malcolm Taylor.



One of the Show’s attractions is the successful Saturday morning seminar. Apart from listening to a quality speaker, members attending can also view judging of the major awards at the end of the seminar. The seminar commences at 9.45 am and the seminar organiser, Ron Pearce, has engaged Maarten Haylen as the guest speaker.

Maarten is a successful breeder and exhibitor from Belgium with many show wins to his partnerships’ credit. He shows in partnership with his father Erik and his friend Mario Waerzeggers as HHW1. His presentation’s title is We Do it our Way and promises to be very informative and interesting. Tickets are £10.00 each, which cover light refreshments and Saturday entry to the Show. Members are encouraged to purchase these tickets in advance from the Society Administrator.



Country Wide Seed is the Society’s major sponsor together with other fanciers including Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser, Dave Hislop, Ronnie Pearce and Ronnie Simpson who provide financial sponsorship. BirdPro is providing the rosettes for the show while Garden Feathers are sponsoring the show with the cage labels and Moor Pets of Bodmin are sponsoring the entry wristbands.

A new sponsor is Steve McGrath who is sponsoring the Best Beginner Young Bird with a £25 SAM1 voucher.


Auction of Promises

One of the highlights of the show weekend is the Auction of Promises which takes place on Sunday at 12.30 p.m. The task falls upon Michael Miller to auction a wide variety of excellent birds from top UK studs, birdroom items and many other fantastic donations. Over recent years many exceptional birds have been offered for auction and other items such as works of art and a budgerigar inspired car number plate.

This year the auction is restricted to 6 birds of quality with the donor receiving 50% of the income. The society has managed to get quality birds from Richard & Michael Miller, Ian & Scott Ainley, Mick Freakley, Alex & Dave Woan, and Geoff Capes. Roger Stone is donating very old issues of the Society Bulletins. There is still time to donate a bird, items or financial support. Members wishing to do so should contact the Society Administrator on 01828 633030.

I encourage you to come along to the Auction of Promises and get involved in the bidding.


The Fanciers Raffle

Once again Ian Ainley is organising The Fanciers Raffle which has been very successful in the past. Ian has sourced another two fantastic prizes. The top prize is a quality pair donated by two of last year’s major winners. One of the birds is donated by Ady Lovack who won Best in Show last year and the other bird of the opposite sex is donated by Frank, Carol & Jo McGovern who won Best Young Bird in Show and Best Opposite Sex Any Age last year. The pair of birds will come with a show cage donated by Harry Hockaday. This makes the prize a highly sought after pair of quality outcrosses.

The second prize is a hamper containing items donated by Aviary Hygiene, BirdPro, Avi-Smart, The Budgerigar Society, Garden Feathers, Just Supplements, LBS Goldchip, Ian, Julie & Scott Ainley, Geoff & Julia Tuplin. The third prize is a trespa plastic show cage donated by our Vice President Phil Reaney.

Tickets will be £2 and sold by Julie and Julia throughout the weekend. The draw will take place after the Trophy Presentation. Please support this important fund raiser.


Society Raffle

Once again a BS Raffle Book was included in the schedule that was sent to all paid up members of the Society with the last issue of The Budgerigar. In keeping with last year’s tradition of avoiding the usual cash prizes, the first prize has been kindly donated by BS member Alan Moreton again. This is a three night stay at Tidal Waters Holiday Apartment in Looe, Cornwall. This beautiful ground floor apartment comes fully furnished and comprises of 1 double bedroom, a twin bedroom and a sofa bed for maximum occupancy of 6 people. Upon arrival the winner will find fresh cream teas for all the guests as well as some basic essentials such as tea, coffee, milk, eggs and bread, all free of charge. The location is within a short reach of the town centre and the beach. The apartment is available from November 2018 to March 2019. The second prize is a £75 Marks and Spencer voucher with the third prize being a £50 Tesco voucher.

More tickets can be obtained from the Society Administrator, Grant Findlay (01828 633030) or during the weekend of the show from Rod and Sue Clarke and their team of helpers.



Another new innovation is the chocolate and wine tombola which should prove to be interesting and successful. Again Julie & Julia with their team will be selling the tombola tickets from their stand.


Bird Sales Tables and Sales Birds Section

The Sales Birds are one of the highlights of the show and open on Saturday from 2.45pm until 5.30 p.m. and on Sunday from 9.30am until 3.00 p.m. There will be many quality birds available from well-known exhibition budgerigar breeders and the conditions of sale dictate that all birds must be the property of the seller for at least 28 days and close rung with official BS rings. Sellers are encouraged to use the second cage label supplied to add further information about the birds they are selling.

Again new to this year’s show the entry fee in the Sales section has been reduced from £3 to £1 but with 10% commission taken.

Classification and Layout

Since the increase of the classification to 74 classes per section as from last year to keep continuity so that all odd numbers are for cocks and even numbers for hens; there will be an additional challenge certificate allocated to the Dominant Pied whereby both the Green & Blue series will have their own challenge certificates. Also the classification for the Colour Budgerigar has been increased from two to four classes with its own challenge certificate with a minimum value of 10 points.

Last year’s layout of the show hall with all the any age sections on the left hand side of the B.S. Stand and all the young bird sections on the right hand side proved successful and this layout will be continued again this year. This will make things easier for both stewards and visitors for both staging and viewing.


