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The Budgerigar Society reminds all Clubs & Societies that the closing date for BS Open Show Patronage Applications for the 2015 Show Season is 28 February 2015. These should be sent to the Patronage Administrator, Michael Chapman, Glenmore, 5 Mole Drive, Gedney Hill, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 0PB.
THE BUDGERIGAR SOCIETY (BS) advises that all nominations for Judges to judge the 2016 BS Club Show should be with the Society Administrator by 13 February, 2015. The nomination should be for Judges who have been on the BS Main Judges Panel for a minimum number of 3 years and have judged a minimum of 3 BS Championship shows prior to nomination.
Nominations should be sent, in writing, to The Society Administrator, The Budgerigar Society, 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8BP.
This year the BS Club Show moves to a new date on Week number 39 of 26 & 27 September, 2015 and those selected to Judge are:- Bob Allen, Ghalib Al-Nasser, Janice Al-Nasser, Ken Brockwell, Robert Campbell, John Cosby, Beverley Hutt, John Lees, Gren Norris, Pat Norris, John Punchard, Adrian Richards, Don Rowell, Garry Warren & Dewayne Weldon.




The Budgerigar Society (BS) is pleased to announce that the 14 members who will form the General Council (GC) for the next 3 year term, commencing 25 April 2015, are:- 

Ghalib Al-Nasser, Janice Al-Nasser, Michael Chapman, John Cosby, Grant Findlay, Bob Francis, Beverley Hutt, Terry Jukes, Richard Miller, Maurice Roberts, Ronnie Simpson, Trevor Terheege, Terry Tuxford & Dave Woan.

As the BS have only received the exact number of 14 candidates by the closing date for nominations there will be no requirement for a Ballot of members this year to elect the Council. 

The Chairman Maurice Roberts welcomed the 3 new Councillors Ronnie Simpson, Trevor Terheege and Terry Tuxford and thanked them for their commitment to the BS over the next 3 years. He also paid tribute to the 3 retiring Councillors Gordon Grist, Donald McCallum & Gren Norris who have contributed greatly to the General Council during their terms in Office. 

Gren Norris joined the GC in 1991 and Donald McCallum the year later and have served an impressive 24 and 23 year’s service respectively. He thanked them for giving so much of their time in attending GC meetings, sub committee meetings and many other related events over these years. Gren has also been the BS reserve World Budgerigar Organisation delegate in recent years as well as the official BS Show Cage inspector.

Gordon Grist joined the GC in 2010 and has served 5 years during which time he was one of the BS delegates on the National Council of Aviculture.




The Convention hotel is almost fully booked so if anyone is still to book please contact the Society Administrator as soon as possible. A reminder to those members who have paid deposits that the full balance is required to be paid by 31 March to the Society Administrator, 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8BP or phone 01828 633030.



The dates of future General Council meetings are listed below and if any member wishes to submit an item for discussion then please submit this in writing, to the Society Administrator, 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8BP, at least 3 weeks prior to the meeting.

21 February 2015

25 April 2015


Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 16th October 2014 at the Budgerigar Society Offices with the following decisions being ratified: 

  • The overhaul of the homepage of the BS website is entering its final stages with a set live date early November.
  • Plastic show cage floor covers is under investigation with further samples to be sought.

  • Society new badges will be available at the club show at a cost of £3 each. A £1 postage will be charged for those ordering from the Society Administrator or BS website.

  • Full update about the club show was given with details of the seminars by Gerd Bleicher (Saturday morning) and the Junior/Beginner/Novice seminar (Sunday morning) by Alan Marchant.

  •  Fantastic incentive for exhibitors who bench 10 or more birds (excluding sales) worth £14.50.

  • The return of the Birds Sales Tables at the club show and a new feature with the Great Fancier’s raffle.

  • Two new trophies added to the Club Show list of 97 trophies; The John Alcock Memorial Trophy for Best Cobalt, Mauve or Violet Young Bird excl. Champion and the Tom & Andrew Luke Trophy for Best Pair.

  • Convention Show (5th – 7th June) to be called the WBO World Championship Show allowing the WBO delegates attending the WBO meeting and anyone from overseas to show their birds as well. Numerous bookings for the Society’s Convention in 2015 have already been received but for those who have not booked as of yet then contact the Society Administrator asap”.

  • A few clients showing interest in letting the society’s property but with no firm offer. The building needs maintenance due to roof leakage. The property to be put on market for sale as well as letting.

  • A review of the current Judges Training Scheme was agreed with proposals to be put forward to the AGM to reduce the duration from 3 years to 2.

  • Mat Ackers was congratulated on his work done via the Promotion Administrator role in attending with his team at events across the country on behalf of the BS promoting the hobby and securing new members. The current attraction at these events is the tamed spangle light green cock of Rob Hughes called “Eric”. It was agreed to provide Mat with a laptop & projector to promote the hobby at these events.

  • Following a proposal brought forward by the WBO to all member countries with regard to amendments to its Constitution, the GC were happy to support one amendment with regard to membership but not the part about the officers.

  • The subject of the introduction of plastic rings was discussed again and this is an on-going matter and if implemented it will be as from 2016.

