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General Council

GHALIB AL-NASSER – Sudbury 01787 282332 Email

Pentlow, Sudbury, Essex Joined Budgerigar Society 1971

Elected to the General Council in 1989

Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator since 2004

B.S. Representative to the NCA

To be part of the General Council comes commitment to work and take active part in the development and progression of this great Society; my biographical notes gives indication of that commitment as it’s not fancy words that get the work done.

I have always been a very active fancier at all levels, serving my area society in many capacities for 18 years until retirement. At national level, I contribute tirelessly to the progress of the specialist societies. At local level I am in contact with the grass roots of the hobby, encouraging newcomers to make the right steps in their early days. On the show side I am show manager of three shows and last year took new challenge of being Show Secretary of another show.

My aim is to continue to promote the hobby, and The Budgerigar Society, at every opportunity to as wide an audience as possible.


Janice Al-Nasser –  Sudbury 01787 282332 Email

Joined Budgerigar Society 1983

Elected to the General Council in 1994

Member of the B.S. Club Show Committee

B.S. Representative to the NCA

The Budgerigar Society has been a major part of my life for many years. I enjoy taking an active part in all aspects and levels of the hobby as I believe the more you give, the more you gain.

I feel it is up to every one of us to encourage and assist newcomers to the hobby, to take on roles at local grass roots level and listen to the ideas and aspirations of others within the fancy. The way to progress this is by being an integral part of the Budgerigar Society General Council. I am always prepared to help; not only as a B.S. Councillor, at shows and events all round the country, specialist societies, area societies and local clubs etc.

I aim to continue to work for the good of the fancy as a whole, and to do my utmost to promote the hobby at every opportunity.

 MICHAEL CHAPMAN – Spalding Email 

 Joined Budgerigar Society 1989

 Having been around exhibition birds all my life, I joined The BS in 1989.

For more than the past decade I have been involved with my local societies and Area Society filling various posts. Currently I am the Vice Chairman of the LEABS & Show Secretary, Chairman & Show Secretary of the West Norfolk BC and Vice Chairman and Show Secretary of Peterborough & South Lincs BS.

I served for four years on the General Council between 2006 & 2010 and was the Patronage Officer for 2010.

The main reason that I am putting myself forward again for the General Council is that I feel some younger blood is needed on council.

My main aim for the upcoming cycle of the General Council would be to try to halt the decline in the membership by finding ways of promoting the hobby, including by use of the internet.

JOHN COSBY – Sandbach Email

 Joined Budgerigar Society in 1991

Two years service on the BS General Council

Current BS Patronage Secretary

Having worked tirelessly for the last two years as a General Council Member, working to ensure all members are consulted on every issue brought before the council, I want to continue this work in the future.  I feel it is important that every member has a voice on the council through the representatives – and I believe I will continue to represent the hobby at the “grass roots level”.

We need to continue to provide advice, support and guidance to all keepers of Budgerigars, be they pet keepers or exhibition breeders.  This will ensure that the hobby continues to grow, reaching into the community and the local clubs and making a difference where it really matters.

Let me be your voice, putting forward your concerns, raising your questions and bringing you the answers that you want to hear.


GRANT FINDLAY – Berwick on Tweed 01289 331935 Email 

 Joined Budgerigar Society 1969

Current WBO Delegate, Society Trustee and Office Management Officer

 I have experience of being on council 20 years and chairman 10 years. This experience, together with still being employed as a bank manager and active within the fancy as an exhibitor and judge, gives me a unique combination of skills which can support the society progress into the next three years and beyond.

An important aim will be to establish the most effective relationships between members, clubs, area societies, BS so that together we can build on our combined strengths and tackle our weaknesses to ensure that the hobby is strong for future generations.

To carry this out successfully we need to fully embrace new technologies such as forums, internet etc. to be at the forefront of changing communications environment. While not losing sight of existing members and communication methods currently enjoyed.

I look forward, with your support, to continue playing a major part in taking the society forward.

BOB FRANCIS – Neath 01639 770296 Email

 Joined Budgerigar Society 1978

I have been in the hobby for 42 years. In that time I have been a continuous member of the BS General Council for the last 27 years and would like to continue.

I am a Panel Judge and Past President of the society. I have been a member on all BS Committees except Show Committee.

I am currently Secretary/Treasurer of the Welsh Budgerigar Society (last 16 years) but have held all positions except Chairman over 36 years.

