Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 22nd April 2017 at the Budgerigar Society Office with the following decisions being ratified:

  • The Society to instigate a 2 year membership deal for newcomers whereby they will pay for one year and have a second year free with a joining fee of £7.50.
  • It was agreed to recommend to the AGM to keep the same level of subscription rate for all levels of subscription based on the adult fee of £27.50 (no increase in 3 years).
  • It was agreed to keep the same price of rings for 2018 and the same cost of postage.
  • The amount received from Country Wide Seed from the bulk seed orders placed via the Society has shown a welcome increase from £4110 to £5355 for 2016.
  • The Veterinary Diagnostic scheme charges to increase from £10 to £20 per member/partnership as from next year. Those not paying at the time of paying subscriptions will increase from £30 to £50.
  • The allowance to the area societies to increase from £150 to £200 per annum.
  • 2017 Club Show judges on the 30th September/1st October are R. Aplin, A. Brown, G. Corser, H. Hockaday, R. Miller, G. Moore, A. Michael, F. Nietgen (Germany), R. Pearce, D. Pringle, P. Reaney, J. Rogers & G. Tuplin.
  • Two extra classes to be added in the classification for the crest and recessive pied to keep uniformity for all odd classes are for cocks and all even classes are for hens.
  • Bev Hutt elected to be the new Trophy Officer and Shaun Smith the new Trade Stand Organiser with Fred Wright to continue to act as the Show Treasurer.
  • The successful Fanciers Raffle last year will be repeated again with last year winners Alec & Dave Woan donating a cock bird and Geoff Tuplin donating a hen bird to make a pair for the first prize. Florian Böck from Germany will be the speaker at the seminar. Cash awards to be increased as well.
  • Up to £10,000 is allocated towards research for feather related problems including French Moult.
  • The Spring Event to be held on 27th – 29th April 2018 in Scotch Corner is progressing very well. Judges booked, one from each of the 4 home countries of the UK, are Sammy Adams, Robert Ellis, Brian Reese & Di Wall. Speakers booked are Richard & Michael Miller, Harry Hockaday & Dr. Marcellus Burkle (a German vet) on the Saturday and Jeff Attwood, Phil Reaney (to be confirmed) & Ghalib Al-Nasser on Sunday.
  • Website home page has been modified and the menus simplified.
  • Status definitions and the criteria to move up status were re-defined and will be put forward to the membership for discussion.
  • A Premier Champion title with set criteria was agreed upon and will be operative as from 2018.
  • 55 new members have enrolled this year so far thanks to the efforts of Mat Ackers attending events with the Society stand, our website, and from Cage & Aviary Birds after the appearance of our monthly advert. Membership at 21st April was 2,120.
  • New gas central heating to be installed to the property at Northampton.
  • New President’s Chain of Office to be purchased with 50 links added and names of past presidents starting from 2000 to be added.
  • Correspondence received and discussed from A. J. Wilson & T. Rowland re-Rules and from P. Hutchinson re-magazine..
  • 121 societies have been allocated patronage. The Exhibition Budgerigar Society (Ireland) to be awarded a special overseas rosette patronage.
  • It was agreed to give pre-grade challenge certificates with a minimum value of 3 points to gold patronage commencing from the 2018 show season. This excludes the pairs, teams & colour budgerigars who receive nil points.


At the AGM:

  • A minute’s silence was observed in respect of those members who passed away since the last AGM with particular reference to Eddie Geary (Past President & Chairman of the Society), Derek Dobson & Donald McCallum (former General Councillors), Allan Fairgrieve (Society Sponsor), Roy Stringer and most recently Mrs Margaret Bowman (wife of Past President).
  • The Society Audited Accounts were approved showing a healthy profit.
  • Ken Whiting was inaugurated as the new President of the Society.
  • Ronnie Simpson was elected the new Vice President with Peter Hutchinson moving up to the President Elect.
  • Gren Norris was awarded the Walter E. Higham Silver Bird for meritorious services to the Budgerigar Fancy.
  • 18 members were confirmed as Honorary Life Members under the 40 years continuous membership (Rule 4.d.) namely Alan Bainbridge, Dennis Bush, Stewart Beach, William Bisset, Mick Bland, John Bland, Edward Grove, Bill Hough, Malcolm Hough, Thomas Lewis, Leslie Nicholson, Ron Pearce, Colin Pontin, Gerald Rutter, Leslie Turley, Derrick Watson, Gary Wilson & Dave Woan.
  • 226 ballot papers were returned and all Resolutions 1 to 20 gained the required 2/3 majority of the vote cast to pass.
  • Subscription rates will remain the same for all levels of membership in 2018 based on the adult rate of £27.50.
  • The Society is to provide an incentive for new members paying a single year’s membership fee plus joining fee of £7.50 would get a two year membership. This new incentive is to encourage continuation of membership after joining and will commence on 01 October, 2017.


Date of Next Meetings

GC Meetings – Thursday 12th October 2017

                       Saturday17th February 2018

                        Friday 27th April 2018           

AGM            –  Sunday 29th April 2018 (Scotch Corner to coincide with the Spring Event)


Ken Whiting (new President) with Eric Peake (outgoing President)
Gren Norris receives the Silver Bird award from the new President Ken Whiting
B.S. Seniors at the AGM; Ghalib Al-Nasser (Vice Chairman), Peter Hutchinson (President Elect), Ken Whiting (President), Ronnie Simpson (Vice President) & Maurice Roberts (Chairman)

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