  • New proposals for the 2015 Rule Changes have been put forward by members to reduce the 2/3 voting majority to simple majority. Also re-issuing the Annual Accounts loose leaf in the magazine to free up space in The Budgerigar.

  • There has been one letter received from a member by the closing date re-Long Flights/Long Tail regarding the interim guidelines as appeared on page 42 of the July issue of The Budgerigar. The sub group looking at this matter will decide if the interim guidelines on the subject will become the official policy of the Society prior to the commencement of the 2015 show season.

  • Michael Chapman, patronage administrator, produced a league table showing the benched figure of each championship show over the past 3 years. Encouragingly the average benched entry over all shows to date throughout the UK shows a slight increase of one bird. He further informed the council that 4 bronze championship shows had to cancel because of poor entries.

  • The role of publicity officer is being carried out by Ghalib Al-Nasser (vice chairman) & Grant Findlay (society administrator) till the new council is elected next April following Richard Miller stepping down from the role.

  • Current membership stood at 2,397 in mid October.

  • The Society will receive £1,000 from the Estate of our late President Stan Moizer. The GC will decide, once the funds have been received, how best to use this amount.

  • Correspondence received and discussed from R & C Clarke, R Carr, S Holland, E Peake, C Greatorex & D McKeown 

Date of Next Meetings 

GC Meeting – Saturday 21 February 2015

GC Meeting – Saturday 25 April 2015 (New Elected Council)

AGM            –  Sunday 26 April 2015



Country Wide Seed have made many price changes affecting the BS deal and the welcome news is that the vast majority of the Seed advertised on the back page of the “Budgerigar” magazine have seen a reduction in prices.

These are very competitive prices we have negotiated for our members and to enjoy these excellent prices then orders for a minimum 55 bags can be made via the Society Administrator on 01828 633030. If this quantity is too much to order then a minimum of 30 bags can be ordered however a further £1 per bag will be added to the prices shown on the Advert.

Country Wide Seed will have their lorry at the BS Club Show over the weekend of 15 & 16 November at the Dome, Doncaster where stock will be sold at the new prices. If you wish to pre-order any seed then please contact Steve at Country Wide on 01275 463496. 

The details of the price changes are noted below:-



Special Budgie was £15 now £14.

Society Blend was £16 now £15.

Best Budgie was £16.50 now £15.

Champion Budgie was £17 now £16.

Reaney Budgie Breeders Mix was £18 now £17.

VAM Budgie Breeders Mix was £20 now £19.

Germination Soak Seed was £16.20 now £15.

Naked Oats was £14.15 now £14.

White Millet was £11.45 now £11.

Beyers Dakota Pearl White Millet was £20 now £18.

Plain Canary Seed was £15.95 now £15.

Garden Wild Bird Food was £10.80 now £10.



Japanese Millet was £13 now £14.50

Gold Chip Cage & Aviary Premium Bedding was £13.50 now £14.



Lyn & her family would like to thank everyone for the many kind messages of sympathy, telephone calls & cards received following their recent bereavement. To all those who attended Bill’s funeral, thank you so much for your support.

Donations in lieu of flowers raised a total of £300 for the British Heart Foundation and Kidney Research UK.

Bless you All.  


“Country Wide Seed” are pleased to announce that the price of Chinese Millet Sprays has reduced considerably recently. The new price is now £27.00 for a 15kg box of Millet Sprays compared to £32.40 previously.
The price of a 25kg box of French Red Anjou Millet Sprays has also reduced to £78.00 from £92.00.

If any Society or a group of Members wish to take advantage of the excellent competitive seed prices available (check out the Country Wide Seed Advert on the back page of the current edition of “The Budgerigar”) then please contact the Society Administrator on 01828 633030. The normal mininum order is for 55 bags/units and this includes free carriage. For those not wishing to order this size of order then 30 bags/units can be ordered subject to an extra £1 per bag to cover carriage.”


The Budgerigar Magazine July/August 2014 corrections

 1.  On page 33 of the July / August edition of The Budgerigar, there was an error in the tail feather illustrations. It should have shown: 

Photo 17
This tail has been cut with scissors

Photo 18

Another cut tail

Photo 19

This is a normal tail

2.  The front cover bird image of Thomas & Wall was the winner of the Best Young Bird Opposite Sex at the BS Club Show 2013


If you are currently thinking of joining the budgerigar society please email your name and address to  We will sent out more information as well as a couple of freebies for you.  Please note due to the rising postal costs this offer applies to UK residents only 



Press Release: Budgerigar Society 2014 AGM 

The Budgerigar Society held their AGM on 27th April in Northampton whereby Charlie Bowman was inaugurated as President for 2014/15. 

Retiring President, Roy Aplin passed over the chain of office and praised Charlie’s service to the hobby. Chairman, Maurice Roberts commented: 

“Charlie epitomises everything that is great about our hobby. The presidency serves as just reward for the dedication that he and his wife Margaret have committed to the fancy over countless decades.”

 Publicity officer for the Society and fellow Northern BS member, Richard Miller   praised the new President for what he has done for the Northern area and the Society as a whole:

 “There are few members who live and breathe the fancy in the way Charlie does. He serves as a constant reminder that win, lose or draw, breeding budgerigars is a hobby and should be embraced as such. His attendance at every show in the area and annual pilgrimage to the World Championship is an enviable record that if replicated by more members would ensure thriving exhibitions across the country”. 

