2019 Patronage Applications Received

2019 B S World Show Result Updated 9th February 2020

Those in Blue Colour ink have had Their Patronage Pack sent or delivered

Red indicates Returns not received and Overdue

Green Results updated and received


Table 2019
Society Status Applied For Venue Show Date Week Number Patronage Secretary Telephone
MBA YSS Rosette Solihull 12-May-19 19   Results
SBS S & R V  Area S & R V Kirkcaldy 25-May-19  21     Results
*Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association Rosette Wadebridge 06-Jun-19 22    Results
WBS Convention Rosette Morriston 15-Jun-19 24    RESULTS
WBS S&RV Area S & RV Morriston 15-Jun-19 24    RESULTS
SMBS Area S & RV Waterbeach 16-Jun-19 24    Results
* Lincoln Agricultural B&FBA Rosette Lincoln 19-Jun-19 25   Results
*The Specialist & Rare Variety Show BS S & RV Bugbrooke 22-Jun-19 25    Results
WCB&FBS S&R Area S & RV Redruth 23-Jun-19 25   Results
Hull BS Silver Cotingham 30-Jun-19 26   RESULTS
Leicestershire BS Silver Markfield 07-Jul-19 27   Results
Central Lancs & Leyland BS SILVER Parbold 07-Jul-19 27    Results
NBS S&RVS Area S & RV Bowburn 07-Jul-19 27    Results
Dorset & District B&FBS Silver Ferndown Dorset 07-Jul-19 27    Results
West Norfolk BC Silver Fincham 07-Jul-19 27    Results
Gt. Eccleston & District Ag Society Rosette Gt Ecclestone 13-Jul-19 28    Results
Worcestershire BS Gold Worcester 13-Jul-19 28   Results
Doncaster BS Silver Doncaster 14-Jul-19 28   Results
Bedfordshire BS Silver Leightton Buzzasd 14-Jul-19 28   Results
LC&NWBS Area Warrington 14-Jul-19 28   Results
Elgin BS Bronze Keith 14-Jul-19 28    Results
Heads of the Valleys BS Silver The Hanger Aber 20-Jul-19 29   Results
Land O’Burns BS Silver Kilmarnock 20-Jul-19 29   Results
Torbay B&FBS

Show Cancelled

Silver Kenn Center Exeter 21-Jul-19 29 S West 07785 582502
Norwich & Norfolk BS Silver Norwich 21-Jul-19 29   Results
Clwyd BS Silver Connah’s Quay 21-Jul-19 29   Results
South Durham & Teesvally Classic Silver Middlesbrough 21-Jul-19 29   Results
L&SCBS S&RV Area S & RV Smallfield 21-Jul-19 28   Results
Cleethorpes B&FBS Silver Cleethorpes 21-Jul-19 29   Results
Lliw Valley BS Bronze Swansea 27-Jul-19 30    Results
North Ayshire BS Silver Kilwinning 27-Jul-19 30 Results
YBS AREA Doncaster 28-Jul-19 30    Results
Tayside BS Silver Wellbank 28-Jul-19 30   Results
Ipswich BS Silver GT Blakenham 28-Jul-19 30   Results
Notts & Derby BA Silver Nottingham 28-Jul-19 30   Results
Preston BS SILVER Hutton 28-Jul-19 30   Results
Somerset BS Gold Bridgewater 28-Jul-19 30   Results
Garstang BS Rosette Garstang 03-Aug-19 31   Results
Edinburgh BS Silver Broxburn 03-Aug-19 31   Results
South West Lancs BS Gold Warrington 04-Aug-19 31   Results
Southend & District BS SILVER Hawkwell 04-Aug-19 31    Results
Castleford BS Silver Castleford 04-Aug-19 31   Results
Bristol BS Gold Bristol 04-Aug-19 31 Results
North West Leicestershire BS Silver Markfield 04-Aug-19 31   Results
Birmingham BS Silver Solihull 10-Aug-19 32    Results
SBS AREA Broxburn 10-Aug-19 32 Results
Plymouth B&FBS Bronze Kenn Center Exeter 11-Aug-19 32   Results
West Wales BS Bronze Swansea 11-Aug-19 32    Results
LEA Area 75h Anniversary Year Holbeach 11-Aug-19 32 Results
South Hampshire BS Gold Romsey 11-Aug-19 32   Results
Sth Cheshire BS Gold Nantwich 11-Aug-19 32 Results
Northamptonshire BS Silver Bugbrooke 18-Aug-19 33 Results
Hastings BS Silver Northiam 18-Aug-19 33   Results
Kingdom of Fife BS Silver Kircaldy 18-Aug-19 33   Results
Cornwall BS Silver Redruth 18-Aug-19 33   Results
North Staffs BS Silver Chesterton 18-Aug-19 33   Results
Sheffield BS Silver Barnsley 18-Aug-19 33    Results
Swindon BS Gold Swindon 18-Aug-19 33 Results
North East National BS Silver Sunderland 18-Aug-19 33 Results
Trent Valley BS Gold Swadlincote 24-Aug-19 34 Results
WBS Area Newport 25-Aug-19 34 Results
Cambridgeshire BS Silver Barr Hill 25-Aug-19 34 Results
Sussex BS Silver Dial Post 25-Aug-19 34   Results
Exhibition Budgerigar Society (Ireland) Silver Kilnauanagh 25-Aug-19 34    
Aberdeen BS Silver Aberdeen 25-Aug-19 34   Results
York & District BS Silver York 25-Aug-19 34 Results
Dunbartonshire BS Silver Dumbarton 31-Aug-19 34   Results
Newcastle & Gateshead BS Silver Wallsend 31-Aug-19 Results
Peterborough & South Lincs BS Silver Gedney Hill 01-Sep-19 35 Results
Gwynedd BS Gold Llandudno 01-Sep-19 35 Results
West Lothian & District Silver Blackburn 01-Sep-19 35   Results
WCB&FBS Area Ken Cenre Exeter 01-Sep-19 35 Results
MBA Area Solihull 07-Sep-19 36 Results
Lanarkshire Central BS Silver Wishaw 07-Sep-19 36 Results
West Cornwall BS Bronze Leedstown 08-Sep-19 36 Results
Mid Essex B.S. Gold Blackmore ,Ingatestone 08-Sep-19 36 Results
Scottish Northern BS Silver Keith 08-Sep-19 36   Results
Grantham CBS Bronze Bottesford Grantham 08-Sep-19 36 A Graves Results
South Eastern BC SILVER Smallfield 15-Sep-19 37 Results
Gt Yarmouth, Gorleston & Lowestoft CBS