I can always be found helping out around the shows and through being Secretary of the Welsh BS I get lots of phone calls/emails asking for advice from members, new starters and members of the general public who have got my address from both the Welsh BS and my own personal website, and I am always willing and available to give



BEVERLEY HUTT – Waterbeach 01223 515670 Email

Joined Budgerigar Society 1974

President, Publicity Officer & Fund Raiser LEA

President, Publicity Officer, Membership Secretary, General Secretary, Show Secretary, Joint Treasurer South Midlands BS

President & Fund Raiser Lutino & Albino BS

 My involvement in budgerigars has been part of my life from an early age; my enthusiasm is as strong as ever, boosted by my daughters’ enjoyment of the fancy. I’ve always been hands on in the hobby, endeavouring to make the societies welcoming and the fancy inclusive, enjoyable and fun.

I feel I have an understanding of where todays’ budgerigar is going and believe this is due to my contact and involvement at an active level both through societies and judging.

Children now grown allows me time to stand for council. I do not undertake this lightly as this role will be very challenging in all areas. As in anything I undertake, I’ll put my heart and soul into this role doing it to the best of my ability. I have always been of the mind, if you take from something you should always be prepared to put something back.


    Terry Jukes – Stoke on Trent Email 

    Joined Budgerigar Society 1976

    President LC&NWBS in 2012 having re-joined the committee in 2011

More birds at shows, judges allowed to judge them, a BS council in harmony with the members, working for and with them by keeping members  feeling part of the hobby our numbers will grow, always being available to members to help with whatever you wish, to be truthful with my views on things in the fancy, prepared to speak up on members behalf in council even if others don’t like it, the members will always be my priority. If I can’t lead council in the right direction I will try to point them in the correct way, the way you the members wish to go. Vote for people who support your views, who will support common sense decisions for the fancy. Please you have a vote so use it, whoever you vote for I hope to be part of the way forward.


RICHARD MILLER – Carlisle 07740 782816 Email 

Joined Budgerigar Society 1994

Member of the BS Club Show Committee & Assistant Show Manager

I am passionate about breeding and exhibiting budgerigars and want to be part of a General Council that instigates the evolution of our much loved hobby into a pastime that is fit for purpose. As a member of the Council, I would do my utmost to press for re-branding of our hobby so as to make it more attractive and accessible to potential new members. My greatest fear is that if our hobby declines over the next decade as it has done so in the last, it will be lost forever. If the Society can implement and sustain a new approach towards marketing our hobby and in particular by making more effective use of the official website and other online resources, I am confident that the membership of the Society can look forward to a very bright future with a hobby secure for generations to come.


MAURICE ROBERTS – Redruth 07968 585280 Email 

Joined Budgerigar Society 1973

Member of General Council since 1998

President of The Budgerigar Society 2012

 I have been honoured and privileged to serve on the council for 13 years. I consider that I am a custodian of this wonderful small livestock society, maintaining the good work of my forefathers and progressing and modernising the society to the new challenges of the 21st century.

Having kept Budgerigars for 41 years, a vote for me is a vote for a “safe pair of hands” with a common sense approach.

A true fancier with the interests of true fanciers at heart, I would like to thank you for your previous support and look forward to meeting you all in my presidential year.

This has been a great honour and a very pleasant surprise, being the first Cornishman to receive the award.

When making your choices, please consider me to give to give the society stability and continuity.

In anticipation I would like to thank you for your vote.


DAVID WOAN – Coventry 07739 080245 Email

Joined Budgerigar Society 1977

I have been a member of The Budgerigar Society since 1977. I passed my Judging test in 1991 and have been a trainee judge assessor at Doncaster for quite a few years. I am Show Manager of the MBA, a position I have held for a long time. I am also a Past President and Silver Bird winner for services to the fancy. I have also helped out at many societies with talks and stewarding etc. and enjoy the social side of the hobby. Most of all though I love budgies, breeding, showing and everything about them and this fancy. I do think The Budgerigar Society is in need of change and bringing up to date with what is happening in the fancy and life. Classification, sections, judging, internet, cost cutting all need looking at and real budgie breeders and exhibitors need representation.




       TERRY TUXFORDBasingstoke – 07836 723082 –

Joined the Budgerigar Society in 1980 and the Council in 2015






TREVOR TERHEEGE - Nuneaton –  ‪01455 212953 –‬ – Joined the Budgerigar Society in 1993 and the Council in 2015

RONNIE SIMPSON – Leeds – 01132 520976 – – Joined the Budgerigar Society in 1975 and the Council in 2015





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