Eric Peake was voted as President for 2016/17 term, which will coincide with his 60th year as a BS member.

The Society also announced during the course of the AGM the 2014 winners of the Silver Bird award. Rod and Sue Clarke were presented with the highest honour the society can bestow upon its membership in recognition of their meritorious service to the hobby.

Vice-Chairman, Ghalib Al-Nasser commented:

 “When you look at the roles that Rod and Sue have held and continue to hold within countless affiliated clubs and societies, you begin to realise just how much they contribute to our favourite past time. I cannot think of a more worthy recipient of this honour”.

It was also announced that the cost of rings supplied to BS members will be frozen for 2015. Membership subscriptions are to rise by £1 for adults and all others increased pro-rata. Dave Hislop & Roger Carr were awarded Honorary Life Membership acknowledging their tremendous service to the Society.

A number of questions were put to the Chairman during the course of the meeting and he re-affirmed the commitment of the GC to continue as a “listening” Council.

Following the close of the AGM, Harry Hockaday, Phil Reaney and Richard Miller re-ran their presentations and debate on the issue of Longflight budgerigars, which had been the focal point of the Judges Meeting held the day prior to the AGM. 

Charlie Bowman, the new President, with Roy Aplin, immediate Past
Charlie Bowman presenting the Silver Bird to Rod & Sue Clarke
Speakers following the AGM, Left to Right Richard Miller, Phil Reaney, Harry Hockaday

GC Meeting 25 April 2014 – Press Release 

The General Council of the Budgerigar Society held a meeting on 25 April ahead of a weekend that hosted the Judges Meeting and AGM in the Northampton area.

A number of key decisions were made/ratified during the course of the meeting including:

1.      Pairs – the concept of exhibiting pairs will be trialled at the 2014 BS Club Show; 

2.      Show Cage Floor Covers – the idea of the BS offering these for sale will be investigated further; 

3.      Club Show – the proposals put forward by the Club Show committee following their recent meeting were ratified including: 

a.      The General Council have endorsed the recommendation from the Club Show Committee to move the club show date back to week 39 for three years trial commencing as from 2015. The show dates are as follows: 26/27 September 2015, 1 / 2 October 2016, 30 September/1 October 2017.

 b.      section judges will be selected from the 15 appointed judges;

c.       fanciers bird sales tables be considered for the 2014 event; and

d.      Club Show Great – Arthur Dexter be unveiled as a new  “Great” at this year’s show.; 

4.      BS Rings – following a suitable manufacturer of plastic rings being identified, it was agreed that a sub-group enter into discussions with the company in order for a potential future option to be debated; 

5.      Ring Issue Date – following feedback received from the fancy and the move forward of the Club Show date, the GC propose to bring the Ring Issue Date forward to 1 November with effect from the 2016 breeding season. This is open to full consultation with the fancy with members invited to write to the BS office with their thoughts on this proposal before it is formally submitted by the GC in time for the 2015 ballot whereby a 2/3 majority will be required in order to change the existing date;

6.      Natural History Museum – an invitation to donate specimens of modern show budgerigars for their “Scientific Bird Skin Collection” be accepted and supplied via members of the GC; 

7.      Judges Training Scheme – following an appraisal of the current duration of the scheme, the GC propose to reduce the mandatory 3 years to that of 2 years. This will require a number of rule changes, which will be proposed by the GC in the 2015 ballot. In addition, the whole scheme will be subject to a detailed review by a GC sub-committee;

Chairman, Maurice Roberts commented: 

“The results of our meeting demonstrate that the GC are committed to taking action in response to the members of the Society wanting change. In particular, the proposed alteration of the ring issue date is something that has been debated for some time now and finally, the membership will have a chance to vote on this fundamental issue”.

 Publicity Officer for the Society referred to the Club Show date reverting to Spetember:

 “The move to November was in the hope of rekindling the support of members who had campaigned for this date. However, the breeding cycle of exhibition budgerigars has changed meaning that most breeders are paired up at that time which has impacted upon our benched figure in recent years. Our pinnacle exhibition held at the end of September and a ring issue date on 1 November should provide an optimum platform for show to receive maximum support from the fancy”.


BS Judges Meeting 2014 – Press Release

The Budgerigar Society hosted a meeting for panel judges to attend with the focal point of this year’s event being the contentious issue of longflight budgerigars. The format of the day was based around 3 key speakers; Harry Hockaday, Phil Reaney and Richard Miller.

Under the BS guidelines for Judges and exhibitors A bird carrying longflight characteristics, excessive length of flights and/or tail should be disqualified”. The application of this directive has caused considerable debate in recent times due to the fact that it is difficult to establish consistency across the board given the subjective nature of judging and the lack of information as to what constitutes a longlfight. 

BS Vice-Chairman, Ghalib Al-Nasser thanked the speakers for their presentations and the manner in which they conducted the Q & A sessions during the course of the day:

 “All 3 gentleman showed that despite differing opinions on this topic, common threads could be drawn from their presentations thus creating a working platform for the Society to move forward in order to provide our members with clearer guidance on what should and should not be penalised on the show bench”.