Bronze Spixworth 15-Sep-19 37 N Humby 01692 500376
City of Lincoln B & FBA Bronze Lincoln 15-Sep-19 33 Results
NBS Area Bowburn 15-Sep-19 37 Results
Forth Valley BS Gold 50th Anniversary Grangemouth 15-Sep-19 37   Results
* The Budgerigar Society (World Show) World Sho Doncaster 21-Sep-19 38 2019 B S World Show Results
Bury St Edmunds BF SILVER Risby 28-Sep-19 44 Results
The National Gold Stafford 06-Oct-19 40 Results
Association of Norwich Bird Breeders Bronze Spixworth 06-Oct-19 39 Results
Runcorn CBS Rosette Runcorn 12-Oct-19 41 R S Norman Results
L&SCBS Area Smallfield 13-Oct-19 41 Results
Leeds BS Silver Rothwell 13-Oct-19 41   Results
The Duchy Open BS Bronze Redruth 13-Oct-19 41 Results
Norwich Alliance Bronze Norwich 13-Oct-19 41 Results
Eden Valley B C Rosette Warwick Bridge 13-Oct-19 41 Results
Ollerton & Bevercotes CBS Silver Ollerton 13-Oct-19 41 Results
Harriseahead CBS
Show Cancelled
Rosette Stoke on Trent 19-Oct-19 42 J Cosby 01270 526306
Gainsborough CBS Bronze Gainsborough 19-Oct-19 42 Results
Wigton & District CBS Rosette Wigton 20-Oct-19 42 D Smith 016973 45223
WBS YSS Rosette Morriston 20-Oct-19 42 Results
MBA S&RV Area S & RV Markfield 20-Oct-19 42 Results
YBS S & RV Area S & RV Castleford 20-Oct-19 42 Results
Grangemouth CBS Rosette Grangemouth 26-Oct-19 43 Results
Riviera Bird Club Bronze Kenneford 26-Oct-19 43 Results
Poole & Parkstone CBS Rosette Bournemouth 26-Oct-19 43 Results
Hinckley, Burbage & District CBS Rosette Hinckley 26-Oct-19 43 Mrs E Corns 01455 272338
SMBS Area Barr Hill Cambridgeshire 27-Oct-19 43 Results
LC&NWBS Spec & Rare Show Area S & RV Warrington 27-Oct-19 43 Results
Halesowen & Dist CBS Bronze Bromsgrove 27-Oct-19 43 Results
 High Wycombe CBS  Bronze Hazlemere 03-Nov-19  44   Results
 Mid Cornwall CBS  Rosette   03-Nov-19 44 R Hancock 01726 72403
South Notts CBS Rosette Clifton 09-Nov-19 45 Results
Oxford & Dist 1910 CBS Rosette Oxford 09-Nov-19 45    Results
Wolverhampton CBS Rosette Bilstow 09-Nov-19 45 Resuits
North Walsham AS Bronze Nth Walsham 10-Nov-19 45 Results
South Coast Open Rosette Portchester 10-Nov-19 45 T M Sayers 02392 379301
Aberystwyth & Mid Wales Avicultural Society Bronze Aberystwyth 16-Nov-19 46 Results
Cirencester & District CBS Rosette Cirencester 17-Nov-19 46 R Hester 01285 643157
Hayle CBS Rosette Leedstown 17-Nov-19 46    Results
Linlithgow CBS Rosette Linlithgow 30-Nov-19 48   Results 
Pontyates Bird Sociey Rosette Pontyates Welfare Hall 01-Dec-19 48  D  Andrews  01639 632630
Nuneaton CBS Bronze Nuneaton 07-Dec-19 48 Results
East Sussex National Bird Show Rosette Hailsham 07-Dec-19 49 A Scott 01323 506440
Dartford Kent BS Rosette Maidsone Kent 08-Dec-19 49 Results
 Ilkstone & Erewash Valley CBS  Rosette Chesterfield 5- Jan-2020 Results
 Welsh National ESB  Rosette Neath Swansea 19-Jan-20 Results

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