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Show Date8th August 2021
Show Name /StatusSouthend & District BS  Silver Show
Birds Benched202
JudgesMrs B Hutt   G Barton   T Gee
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show19-6AA1088G & J Al-NasserAA1088-151-206
Best Young Bird in Show324-1B7370M BannisterB7370-6-213
Best Any Age in Show19-6AA1088G & J Al-Nasser
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show40-1M5460R Marston
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show107-4NICKY1Ackers & Bird
Best Champion Any Age19-6AA1088G & J Al-Nasser
Best Champion Young Bird107-4NICKY1Ackers & Bird
Best Intermediate Aqny Age250-1B7370M Bannister
Best Intermediate Young Bird324-1B7370M Bannister
Best Novice Any Age443-4PE731G Paine
Best Novice Young Bird506-1G3611D Gardiner
Best Junior Any Age
Best Junior Young Bird
Best First Year Novice Exhibit506-1G3611D Gardiner
ExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEnteredShow
AALight GreenB K & A ScottS7 63 20S75Southend B&FBS
AADark or Olive GreenB K & A ScottS7 17 19S74Southend B&FBS
AASkyBlueR MarstonM5460 30 20M546015Southend B&FBS
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletAckers & BirdNICKY1 90 21NICKY18Southend B&FBS
AAGrey GreenAckers & BirdNICKY1 99 20NICKY16Southend B&FBS
AAGreyR WattsWATT5 75 21WATT57Southend B&FBS
AAOpaline GreenM BannisterB7370 28 21B73702Southend B&FBS
AAOpaline BlueG & J Al-NasserAA1088 10 18AA10882Southend B&FBS
AACinnamon GreenAllanis BirdALANI5 5 21ALANI56Southend B&FBS
AACinnamon BlueG & J Al-NasserAA1088 151 20AA10889Southend B&FBS
AAOpaline CinnamonR WattsWATT5 38 21WATT53Southend B&FBS
AALutinoM BannisterB7370 6 21B737011Southend B&FBS
AAAlbinoG & J Al-NasserAA1088 64 19AA10885Southend B&FBS
AAYellow-wingThorogood & NaylorT2816 65 17T28163Southend B&FBS
AAWhitewingG & J Al-NasserAA1088 203 19AA10882Southend B&FBS
AACrest or TuftG & J Al-NasserAA1088 170 18AA10884Southend B&FBS
AASF Spangle GreenR WattsWATT5 60 21WATT510Southend B&FBS
AASF Spangle BlueThorogood & NaylorNN9 86 19NN97Southend B&FBS
AADF SpangleC PotterPE400 30 20PE4007Southend B&FBS
AADominant PiedG & J Al-NasserAA1088 50 20AA108812Southend B&FBS
AARecessive PiedC PotterPE400 10 21PE4009Southend B&FBS
AAYellow FaceG PainePE731 67 20PE73115Southend B&FBS
AARare VarietyG & J Al-NasserAA1088 13 19AA108810Southend B&FBS
AAClearbodyThorogood & NaylorT2816 59 20T28166Southend B&FBS
AAAny Other ColourM BannisterB7370 31 20B73706Southend B&FBS
AAPairR WattsWATT58Southend B&FBS
AATeamG & J Al-NasserAA108812Southend B&FBS
AAColour BudgerigarF PilbeamPE709 30 17PE7098Southend B&FBS
AACBPair#N/ASouthend B&FBS
AACBTeam#N/ASouthend B&FBS
AANovice YB COMD GardinerG3611 24 21G3611Southend B&FBS
AAJunior YB COM#N/ASouthend B&FBS
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMD GardinerG3611 24 21G3611Southend B&FBS

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