 Phil Reaney explained the characteristics inherent in longflight budgerigars referring to the history of these birds and how they were credited with the emergence of what is now credited as the modern budgerigar. Richard Miller focused on the rules and procedures involved in the disqualification of such birds and the reporting of show offences when it is suspected that tails are cut in order to disguise this type of bird on the bench. Harry Hockaday questioned whether the bird that has emerged in recent years is what can be historically quantified as a longlight and highlighted key flaws in the current guidance. All 3 agreed that an enhanced definition of what constitutes a longflight budgerigar is required in order provide judges and exhibitors with a more workable point of reference in the hope of providing consistency and clarity.

Further presentations by Gren Norris and Ghalib Al-Nasser discussed other issues for Judges to consider such as the emergence of “Misty” budgerigars, the criteria for judging a new concept of exhibiting “Pairs” and the key points of identification for rare varieties.

BS Chairman, Maurice Roberts commented following the meeting:

“This event was a tremendous success. In particular, the manner in which the speakers on the longflight debate conducted themselves was a credit to the hobby and testament to what can be achieved when sensible, open and intelligent debate is embraced.”

As a result of the meeting, the BS has formed a working group (incorporating the 3 speakers) in order to draft a provisional consultation paper on the definition of what will be penalised under the definition of longflights ahead of the 2014 show season. This will enable panel Judges to provide feedback to the GC throughout the year so that the future position can be finalised by the start of 2015.


The Society is sad to learn of the death on Thursday 17th April, 2014 of Brian Byles of Banstead, Surrey in his 80th year. Brian was a former highly respected Editor of “Cage & Aviary Birds” magazine and had been a continuous member of the BS since 1952. He was a renown breeder of quality Normals and was an extremely popular judge and judged throughout the UK and in many overseas countries.

A private family funeral will be held.  


February 2014 – GC Meeting Summary

 A meeting of the General Council (GC) of the Budgerigar Society was held on 22 February 2014 with the following decisions being ratified:

 The renewed sponsorship deal with Countrywide Seed was gratefully accepted and thanks recorded for the tremendous support offered so far by the company A full press release will follow in due course on this news.;

The overhaul of the homepage of the BS website and members intranet proceed together with the commissioning of work to establish content for the promotional section of the new format;

A review of the current Judges Training Scheme be conducted by Ghalib Al-Nasser taking note of suggestions/proposals received and will be discussed by the GC later this year;The GC reviewed the Judges Panel and made the following additions and deletions; Requests to retire from the Main Judges Panel & to be added to the Retired Judges Panel: Geoffrey Murrells, Ron Mears, Alister Easdon, Edward Rattray, Eric Evill, Bob Whattam;

Request to retire from the Main Judges Panel: Ian Gordon;

Removal from Main & Retired Judges Panels (deceased): Bob Quigley, Frank Punchard, Brian Starkie;

Additions to Main Judges Panel from Subsidiary Judges Panel following successfully passing the BS judges final test in 2013: Scott Ainley, Gavin Carter, Richard Miller, Peter Smith, Dave Sturzaker; 

Applications to join BS Subsidiary Panel: Gina Adams, John Spencer;

Application to rejoin BS Subsidiary Panel: Sam Wildes;

A commitment to review the show classification/patronage on an annual basis with time set aside for the GC to fully debate all issues in this regard taking into account statistical data prepared by the Patronage Administrator, Michael Chapman at the end of each respective show season;

The proposal for the concept of “Pairs” being added to the exhibition side of the hobby continues to proceed through the proper channels at DEFRA/Natural England. Once confirmation of compliance is received, the GC will debate whether/how this addition to the classification could be implemented in 2015 at the same time as the annual review is discussed;

Mat Ackers was congratulated on his sterling work done via the new Promotion Administrator role. This has included tasks such as the attendance with his team at events across the country on behalf of the BS promoting the hobby and securing new members as well as work the development of the BS website, Facebook & Twitter pages. Mat has also secured new sponsorship deals for the Society;

New sponsorship proposals with The Birdcare Company and Avian Solutions were gratefully accepted;

Following a proposal brought forward by the WBO to all member countries, the GC were happy  that the “Budgerigar of Colour” (miniature) be recognised by the WBO with full debate and consultation by the GC to follow at a later date as to how the Society may wish to introduce this type of budgerigar to the Show Classification;

The postage surcharge implemented on all overseas members be reconvened into 3 categories taking account of UK, EU and Other countries. As regards the latter 2 categories, these charges will be based upon the cost over and above postage costs to UK residences with effect from 2015;

The subject of the introduction of plastic rings was discussed and this is an on-going matter and the possibility will be discussed with our current ring makers A C Hughes;

Numerous bookings for the Society’s Convention in 2015 have already been received and to ensure a room contact the Society Administrator asap”.

The concept of a badge being awarded to all Honorary Life Members of the Society be taken forward with a decision on detail being decided upon at a later date.

Arrangements were discussed as regards the Judges Meeting scheduled to take place on 26 April 2014. BS Panel Judges should apply to the BS office in advance confirming their attendance so that numbers can be finalised and pay the £5 to the Society Administrator for the buffet at the time of booking. The issue of Long Flight/Long Tail birds will be presented upon by speakers and then discussed at this meeting. There will also be an open meeting after the AGM on 27 April whereby the presentations will be re-run and further discussion welcomed.

