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    Following the revision of Rules which were placed before the membership in the March/April, 2018 issue of “The Budgerigar” 527 members cast their vote either via the Postal Ballot or at the AGM held on Sunday 29th April, 2018. The Society thanks those members who proposed and seconded the Rule Changes and also every one [ Read More » ]

  • General Council Ballot Results

    The result of the General Council Ballot has been received from the Official Scrutineer. Congratulations to the successful candidates and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful. I thank the 552 members who took the time and trouble to vote. 50% of those standing for the first time have been successful and I welcome them to [ Read More » ]

  • Animal Activities Licensing

    You may be aware of legislation about to go through Parliament to come into force on 5th Oct 2018 whereby hobbyist bird keepers if deemed “commercial” by their local authority will be required to be licensed later this year. The National Council Aviculture (NCA) have been liaising with SUN and other like minded groups to [ Read More » ]


    The Society has been made aware that a small number of members have received two National Ballot voting Forms with the March/April issue of “The Budgerigar”. Unfortunately this has happened at our printers who manually insert the voting forms into the magazines. … Members affected should therefore only use one of the National Ballot voting [ Read More » ]

  • March / April Edition – The Budgerigar

    The latest edition of The Budgerigar is being sent out to all members of the society this week (week beginning mon 12th March).  If you are not a member and you would like to receive the publication please follow this link on how to become a member;  

  • General Council Meeting 17th February 2018

    Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 17th February 2018 at The Budgerigar Society Office with the following decisions being ratified:   The Chairman took the opportunity at the start of the meeting to congratulate the Welsh BS and Western Counties B & FBS on their 80th and 90th [ Read More » ]

  • 2018 Ring Orders

    ************************************************************* 1/2/18 BS & AREA SOCIETY 2018 RINGS – Letter from A C Hughes ltd                         *************************************************************   25/1/18 BS & AREA SOCIETY 2018 RINGS Further update – the ring makers (A C Hughes Ltd) are making progress with the outstanding ring orders. Today [ Read More » ]

  • Budgerigar Society Judges Training Scheme

    Members who wish to join the Budgerigar Society Judges Training Scheme in 2018 should apply before 31st January, 2018. This Scheme is for members who have completed 9 years membership of the Society, of which three continuous years must immediately precede the application; have completed three full show seasons at Intermediate status; be over 21 [ Read More » ]

  • Unregistered Colour Champion Birds

    The following birds have achieved 6 or Certificates this year and can claim a @ Colour Champion Certificate if applied for to the Patronage Administrator    email;  Name Colour Ring No  Johnson & Chubb Recessive Pied C5767-39-15  T Jeffrey Albino J2919-88-16  B & F Mills Grey Green M5090-4-17  G & P Norris Recessive Pied [ Read More » ]

  • General Council Meeting report 12th October 2017

    THE BUDGERIGAR SOCIETY Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 12th October 2017 at Bugbrooke Sports & Community Centre, Bugbrooke, Northants with the following decisions being ratified:   The Chairman reported that David Woan resigned from the General Council in September. Club Show Chairman, Ghalib Al-Nasser, reported on the [ Read More » ]

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