2018 Patronage Applications in Date Order

Last updated 9th January 2019

Table 2018
Society Status Show Date Week Number Venue Patronage Secretary Telephone
*The Budgerigar Society Spring Event Gold 28-Apr-18 17 Scotch Corner (A1) RESULTS
MBA YSS Rosette 13-May-18 19 Solihull RESULTS  
YBS YSS Rosette 20-May-18 20 Castleford RESULTS  
SBS S & RV Area S&RV 26-May-18 21 Kirkcaldy RESULTS  
WBS S&RV Area S&RV 16-Jun-18 24 Morriston RESULTS  
WBS Convention Rosette 16-Jun-18 24 Morriston RESULTS  
SMBS Area S&RV 17-Jun-18 24 Waterbeach RESULTS  
* Lincoln Agricultrual B&FBA Rosette 20-Jun-18 25 Lincoln RESULTS  
*The Specialist & Rare Variety Show BS S&RV 23-Jun-18 25 Bugbrooke  RESULTS  
WCB&FBS S&R Area S&RV 24-Jun-18 25 Redruth RESULTS
Central Lancs & Leyland BS Silver 01-Jul-18 26 Parbold RESULTS  
West Norfolk BC Silver 08-Jul-18 27 Fincham RESULTS  
Dorset & District B&FBS Silver 08-Jul-18 27 Bournemouth RESULTS  
NBS S&RVS Area S&RV 08-Jul-18 27 Bowburn RESULTS
Sth Cheshire BS Gold 08-Jul-18 27 Nantwich RESULTS  
Elgin BS Silver 08-Jul-18 27 Keith RESULTS  
Leicestershire BS Silver 08-Jul-18 27 Markfield RESULTS  
Hull BS Bronze 08-Jul-18 27 Hull RESULTS  
Gt. Eccleston & District Ag Society Rosette 14-Jul-18 28 Gt Ecclestone RESULTS  
L&SCBS S&RV Area S&RV 14-Jul-18 28 Smallfield RESULTS  
Worcestershire BS Gold 14-Jul-18 28 Worcester RESULTS  
Bedfordshire BS Silver 15-Jul-18 28 Dunstable RESULTS  
LC&NWBS Area 15-Jul-18 28 Warrington RESULTS
Doncaster BS Silver 15-Jul-18 28 Doncaster RESULTS  
Land O’Burns BS Silver 21-Jul-18 29 Kilmarnock RESULTS  
Heads of the Valleys BS Silver 21-Jul-18 29 The Hanger Aber RESULTS  
Cleethorpes B&FBS Silver 22-Jul-18 29 Grimsby RESULTS  
Norwich & Norfolk BS Silver 22-Jul-18 29 Norwich RESULTS  
South Durham & Teesvally Classic Silver 22-Jul-18 29 Middlesbrough RESULTS  
Clwyd BS Silver 22-Jul-18 29 Connah’s Quay RESULTS  
Torbay B&FBS Gold (50th) 22-Jul-18 29 Rattery RESULTS  
North Ayshire BS Silver 28-Jul-18 30 Kilwinning RESULTS  
Ipswich BS Gold (50th) 29-Jul-18 30 GT Blakenham RESULTS  
Notts & Derby BA Silver 29-Jul-18 30 Nottingham RESULTS
Lliw Valley BS Bronze 29-Jul-18 30 Swansea RESULTS  
Tayside BS Silver 29-Jul-18 30 Wellbank RESULTS  
Preston BS Silver 29-Jul-18 30 Hutton RESULTS  
YBS Area 29-Jul-18 30 Doncaster RESULTS  
Garstang BS Rosette 04-Aug-18 31 Garstang RESULTS  
Edinburgh BS Silver 04-Aug-18 31 Broxburn  RESULTS  
Bristol BS Gold 05-Aug-18 31 Bristol RESULTS  
North West Leicestershire BS Gold (25th) 05-Aug-18 31 Markfield RESULTS  
South West Lancs BS Gold 05-Aug-18 31 Warrington RESULTS  
Castleford BS Silver 05-Aug-18 31 Castleford RESULTS  
Southend B&FBS Silver 05-Aug-18 31 Hawkwell RESULTS  
Birmingham BS Silver 11-Aug-18 32 Solihull RESULTS  
SBS Area 11-Aug-18 32 Broxburn RESULTS  
South Hampshire BS Gold 12-Aug-18 32 Romsey RESULTS  
West Wales BS Bronze 12-Aug-18 32 Swansea RESULTS  
LEA Area 12-Aug-18 32 Holbeach  RESULTS  
Plymouth B&FBS Silver 12-Aug-18 32 Plymouth RESULTS  
 Northern Ireland Budgerigar, Zebra Finch & FBS  Silver 18-Aug- 18 33   A Shiels 02825821197
Hastings BS Silver 19-Aug-18 33 Northiam RESULTS  
North Staffs BS Silver 19-Aug-18 33 Chesterton Results  
Northamptonshire BS Silver 19-Aug-18 33 Bugbrooke  RESULTS  
North East National BS Silver 19-Aug-18 33 Sunderland RESULTS  
Sheffield BS Silver 19-Aug-18 33 Barnsley RESULTS  
City of Lincoln B & FBA Bronze 19-Aug-18 33 Lincoln RESULTS  
Kingdom of Fife BS Silver 19-Aug-18 33 Kircaldy  Results  
Cornwall BS Silver 19-Aug-18 33 Redruth RESULTS  
Dunbartonshire BS Silver 25-Aug-18 34 Dumbarton RESULTS             
Trent Valley BS Gold 25-Aug-18 34 Swadlincote RESULTS  