In addition, it was announced at the meeting that Ghalib Al-Nasser had been bestowed with The Gould Award 2014 by the WBO in recognition of his “Meritorious Services to the World of Budgerigars”. A full press release will follow in due course on this news. 


BS Praises new sponsorship deals

The Budgerigar Society has announced the renewed of its main sponsorship deal with Country Wide Seed. This means that the seed supplier will continue to support the organisation allowing for continued investment in the hobby.

Society Administrator, Grant Findlay negotiated the key points of the new deal and commented on the announcement: “This is fantastic news for the Society and the hobby as a whole. I am confident that the commitment Country Wide has pledged to our organisation will be reciprocated by our members who will continue to use their produce as the staple diet of the exhibition budgerigar”. 

The total sponsorship deal, worth £2800, will provide Vouchers for 2 bags of Society Blend 20kg Seed to the following BS Patronage Shows: Area Society; Gold; Silver and the National. 

They will provide Voucher for 1 bag of Society Blend 20kg Seed to the following BS Patronage Shows: Bronze; National Specialist & Rare Variety; Area Society Specialist & Rare Variety.

They will also provide Vouchers for 5 bags of Society Blend 20kg Seed to the BS World Show at Doncaster. 

Country Wide will supply the vouchers which will be sent with the patronage packs along with the Rosettes, CC’s etc.  For the 2014 show season Clubs will be able to decide what they wish the vouchers to be competed for as long as this is printed in their Show Schedule. The Vouchers can be redeemed at any of the Country Wide stockists (of which there are around 300 nationwide), BS Agents or at events such as Newark, Stafford or the BS Club Show. The Society Blend which is currently exclusive to BS members will be introduced to all their stockists who will give the BS extra publicity and of course ensure that the vouchers can be redeemed at these outlets.

Country Wide will continue to be the sole sponsor for the BREEDER OF THE YEAR AWARDS, valued at £500 – 5 awards @ £100 each, which will be presented each year at the Club Show. 

In addition, the Society has announced new sponsorship deals with The Bird Care Company and Cage & Avian Solutions. Both endorsements have been secured as a result of the new strategy of outward promotion by the Society with Mat Ackers seeking out potential supporters of the hobby.

 As well as upfront significant cash support for the Society, The Bird Care Company will deploy a number of additional measures to raise funds. These include the bird nutritionists forming of a breeder retailer service whereby members of the Society can sell products on behalf of the company with commission being paid to the BS.

 Meanwhile, Cage and Avian Solutions are to be the Cage Label sponsor for 2014. The manufacturer of aviary products including the increasingly popular “Air Vac” will now have their logo displayed on all cage labels issued by the Society during the 2014 season.

Publicity Officer for the Society, Richard Miller commented: “The support of these 3 superb businesses is testament to the work being done by the Society under the new structure. These businesses are household names in the fancy and their support shows both faith in our organisation and the prospect of growth within our ranks”


Press release: WBO Gould Award

The Budgerigar Society are delighted to announce that following a recent meeting of the WBO, the Gould Award 2014 has been bestowed upon the current Vice Chairman of the Society, Ghalib Al-Nasser. 

This international honour is awarded by the WBO each year as recognition of “Meritorious Services to the World of Budgerigars”. Previous winners in recent years have been the likes of Jo Mannes (2012) and Warren Wilson of Australia (2013). 

The General Council received a nomination for Ghalib to be put forward for the award and this was passed to the WBO following a meeting of the GC last year. Ghalib becomes the first winner of the prestigious award from the UK. 

Maurice Roberts commended Ghalib for being given this honour: “This is a tremendous achievement for both Ghalib and the Budgerigar Society and goes some way to recognising the remarkable contribution he has made to the hobby across the globe”. 

Ghalib first joined the Budgerigar Society in 1971 having moved to the UK from Iraq in 1962. He serves as a General Council member, Vice Chairman and holds 28 offices in 13 budgerigar organisations in this country and abroad. Commenting on receiving the award Ghalib said: “I am humble and honoured to be recognised by my fellow councillors in the initial nomination and by the world organisation for the award. I am thankful to all for this award“.


Feb 2014 Security Warning Exhibition Bird Thefts 

During the last two years there has been an ever developing series of small bird species thefts where thieves are targeting the breeders of quality exhibition Budgerigars, Canaries and Finches. In recent months and weeks the pattern continues with over 40 separate burglaries comprising of hundreds of birds valued at many thousands of pounds. 

The perpetrators are targeting Counties and areas in turn, mainly in the Midlands and the South. They are getting clean away as there is generally a lack of security or they are by-passing any alarms they come across. They are researching the premises and come equipped to transport the birds away. They are most selective and know the best stock to steal. The most recent thefts have been in Milton Keynes, Southampton, Woking, Margate and Tonbridge Well. 

