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BS & AREA SOCIETY 2018 RINGS – Letter from A C Hughes ltd

















Further update – the ring makers (A C Hughes Ltd) are making progress with the outstanding ring orders. Today (Thursday 25 January, 2018) they are making the rings that were processed by the BS on 10 January, 2018.
If you have an outstanding order and require an update on the expected delivery then please contact the BS Administrator on 01828 633030 who will assist with your enquiry.
Once again many thanks to the members affected for your understanding and patience on this matter.






Further update – the ring makers (A C Hughes Ltd) are still working their way through the backlog of orders. Today (Wednesday 17 January, 2018) they are making the rings that were processed by the BS on 08 & 11 December, 2017.
A reminder that there is no delay with the Plastic ring maker and orders can be made for plastic rings via the BS website, on the normal order form and post to the BS Office or by phoning the BS Office on 01828 633030 (from Tuesday 23 January onwards).
Once again many thanks to the members concerned for your patience and understanding.






There is still a considerable backlog of orders to be made and posted by the metal ring makers A C Hughes. Today (Friday 12 January, 2018) they are dealing with orders processed by the Society on 30 November, 2017.

If members are desperate for rings an alternative would be to order Plastic rings. These rings are perfectly acceptable on the show bench and there is no backlog with the plastic ring maker (Roxan ID) the turnaround is usually 2 to 3 days.

These can be ordered via the BS website or by using a ring order form and send this to the BS Office. Alternatively, in the circumstances, the Office will take orders over the phone on 01828 633030 and if there is no one to answer the phone please leave your details (BS ring number, card payment details and number of rings required).

The Society thanks the members involved for their patience and understanding of this unfortunate situation which is beyond the Society’s control.






The Society is providing a further update for those members who are still waiting for their 2018 ring order. The ring maker A C Hughes has accepted that this unfortunate situation is entirely down to them.

They have promised that all orders which were processed by the Society by the deadline date of 22 November, 2017 will be posted either today (Thursday 04 January, 2018) or tomorrow (Friday 05 January).

These will be sent by first class post and members should receive them by early next week at the latest.

The Society thanks members for their patience during this frustrating time.




BS RINGS – 2018

The Budgerigar Society apologises to those members who are still waiting for their supply of 2018 rings. All ring orders received by the Society up to and including the deadline date of 22 November, 2017 were processed and forwarded to the ring makers by that date.

The Society is now dealing with three separate ring makers for the supply of members rings, namely A C Hughes who supply the metal rings, Roxan I D who supply the plastic rings and Avian ID suppliers of the smaller plastic rings for Colour Budgerigars.

The Colour Budgerigar rings have not been a problem and we thank Avian ID for their efforts.

It would appear that the Plastic rings supplied by Roxan I D were not placed into the postal system until 27 December despite the Society Administrator being advised on 3 separate occasions that they were all dispatched on the agreed date of 22 December, 2017.

The Society has today (Friday 29 December, 2017) been advised by A C Hughes that some of the metal rings ordered by 22 November have not been dispatched. Again this was not communicated to the Society Administrator. All orders keyed up to 19 November and 75% of those keyed on 20 November have been posted, however those keyed after that date up to 22 November (some 142 orders) will not be posted until 04 January, 2018.

The Society is extremely sorry for this situation which has occurred and which is beyond its’ control. The General Council will obviously discuss this serious matter at their next meeting.


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