Gala Dinner

Attending the Gala Dinner on the Saturday evening has become a must for most fanciers attending the show and staying over the weekend. This year the Club Show committee appointed Adrian Richards as the new Social Secretary following the retirement of our President Peter Hutchinson from the post that he occupied for many years. The Society extends its sincere thanks to Peter for the excellent job that he has done in the past. However, the Holiday Inn has double booked the night with a wedding so we had to find a new venue for this year only. The new venue is the Wheatley Golf Club, Armthrope Road, Doncaster DN2 5QD. The Golf Club is just under 3 miles north-east of The Dome and 10 minutes drive. Because of this change of venue, the Society is providing a free of charge coach to take residents of the Holiday Inn to the Golf Club and back.

Entertainment is provided by the well known singer/comedian Joey Howard. The atmosphere at the Gala Dinner is always brilliant, with members celebrating the winners, the Judges receiving their mementoes and our President Pete Hutchinson promising to be on good form.

The cost of the Gala Dinner is £25, which includes a 3-course meal and the entertainment. Tickets are available from Adrian Richards (50 Dean Road, Ferryhill, Co. Durham DL17 8EP). The booking form is on the back cover of the Club Show Schedule. Please enclose a sae and make cheques payable to The Budgerigar Society.



Once again, and for the fourth year running, our American friend Dr. Bob Travnicek, who comes regularly to the Club Show, has donated the sum of £200 for the greywing variety. This is a great incentive for all greywing breeders and this donation is to be divided equally between the exhibitor who benches the highest number of greywings (excluding sales and shared in the event of a tie) and to the Best Greywing in Show.


Visitor Experience – Where History is Made

Since the introduction of the banners showing Club Show Best in Show winners since 2005 and Society Club Show Greats of prominent fanciers who are no longer with us; this has always proved a talking point when fanciers reminisce with one another and share memories of these past legends and make comparisons between previous Best in Show winners. This year there will be an additional great who passed away in 2012 and a Best in Show banner added to the collection. The great is John Alcock, former member of the Show Committee and assistant show manager. The BIS banner to be added will be last year’s winner, the light green cock of Ady Lovack.


Foreign Finch Show

The Foreign Bird Show has been an integral part of the Club Show for several years and once again the Foreign Finch Alliance is running the show with the judge Peter Gallimore. For further information please contact Gary Wincomb or Lisa Barnsdale (01522 546692).


Trade Stands

This is an important part of the show where fanciers can take advantage of the huge range of goods available to them. Shaun Smith, our Trade Stand Coordinator, who will be organising this part of the show can be contacted on 07971 474862 or email

This year the show committee is offering free trade stands as part of its incentive and it is on a first come first served basis.

Our major sponsor, Country Wide Seed will be at the Show with its stand in the main hall and a large vehicle at the main door from which they will sell seed etc. Anyone wishing to pre-order should contact Country Wide (01275 463496) prior to the show.

For any further information please contact the Show Manager, Dave Hislop by email on or Grant Findlay at the BS Office at 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Perthshire, PH11 8BP on 01828 633030.

Please come to the show, meet old friends and make new ones, see some super birds and most of all have fun.


Update 19/9/18

Budgerigar Society Auction of Promises &  Trade Stands
Those fanciers who are attending The Budgerigar Society Club Show on the weekend of Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th September they can be treated to a fantastic Auction of Promises to be conducted at 12.30 hrs on Sunday. Among the Lots that are on offer, apart from the quality budgerigars from Richard & Michael Miller, Ian & Scott Ainley, Mick Freakley, Alex & Dave Woan, and Geoff Capes, the following Lots will be a great attraction as well:
Roy Aplin Pencil sketch (signed by all the judges).
Roger Stone – 10 separate lots of budgie memorabilia
lot 1 – Budgerigar Bulletins – 6 in total ranging from issue number 3 (Dec 1927) to issue number 8. These are very early issues of the Society magazine and are extremely rare.
lot 2 – Budgerigar Bulletins – 5 in total ranging from issue 10 to issue 14. Again extremely rare.
lot 3 – Budgerigar Bulletins – 13 in total ranging from issue 17 to issue 31 (dated Sept 1934) rare items.
lot 4 – Budgerigar Bulletins and Supplements in green folders containing over 100 issues (9 folders each containing 12 issues) from December 1959 to December 1985 complete.
lot 5 – Budgerigar Bulletins – 40 bulletins from 1949 to 1961.
lot 6 – Budgerigar Society Year Books – 2 books for 1927 and 1928 – both very rare.
lot 7 – Budgerigar Society Year Books – 5 books for 1950; 1956; 1957; 1960 and 1961.
lot 8 – Budgerigar Society Year Book for 1961 belonging to Ole Gade of Denmark.
lot 9 – Rodney Harris Budgerigar plaques – 6 in total.
lot 10 – BS 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Glass mug – engraved 1925 – 1985.
The Leedham family are sponsoring the show with £50 towards the Best in Show Bouquet.
William Martin of Camborne is repeating his sponsorship of the most benched birds in each of the 5 sections at the Club show with a total of £100 (£20 per section).
There has been tremendous intake on the offer of the trade stands this year and fanciers attending the show will have an array of products to choose from before the breeding season starts. Those who have reserved their space are as follows:
All Creatures Health Check
Aviary Hygiene Products
Bird Pro
Birdcare Company
BJS of Worcester
Cage & Aviary Birds
Countrywide /AE James
Dixon Show Cages
Garden Feathers
Just Supplements
Gold Chip Bedding
Murphy & Son
Rivers Way
Roy Aplin
Sam1 Bird Products
Sunrise Aviculture
Supapets / Supablend
Haith’s Seed
Avi Fabrications – Metal aviaries and trolley cages
Jenny K Home – Home ware (budgie themed)
EBF – online forum
Louise Wilde Pottery – pottery
Ari- o-Gems – plastic bird products


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