Please bring this on-going series of thefts to our members to be particularly vigilant at this time and report any suspicious incidents to John Hayward National Theft Register, Tel: 01869 325699 Email: Feb 2014


News Update Jan 2014

It has been brought to our attention that different shades of the Green 2014 rings are being supplied to BS & Area Society members by our official Ring Makers, A C Hughes. The ring makers have advised that this has been caused by the Green dye used in the production of the rings having to be diluted and then processed involving many variables such as temperature, concentration of dye etc etc. With the base colour of Light Green it is extremely difficult to achieve a colour consistency of the darker colours and therefore each batch of rings will differ slightly.

Members, Exhibitors and Judges are asked to bear with this situation regarding 2014 rings.

Grant Findlay
Society Administrator


News Update Jan 2014

The January/February 2014 Club Show special edition of “The Budgerigar” has been sent to all paid up members of the Budgerigar Society. Those members who have still to join for 2014 can still do so online: The Budgerigar Society – Welcome to the wonderful world of Budgerigars  or by sending the renewal subscription form to the Society Administrator at 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8BP.

Rings ordered for 2014 have all now been dispatched to all members and if any member has not received their order please contact the Society Administrator on 01828 633030.

All BS Judges should send their Annual Return to the Administrator by the end of January, 2014.

Patronage Applications for BS Patronage during the 2014 show season should be made to the Patronage Administrator, 5 Mole Drove, Gedney Hill, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 0PB not later than 28th February, 2014.

Important dates in the BS Calendar this year include the Annual Judges Meeting in Northampton on Saturday 26th April, the AGM on Sunday 27th April and the BS Club Show on 15th & 16th November at The Dome, Doncaster.

In 2015 the BS celebrates its 90th Anniversary by holding a Convention in Stoke-on-Trent on 5th to 7th June, 2015. Further details on all events can be obtained from the Society Administrator. 


The society’s thoughts & feelings are with our loyal member Mick Freeborn following his devastating theft of his whole exhibition stud of budgerigars. We ask all members to keep their eyes & ears open to try to catch the perpetrators of this criminal act (Mick’s Ring Number is FREB0).

We would also encourage all members to review their bird room security following this tragic act.




 Security Report – Budgerigar Theft – Southampton

Overnight 13/14 October 2013 thieves targeted a private bird house at Southampton, Hants and stole 400 top quality exhibition Budgerigars together valued at £60,000-00. This was a planned theft and well executed by a team of thieves. The collection has been developed over very many years consisting of birds of all colours. The birds have aluminium rings with the inscription ‘FREBO’ thereon. This is not an isolated incident and may be connected to other such burglaries in the Hampshire area and elsewhere. We appeal for any information as to the whereabouts of the birds and any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thieves. All breeders should be particularly vigilant at this time.

John Hayward National Theft Register Tel: 01869 325699 Email:


Security Warning – Small Bird Species Thefts

 Once again I must bring to notice the ever on-going and developing series of burglaries where whole collections of Budgerigars, Canaries and Finches are being stolen. These thefts are occurring all over the Country especially in Southern Counties. In recent times we have collated upwards of forty break-ins involving in excess of a thousand birds valued at many thousands of pounds.

 The thieves are targeting bird-houses and aviaries to steal quality exhibition birds which is both devastating for the collections and for the owners alike. This is a most cruel and callous act against aviculture.

 On no occasion has there been sufficient security at any of the attacked premises and the thieves are getting in and getting clean away. This has got to be addressed as we need to deter and detect those responsible from descriptions and any vehicles sighted.

 We therefore recommend that all such breeders install alarms, CCTV and lighting along with security padlocks to prevent easy access to the birds.

 There have been no witnesses to any such theft and the more often they evade detection, the more this trend will continue.

Please report any suspicious incident to my office in an effort to assist the Police in their investigations.

 John Hayward National Theft Register, Tel: 01869 325699 Email:


Our Society Administrator, Grant Findlay, is now based, for Office purposes, at the address below which will be the official Society correspondence address on-going. There is also a new telephone number, however calls will still come through to this new number if members dial the old Northampton number, at no extra cost to the caller.

Likewise mail is still being redirected by Royal Mail from the Northampton address to the new Office address and this will continue until next April. Albeit this service does delay ring orders and other correspondence by some 2 to 3 days and with this in mind the new Ring Order forms will have the new address to avoid this happening going forward. 

 Society Administrator Office Address & Phone Number:-

The Budgerigar Society, 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8BP.

Phone:- 01828 633030.

 Maurice Roberts

BS Chairman

 Any correspondence related to Budgerigar Society Patronage &

Champion Birds should be sent to:

Mr M Chapman, BS Patronage Administrator,

5, Mole Drove, Gedney Hill,

Nr Spalding, Lincs.

PE12 0PB



 Page 18         FRONT RAIL that should read 70mm and not 7-mm. Also Perch Position should read 112mm apart and not 135.

Page 19         BOTTOM the measurement should read 514mm and not 515 mm the same as SIZE measurement of 514mm. 

The following members were omitted in error from the list of Honorary Life Members on Page 42.

 H2904  Mr Bryan Hindon, Swindon, Wiltshire  –   1972.

S928  Mr K C Sutton, Birmingham – 1961.

W2225 Mr W H R Willis, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset – 1959

 Page 24           Subsidiary Judges Panel – Correct phone number for Scott Ainley is 07803 302726.

Retired Judges Panel – add George Booth, Stourbridge, W. Midlands. 

Please advise the Society Administrator if there are any further errors or corrections to be made. 