 Exhibition Budgerigar Society of Ireland  Silver 26-Aug-18  34   Kilnauanagh  T Burke  00353852725008
York & District BS Silver 26-Aug-18 34 Wigginton RESULTS  
Aberdeen BS Silver 26-Aug-18 34 Aberdeen RESULTS
Sussex BS Southern Classic Silver 26-Aug-18 34 Dial Post RESULTS  
WBS Area 26-Aug-18 34 Newport  RESULTS  
Cambridgeshire BS Silver 26-Aug-18 34 Barr Hill RESULTS  
Newcastle & Gateshead BS Silver 01-Sep-18 35 Wallsend RESULTS  
West Lothian & District Bronze 02-Sep-18 35 Blackburn RESULTS
Peterborough & South Lincs BS Silver 02-Sep-18 35 Gedney Hill RESULTS  
Gwynedd BS Silver 02-Sep-18 35 Llandudno RESULTS  
WCB&FBS Area 02-Sep-18 35 Kenford Results  
MBA Area 08-Sep-18 36 Solihull RESULTS  
Lanarkshire Central BS Silver 08-Sep-18 36 Wishaw RESULTS  
Swindon BS Gold 09-Sep-18 36 Swindon RESULTS  
Mid Essex B.S. Gold 09-Sep-18 36 Chelmsford RESULTS  
West Cornwall BS Bronze 09-Sep-18 36 Leedstown RESULTS  
Scottish Northern BS Silver 09-Sep-18 36 Keith RESULTS  
Grantham CBS Bronze 09-Sep-18 36 Grantham RESULTS  
Association of Norwich Bird Breeders Bronze 16-Sep-18 37 Spixworth RESULTS  
Forth Valley BS Silver 16-Sep-18 37 Grangemouth  RESULTS  
NBS Area 16-Sep-18 37 Bowburn RESULTS  
Croydon & South Eastern Combined Show Silver 16-Sep-18 37 Smallfield RESULTS  
Eden Valley B C Rosette 16-Sep-18 37 Warwick Bridge RESULTS  
Dumfries & Galloway BS & CBA Gold Cancelled    Dumfries A Brown 01387 263307
* The Budgerigar Society (World Show) World Show 29-Sep-18 39 Doncaster RESULTS  
The National National 07-Oct-18 40 Stafford RESULTS  
Ollerton & Bevercotes CBS Silver 07-Oct-18 40 Ollerton RESULTS
Runcorn CBS Rosette 13-Oct-18 41 Runcorn RESULTS  
The Duchy Open BS Bronze 14-Oct-18 41 Redruth RESULTS  
L&SCBS Area 14-Oct-18 41 Smallfield RESULTS
Norwich Alliance Rosette 14-Oct-18 41 Spixworth RESULTS  
Leeds BS Silver 14-Oct-18 41 Leeds RESULTS  
Harriseahead CBS Rosette 20-Oct-18 42 Stoke on Trent RESULTS  
Gainsborough CBS Bronze 20-Oct-18 42 Gainsborough RESULTS  
Wigton CBS Rosette 20-Oct-18 42 Wigton RESULTS  
Gt Yarmouth, Gorleston & Lowestoft CBS Bronze 21-Oct-18 42 Spixworth RESULTS  
MBA S&RV Area S&RV 21-Oct-18 42 Markfield RESULTS  
Hinckley, Burbage & District CBS Rosette 27-Oct-18 43 Hinckley RESULTS  
Poole & Parkstone CBS Rosette 27-Oct-18 43 Bournemouth RESULTS  
Riviera Bird Club Bronze 27-Oct-18 43 Kenneford RESULTS  
LC&NWBS Spec & Rare Show Area S&RV 28-Oct-18 32 Warrington RESULTS  
WBS YSS Rosette 28-Oct-18 43 Morriston RESULTS  
Halesowen & Dist CBS Bronze 28-Oct-18 43 Bromsgrove RESULTS  
YBS S & RV Area S&RV 28-Oct-18 43 Castleford RESULTS  
Kernow AS Bronze 28-Oct-18 43 Truro RESULTS  
SMBS Area 28-Oct-18 43 Barr Hill RESULTS  
Bury St Edmunds CBC Silver 04-Nov-18 44 Risby RESULTS  
Wolverhampton CBS Rosette 10-Nov-18 45 Wolverhampton RESULTS  
South Notts CBS Rosette 10-Nov-18 45 Clifton RESULTS  
Oxford & Dist 1910 CBS Rosette 10-Nov-18 45 Oxford RESULTS  
Nth Walsham AS Bronze 11-Nov-18 45 Nth Walsham RESULTS  
South Coast Open

Results Not Returned

 Rosette 11-Nov-18 43 Portchester RESULTS  


Bristol CBS Rosette 17-Nov-18 46 Bristol RESULTS  
Aberystwyth & Mid Wales Avicultural Society Bronze 17-Nov-18 46 Aberystwyth RESULTS  
Hayle CBS Rosette 18-Nov-18 46 Leedstown RESULTS  
 Cirencester & District CBS  Rosette CANCELLED 46 Cirencester    
Linlithgow CBS Rosette 24-Nov-18 47 Linlithgow RESULTS  
 Carlisle National CBS  Rosette CANCELLED  47 Carlisle    
High Wycombe CBS Bronze 25-Nov-18 47 Hazelmere RESULTS  
Nuneaton CBS Bronze 01-Dec-18 48 Nuneaton RESULTS  
East Sussex National Bird Show Rosette 08-Dec-18 49 Hailsham RESULTS  
Ilkeston & Erewash Valley CBS Rosette 6-Jan-19 1 Nottinghamshire RESULTS  

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