Notice To All Budgerigar Society Members

Members are reminded that only BS Standard Show Cages may be accepted on the show bench at shows held under BS Rules – both patronage and non-patronage.

There has been a recent incident at a Young Stock Show, held under BS rules, of a European standard show cage being used, with a BS logo attached. This was correctly disqualified by the judge.

An example of the BS cage on the left and the European cage on the right which has thinner sides and top.







The doors of both cages with the BS cage on the left and the European cage on the right showing the different door hinges and pull.









Plastic Show Cage Reminder

The BS approved, new Plastic Show Cage is now acceptable on the show bench. The cage complies with all internal and external dimensions and gives a similar appearance to a wooden cage when viewed from the front.

Challenge Certificates

Members are also reminded that the recently approved rule change regarding the awarding of CC’s, is effective from this show season. The new rule allows the CC to be awarded when there are 2 birds (even from the one exhibitor) correctly benched in the colour. The previous criteria of, 2 exhibitors or 7 birds benched from one exhibitor to qualify for the CC to be awarded, has been removed with immediate effect.

For clarification the Pairs, Teams and Colour Budgerigar Challenge Certificates are given nil points, however there must also be two correctly benched cages in these classes for the CC to be awarded.

Show Cage Drinker 

Members are reminded that, from the commencement of the 2017 show season, only the pale blue mini flomatic drinker marked “The Budgerigar Society” or “Christino” purchased from the Budgerigar Society will be allowed on show cages. Therefore the white finger drawers are no longer allowed. The drinker should be positioned between the third and fourth wires from the left and rest on the middle bar on a standard show cage. The team show cage requires two drinkers, one placed as above and the other in the same position on the right hand side and resting on the middle bar.

The flomatic drinkers are available from the BS Office priced at £6.00 for 10 plus £2.30 post & packing.

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