Press Release – Budgerigar Society Council Decisions October 2013

 The following points were raised and decisions made at the Council meeting on 5th October:

 President Roy Aplin & Chairman Maurice Roberts welcomed Councillors to the meeting.

  • A new Judges Nomination proforma for judging the Budgerigar Society Club Show is available from the B.S. Office for any individual member or society      wishing to nominate judges for future Club Shows.
  • An article giving background information on Country Wide Seed will be published in the next issue of The Budgerigar.
  • The Council (GC) are looking into upgrading the BS website.
  • Section judges for the Club Show will be Dave Cottrell, Gary Hale, Rick Watts & Dave Woan.
  • All new innovations for the Club Show are listed in the schedule which can be downloaded from the BS website.
  • The Budgerigar Society will celebrate its 90th Anniversary with a Convention in Stoke on Trent from 5th – 7th June 2015. Full programme of hotel, speakers & judges will be published in the January issue of The Budgerigar. It will be an international event as the WBO will be holding its annual meeting there.
  • A Judges’ Meeting has been arranged for Saturday 26th April 2014 in Northampton. Amongst the subjects to be discussed will be the Longflights/Tails.
  • Following consultation with the membership, the GC has agreed not to put forward the proposed Rule change to reduce the number of sections.
  • The GC has agreed that the previously published new classification for 2014 onwards will stand and become effective as from the 2014 show season.
  • Country  Wide seed has agreed that the allocation of bags of seed/voucher can be decided by each show promoting society with effect from 2014 show season but must be published in the schedule.
  • The GC is investigating the feasibility of plastic or other material show cages to run in conjunction with the current show cage.
  • Progress updates were given by the three Administrators.
  • Dave Hislop was appointed the 4th Society Trustee.

Budgerigar Society Annual General Meeting

 Sunday 28th April 2013


Following the President’s address, the inauguration of the new President took place seeing Roy Aplin take over the coveted role. Charlie Bowman was instated as President Elect and Bev Hutt was appointed Vice President.

 The Silver Bird award was accepted by Grant Findlay on behalf of Dave Whittaker who had given his apologies in advance of the meeting in view of a family celebration.

 Subscription rates remain the same for 2014 at 2013 rates

The next AGM was set for 27 April 2014.

 General Council Meeting

The following summarises the main points from the GC meeting on 27 April:

  1. BS Office – the existing telephone number for the office remains in use as well as the address and fax number. If the Society Administrator is not able to answer your call, please leave a message on the answer phone. All messages will be returned.
  2. BS Club Show – following a referral from the Club Show committee, the GC approved investment into the show in order to enhance the show experience in an attempt to increase attendees/exhibitors.
  3. BS Subscriptions – there will be a freeze on the cost of membership subscriptions for 2014. This is the first year in a long time since no increase was imposed on BS members.
  4. Rings – the price of BS rings is to increase by 1p in anticipation of increased costs of production.
  5. BS Office Letting – the BS office will be offered for rent on the open market via appointed commercial agents in the Northampton area.
  6. Appointment Costs – following the restructure of the administration roles, the remuneration to be paid under each role is confirmed as follows:
  • Society Administrator – £12,000 pa
  • Patronage Administrator – £1,500 pa
  • Promotion Administrator – £7,500 pa

 This presents significant cost savings from the previous administration and helps future proof the cash flow of the BS against increased costs and potential decline in subscription income.

 BS Website – the overhaul/replacement of the current website format is to be progressed.

  1. Vice President – Bev Hutt was put forward as nominee for the role of Vice President ahead of the AGM.
  2. Judges Meeting – a judges meeting is planned for 2014.
  3. New GC Board – the new GC Board elected by the members of the GC and tasked with the management of the GC and BS matters comprises the following: Maurice Roberts, Ghalib Al-Nasser, Richard Miller, Donald McCallum, Gren Norris, Terry Jukes and Bev Hutt. Michael Chapman will act as reserve member.
  4. B.S. National Patronage – the budgerigar show at Stafford is to be allocated the “B.S. National” status and Gold Patronage with the aim of promoting the exhibition hobby to a wider bird keeping audience.
  5. Silver Bird – Dave Whittaker is to receive the Silver Bird award.


Don Ashby sadly passed away on 22nd May, 2013 aged 92. 

Don was a real stalwart of the fancy and a great servant to the Budgerigar Society over many decades. He served a lengthy period on Council and was Past President in 1996/7, awarded the Silver Bird in 1997, received Honorary Life Membership in 2001 and was a former Society Trustee. The main room in the BS Offices where the GC meets is named the Ashby Suite after Don generously donated funds towards the purchase of the building in 2000.


Dave Whittaker’s Retirement

 Our Secretary/Treasurer Dave Whittaker retired from his post on 28th March after serving the society for 19 years. The reception for Dave’s retirement on 21st March at the B.S. Office went very well, although the number able to attend was disappointing, although understandable on a weekday.

 Dave was very pleased with his gifts (glass vase obtained by Terry Jukes and the holiday voucher); Grant Findlay and Ghalib Al-Nasser both made short speeches prior to the presentation which we did with Michael Chapman. Following this Janice Al-Nasser & Beverley Hutt presented Lin (Dave’s wife) with a bouquet of flowers. It was good that Stephen Hughes of A.C. Hughes (society’s Ring Maker) was able to attend as well.

We all enjoyed the buffet provided by Janice Al-Nasser.


Left to Right

Janice Al-Nasser, Michael Chapman, Grant Findlay, Dave Whittaker, Beverley Hutt & Ghalib Al-Nasser.


Left to Right

Janice Al-Nasser, Lin Whittaker, Dave Whittaker & Beverley Hutt.


Group photo of all those who attended.


Promotion Administrator

The Budgerigar Society are delighted to announce the appointment of Mat Ackers as the new Promotion Administrator.

Following the creation of the new role by the General Council, the position was advertised within the fancy and attracted a high number of applicants. The selection was narrowed down so that interviews could be held at the BS offices in Northampton under the scrutiny of the Board of the GC. After much consideration by the panel, it was felt that the person most suitable for conducting marketing and promotion on behalf of the Society with reference to the job description outlined was Novice breeder and exhibitor, Mat Ackers.

BS Chairman and President, Maurice Roberts commented: “The GC are thrilled to have found an individual with the experience and obvious capabilities that Mat has to be able to take on this role and deliver a much needed kick start to the new era of enhanced communication regarding our wonderful hobby with both existing enthusiasts and untapped potential new target groups.”

Publicity Officer for the BS, Richard Miller also stated: “What helped Mat stand out from the other candidates was his marketing experience within his current employment and his role within the evolution of the Exhibition Budgerigar Forum (“EBF”). I have every confidence that Mat will be able to deploy a team that can deliver upon the objectives to be set by the GC.”

Mat is employed as a senior technical officer in public health services and has extensive knowledge of marketing and public relations. He will officially start in his new role on 1 June in anticipation of the 2013 Show Season. Mat commented on his appointment: “I am thrilled to be given the opportunity of working with the BS within the new structure. My appointment and ability to fulfill this role would not be possible without the experience gained working with the EBF”.

The BS is committed to increasing membership numbers and bringing the hobby to the attention of new audiences. In addition, the manner in which the Society keeps its current membership informed is a priority for Mat to address. The soon-to-be Society Administrator and current Vice-Chairman, Grant Findlay stated: “One comment made during the interview really showed that the demographic of the BS membership was fully appreciated. The recognition that in a world that has been overcome by the establishment of everything online, there are many of our members who do not own a computer or have access to the internet and therefore the new PA will need to be able to deliver effective communication with those individuals as well as the online generation.”


Decisions made at the BS GC meeting 2 February 2013

1. Consultation paper to be issued for proposed changes to classification for 2014 show season

2. Approval of GC Board proposals re division of Secretary roles.

3. GC is to explore letting opportunities of BS office (not to be sold)

4. Grant Findlay to step down as Vice Chairman on commencement of role as Society Administrator.

5. New Vice Chairman appointed effective from April 2013 – Ghalib Al-Nasser

6. New pro-forma document to be introduced for judges to be proposed by societies/individuals for BS World Championship Show

7. 2015 convention to be organised by Terry & Linda Jukes and John Cosby in the vicinity of Stoke-on-Trent

8. Proposed rule change for members to decide upon for 2015 – reduction to 4 show status by removing Intermediate status.

9. New BS Stand to be commissioned by kind donation to the Society with the theme of promoting the hobby.

10. To review the BS website and investigate the possibility of BS Intranet

11. Grant Findlay and Michael Chapman – GC unanimous support for them to remain as Council members in their roles from April 2013




The General Secretary & Treasurer, Dave Whittaker will retire from his duties after 18 years service on 28th March 2013.

The General Council wish to thank Dave for all his sterling work for the Society over these years and wish him a long, happy and relaxing retirement in the years ahead.

The General Council have examined the best way forward in anticipation of the Secretary’s retirement and elected to split the existing duties into 3 distinct roles. It is hoped that the separation of these duties will ensure that BS members receive the best service possible and that the hobby is actively promoted by all means available. The anticipated functions associated with these positions is summarised below

SOCIETY ADMINISTRATOR – conduct Membership Subscriptions, Ring Orders, all Correspondence (including email), Sale of Promotional items, Web site supervision, Rules, Meeting Minute taker & Treasurer duties.

PATRONAGE ADMINISTRATOR – Applications for Patronage, all Patronage correspondence, distribution of Patronage and receiving returns, collating & tabulating Patronage results for publication on BS Website & Magazine.

PROMOTION ADMINISTRATOR – attend key events as specified by the General Council, Promotion of the Society & Hobby, Sponsorship & Advertising, Media Liaison & Publicity, Management of Publicity Channels such as the BS website, Facebook & Twitter.

Given the immediate need to ensure the continuing functionality of the Society from the end of March, the General Council are delighted to announce that the appointment of Grant Findlay (current Vice Chairman and former Chairman) as Society Administrator following his recent early retirement from work.

The General Council are also delighted to announce that Michael Chapman (General Council member) has been appointed as Patronage Administrator in readiness for the preparations ahead of the 2013 show season.

The exciting new role of Promotional Administrator will be advertised immediately (see Advert below) and it is hoped that the new person will commence their duties on 3rd June, 2013.

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